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Stephanie Insults The Wrong Fans
by Angela (, AOL IM: Storyweaver4life) &
Dice (, AOL IM: FredCasden)

At Taboo Tuesday, Stephanie McMahon is leaving the arena shaking her head,
"Those fucking moron fans... they screwed us again for the second year in a
row... if I had my way I'd have them all beaten up." Just as Stephanie says
that, she passes two fans that were waiting for Autographs, one is a male
named Mick Richards and the other is a lovely woman named Taylor Flagley.

Mick looks at Taylor and folds his arms, "Did you hear what she just said?"

"That bitch ought to be glad she still has fans after all the stuff she has
pulled I mean I don't see how Hunter stands that voice and I swear she just
grates on your last nerve don't she?" Taylor folds her arms as well.

"Yeah she does... someone ought to teach that bitch about how she should
appreciate her fans... I mean we're the reason why her family is so fucking

Taylor smiles at him "You just gave me a delicious idea... all we have to do
is kidnap a certain little spoiled diva and then well we will teach her a
lesson she will never forget... you don't mess with WWE fans."

"Taylor... I love how you think... let's do it..." The two of then high five
each other and then start to follow Stephanie. Stephanie hasn't gotten to her
rental car yet, making her an easy target for the two angry fans. Mick grins,
"There's the bitch..."

"You grab her in and stuff her in the car and I'll get the keys okay?"

"Okay boss," Mick grins which earns him a look from Taylor. "Okay back to
work," he said sneaking up behind Stephanie and placing a hand over her mouth
while he picks her up and shoves her inside the rental car just as Taylor
starts it and the three drive off into the night.

Stephanie looks at Mick and Taylor after she sits up in the backseat, "Who
the fuck are you two?"

Mick slaps her, "Shut up bitch..."

"You'll find out soon enough who we are right Mick?" Taylor asks and Mick
smiles at Stephanie as Taylor pulls into the hotel and Mick carries Stephanie
in throwing her down on the bed Taylor walks in glaring at Stephanie "Now
princess you can either cooperate or we can get some handcuffs... the choice
is yours?"

Stephanie spits at Taylor, "Fuck you. Both of you!" Stephanie gets off the
bed and tries to run for the door, but Mick grabs her and throws her back on
the bed.

"Slut you're not going anywhere!"

"Tie her to the bed... I have a couple of phone calls to make let's see
Stephanie who should I call first your precious daddy or that very fine
husband of yours... I bet I could have some fun with him"

Mick ties Stephanie down to the bed, using the bed sheet to tie her to the
headboard. Stephanie tries to wiggle free but can't. She lifts her head and
looks at Taylor, "Leave my husband and dad alone bitch!"

Mick smirks as she rips open Stephanie's blouse. "Hey Taylor... I think we
should be able to have fun with this bitch... before we call her loved ones."

"Hmmm that does sound like an interesting thought" Taylor tosses her cell
phone on the table "Lets get her undressed and then well princess your in for
a long night" Taylor says reaching out to pinch Stephanie's nipple.

Mick grins as he rips down Stephanie's skirt, panties and bra. Stephanie
shakes her head, "You two... better stop... I'll...I'll sue... both of you!"

Taylor moves to straddle Stephanie getting right in her face "You listen and
you listen good... by the time we get through with you let's just say you
wont want to tell anybody about us or what happened to you... we'll be
Stephanie's little secret... now let's get this show on he road" she says
cupping Stephanie's large breasts rubbing her thumbs over the nipples.

Stephanie moves her body, "Stop... I'll... I'll pay you... just let me go...
I'm rich..."

"Big fucking deal you cock-tease..." Mick says as he places a hand between
her legs to rub her pussy, "We don't want money... or do we..."

"Honestly I would like a chance to be alone with your precious daddy but your
husband works out very nicely too damn Steph I would love to play around with
that sexy brother of yours... but right now... it's you were going to
concentrate on and as for money we can maybe discuss that... later," Taylor

Mick grins, "Taylor... how about you take her first... I know how much you
wanted to get your hands on her..."

Stephanie eyes go wide in horror, "I'm... I'm not... a fucking dyke..."

