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Stephanie Has No Power
by Arcanine878

The following takes place the Monday after Survivor Series 2014, when The Authority lost their power over the WWE Universe due to Team Cena and the man they call Sting.

"And you will BEG for us to come back." Hunter said, as he dropped the microphone, scowling into the camera. Hunter and Stephanie stepped through the ropes and walked up the ramp, possible for the last time in history, as the Indianapolis city was fired up with energy for the rest of the show.

"Hunter, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I mean, we have CHILDREN to take care of! Aurora, Murphy, and Vaughn can NOT live a horrible life due to us!" Stephanie pleaded, wiping away her tears with her arm.

"Honey, calm down." He said, holding her hands in front of him. "This is not the end. We've come through many obstacles in the past together to overcome many challenges. This place will turn into a mad house after a week or two."

The two ex-leaders of Raw and Smackdown headed to their office to begin backing their items.

* * *

It was finally the end of Raw. As some fans leaved the arena in hopes to beat the busy traffic, others stayed for the dark match. Daniel Bryan, who was already in the ring with Ziggler and Cena, grabbed a microphone.

"Since the night's not ever just quite yet, I'm still in power of tonights event. And tonight, we're gonna do something special. Something that WON'T be aired on the USA network. This will be a real Indianapolis treat! Triple H, Stephanie, I know you're still lurking the locker rooms. Get out here, right now!"

It took a bit of time for them to get out here, but they still walked through the curtains with an ovation of boo's from the WWE universe. Triple H, still pissed of as ever, held Stephanie as they made their way to the ring. Triple H went right over to Daniel, barking at him. "I'm NOT doing a dark match! I don't have time to be out here and play these little games with you guys!"

Daniel Bryan laughed, as a huge smile came across his face. He then sent the 11x World Champion a kick to the gut. The crowd chanted "Yes!" as his kick was followed up by a Zig Zag from Ziggler, and an Attitude Adjustment from Cena. Stephanie was in shock. The crowd roared, as Ziggler went under the ring and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs. He handed one to Cena as they both took one arm of Hunter and cuffed it to the bottom rope. He laid there, helpless and humiliated.

Stephanie rushed over to Hunter, trying to release him from the cuffs, but to her disadvantage, Ziggler had the keys.

"Ziggler, I command you to give me the keys, right now!" She yelled, as she clenched her fists up into a ball.

"Oh, did you forget Stephanie? You're NOT in power anymore. And if you want your husband out of those handcuffs, you're going to have to listen to our commands." Bryan said with a smirk on his face. Stephanie didn't want to comply.

"I don't take orders from B+ players like you, Bryan." Stephanie said. All the wrestlers in the ring exchanged glances, and without saying a word, headed towards the ropes to exit the ring.

"No, wait!" She said, as all the guys stopped halfway out the ring. "I'll do whatever you want...", She complied, as Daniel Bryan went back to doing his signature chant.

"Alright, alright, calm down guys." Ziggler said as he held the microphone. "We're gonna do this like they did way back the ATTITUDE ERA!"

The fan went crazy. Just the words "attitude era" brought many memories in their heads. They then realized, a beautiful Stephanie McMahon, in a tight red dress was standing in the center of the squared circle. They all began to chant in unison, "We Want Puppies!"

"Hell no! You think I would degrade myself to such thing?" Stephanie said, covering her chest. Ziggler held up the keys in the air once again, making sure Steph knew her place.

"Ugh...fine..." She said, as she slowly took off her top and folded it down past her breasts, exposing her black lingerie bra. They looked round and huge, and that was only while her boobs were contained by the material. She did a full 360, showing the fans her goodies.

"No, no, no, no. Stephanie, when we say we want puppies, we want it EXPOSED!" Ziggler chanted. Stephanie backed up, shaking her head no, not going farther into their requests, but she backed up too far into Cena, who quickly grabbed her bra and yanked it out, having her tits fall down.

The crowd roared and echoed throughout the arena, as many cameras were pulled out capturing the moment. Stephanie's tits were huge, and her nipples were amazing. They looked like they could damn well use a good sucking. She tried covering up her breasts but tripped along her dress, falling to the mat as her tits jiggled from the impact. She crawled over to the rope, trying to escape. She rolled under the ropes and attempted to head to the locker room, holding her tits in her arms, until the engine-noise of Dean Ambrose music hit.

