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Stephanie Goes Extreme
outline by Kristi
written by Dice

Just weeks after the start of the Shane McMahon owned WCW's Invasion of the
WWF, in a locker room in the arena where Monday Night Raw is going to be held
the next night, the former owner of ECW, Paul Heyman has gathered the most
elite star of his dead promotion. In the locker room are Rob Van Dam, Tommy
Dreamer, Tazz, Raven, Mike Awesome, Rhyno, Lance Storm, Justin Credible, and
The Dudley Boys, Bubba Ray and D-Von. Heyman is pacing up and down the room
between the wrestlers.

"Boys... this is... we are about to bring back the EXTREME to wrestling...
and before you ask me how, I will explain. A few weeks ago, I enterd a
business deal with somone who wants wrestling to be more than Sports
Entertainment, they want it to be EXTREME. And now I present to you, the
sole person, who is truely responsible for what we're about to do, the
person who is going to give ECW life again, the new OWNER of ECW... non
other than, Stephanie McMahon!"

Heyman spins around and points to a door which is soon opened by Stephanie
McMahon, dressed is black leather pants, a black sleeveless top and a
leather cap. She struts into the room as the stars of ECW look at each
other in shock.

"Boys... I'll leave you to get acquainted with your new boss..." Heyman says
with smirk and he then leaves the room.

Stephanie smirks at all the wrestlers, "Gentleman, as I'm sure Paul has told
you, I am your new boss... and I have a dream... together, you and I, as well
as those with my brother's promtion of WCW, we shall drestoy the WWF as well
as my father, Vince McMahon."

All the wrestlers are still stunned, and more than a few of them have
skeptical looks on their faces, all of this Stephanie notices.

"Gentleman, I assure you that I'm more than capable of leading you into
battle... but I'm also willing to prove to you all... just how extreme I can

Stephanie walks over to where the team known as the Impact Players are
standing. She knees before both Lance and Justin, then runs her hands over
their crotches before she unzip their jeans, reaches inside both and pulls
out their cocks through the zipper hole. Before she continues she looks at
the other men out of the corner of her eye.

"I expect you all to be undressed before I'm finished with these two,"
Stephanie says. Just as the other men scramble to get undressed, Stephanie
takes Lance's cock into her mouth. She bobs her head along his shaft slowly,
even lightly chewing on his rod while stroking Justin's cock. Stephanie pulls
her head away and spits a large amount of her oral fluid on his cock. She
then grips Lance's cock with her free hand, the begins to rub the spit over
it as she turns her head slighly to take Justin's cock into her mouth.

Stephanie uses a different approach on the man who's just incredilbe in the
ring by instantly and repeatedly deep throating his shaft. Stephanie then
pulls Lance's cock closer to her mouth. She opens her mouth wider and takes
in the Canadian's dick into her face. She easily goes down on both men's
cock's, and almost deep throats both men at the same time. Stephanie looks
up at them as they look down at her in amazement. Stephanie then pulls away
from both men and has she slutty smirk on her face. She takes off her cap
and top, revealing to all the memebers of ECW her large, voluptious chest.
Stephanie then stands up, then starts the bump and grind her hips as she
takes off her leather pants.

Stephanie gets back down onto her knees and crawls across the room
towards Tazz and The Dudley boys. She smirks at the one of the greatest ECW
Heavyweight Champions and the ECW greatest tag team. Stephanie takes The
Dudleys' cock in her hands and starts to stroke them. Tazz holds his fat, yet
somewhat stubby looking cock at the same level of her mouth and all Stephanie
has to to is open up and take it in, which she does. Stephanie doesn't bob
her head on Tazz's cock, instead she deep throats it once and simpley sucks
on the entire shaft. She continues this for a time before she pulls her head
back turns it slightly and does the same thing to Bubba's third "table" leg.

Stephanie soon changes styles, as she starts to slide her head over his
shaft. Stephanie then moves back away from Bubba then turns her attention to
D-Von. Stephanie opens her mouth as wide as she can and downs the Dudleyville
chocolate stick. She slobbers all over his cock, making it really slick as
she grips both of Tazz and Bubba's cock and pulls them closer to D-Von's.
With all their cocks almost together, she licking the tips before she
attempts to take all three dicks into her mouth.

