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Stephanie McMahon Gets Tabled

The opening credits had just finished and the crowd was going wild as
Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed the national television
audience to Raw is War. As the finished their message, the Dudley Boyz came
running down the entrance ramp, grabbed a mic and jumped into the ring.

"What the hell.", thought Ross, "They aren't supposed to be out here!
Well, might as well go with it. I never know what is going to happen next."

Buh-Buh Ray started yelling into the mic, "T-T-T-T-T-Triple H!!! You and
your sk-sk-sk-sk-skanky wife get out here now!"

Back stage, Triple H and Stephanie had no idea what was going on, but
figured they should go out since the crowd was going wild and the Dudley Boyz
were calling them every name in the book. Triple H's entrance music blared
across the arena as the two walked out onto the top of the ramp. Chants of
"Ass Hole!" rained down upon them from the audience.

"What the hell do you think your doing calling us out like this?!!!"
yelled Triple H into his mike. "We don't have time to deal with losers like
you! We have important business to deal with right now. Why don't you go find
some woman to beat up on! That seems to be the only thing your good at!"

De-von took the mic from his brother and said, "Actually Triple H that is
why we asked you two to come out. It seems that you two have been having a
little too much fun at the expense of the whores that work around here.
Sending them out half naked to beat each other up or get beaten up by someone
else. Hell, you even have old ladies getting slammed around. We think it is
time for Steph to join the party!"

With this line the crowd goes wild. Yelling and cheering at the top of
their lungs.

"What! Stephanie can't be involved in things like that! She is the boss
and the owner's kid! She has an image!" screams Lawler.

"I don't know about her image, but I can't see her running around half
naked," says Ross. "I just wonder what these psychos are up to!"

Before Triple H can say anything a man dressed in a Scream outfit comes
from behind the curtain and hit him with a stun gun. He drops to the floor
in a heap, leaving Stephanie alone with his assailant.

The strange man grabs her arm and pulls her toward the ring.

"What the hell are you doing!" she screams. "This isn't supposed to be
happening! Who are you? Where did you come from?!"

The man says nothing as the continue down the ramp.

While the two approach, the Dudleys pull a table from under the ring and
set it up in the corner of the ring.

Ross is beside himself with shock, "Oh my god! They can't do this! They
will kill her!"

His terror is real, but comes off to the audience as the same old act he
puts on every week. The King spouts more of the same, but no one takes them
seriously. The wrestlers in the back just view it as part of the show and
don't really give it much notice.

The crowd has reached a fever pitch as they see the table set up and
Stephanie being dragged to her impending doom.

"They can't be serious!" she thinks. "We didn't plan or practice any of

Buh-Buh has the mic again and starts in, "C-c-c-c-c-come on down McWhore!
It's your t-t-t-t-t-turn to play with Buh-Buh Ray!"

Stephanie is screaming for them to stop as the masked man reaches the edge
of the ring. He pushes her chest down onto the ring apron as De-Von comes
over. De-Von reaches down and drags her into the ring by her hair as the
masked man slips his hand under her short black shirt and gives her ass a

Stephanie is shocked by the feel of the man's hand on her ass, but is
quickly distracted by the pain of being dragged to the center of the ring by
her hair. She scrambles to her feet as De-von pulls her up by her hair. There
she stands, tears running down her cheeks as she grasps De-von's hand trying
to pull it from her hair. Her black silk blouse has come untucked from her
short, black pleated skirt. Her legs tremble in fear as she waits what will
come next.

"L-l-l-l-l-ittle Miss Stephanie, come down out of the accounting office
to play with daddy's wrestlers huh?" Buh-Buh says in a mocking tone.

"You like it when the little girls get stripped and thrown around? Like
sending them out to whore for your company to make money?"

"Nooooo," she sobs, "its not me!"

"The hell it isn't!!!" Buh-Buh Ray screams. "You're more than happy to
send out others to do the whoring while you sit up all high and mighty in the
director's chair! Well, its time for you to do your part!"

He throws the mic away as De-Von pins Stephanie's arms behind her back.
The crowd lets out a roar as he stomps up to her and rips the blouse off of
her body. Stephanie starts screaming and fighting like a wild cat, but
De-Von's grip on her is too tight.

Buh-Buh throws the blouse into the screaming audience and then turns back
to her.

"This is not supposed to be happening!" Ross yells. "Security! Get out
here and stop this!"

Even as he speaks, security guards rush to the ring, but are unable to
enter it due to the masked man with the stun gun. He holds them at bay while
the Dudleys wreek havoc.

Buh-Buh has made it back to Stephanie and grips the bottom of her skirt.
He looks into her eyes with that demented stare of his.

"No please, don't do this! I'll do whatever you want but please don't do
this!" she begs.

Ignoring her pleas, he pulls down hard on the skirt and yanks it down her
legs. He lifts up as he reaches her feet, which lifts her into the air for a
split second. As she is in the air, De-von lifts her slightly and then lets
go of her. She crashes to the mat hard on her back. There she lays stunned
as Buh-Buh whips her skirt into the frenzied crowd.

