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Stephanie Mcmahon Has Only One Way To Get Back In The WWF!
by Stephanie's Breasts

Stephanie McMahon was humiluated. Her ECW and WCW Alliance couldn't take
down the WWF at Survivor Series.

On the Raw the following night she begged her forgiveness to her dad, but
she was dragged out by security.

After Raw was over, she got a call in her locker room. She answered it.
It was Vince McMahon. He said, "Steph, if you really want to come back to the
WWF, I have a deal for you. Meet me outside the arena in 30 minutes."

Stephanie wanted to do anything her dad said to get back in the WWF. She
felt so sorry for even helping Shane and the Alliance. She thought her dad
felt sorry for her.

Steph put on her sexy clothes and grabbed her bags. She fixed her hair and
made sure she didn't look like she was going to cry. Then she left her room
and walked out to the parking lot.

Vince was next to a car and waited for her.

Steph looked down and said, "Hi, daddy!"

Vince smiled and said, "Steph you really want back in the WWF dont you?"
Steph shoke her head.

Vince said, "Well, I can't let you in free but here is the deal."

A young man got out of his car and looked at Steph's sexy body. Steph saw
the man stare at her sexy tanned legs.

Vince says, "I hired this man to do a job for me. You see you have to go
with this man for 1 whole week and do everything he says. By next monday if
he gives me a good report, you can come back with me."

Stephanie froze for a minute. She tried to beg her dad another way. Vince
grabbed her arm and pushed her in the passenger seat of the car. The man
threw her bags in the trunk.

Vince grabbed her arms and handcuffed her. He gave the key to the man and
Vince said, "She is all yours."

Stephanie had tears coming down her pretty face. Vince said, "Steph,
listen to the man. If you listen to him, I can trust you and when you come
back, you can have all the money you want."

The man drove out of the parking lot and onto the highway. He smiled and
looked at Steph.

She was wearing a tight black short skirt that was hiked up since she was
sitting down. She had a white tank top she changed into and had some sandals
on instead of boots.

The man told her that this week will be the best for him and Steph will
pay. He grabbed her sexy tan leg and rubbed it.

Soon they were at his house. He got out and threw her bags in the living
room. He grabbed Steph and threw her on the bed. He locked all of the houses
doors and windows.

No one could leave.

The man stared at her. She laid handcuffed on the bed. She was so hot. She
had the sexiest legs ever. She had a BIG tight ass and big huge boobs. She
had the face and everything else.

The man stood her up. Steph looked sad. She said, "Look I'll do whatever
you say. I want to be with daddy so I'll listen."

The man uncuffed her and said, "Pull down your skirt."

Steph slowly pulled down her skirt. Her sexy legs were shown and she had
a black thong on. The man got hard. He told her to bend down on her knees and
stick her sexy ass in the air.

She obeyed and bent over. Her hot buttcrack was seen in the thong. The man
said, "Don't act sorry girl, you are here to be punished." He grabbed her
hips and spanked her ass watching it jiggle.

He made it so sore. Steph screamed in pain as her ass was spanked hard and
fast. The man pulled off his pants and and slid his dick in her huge ass. He
moaned as he sqeezed it all the way in.

He then fucked her ass hard. Up and down till she screamed for help. He
came in her ass and yelled as he went faster. Her asshole was so tight and
hot. He grabbed her ass and sqeezed it hard.

He pushed her ass together against his dick and yelled as it got tighter.
The man slid his dick out fast and Steph yelled as her ass was sore.

He stood her up and ripped her shirt off. Her HUGE HUGE breasts were
exposed and the man got hard. He yanked on the bra and it snapped showing her
hard and pointed nipples. Her breasts were huge!! He sqeezed them and they
were so juicy and tan. He pushed her down and jumped on her.

His dick rubbed her boobs. He looked at her face and she was trying to get
out. The man yelled at her and slapped her. He kissed her and slapped her

He told her to stick her tongue out. She did and the man made her suck on
her own nipple!.

She sucked fast making the man so horny.

Then she stopped and punched the man, she threw him down and unlocked the
door. She ran outside and cried. They were in the woods.

She still ran far into the woods and hid in a big bush. The man grabbed a
bat, cuffs and some whip cream. He ran outside looking for her.

Steph was sore and mad. She was scared of being caught. She rubbed her
ass. She only had her panties on and she was freezing cold. Her nipples were
so hard.

Steph heard the man but didn't know where. He jumped up behind her and
grabbed her. He cuffed her to some trees. He punched her hard and she
fainted. The man grabbed her nipple and jiggled her breast.

He grabbed her body and took her back in the house.

She was still fainted and the man said, "This is how you will pay."

He stripped her panties off and looked at her hot pussy. He rubbed her
pubic hair and fingered her pink pussy. It was so hot.

The man jammed his dick in her pussy and fucked her hard. He went fast and
moaned loud. He cummed all over and still fucked her pussy up. The man tore
up her pussy.

Her body hit the floor. His dick got him some pussy. He cummed all over.
Steph woke up and had a bruise on her face. She yelled as she felt his 10"
dick up her pussy. She started to move back and forth helping the man.

He yelled as her ass banged into his nuts. He stuck it out and grabbed her
legs. He rubbed them and turned her over.

He ate her pussy out fast and she had an orgasm. She yelled and moaned as
the man ate her pussy out like it was food.

He pushed her over and said, "...fuck you you piece of ass. You will pay
you little big breasted 25 year old girl." He took all the blankets and
locked the door from the outside. He said, "Good night, Steph," and turned on
the air.

She got so cold and had no clothes or blankets. She tried to fall alsleep
but was so sore, wet and cold and hot.

The man thought of what to do tommorow.

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