Tommy Dreamer has been staring at Stephanie's ass since she stripped down
and has been jerking off. Tommy finally decieds to show his new boss how
innovative he is, so he gets behind Stephanie has she works over three
dicks with her mouth. He pulls her lower body back a bit show her ass is
in the air. Stephanie looks back at Tommy and smirks.

"Nice to see someone showing some balls..." She says as she wiggles her ass
a bit.

"Time to take your ass to the extreme..." Tommy replies before he pushes his
unlubricated cock into her asshole.

"Ahhhhh fuck yes!" Stephanie yells as the man who was the heart and soul
of ECW pound her round ass. Stephanie pushes back hard on his cock as she
altnernates sucking off The Dudleys and Tazz. Stephanie's saliva drips from
the trio's cocks and is forming a little puddle of liquid on the floor. Tommy
grips Stephanie's somewhat chuncky hips to give her some harder thrusts, that
makes her moan around Tazz's cock. As this is going on, Raven has moved to
the corner of the room.

"What about me... what about Raven..." he sulks as he watches his long time
rival bang their new boss. Stephanie manages to hear him and looks back at

"Pull out now..." Stephanie says with some firmness in her voice. Tommy
does as he's told, then Stephanie stands up and walks over to the sulking
superstar.She pats his face and smiles at him. "What about you?" Before he
can answer, Stephanie pushes him down to where he's on his back and she
quickly mounts his cock. She starts riding him wildly, as she places her
hands on his chest.

"I'm... going to fuck... that... self... pity... out of you...." Stephanie
moans. As she fucks him, The man beast Rhyno stomps over to them. He grabs
Stephanies head and turns it to the left and shoves his cock into her mouth.
Stephanie's eyes locks with his, and Rhyno can see that she approves of what
he did. Rhyno holds her head still by taking two large handfulls of hair
into his powerful hands. He thrusts cock in and out of her mouth, hitting
the back of her throat eact time. Raven has put his hands on her hips and
is helping her bounce on his cock as he starts to thrust upward. Lance and
Justice have a very nice view of her tits as the bounce. Justin then pats
Lance's back.

"Hey Lance... how about next time we get to fuck her, we show how deep we
can impact her pussy." Justinc smirks, while Lance gets a stone cold face.

"If I can be serious for a moment... that sounds like a good idea."

Like before, Stephanie over hears what is said. She spits out Rhyno's cock
and gets off of Raven. She walks over to the Impact Players and crosses her
arms. "What's this I hear about you two showing me how deep you can impact

Justin smirks, "Get on Lance and we'll show ya..."

Lance lays down on a bench, holding his cock so it points straight up.
Stephanie quickly gets on top of him and leans forward, thinking that Justin
is going to fuck her ass. But instead the former Aldo Montoya shoves his
cock into her pussy roughly. Stephanie's body surges a bit as she bite s her
lip in order not to cry out in pain or to look weak in front of her new
employees. Lance and Justin start to trade thrusts, making Stephanie adjust
constantly to what they are doing to her.

Lance cups both of her beaitful breasts with his hands and sucks on one,
then the other while Justin presses both his thumbs against her asshole.
Stephanie's moans almost sounds like a whimper, but the determined McMahon
keeps it to her self. as the former ECW Tag Team Champions ravage her sweet
pussy. As this is going on Stephanie realizes that there are two men she
has negeleted so far.

"Justin... you're incredible... but... I want you to pull out..." Stephanie
says with smiles as she looks back at him. Justin reluctantly pulls out of
Stephanie's well fucked pussy. With some effort Stephane gets off of Lance
but she doesn't get off the bench. Instead she gets on her hands and knees
on the wooden seat and looks over at RVD. "Rob... come here... and give
me... that... whole... damn... cock..." Stephanie smiles. Rob acts like he's
checking his watch as he walks over to the bench.