Stephanie is sprawled on her back in the center of the ring, dressed only
in her red silk bra, matching thong panties, and black high-heeled boots. Her
mind is in a daze as she wonders if this can really be happening. She doesn't
have long to wonder as the Dudleys make their next move. Buh-Buh moves down
on the mat with Stephanie and moves her into position for the Duleys'
signature finish. He pulls her body onto his, slipping his arms under hers
and pinning her in a sleeper hold. At the same time, he puts his legs over
hers and with his feet behind her knees, spreads her legs wide.

De-Von, who has climbed to the top of the ropes in a corner of the ring,
looks down and sees Stephanie, pinned atop Buh-Buh with her legs spread wide
and her panty covered crotch pointed up at him. This is a much better sight
than the one he sees when it is a male wrestler the Buh-Buh has in that
position. He can also see Stephanie's eyes looking up at him, wide with fear
as he prepares to leap.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she
screams as he leaps from the ropes.

Her scream is cut off as his forehead lands squarely on her silk covered
pussy. The air rushes from her body as a pain like none she has ever known
explodes in her. The pain is so great because De-von has not lessened the
impact by absorbing the fall himself, but has let most of it go into her
exposed cunt.

Before lifting his head from Stephanie's pussy, De-Von pushes his nose up
into her cunt and takes a deep breath. He then runs his tongue over her silk
covered pussy and pushes it into her cunt. The silk material bunches up into
her slit and stays there when he lifts his head.

The Dudleys jump to their feet and leave the stunned woman on the mat. She
is so beaten that she doesn't even move. The crowd roars even louder as the
two men go to the ropes and kick security guards away. Many guards lay
stunned on the floor as a result of coming too close to the masked man with
the stun gun.

Buh-Buh Ray then climbs to his customary spot on the ropes above the table
set up earlier in the corner of the ring. As he does so, De-Von grabs
Stephanie by the hair and drags her to the corner. She is starting to regain
her senses, but cannot put up any fight.

As Buh-Buh urges on the crowd, De-Von pulls Stephanie to her feet and
then lifts her up. He swings her feet up to Buh-Buh who places them on hi

Sensing what is about to happen, Stephanie starts to fight again, but
cannot overcome the two men's strength. De-Von grabs Steph's ass to push her
up and becomes inspired again. Looking at that thong up that tight ass he
couldn't resist. He quickly slid one hand over so his thumb went into the
crack of her ass. With a quick jerk, he pushed his thumb up and into her
asshole as he hoisted her up onto Buh-Buh's shoulders. He held his hand there
for a moment enjoying the tightness of her ass.

When Stephanie felt the thumb slide into her asshole she almost died of
shock. Never before had she ever been violated there and to have it done in
front of millions of people made it all the worse.

Again, she didn't have any time to dwell on this violation of her body as
Buh-Buh got her into position. She knew what was going to happen to her now
and just hoped that she would come out of it in one piece.

The crowd was on its feet chanting "Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!" as Buh-Buh set
himself to make the drop. With screams coming from both himself and Stephanie,
he leaped form the ropes and crashed through the table. Seeing as how he
really just wanted to embarrass Stephanie and not hurt her, he took the brunt
of the fall. Still, Stephanie did have the wind knocked out of her when she
hit and laid spread eagled on the mat as Buh-Buh got up.

The crowd was even louder as Stephanie lay there among the pieces of
broken table with her panties up her pussy and her hair covering her face.
Se looked as if she had really been to hell and back.

The Dudleys were pounding their chests as their masked assistant handed
them a mic along with two more stun guns.

"Now it is time for our friend to get some revenge!" De-Von yelled to the

With that statement the masked man removed his mask to reveal that he was
actually Terri! She walked over and took the mic from De-Von.

"O-kay bitch," she screamed, "this is for all of us that you and your
family have forced to degrade ourselves for your lousy company!"

She then reached down and pulled the silk bra off of Stephanie's body and
held it in the air. As the crowd went wild and Stephanie slowly tried to
cover herself, Terri then placed the end of the stun gun over Steph's panty
covered pussy and pulled the trigger.

The crowd became deathly quiet as Stephanie went through a series of jerks
and spasms on the mat. She made no noise as the shock waves rolled through
her. Finally, Terri let go of the trigger and stood up.

"Have a nice day!" she yelled.

Then, the Dudleys and Terri made their way out of the ring, keeping the
security guards at bay with their stun guns. They then jumped the wall and
went into the crowd and out of the arena.

In the ring, medical personnel and security were helping Stephanie any
way they could. Ross and the King were sitting in shock at the announcer's
table when someone said to them that they were still on.

"What do you mean?" Ross asked. "You mean to tell me all of that went out
over the air!?!?"

"Yes," the truck said, "USA wasn't about to let a ratings bonanza go down
the drain!"

"Damn!" thought Ross. "This should have been Pay-Per-View!"


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