Taylor slaps her hard across the face "I believe we're calling the shots here
princess now you go along or I'll have Mr. McMahon on the phone faster then
you can say Titan Towers is that understood?"

Stephanie whimpers and nods, "Yes... I... I understand... bitch..."

Mick shakes his head as he sits down on a chair to watch, "Taylor... you got
to teach her some respect..."

"You know Mick this is gonna be so much fun...." Taylor lowers her head to
start sucking on Stephanie's nipple drawing it inside her mouth tenderly
biting it before she continues to suck on it.

Stephanie whimpers a bit as she closes her eyes, "I hate you... I hate all of
the WWE fans... you're sick..."

Taylor looks up "Excuse me princess have you seen some of the stuff your
father has put on over the years and then you dare call us sick?" Slides her
hand over to cup Stephanie's other breast "Need I remind you of the HLA

"You... you sick fucks... wanted it..." Stephanie whimpers. "You... ate it
up... and wanted more..."

"Who was the one getting felt up by two girls Steph?" Taylor moves to slide
a hand down over her stomach to rub the outside of her pussy.

"That... was just... a sketch... it wasn't real..." Stephanie replies.

Mick laughs, "Hey if I remember... you fucking enjoyed it..."

"I... I mmmm... I did not..." Stephanie lets out a soft moan

"Why Mick I think the billion dollar princess is getting turned
this" Taylor says smiling at him as she moves to quickly slip two fingers
inside of Stephanie's pussy rubbing it intently.

Stephanie bites her lip and arches her hips in response. "Stop it... I... I
don't want this.... I don't deserve this" Stephanie replies as she starts to
tear up.

"You don't deserve this... Stephanie we don't deserve your little tirades
either... we pay the money we could be using to pay bills or feed our family
to watch you parade around that ring and then you treat us like dirt" Taylor
jams the two fingers deeper in her pussy.

"It's... all an act... it's all fake..." Stephanie cries.

"Yeah sure... we heard what you thought about us fans... and you fucking
wonder why we're starting to watch TNA." Mick says as he strokes his cock.

"At least with them we don't have to worry about Mae young giving birth to
anything..." Taylor says thrusting her fingers in and out of Stephanie.

"Or the owners of the company coming out on TV and wasting time..." Mick

Stephanie whimpers, "Is... That... what this is about... our... product?"

"Fuck no... This is about you not appreciating us!" Mick yells.

"We heard your little tirade tonight Stephanie... oh damn I am through
talking" Taylor says suddenly moving to force Stephanie's legs apart slipping
her tongue deep inside her pussy.

"Ohhhh stop it... please..." Stephanie whimpers as she tries not to arch her
hips, but her body is not obeying her. Mick stops stroking his cock to watch
his friend eat out the billion-dollar princess.

"Damn Taylor... you got her begging for more..."

Taylor thrusts her tongue in and out of Stephanie's pussy moving to let her
tongue circle the outside "You taste so sweet princess... I could get used to
burying my tongue inside that sweet pussy."

Stephanie is crying hard, "Stop... it... please..."

Mick moves over to the bed and gets next to Taylor between her legs. "Hey
Taylor... let me have a taste..." Stephanie whimpers as she looks down to
see both of her captures between her legs.

"Go ahead I want to taste some more of these big tits" Taylor moves to once
again take Stephanie's breast in her mouth sucking hard on it while her
fingers move to pinch the other one.

Stephanie turns her head away, not wanting to watch Taylor suck on her big
beautiful breasts. Mick spreads Stephanie's pussy apart with his fingers and
slides his tongue inside of her. He then starts to move it in and out of her
as she places his other hand on her thigh. Taylor moves to kiss Stephanie's
neck forcing her to meet her gaze before she kisses her deeply thrusting her
tongue inside of Stephanie's mouth

Stephanie tries to turn her head away but Taylor hold her still Mick lifts
his head from Stephanie's pussy with a grin on his face. "Hey Taylor, this
bitch is so fucking wet... I think she loves this..."

"Is that true Stephanie are you enjoying this baby?" Taylor asks looking at
Stephanie who refuses to answer her "It's okay Stephanie baby... your body
tells us everything we need to know."