"Hmmm... it's bust be 4:20..." Rob says with a grin as he gets kneels on the
bench behind Stephanie. He takes his cock in his hands and presses it against
her pussy. "So... it must be time to smoke your cunt..." Rob slides his cock
into her pussy, drawing a moans from Stephanie's lips. Stephanie pushes back
against Rob's quickly as she licks her lips. She sees Awesome approcahing her
and she gets a good look at his cock.

"My... my.... someone certainlly lives up to his name..." Stephanie says with
half laugh, half moan combination. She reaches for his cock with one hand
while balancing herself with the other. Awesome puts on foot on the bench,
while standing on the tip toes of the other, making it slightly easier for
Stephanie to suck his cock. As Rob's thrusts starts to pick up speed, so does
the pace of how Stephanie is bobbing on Awesome's dick.

The former 70s Guy and Fat Chick Thriller moans quietly as he closes his
eyes. Stephanie releases his cock and lighly grabs his balls to rolls them
around in her hand as she starts to steadily deep throat his cock. This
continues for a time, before Stephanie lifts her head from Awesome's cock
and crawls away from Rob, who wasn't holding her still.

"Woah... you guys are pretty extreme..." Stephanie says with a smile as she
tries to catch her breath.

"You're not tired already are you?" Tazz asks.

"Not by a long shot..." Stephanie says as she stands up walks over to D-Von
and pushes him down. She then mounts his cock and starts rocking back and
forth on his shaft, as she reaches for Tazz's cock who is less than an arm's
lenght away. She starts rubbing his cock firmly with her left hand. She
twists and pulls on his shaft, and Tazz soon falls to her masterfully
handling of his rod as he he starts to cum. Spurts of his load shoot out of
his cock and coats her forearm. Tazz is not as young as he used to be, and
he's disappointed at himself for cumming so easily.

Before Stephanie can make a comment to impove his mood, Bubba gets behind
her, shoves her forward and jams his cock into her ass. Stephanie lets out
a yelp, but starts pushing back onto Bubba's cock as she grinds back and
forth on D-Von's. Raven and Rhyno both see how Stephanie's tongue is hanging
out of her mouth, and both extreme superstarts get the same idea at the same

They get in front of Stephanie face, and hold their cocks to her mouth.
Stephanie moves her head from left to right and back again repeatily,
licking, spitting and flat out whoring over both men's cocks. Bubba and
D-Von pound both her ass and pussy for a long time, until both of them
blow their loads inside her. Stephanie moans loudly as she feels their
warm semen flowing inside her. Stephanie then pushes Raven and Rhyno
away after Bubba pulls out of her ass. She gets off of D-Von's cock and
some of the Dark Dudley's cum trickles out of her pussy and down her leg.
Stephanie then licks her arm cleam of Taxx's cum like a cat cleaing it's
paw. She looks at Tazz and the Dudley's and smiles.

"You three better head to the hotel... tomorrow's a big night and you
three are important to making my plan possible," Stephanie says. Tazz and
the Dudleys' nod, gather their clothes, get dressed then leave the locker
room. Leaving Stephanie with Lance, Justin, Awesome, Rhyno, Dreamer, RVD
and Raven. Stephanie puts her hands on her hips, "Now... who shall I do

Before she can make up her mind, Mike Awesome approches her, picks her up
and then lays her on her side on the floor. Awesome lays behind her and
lifts one of her legs up, takes hold of his cock and slides it into her
pussy. Stephanie lets out a sigh of pleasure as Awesome using the right
about of force and speed in fucking her pussy. Tommy Dreamer kneels near
her head and slides his cock against her lips. Stephanie slides her tongue
around and runs it over her own lips and across Tommy's cock before he
pushes it into her mouth. Stephanie lightly bobs her head on his cock as
Awesome reachs over her and squeezes one of her breasts. Stephanie moans
softly around Tommy's dick when suddenly, Awesome pulls out of her pussy
and blows his oad all over her stomach. Tommy moves away from Stephanie,
as does Awesome. Stephanie rolls onto her back and starts rubbing Awesome's
semen all over her stomach..

