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Stephanie Mcmahon Meets Some Gangstas Part 1
by Steph's Sexy Skirt

Stephanie Mcmahon was so angry over the way Triple H had been acting
lately. She wanted to get revenge. Stephanie McMahon was wearing a short
dress that revealed one of her most sexiest assets... her sexy legs. The
skirt rode up every movement she made showing more legs. Her black dress
popped out on the top with her huge firm breast.

The walked out the arena angry and fustrated. She got into her car and
drove down the highway. She was so mad, she turned into different streets
hoping to get lost. She got what she wanted as she lost the streets and
turned into some thug streets.

Weird people walking down the sidewalks and some frightened poor Steph.
She drove on and soon became late at night. Steph decided to ask for
directions. She pulled over at a gas station and got out.

Two gangsters couldn't help but notice Steph's huge ass as she rose from
her seat. They stared at her ass and sexy legs as she walked into the store.

Steph walked in and the clerk froze as huge tits went BANG right in front
of him. Stephanie asked the man for directions and he GREATLY gave them to

Stephanie walked out of the store relieved she knew where she was. As she
was about to get in her car, one of the gangsters grabbed her arms. A van
pulled up and the two men pushed Steph in. They drove off fast.

One man stayed behind and took Steph's car. There were four men in the
van. Steph was so frightened. When she fell in, her dress went all the way up
and her white panties were exposed.

The men tied her up and taped her mouth. They laid her on the very back
seat. Two men were next to her making sure she didnt escape. The other two
were at the front. In the back, both men joked that her tits were bigger
than each others' head.

Steph jerked and had tears coming down her horny eyes.

One said, "Ohh, poor babe, your sad... maybe this will cheer you up!!"
The man took his hand and rubbed on op of Steph's panties.

Stephanie was sweating from fright.

The man took two fingers and put them in the waist band of her panties and
slowly pulled her panties down. He pulled and pulled till he saw some pussy
hair. He kissed her vagina and pulled back up the panties.

Steph was so scared.

Finally the van stopped. Steph was picked up and dragged to this old
beat up building. The men quickly pulled her hot body in. Each man feeling
up on the spot they held of her.

They led her in. The men seemed to be a gang. They threw her in a room,
locked it and then a voice was heard, "Destroy her punk ass car!!"

Steph was crying. She was standing there shaking like a scared hot piece
of ass.

The door locked. A tall shadow appeared. He was wearing sunglasses and a
leather jacket.

The man said, "So... Steph, I hear you want dick tonight?"

Steph paused and said, "What are you talkin abo..."

The man interupted her. "I SAID 'YOUR SUCKING DICK TONIGHT.' OK, HOLMS?"

Steph backed up on the corner. The man grabbed a belt and began attacking
Steph with it.

Steph yelled in pain as each striked hit her body. First her back, then
her leg then her shoulder and finally he got Steph to lay on the ground face

The man hiked up her skirt and examined that HUGE ASS. He threw her on an
old matress and began spanking her ass out hard. She yelled and cried as
each shot made her ass jiggle. He hit hard and hard till he thought she was
spanked enough.

Steph's face was so red. The man then ripped off her panties.

He examined her stripped cheeks and sqeezed them. He stuck out his dick
and fucked Steph up her ass. He moaned as her huge ass fucked his dick up and
down. Steph yelled in pain.

The dick went between her huge ass and in her asshole. Fucking her till
it couldn't go in no more. He yelled and hiked her dress up to her hips. He
spanked her ass and rode her for a long time. Then he flipped her over and
sucked her huge tan breast. Ripping off her bra and feeling up.

As he sucked, he fingered her ass. Steph yelled and jerked as her pussy
grew wet and wet.

The man smelled her pussy. He pulled her dress down and ordered the other
men to hold her down. They were so drunk. Steph cried as two men had her arms
and two others had her legs rubbing them.

The leader grabbed a tatto kit. He revealed her ass to the whole crew and
yelled cursing to Steph. The man wrote on her ass their gangster logo. Steph
yelled and moaned and cried as the pain of the tatoo hurt.

Soon after,t he man got scissors and and clipped her pussy hair down
leaving a mid bush. Then they drank beer and smoked.

The men forced her to suck their dicks till they all cummed in her face
then poured beer on her and kicked her around. She tried to leave calling
them morons with no money.

The leader spanked her hard for that making her cry loud and painfully.
The man lit a cigar and jammed it on her ass cheek. Steph yelled in pain.

The man dragged poor Steph to the bed where she slept with the leader that
night. The leader was going to fuck her a lot and knew no one would find her
for days, and they would hit the state once they release her.

Steph lay there weak and wet.

The leader laughed and stck his dick up her ass and called her a billion
dollar ho with the ass bigger than da world!!

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