Dean Ambrose walked through the curtains, and stared right at Stephanie and her precious titties.
"Look's like these titties need mastering." He said, as he stormed down the ring. Stephanie, knowing the self-proclaimed Titty-Master wanted her, started heading back into the ring. Dean licked his lips, imagining what the Billion Dollar Princesses perky nipples would taste like in between his lips. He stormed after her, as Stephanie was trapped in the ring once again. She got on her knees, and pleaded to Daniel Bryan to let go of Hunter. All Daniel Bryan could do was stare at her golden pears, as Ziggler came up from behind and held her under her arms, trapping her in his clutches. Cena then came under her, and took a peak up her dress, noticing that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Looks like we got kitty hiding under these bags of clothes! Lets let her free!" Cena said, as he pulled down Stephanie's dress as hard as he could, revealing everything Stephanie had to offer.

Stephanie, stood there humiliated. She covered up her pussy, then her breasts, then her pussy again, not sure which one to hide more. Dean Ambrose, going crazy outside the ring, flipped over the curtains hanging over the mat and pulled out a long, wooden table. He threw it over the ropes, as Daniel Bryan and Ziggler were quick to prop it up. Ambrose then threw in a few chairs, as Cena opened them up around the table.

Ambrose entered the ring and took the microphone from Daniel Bryan.

"Boys and girls, welcome to the Titty-Masters playground. Now Stephanie, you're gonna do what we want, and what we want is best for business, and what's best for business is seeing those big 'ole titties and that juicy ass on top of this table!".

Stephanie knew there was no way out of this one now. She slowly climbed herself up on top of table, creating a "t" with her body and the table. Her ass and legs draped over one side of the table, as her tit's dangled from the other. Ambrose placed his chair right under Stephanie's titties and sat in it, as he played around with her tits, feeling how soft and tender they are. Meanwhile, Cena was on the other side of the table, checking out Steph's rear-view.

"Remember back in the chain-gang days, when I tapped you're ass in front of the Smackdown crowd? Well, it's about to get a whole lot worst this time!" Cena said, as he rubbed his hands as fast as he could, heating them up, and released a loud smack on Stephanie's right ass-cheek, leaving his hand-print in red. Stephanie bounced up in pain and pleasure. She didn't expect Cena to be that hard, yet she kinda liked it.

Cena rubbed his hands together again, and quickly slapped Stephs other ass cheek, leaving another hand print equally as red as the other. Steph's eyes popped open as her ass started tingling from the aftermath of the slaps. On the other side of the table, Dean firmly grabbed one of Steph's titties in one hand and placed it in his mouth, sucking on the elegant nipple. He swirled his tongue around the tip of the breast and slobbered all around. He moved to the next boob, tugging on her nipple a bit this time, testing how far the former Woman's Champion can go.

Cena gave a couple more hard slaps, bruising Stephanie's soft ass-cheeks a bit. He then gave it up to Ziggler, as he sat down in a chair staring at her holes.

"Damn...I can see why Hunter married you. You're hiding all the goodies down here." Ziggler said, as he forced Stephanie to open her legs wider. Ziggler got a sweet glimpse of Stephanie's million dollar poong tang. He rubbed her ass and squished it in between his palm a bit, before sliding one finger into her velvet pussy.

"Ooh Steph, a little wet here are we?" Ziggler said, as he slid his finger in and out, slowly massaging the insides of Steph. Steph let out a soft moan, hoping for nobody to hear it.

"Excuse me Steph? What was that noise?" Daniel said, as he held the microphone close to Steph, as she rolled out another soft moan. The crowd cheered, as Ziggler slid in another finger, taking up more space in her tight pussy.

Everyone was having a blast, until the lights flicked on and off with the infamous ringtone from the Anonymous Raw General Manager. Cena went over to the computer, and read the new message out loud.
"Well boys, I think we better cut this show for tonight. If we don't stop, we cant enter into the Rumble. I'm not risking that for anything."

The rest of the crew agreed, not wanting to miss a chance to headline WrestleMania. As promised, they unchained Triple H from the corner, still knocked out. Stephanie scurried to get her clothes on to go tend to her husband, not knowing what just happened in the ring.

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