"Mmmm... I love this skin cream... it's so... awesome..." Stephanie smiles
as she winks at Awesome. "Head to hotel... and make sure your well rested
for tomorrow..." Awesome nods his head , gets his things and leaves the

As Stephanie lays on the ground, Lance Storm lays next to her, laying in the
opposite direction with his feet next to her head. He rolls onto his side a
bit, takes hold of Stephanie and rolls her onto himself. Stephanie quickly
adjusts how she is, and slides down, or up, towards his face soh er pussy
above his mouth, while at the same time posistioning herself in a good area
so she can grip his cock. As Lance starts to slowly eat her pussy, Stephanie
takes his Canadian pole into her mouth and starts bobbing her head quickly.
Lance wraps his arms around her and spreads her asscheeks apart with his

Justin is watching intently as his tag team partner ears out Stephanie and
is rubbing his cock. Justin gets an idea, and moves towards them. He spreads
his legs apart and kneels down far enough to where he can slide his just
incredible cock into her pussy, but at the same time, he causes Lance to
lick his prick a bit as well. But this doesn't bother either man, because
back in ECW, their manager, Dawn Marie made sure they became a solid tag
team by expanding their sexual boundries, but that's another story. Justin
quicking pounds Stephanie's cunt as Lance taps his tongue all over her pussy
a bit.

Stephanie moans around Lance's cock and tightens her oral grip on his shaft.
Lance's body tighten up a bit as spurts of warm cum shoots out of his cock
and up into the tight oral cavity that is Stephanie's mouth. Stephanie
doesn't swallow or even try to, instead she uses her tongue to push the cum
onto Lance's cock. Lance moans abit as Stephanie does this, while Justin
suddenly pulls out of her pussy. Justin quickly beats his meat until he
blows his load all over her perfect ass. Stephanie moans as she feels to
warm good on her backside. She lifts her head from Lance's cock and licks
it clean, then reaches back with one hand to run Justin's cum all over her
ass cheeks. She looks back at Justin and smirks.

"Now... that was just... in... credible..." Stephanie laughs as she gets off
of Lance. She doesn't need to tell them to leave and soon they are goon. Just
as she's about to turn around to see who she wants next, RVD lays down on the
floor where Lance was. Stephanie smirks down at him before she steps over him
with one leg then sits down on his cock. Stephanie starts to ride him slowly,
as she waves for Dreamer to come over to over. Tommy walks over, while
stroking his cock. Stephanie opens her mouth wide, allowing the inovator of
violece to insert his real "singapore cane" into her mouth. Stephaine closes
her lips around his shaft and starts to lightly suck on his cock. RVD places
his hands on Stephanie's hips and lifts her up and down on his cock, while
Dreamer reaches down with one hand and plays with one of Stephanie's enhanced

"What about me..." Raven says as he suddenly moves from the corner of the
locker room and towards the threesome. He soon makes that a foursome as he
shoves Stephanie a bit in order to fill her asshole with his cock. Stephanie
screams abit around Tommy's cock as she's now filled with three of the
biggest cock of her new ECW roster. Stephanie puts one hand on RVD's chest
and puts the other one on her right breast. She pinches and rolls her nipple
between her fingers, as Dreamer, Raven and RVD drill their cocks harder and
deeper into her mouth, pussy and ass respetivly. The only man not in on the
action is the man-beast Rhyno who is sitting on the bench and is jerking off
while using both hands. Stephanie looks at him out the corner of her eye as
she moans around Dreamer's cock. She can tell Rhyno will be next to useless
as a next person she's going to fuck at the moment, and makes a mental note
to get to him later, when an idea for an assignment for Rhyno pops into her

