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Stephanie Has Only One Way To Get Back In The WWF! PART-2
by Stephanie's Breasts

The man slept on the couch in the living room. His dick was sore from the
night before. He looked at the locked door Steph was in. He then saw her bags
and decided to see what she had.

He grabbed one bag and pulled out tanktops and some tight black pants. He
pulled out some short skirts that made him horny. He then took out a huge
bra. It must be for her new breasts.

He then grabbed a black thong and he smelled it. He thought it smelled
like Steph's pussy.

Last there was a pair of short short pink shorts. It made the man hard as
they were to short for Steph to wear.

He put them all back in her bag and went to the door he opened it.

Steph was in the corner huddled up with her knees covering her breast. Her
ass was barely shown. Her hair was a mess and her face swollen.

The man thought she was still so hot. He went over and woke her up. She
looked sore. He picked her up and her HUGE boobs dangled over. The man picked
her up and told her to take a shower.

He gave Steph the thong, a shirt and those short pink shorts. Steph
grabbed them and went in the bathroom. She locked the door.

What she didn't know is that the man had a secret camera that Vince bought
him. He went to his room and turned on the monitors.

Steph was shown. She bent over and rubbed her legs. The man got hard as
her sexy and huge ass was shown. She turned on the water and got in the
shower. She closed the shower curtain.

The man zoomed in a crack and Steph was fully seen again. Steph rubbed her
huge breasts making her nipples hard. She saw some scratches from last night.
She picked both up and sqeezed. Then she rubbed her ass.

She was so sexy as water splashed on her sexy body. Her legs were so hot.
The man was jerking off as Steph's legs and pussy and boobs were shown. She
got soap and put the bar on her pussy washing off the dried cum.

Then on her ass and the man's dick was leaking wet stuff. She washed her
stomach and o her breasts. He watched as the soap went down to her pussy

She got on the floor and spread her legs. The man started thrusting like
he was fucking her.

She got the bar of soap and cleaned between her legs. Then she got out and
put her clothes on.

The man turned it off as Steph put those pink shorts on. He recorded the
whole thing and was going to show her later.

He went to the bathroom door. Steph walked out as sexy as she could be.
Her legs were so hot and her ass was so big. The shorts made hm horny. Her
breasts popped out like his dick was.

The man got up and layed her on the bed. Her body was alittle wet but she
was hot. Steph didnt budge or nothing. She stared at the man as the man
stared at her.

He then kissed her on her pink and sweet lips. Steph kissed him back and
they were making out all over the bed. The man's hand moved up her sexy and
juicy legs and up her shorts.

Steph then gave him some tongue. She was so fucking hot. She knew how to

They kissed a few more times. Then the man smiled and said want breakfast.
Steph gave her sorry smile and said yeah.

The man walked to the kitchen and Steph walked up to. She hiked up the
already short shorts and her thong was shown a little. She walked in the
kitchen. The man warmed up some old pancakes and bacon.

Steph sat on the kitchen table. The man saw her thong and was staring. He
slapped her and said QUIT teasing me.

He asked what she ate for breakfast. Steph said whatever I want. The man
threw them on a plate and put them in front of Steph. She tried to eat but
was scared the food was rotten.

The man said "eat like a white girl." Steph said "I am a white girl."

The man said, "no your a white, hot, sexy, tanned, big breasted, rich hot
girl." Steph was shocked. She was sort of suprised.

She said "no I'm just a normal white girl." The man didn't want to argue.
He got mad.

He said "Take your shirt off STEPH!" Steph was scared. She took off the
shirt and her huge boobs flew out with her bra on.

He grabbed her and took her to her bed. He tied her hands and feet to the
posts. She was trapped.

The man got a belt and yelled at her "look Steph you arent JUST A WHITE

"You have huge tits!!" He spanked her legs. She sreamed. The man said
"FOLLOW ALONG." Steph was in tears.

Steph mumbled "i have huge tits"

The man spanked slapped her face and said "you have a sexy face."

Steph said "my face is sexy."

The man slapped her hard and said "my ass is huge and I have a fat pussy."

Steph cried and said "my ass is huge and my pussy is fat."

"with pussy hair."

"with pussy hair."

"your legs are so hot."

"my legs are so hot."

The man slapped her and pulled her hair.

"NOW say your a slut."

"i'm a slut."


Steph paused for a mment and said "because I fucked Triple H and made him

The man stopped. He was shocked. He thought of Triple H crying because his
dick was up a girls pussy who was hot, rich and his wife.

The man pulled down her shorts and thong. Her pussy was wet from the
shower. He stuck his dick in her wet hole and fucked her hard. She started to
breathe hard as the man moved fast.

His nuts hitting her shorts as his dick went in and out and back and

She yelled in pain as her pussy was getting blowed out.

The man said "yell out all the things i said!! and ill stop.

She paused and yelled as she cummed all over her pink shorts. The man's
dick was covered in her sweet cum.