"I think she loves what you're doing to her..." Mick grins. Stephanie glares
at both of them and takes a moment before she spits in Taylor's face.

"So is that how you want to play Stephanie... give me the phone" she commands
smiling at Mick as he hands it to her "So Mick who should I call first her
daddy or her husband?"

Mick grins, "I think you should call..."

"NO!" Stephanie screams and cuts him off, "I'll... I'll be good... don't...
please don't call them... I'll... do anything..."

"Do you actually think were gonna fall for that again.... I think I'll call
daddy dearest" she replies punching in some numbers and waiting for Vince
McMahon to pick up the phone.

"Please... I'll... I'll eat you out... I'll blow your friend... don't call my
dad... please!" Stephanie starts to cry.

Mick smirks and then laughs at Stephanie, "Aww isn't that sweet..."

Taylor cuts off the phone "You screw up one more time and I'll do you right
here with him watching.... is that understood oh and Stephanie... I can play
games with you Hunter has only dreamed of."

Stephanie has a scared look on her face, but nods, "I... I understand... I'll
be good..."

"Now Mick shall we try this again?" she asks him while moving to resume her
place sucking on Stephanie's large breast while she reaches over playing with
the other one while Mick's tongue slips inside her pussy.

Stephanie sighs and moans softly, "You... you two... are... making me feel
good..." Mick smirks a bit as she slides his tongue over Stephanie's slit
making her squirm a bit.

"Well Ms. Stephanie I thought you weren't a dyke..." Taylor asks moving to
tug on both of Stephanie's nipples while Mick slides his tongue up and down
her slit.

"I'm not..." Stephanie moans as she tries to free her hands, but she gives
up. Mick stops licking her pussy and pushes three fingers into Stephanie's
pussy, making her gasp.

"Yeah sure... you're a dyke Steph... you're eyes are on Taylor as she licks
your tits..." Stephanie quickly adverts her eyes, but they soon drift back
to watching Taylor.

"I love having you watch me Stephanie... how I lick and suck your nice big
tits... mmmm they taste so good in my mouth baby. I bet your getting so wet
watching me."

"No... I'm not..." Stephanie whimpers her reply.

Mick rubs Stephanie's pussy and then licks his hand, "She's lying Taylor...
Stephanie is so fucking wet right now her pussy is practically flowing like
a river..."

Taylor looks up at Stephanie "You lied to me princess... why would you lie to
me?" slides a finger across her breast before twisting the nipple "I don't
appreciate people lying to me."

"Owww... I didn't mean to lie..." Stephanie whimpers.

Mick moves away, and smirks, "Taylor I think you should really teach her she
shouldn't lie to us..."

"Any certain ideas on how we can show Ms. McMahon...or actually teach her a
lesson...I am very open to suggestions."

"You could spank her..." Mick suggests with a wide smile on his face.
Stephanie looks at them both and wonders as well as fears what they are going
to do to her.

Taylor placed her finger on her chin thinking for as moment "Well we could
do that but I don't think that would teacher her a lesson" Taylor moves to
straddle Stephanie cupping her breasts "Keep thinking and I'll let you know
when your getting warmer" Taylor tugs on both of Stephanie's nipples.

Stephanie bites her lips as Mick sits on the bed next to both her and Taylor.
"How about we fuck her?" Stephanie's eyes go wide as she has a good view now
of Mick's cock, she licks her lips at the size of it, but then she squeezes
her eyes shut.

Taylor smiles moving down between Stephanie's legs and spreading them
open wide "I just want to do one thing first" slips two fingers inside of
Stephanie pumping them in and out for awhile before removing them and
sticking her tongue in while holding her legs open.

Stephanie arches her hips a little, "Ohhh stop it..." Stephanie's pussy is a
bit over stimulated from Taylor and Mick both having had some fun with it
already. Tears stream down Stephanie's cheeks a bit she climaxes. Her orgasm
is sudden and quick, but the shock waves of it affect her for quite a bit.
"Ohhh my god... you... made me cum... fucking... bitch..." Stephanie says
angrily, not expecting she would climax from Taylor's tongue and fingers.

