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Stephanie Gets Stopped At An Airport
by Steph's White Panties

Stephanie Mcmahon arrived at the airport carrying her luggage. A few
people noticed her and said hi. Steph walked through the crowded airport and
put her bags on the machine to be loaded on the airplane.

As steph rubbed her back, she passed threw the metal dectector doorway and
it began to ring. The 2 guards asked her to go thru again and she did. It
rang again. The guards asked her to remove any metal objects. She did and the
alarm went off again. The gaurds asked her to walk into a room. It was dark
with one light bulb. They told her to wait a second. 2 men, one was about 42
and th other 38 walked in and asked her for her name.

Steph told them, "My name is Stephanie Marie McMahon and my id is

The old men asked her more questions and finally said, "Stephanie, please
remove your clothes."

Steph froze in confusion and said, "Excuse me?"

The 42 man said, "Stephanie, we have the right by the law to make you
remove your clothing."

Steph said, "In front of you?"

The men said, "We need to check you for anything because of the alarm."

Steph said, "Are you sure?"

The men said, "There's no other way ma'am."

The men told her to be quick because her plane would leave. Steph took off
her jacket and slowly unbuttoned her tanktop. She was alittle embarrassed but
took it off exposing her huge tan breasts in a black bra. The men just glared
at her body. Steph slowly pulled down her tight pants and exposed a black
thong. Her sexy tan legs were so fully exposed. She was a little scared and

The gaurd said, "Ma' your panties to?"

Steph froze in shock and she put her thumbs on the waist band and slowly
slid it off exposing her wet sweet pussy. The 38 year old had to leave for
another person. The 42 year old stayed behind to examine Steph.

The man said, "Dont worry, its perfectly natural...but I need your bra

Steph took a deep breath and unfasened her bra. Her huge tan breasts
popped out.

The man said, "WHOA!"

Steph said, "What?"

The man said, "Nothing, just the size of know is amazing."

Steph was fully naked and standing in the middle of the dark room. The man
went over to the naked Steph and checked her nude body for anything wierd or
noticable. He rubbed her stomach and legs just breezing over her pussy and he
cupped her tits and said, "Stephanie, one moment."

He took her clothes over to the machine and it rang.

The man said, "I'm sorry, you can't wear these clothes on the plane."
Steph begged she had to. The man said "Sorry."

Steph grew angry and then said, "You know, a man like you... it needs a
girl with a body like this!"

The man froze Steph undid his pants and took out his cock.

She said, "How about I give you the best fucking ever? And you let me go?"

The man said, "I don't know..."

Steph dabbed her tongue on his dick and began to suck on it. The man
moaned as the billon dollar tongue attacked his dick. She got up and spreaded
her round ass cheeks apart. The man inserted his dick and slowly began to
fuck that ass. He thought, 'Whoa, what an ass.'

Steph moaned as he rammed her ass spanking it hard. She yelled and held
her huge tits as the man fucked her ass up. He yelled and cum all over it and
begged for help. Steph moved her hips to the speed and the man grabbed her
legs for balance as he dipped her ass.

She yelled loud and sqirmed as her ass was so tight. She began to rub her
pussy hair. The man stuck out his dick and moaned to Steph. This time he
dipped it in her pussy. She yelled as it pushed in and he began to fuck the
shit out of the billon dollar vagina.

Steph yelled, "Ahhhh and ohh yeah!" and more.

The man went, "Urrr and ooooooo shhit!!!!"

He fucked and fucked and let Steph's smelly pussy juice leak out of her
pink pussy. Steph rubbed her pussy hair and just felt so horny. She came 4
times and was out of breath. She back her ass up to his dick making her pussy

The man fucked her hard and made her say her own name, " slut

The man went in and out and finally gave in. Steph gasped as the dick went
out. She yelled and turned around. The man began to suck on her tits licking
her nipples. She moaned as the man licked, then he tit fucked her hard.

Steph had enough. The man let her have her clothes. Steph put them on and
he watched the sexy girl dress back in her thong and bra. There was 10
minutes left and the man stared at her ass. Steph sat him on a chair and sat
on his dick for the rest of the time. He was hard as her big plumb ass
sitting on his dick.

Steph then left just in time for her plane and the man stared at that fine
ass Steph had.

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