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Stephanie Mcmahon Part 1
by Matt Williams (

One day me and my friend went to one of the Smackdown events and he happen
to have special backstage passes. Well after the show me and my pal Chris
went backstage and had small talks with almost every Smackdown brand
superstar. While Chris was talkin to the Undertaker, I saw Stephanie McMahon
in this top which was reaveling and it pushed her breast up. I went over
to her....

Matt: Holy shit it's Stephanie Mcmahon!

Steph: Hello.

Matt: My name is Matt.

Steph: Well hello. I'm Stephanie Mcmahon

Matt: Yeah I know. You look beutiful Steph, Every Thursday when I watch
Smackdown you get me so fucking hard. During the halloween show you ware
waring that witch costume which made me jerk my cock off.

Steph: Oh really?

Matt: Yeah, Last week on smackdown, your breast were pumped up and it made
me so horney I wished you were there for I can fuck the shit out of those

Steph: Well I'm right here. Why don't we go to my office?

Matt: Let's go.

While we were walkin I started slapping and grabbing her ass. We made it to
her office.

I moved up agianst her and started rubbing her breast. I took them out of
her top and played with her nipples.

Steph: Aren't they better in person?

Matt: Hell yeah, baby.

She then rubbed my cock and stuffed her tongue down my throat. She pushed me
on the sofa and she unzipped my pants.

Matt: Oh Steph.....

She then took down my boxers and started jerking my 8inch cock off. She began
to suck my cock, She twirled her tongue around the tip of my cock which got
me even more erected as I was.

Steph: I can tell that your enjoying it.

Matt: I'm not enjoying it I'm loving it!

She the got up and I pulled her back down so that she would be sitting right
on my cock. I took her panties off and started fucking her roughly in the
pussy. We both got up and she pushed me on the coach agian this time I was
laying on the coach. She place my cock into her wonderful pussy as she
started riding my cock. She then started jumping up and down on it. Someone
knocked on the door and she quickly got off of me and coverd her self with a
towel. I was still on the coach naked with my cock hanging out. Vince then
barged in the room.

Vince: What the hell is going on in here!? huh?

Steph: DAD! This is my office you have no right bargging in like that!

Vince: I own this place and I own those massive tits of yours!

Matt: I think I should go.

Vince: Sit your ass down! I'm going to show you how it's done in the McMahon

Steph knowing that this wasn't the first time she was fucked by her father
was wet and horney looking at me as if I should do somthing.

Vince: Whats wrong Steph? this isn't the first time it's going to happen.

Steph: I know.....I remember when you and Shane fucked me when I was 18.

Vince: Oh no that wasn't the only time. I also fucked you after you got your
breast enlarged while you were asleep.

All that talk got me even harder knowing that her own father fucked her.
While they were talkin Vince unzipped his pants and revealed a 10 inch cock
which he started playing with. He then opend up Steph's pussy and slipped
his hard cock into her.

Steph: OHHHHH! OOOOHHHHHH!!!! Daddy, daddy!

Vince: Come here boy!

Vinced yelled at me.

Vince: Get her up the ass!

Matt: Um....alright.

Vince then picked up Steph while I slipped my hard cock into her ass.

Steph: OMG! this reminds me of when you and Shane doubled team'ed me.

Vince: Good.

We both stated ramming our cocks in-out of Steph while she screamed in
agony. Vince then slapped her.

Vince: SHUT UP!

I had Stephs breast in my hands as I started bouncing them up and down.
Vince started screaming at Steph...

Vince: Bitch! you like it don't you? DON'T YOU!?

Steph: Daddy. yes, yes!

We both let Steph go and she droped on the floor. Vince draged Steph towards
him and started ramming that wet pussy. I went over and she started sucking
my cock.

Matt: oh.......shit....Steph you suck like a professional.

She took it out....

Steph: This isn't the first time i've had somthin in my mouth.

Someone walks in.......

Shane: Father! What are you doing?

Vince: I'm fucking the shit out of my own daughter!

Shane: I know, your doing it with out me!

Vince: C'mon boy.

Shane walks over and takes his cloths off. He starts jerking his cock off. A
few minutes later he picks Steph up and he stuffs his cock into her tight
little ass hole.

Matt: .....uh...shit.....I'm about to cum......

She started to suck harder and harder until i busted my load in her mouth.

Matt: uh.........that was great.

I fell on the floor knocked out.

Shane: Sis Your ass is so great. Does this bring back memorys?

Steph: Oh yes it does........uh......oh....yes, yes......great memorys

Vince: mmmmmmmm....

Vince took his cock out of steph as cum was dripping out of Steph's pussy,
He started playing with his cock. Shane took his cock out of her ass and
took the condom off. Vince and Shane traded places and now Shane was fucking
her pussy.

Shane: mmmmmm........your better then those other bitches in this fed.

Vince: I'm tired of fucking that old hag of a Linda, For now on I'll be
fucking you Steph.

Steph screams in pain as Shane cums in Steph's pussy.

Shane: uuuuuhhhhhh......fuck.........that shit was great!

Steph: Fuck me more Shane, FUCK ME MORE!

Shane continues to fuck Steph. Someone knocks on the door.

Triple H: Hello Steph, I thought we were gonna go fuck?

HHH Finds Shane and Vince fucking Steph.

Triple H: C'mon you guys fuck her with out me?

Triple H removes his pants wooping out a erec 10".

Steph: Looks like you've been fucking.

Triple H: I was fucking Stacy and Torrie, but your better Steph.

Matt sit's on a chair and starts to jerk off.

Matt: ah.......

Triple H shoves his cock in Stephs mouth.

Trip: Suck my fucking cock bitch!

Vince: ah.....shit....i'm cumming.....

Steph takes the cock out of her mouth.

Steph: Daddy......Daddy.....cummmmm in meeee....

She screams in pain....."AAAAAAAHHHHHHH"

Vince cums in Steph's ass hole a little drips drip out. Shane cums in Steph's
tight pussy agian.

Shane: Thats twice......

Steph: oh Shane.

Steph and Shane Start kissing.Triple H starts to jerk off and blows his cum
in Stephs face. Everyone lays on the floor naked.

Steph: I gotta say, that was awesome.

Vince: mmmmmm That wasn't the first time Shane came in you.

Shane: Yeah you might even be the mother of our child.

Steph naked turns over to Shane and hugs him with her giant breast hugging
his arm.

Steph: Oh Shane..........

Shane sticks his cock into her pussy but doesn't fuck her he just leaves it

Triple H: C'mon Vince we can go fuck Sable.

Vince: Oh yes.

Matt: I guess I'll be going now. Well thanks for letting me fuck that nice
pussy Steph.

Steph crawls over to my cock and blows it for the last time.

Matt: mmmmmm Steph.

Steph moans as she sucks my cock all over. I blow my load all over Steph's

Matt: ah....shit.....Steph thats how good you blow.......

Steph licks off all the cum from her mouth.

Me and Chris meet up again and I explain all that has happen. We then fly
back to NY.

Triple H and Vince are fucking Sable. After that they went home.

Steph and Shane now have a 8 year old son. (I know they are brother and
sister but it makes such great story line).

Well thats the end......Part 2 is comin up shortly............=)

Part 2.............the past...........

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