Taylor slaps her again across the face leaning down to talk to her "I'm
getting damn sick and tired of this attitude princess... so knock it off
because our little agreement still you have two choices on what
you can do next" Taylor moves to rub Mick's cock "You can go down on him
until he cums..."

"Or?" Stephanie asks as she glares at Taylor while Mick reaches around his
friend to cup her breast.

Taylor smiles and almost laughs in Stephanie's face she can't wait to see her
reaction when she reveals the second choice in her little plan "You eat me
out" Taylor replies.

"I'll suck his dick..." Stephanie replies instantly, picking the one thing
she would enjoy a bit.

Mick grins, "Looks like I win out this round..." Mick then whispers into
Taylor's ear, "Let's untie her... and warn her if she does anything stupid...
she'll regret it..."

"I could go for that but before she leaves she will eat me out... okay
Stephanie were going to untie you but you pull any kind of silly stunt and
ohh I will be bad and very painful you am I understood princess?" Taylor
asks placing her finger against Stephanie's lips.

Stephanie nods her head slowly as Taylor and Mick untie her hands. Stephanie
shakes her wrists to get some feeling into them. Mick stands up and grabs her
legs to pull her off the bed. Stephanie lands on her knees and looks up at
Mick and his cock. Mick holds his cock with one hand, "Ok Steph... make like
a vacuum and suck...."

Stephanie slips her tongue out gently brushing it against the head of his
cock until he grabs the back of her head almost shoving his whole cock down
her throat Taylor moves behind her cupping her breasts rubbing the nipples.

"Oh god Taylor... Stephanie is a great cock sucker..." Mick begins to thrust
his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face so hard his balls slap
against her chin. Taylor moves in front of Stephanie taking one of her
breasts in her mouth and sucking hard on it biting the nipple and tugging on
it with her teeth while her hand goes down to press against her dripping wet

Stephanie moans a little around Mick's cock as she sucks hard on his shaft.
He grabs two handfuls of her hair and then cums in her mouth. Stephanie
instantly begins to swallow his spunk as he pulls out. Mick is still cumming
so she dumps the rest of his load on her face and tits. "Oh damn Taylor..."
Mick says as he staggers a bit.

Stephanie looks up a him with a bit of a lustful look on her face, "That
was... kinda tasty...."

"Well Steph your job is half done" Taylor says pulling her to her feet.

"What's going to happen now?" Stephanie asks shaking some as Taylor moves to
lean against the headboard of the bed.

"You tell me Steph?" she asks spreading her legs wide open and motioning to

Stephanie makes a face, "I... I thought you said... I just had to do one..."

Mick laughs, "Hey... we lied..." He puts a hand behind Stephanie's head and
forces her face into Taylor's pussy.

"Why thank you sir but I think I have it from here" Taylor replies placing
her hand where Mick's had just been holding Stephanie's head between her legs
"Now lick it like a good little slut and we may let you go home but not until
you make me cum" Stephanie sighs and starts licking Taylor's pussy. Even
though she's a novice, Stephanie has surprisingly skill that shocks the woman
she is trying to please.

"Wow Steph... oh yes baby that feels so good" Taylor cries threading her
fingers through Stephanie's hair She glances over at Mick smiling at him
"She's very good at her job" Taylor pushes a little on Stephanie's head
urging her to speed up her penetration and Taylor moans the moment
Stephanie does this.

Stephanie flicks her tongue in and out of Stephanie's juicy cunt as Mick
kneels behind her. "Hey Taylor... I can't resist... I got to fuck her..."
Mick pushes his thick cock into her pussy, making Stephanie jolt forward,
mashing her face against Taylor's twat.

"Don't stop Steph...." Taylor whimpers scooting down on the bed and watching
as Mick moves in and out of Stephanie quickly Taylor slides her hand down
cupping her breast sliding her hand around it whispering Stephanie's name.

"Oh fuck Taylor... her pussy is tight as well..." Mick grunts as he starts to
sweat. Stephanie somewhat appreciates his thoughts about her since his cock
is driving her a bit wild. Stephanie doubles her efforts in licking Taylor's
pussy, sticking her tongue all the way into her.