"You bitch!!"

Steph yelled "my breasts are huge, my ass is big and" she
yelled as the dick got jammed in more.


"my pussy is fat and has hair."

The man moaned as he fucked her faster and there was a slapping sound with
her and his body hitting each other.

She wanted it to end. She was in so much pain that her pussy was red.

She said "i have a pretty face and...and.....STOP PLEASE!!"

The man pulled her pussy hair and fucked her pussy fast. The man yelled
and cummed all over her pussy leaked out his cum.

He took it out and grabbed it because it hurt so much. Steph layed there
tied up.

Her pink shorts pulled down. The man turned off the light and closed the
door. It was real dark but he could see Steph's boobs.

She was breathing hard and her hands hurt. The man picked her up and slid
under her. Her ass against his dick and he smelled her hair. She was still
tied up.

He said "Steph I will untie you if you tell me some answers. Tell the

Steph slowly said "ok,just untie me please."

He asked her "Have you seen any other wwf/wcw/ecw diva nude before??"

Steph didnt say nothing but said "yes." The man froze (alright he gets to
hear something never told).

Steph said "Well when I was in the wwf, i went in to the girls locker
room. no one was there. So I sat down and waited for them to arrive to the
arena. Then Lita walked out of the shower butt naked."

The man said "What did you see?" Steph said "Her ass, legs and boobs, and
pussy too."

Steph said "Stop!!" His dick got hard and was poking her ass. She got a
little horny and pussy juice ran down his leg.

The man said "Steph shut up you bitch. I'm the ruler, your here to be
punished. It's not my fault your ass is huge!!"

Steph had a tear coming down. The man said "now you big boobed girl!!!!!!
What about in wcw??"

Steph said "well i walked in on accident and saw Torrie Wilson's breasts."
She said "they were huge and perfect."

She said "I also saw Stacy Keibler's pussy one time. It was so hot and I
saw Molly's ass."

The man jammed his dick in her big ass. He said "Molly has a huge ass but
yours is tighter Stephanie."

He then started to fuck her up the ass. She begged for him to stop. She
said that her ass is the only way to get somewhere in the wwf.

The man jammed her ass hard. He sqeezed both ass cheeks. Her asshole was
so tight. He got to 11" quick. She tried to escaped but was still tied. She
yelled and jerked all over while the man let her ass bounce on his dick as
she tossed and turned.

She yelled "This is torture!! I'm sorry for.....for the Alliance and my
dad. Please I have learned my lesson please." The man screamed "no GIRL YOU
WILL PAY!!" He yanked her tits right out of her bra and grabbed them and
sqeezed them.

Her pinced her nippled and fucked her ass hard. She was breathing hard
till she passed out. The man cummed in her ass.

He moved his dick to the left, to the right, up and down and in and out.
Her ass was sore.

The man couldn't believe it "im fucking STEPHANIE MCMAHON HELMSLY up her
ass??" it was hard to believe something so hot was here.

Her ass, LEGS, boobs, pussy, face everything.

He could feel the tip of his cock in her pink asshole.

Her breasts were fake and he could feel the silcone but they were huge and
tan and juicy.

He pushed her up so his dick could slide out. She had one hot ass.

He got out from behind her and stuck his dick in her mouth. She was passed
out and was sweaty.

He rubbed it on her tongue and on top of her mouth. Her teeth were so
perfect. He stuck it out and so spit was on his dick.

He rubbed the tip of his dick on her nipple and exploded unexpectively on
her breasts. He laughed as she was passed out, naked and tied.

He rubbed her pussy hair and fingered her clit. She was so sexy and hot.
He rubbed her sexy tanned legs. He liked her legs. They were so hot.

He jumped on her legs and started to suck on her pussy. He licked it all
over and bit it. He licked the sweat off of her pussy and ate her out. He
looked up but couldn't see her face because of her tits.

He licked her all over. Then he looked on the floor and found a pair of
scissors. He thought she hide them to escape later. He slapped her leg in
anger and jammed his dick in her pussy again. He yelled you will pay and
went faster then ever.

Her body hitting the bed. She sqirmed everytime he thrust her.

He yelled in pain to but laughed as her pussy got blowed out. She has
suffered too much and it was only tuesday morning.

He took his dick out and rubbed her belly. He felt alittle sorry for her
but he got paid to do a job. He put a blanket over her and untied her feet.
Not her hands.

He locked the door as he saw 2 huge buldges in the blanket on her chest.
He smirked.

He then went in her bags and found a credit card. He was going to go get
Steph some clothes that he liked (he likes thongs, see through's and short
shorts. He was going to a hooker store to buy Steph some CLOTHES!!

He also had an idea. Steph could watch t.v. but any time he made her mad.
He would keep her tied up and spread her legs and stick something huge to
feel the pain.

He smiled and left the house for some clothes.

Steph was tied up,nude,passed out under a blanket and will be sore around
her vagina when she awakes.

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