Stephanie moves her head off of Dreamer's cock and quickly gets off of RVD,
which causes Raven's cock to slip out of her. Stephane smiles at all three
men, "Stay hardcore boys... I'm not through with you three yet." Stephanie
then approaches Rhyna and gets down on all fours. She puts her hands on his
and moves his hands away from his cock. Stephanie then takes hold of his
cock and brings it to her mouth, and licks around the tip, and up and down
the shafts. Dreamer suddenly lays on his stomach behind Stephanie and takes
hold of her legs. He pulls himself, most importantly his face, towards her
pussy and starts to eat her out. Dreamer presses his lips around Stephanin's
cunt and sucks on her pussy hard. Rhyno pulls on Stephanie's hair when she
takes his cock into her mouth in order to pull her face off his cock. A
moment later, the man beast blows his load all over her forehead and parts
of her hair. Rhyno beats his chest proudly that his cum is on Stephanie's
face. Stephanie wipes some of his cum off her face with the back of one her
hands and then licks what's on her hand off. She smirks at Rhyno as Dreamer
slides his tongue in and out of her twat.

"Ohhh... Rhyno... I... ahhh yes Tommy... I.... have... a ahhhh... special...
assignmment... for... you.... meet... my... room... ohhh fuck...
later..." Stephanie orders as she moans at the same time. Rhyno gets a grin
of his animal looking face, grabs his clothes and runs out of the locker
room buck naked, scaring and impressing a few female backstage workers. Back
inside the locker room, Stephaie has crawl away a bit from Tommy and leans
over the bench. She looks back at the Dreamer then at Raven and smiles.
"I... know you two... had a long... feud... but I know... you two were a
good tag team... and my pussy... needs a good tag team in it right now..."

Raven and Dreamer glare at each other, but then smirk. They both kneel behind
Stephanie, at they race to see who can get their cock inside her pussy first.
Much to Stephanie's delight, the heads of both dicks are shoved into her
cunt. Tommy allows Raven to work his cock all the way into Stephanie's pussy
first, then Raven pulls back a bit, allowing Tommy to push his all the way.
Soon both men are pushing in and pulling out opposite of each other, giving
the new Queen of Extreme a nonstop train of cock moving in her cunt. Rob
walks around to the other side of the bench and waves his cock near
Stephanie's face. Stephanie grins at him before she reaches forward with both
hands to grab RVD's cock and balls. She pulls him forward and takes his cock
into her mouth. Stephanie bobs her head over his cock at the same pace Raven
and Dreamer are fucking her pussy. Stephanie can feel the build towards her
orgasm coming and knows she probably lasted longer with all these men than
most woman would have, so she lets her climax happen. She screams and moans
around RVD's cock as her cums on the cocks of Raven and Dreamer.

"Dude... she tied Francine's record..." RVD says with a smirk as he pulls his
cock out of her mouth. Raven and Dreamer pull out of her pusss and both nods.

"Yeah... Francine was one extreme fuck... I think I'll like working for
Stephanie," Dreamer says.

Stephanie catches her breath then gets on her knees between all three men,
"Boy... I'm... not done yet..."

She then takes hold of Raven and RVD's cocks and starts jerrking them off as
she gobbles up Dreamer's cock. Stephanie tightens her grip on the dicks in
her hands as she uses her mouth like a vaccum to suck off Dreamer. Stephanie
shows that McMahon determination and soon gets rewarded by all three men
cumming att he same time. Stephanie swallows repeatly inorder to digest all
of Dreamer's baby making goo, while aiming the cocks of Raven and RVD at her
tits. Once the trio of extreme superstars are doing blowing their loads,
Stephanie releases their cocks from her hands and mouth, then she pushes both
of her tits up towards her mouth and licks as much cum off of them as she
can. She then smiles at them...

"Now that... was... Extreme..."


The next night on Raw, Shane McMahon along with Paul Heyman and the WCW/ECW
Alliance are in the ring after the beat down of the APA, Big Show, Billy Gunn
and Hardcore Holly. Vince McMahon looks on the ring shock as Shane announces
the merger of WCW and ECW.

Shane waits for the crowd to quiet down a bit before then saying "Allow me
to introduce the new owner of ECW... Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley." Vince gets
tears in his eyes as Stephanie walks past him while on her way to the ring.

After she gets into the ring, she takes the mirocphone and says "Together,
WCW and ECW will bring an end to the WWF!"

And with that... the Invasion was taken to the extreme."
_ _ _

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