Taylor arches up off the bed as her orgasm pushes through her so hard it
almost makes her scream Stephanie tries to get away from her but Taylor grabs
her arm "I didn't say you were done yet Stephanie..."

Stephanie lifts her head, "But... you... said you'd... let me go..." Mick
pulls out of Stephanie's pussy and slaps his cock against her ass cheeks.

"I said we may and you have one more test...I want you to suck my breasts"
Taylor slides her hands under her breasts lifting them toward Stephanie "Do
a good job and you can leave as soon I think your done" Stephanie sighs and
starts to suck on Taylor's beautiful tits. She takes a baby's approach to
sucking on the nipples, as if trying to get milk out of them. Mick slides
his cock up and down her ass crack, before swiftly thrusting his cock into
her asshole. Stephanie screams out in pain from the sudden intrusion, but
Taylor holds her head on her breasts.

"Oh yes Steph suck my tit sweetheart" Taylor reaches a hand around to finger
her pussy slipping two fingers inside her wet folds finding that spot and
rubbing it slowly while Stephanie teases her breast with her mouth.

Stephanie moans involuntarily around Taylor's breast as she gets fucked in
her ass by Mick's thick cock and in her pussy by Taylor's fingers. Stephanie
moves her hips a bit before she cums for the second time as a result of her
tormentors. Mick grips Stephanie's hips to hold her body still as he
continues to slam his cock in and out of her asshole.

Taylor begins to whimper softly feeling another orgasm rapidly approaching
"Steph...don't stop I'm almost there...please don't stop." Stephanie moves
her fingers to Taylor's pussy and slides them into her. She pumps them in
and out quickly as she continues to lick and suck on Taylor's beautiful

"Come on Steph... make her cum..." Mick says as he pulls his cock out of her
asshole to keep himself from cumming. Taylor screams as Stephanie's fingers
continue to pump in and out of her and she climaxes very hard Mick slips
himself back inside Stephanie rubbing her back while moving in and out of her
"Ahhh...Steph...I love watching you."

Stephanie puts her hands on Taylor's thighs and pushes back against Mick,
"Ohhhh I think... I'm liking this..." Stephanie moans as Mick and Taylor
exchange smiles.

Mick starts pounding harder into her almost slamming into her "Come on
Steph... feel me pounding inside of you baby...I'm so big and your so
tight... oh yes baby I wanna hear you cum."

Stephanie pushes back against him as she licks her hips, "Ohhh ohhhh I'm
cumming... you're making me cummmm!" Stephanie screams as her climax rips
through her body.

That's all it takes for Mick to climax and he instantly fills up Stephanie's
pussy up with his cum Taylor moves to stroke Stephanie's face pulling her
face to hers for a deep kiss "So... am I free to go now?" Stephanie asks
smirking at the other woman.

"Yes... I guess..." Taylor replied.

Stephanie smiles and then gets a fairly thoughtful look on her face, "You two
are really dedicated WWE fans right?"

Mick nods, "Yeah we are..."

Stephanie then rubs Taylor's thigh as a thought pops into her head, "I hated
what you two did to me... but I did end up liking it..." Stephanie looks at
Taylor, "How would you and your friend... like to do this again?

Taylor smiles glancing at Mick "Name the time and place baby and we'll be

Stephanie smiles, "Well... I'm sure you'll like my dad... and Mick will like
my mom..."

Mick gets a huge grin on his face, "Are you saying what I think you're

Stephanie grins, "I can't have the best fans of the WWE not going
unappreciated... if you two want to... really taste of the McMahons... the
offer is there..."

"I think we can definitely accommodate you Ms. McMahon right Mick?"

"Oh yes definitely" he replied moving to pinch Stephanie's nipple.

"So when should we be ready for this little treat?" Taylor asked.

"Immediately... you two are coming home with me..." Stephanie then kisses
both Mick and then Taylor.

"Should we get dressed up?" Taylor asks returning Stephanie's kiss.

"No just put on your regular clothes" she replies smiling. The trio gets
dressed and leaves the hotel to get into Stephanie's rental car to head to
the airport and then to Greenwich.


To Be Continues in Vince and Linda Meets Stephanie's New Friends

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