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Stephanie McMahon Gets Some
by OutKast (

Steph was being a bitch. Locker room redecorating, shouting at staff,
demanding the chef changes the menu, having a worker fired for allegedly
stalking her. If there was anything she could do to make life even more of
a living hell for everyone else, she would do it. But by god was something
going to be done about it!

Stephanie had just got into the gym. She looked around, her trademark "I
am better than you!" grin on her face. She was wearing a black T-shirt, and
black trousers. She was looking incredibly fuckable, but, if anyone had even
dared to suggest it, she would have slapped the taste out of their mouths.
Looks of an angel, temper of a devil.

She slowly strutted up tot he attendant, looked her up and down, and

"You got the private room, like I asked for?"

"Right here."

"That's fucking right here MISS to you, bitch!"

"Sorry Miss."

With that, the attendant lead Steph to one of the private rooms of the
gym. A closed room, with a series of equipment in their. Perfect for privacy.
The only other distinguishable feature was an air vent on the right hand
wall. Steph sat down on a cycle, and started to pedal.

Outside, 3 new people entered the gym. Y2J, Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus,
and Kurt Angle. The 3 slowly walked over to the attendant. Y2J spoke first,
in a hushed tone.

"You got the shit?"


Kurt Angle piped up next. "The bitch in there?"

"Sure as fucking hell!"

Trish spoke next, slowly slipping each letter out.

"Let's do it boys. This bitch deserves it."

At this, the attendant pulled out a vile of foul smelling green gas. With
the lid carefully closed, he walks up tot he air vent opposite Steph's room,
and, with a smash, shatters it into the vent.

Steph looks up. She's just started to sweat, but she can smell something
strange. She looks around, and too her horror, sees some green gas seeping

"What the fuck?"

Steph jumps off the cycle, and runs tot he door. She squeezes the handle.

"Damn, must have locked it."

Kurt is standing by the door, key in hand. He laughs slowly.

"Not getting out of this one, slut."

By now, the gas has filled the room, Steph is getting desperate, but
breathes in a couple of mouthfuls of the stuff. Feeling fine, she pulls out
the key, and unlocks the door. Let's just say she's pissed.

"What the fuck was that you fucker? I could get you all fired. Piece of

She is so intent on the attendant, she doesn't notice the other 3 people.
Trish speaks again.

"Steph, take your clothes off."

Steph doesn't put a name to the voice, she is so pissed.

"Stupid cunt. You can get arrested for even thinking that. Why the hell
did you say it fucking anyway. Not like I'm going to do it, is it. Trish?"

Trish laughs.

"I wouldn't be so sure, Steph."

Steph looks down, and, too her horror, here skilful hands have just taken
off her top and bra, setting her puppies free. Her hands reach down, and
start to play at her trousers.

"What the fuck. How the fuck. I'm going to bloody kill you!"

She looks round the room, and sees Jericho lounging against some kit.

"Chris. Come on, help me."

Chris laughs.

"I've been waiting for this moment for so long. The mighty Steph pleading
for my help. And em saying FUCK YOU BITCH! You've made my life hell ever
since I came here. Hell, I'm going to enjoy the show."

Steph screams. She starts to cry. She's now down to her hot thong. She
sees Kurt, and suddenly smiles.

"Angle. Help me. These 2 craps have done something to me. I'll explain
later. Just help!"

Kurt smiles, and starts to talk "You know Steph. I loved you, and you
broke my heart. You smacked me right in the dick, and I'm pissed."

Steph screams again, and tries to run. But Trish says "Stop", and she
halts in her now totally naked tracks.

"You see Steph. Everything we say, you do. You get that? It means you are
now our bitch . Now, Y2J, if you please."

"Steph crawl to me."

Steph shrieks as she feels herself dropping to her knees. She sees Chris
reach into his pants, and come out with his 9' cock. It is almost fully erect
already, and he's rubbing his hand up and down it.

"Suck me off Steph. Suck me off real good!"

Steph screams, but is cut off by Y2J's cock. She immediately wraps her
tongue round it, and begins to massage his balls, slowly. Jericho moans, and
thrusts his rod in deep.

"Faster bitch, make it fast!"

Steph starts to suck harder and harder. She wants to scream, but can't.
She wants to stop, but can't. Jericho cries out, before dumping his load
straight down here throat. A bit splatters onto the floor, but she swallows
the rest.

"Now bitch, your addicted to man cum. So bitch, lick it all up."

At this Steph drops her face tot he floor, and begins to lick up the cum
on the floor. Jericho cleans his cock with her hair, before walking off.

"See you two around!"

Steph looks up, in time to see Trish strip off. Trish moans to her.

"You want me so bad. You think I'm a fucking goddess. You go wet thinking
about me."

Steph feels herself grow wet. Her nipples grow erect, and she desperately
wants to cum. Trish turns round and bends over, rubbing a hand along her

"Lick my asshole bitch. Lick in clean. I just took a shit, and I'm not
sure if I cleaned myself well enough. Check for me."

Steph screams out at this, but walks towards the blonde diva. She falls to
her knees, and slowly pushes her head between Trish's cheeks. She gingerly
reaches out with her tongue, and puts a slow lick on the hole. She can taste
crap on her tongue, but doesn't puke. She hasn't been told to. She hears
Trish moan above her.

"Oh, you bitch! Faster, faster, faster you fucker!"

Steph does as she is told, licking faster and faster. Trish moans once
more, and a huge gloop of girly goo lands smack on Steph's pretty face. Trish
turns round, and breathes to her.

"Lick it all up bitch!"

Steph reaches out with her tongue, licking the cum into her mouth. She
looks up, hatred in her eyes.

"I'll kill all of you, you fuckers."

Kurt walks up.

"Not unless we tell you to! Now bend over."

Steph can guess what is coming, but does it anyway, she has too. She
doesn't see Kurt unzip his tracksuit, nor him pull out his 11' rod. But she
sure as heel feels it as it rapes her ass.

"Scream for me bitch!"

Steph screams, with or without the command. She starts the cry. She's
being fucking ripped apart, split in too. Kurt pulls in and out, quicker,
faster. Steph starts to cry and scream some more.

"You fuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Kurt moans again as he drops his seed straight into her ass. He pulls out,
and zips up.

"Don't think we're finished with you yet bitch!"

The pair (Trish and Kurt) walk out, leaving a crying Steph alone in the
gym, naked, and fucked the shit out of.

How was that. It's my first time writing. Some comments please! I've got
ideas for a whole series, so, get ready!

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