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Stephanie McMahon & Amy Adams: Lesbian
by shaunjg21

An art music gallery is happening at LA as Stephanie wearing black silk blouse with blue jeans is showing her art music display as the audiences are welcoming inside the place. A beautiful woman Amy wearing a red silk thick blouse with jeans as the art music show starts ever audience is taken away but the magical that is artistry

and Amy looks at a music painting of Steph that shows adversity, freedom, equal right LGTB and etc and Amy is stunned by the art

Amy: this is fascinating well done

Steph: thank you ma,am

Amy: I'm loving everything on art especially The equal rights with LGTB is very beautiful just like you lol I'm sorry I am Amy

Steph: Stephanie and thank you for kind words I appreciate

Amy: your welcome how long you been drawing

Steph: ever since in high school I wanted to be an actress but felt wasn't for me

Amy: I'm sorry to hear but don't give up I work in the entertainment industry as screenwriter.

Steph: That's great I'm happy for you.

Amy: thank you well gotta see other Art but I hope to see you again

Steph: me too enjoy the art show

Amy walk over to other art but looks on over to Steph as Amy smiles back with a wink

Hours later, Art is almost closing as Steph is bored and streching out as she is bending over showing her ass towards Amy as Amy sees her.

minutes later amy comes behind from steph

Amy: Hey Steph I'm back

Steph sees Amy all smiles

Steph: Hey Amy enjoy the show

Amy: yes but not as much as your art work

Steph: what did it attracted to you about my art

Amy: I believe the love and care you put on it it show the passion and love and I felt in love by it

Steph: oh really

Both lock eyes...

Steph: anything else more

Amy: I don't know you tell me babe

Steph: if I have to take sexy wild curious guess my equal right LGTB

Amy gets closer as Steph does too

Amy: You are SO lesbian right on that, i love the lesbiansim you put on it

Steph: Interesting and curious to know. Do you have any fun plans tonight?

Amy: no why

Steph: oh I'm just lesbian curious to what you have tonight?

Amy and Steph grabbing hands

steph: do you have a boyfriend?

amy: i perfer a girl? you

steph: i want pie more than anything

Amy: what are you in lesbian mood for?

Steph takes Amy to a private room

Amy leans back against the wall as Steph kisses Amy as both feeling each other, amy grabs a hold of steph ass.

Steph breaks kiss

Steph: have you ever wanted to be pregnant by a woman?

Amy: no but would fucking love too

Steph: say no more

Steph removes her blouse reveal her bra, Amy grabs a hold of steph bra, both removes clothes and

Amy bends over as Steph starts to hard fuck that ass of Amy, Steph is fucking and fucking hard on Amy ass as Steph climax inside Amy.

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