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Stephanie McMahon Signing Part 1: Brock Lesnar
by Breakdown

Stephanie McMahon was the happiest woman on earth, her daddy had forgiven
her and even made her the new GM of SmackDown!. She was now in a
ratings-battle with Eric Bischoff, he was the RAW GM, and was planing to
sign his stars away to get them for SmackDown!. Eric may have won the first
battle, at Vengeance he signed Steph's ex-husband Triple H away from her, but
she would win the war. She planed to sign away Brock Lesnar when he took a
seat in her limousine at the end of RAW. Brock was not only a former NCAA
champ, what made him even more hotter for her was that he was the newest
King of the Ring and would face The Rock at SummerSlam. He also had a
no-loss-record, a little bit like this WCW guy, Goldberg.

"Well, I guess your interested in my man, Brock Lesnar, aren't you Steph?"
asked Paul Heyman, the manager of "the next big thing."

"Yes, that's right Paul. I want him on SmackDown!"

"What do we get from you for jumpin ship. We have a good life at RAW, Eric is
a great boss."

"Your making your point clear Paul, that's what I like." Said Steph "well, I
guarante Brock bigger matches at SmackDown!. He will be able to go one-on-one
with guys like Edge, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho."

"Good point Steph, but I think Brock wants more than just that." Paul told
the business woman sitting right infront of him.

Brock didn't say anything the whole time, just watching the stunning beauty
talk and listened to his manager Paul E. "Paul" he finally said "I think..."
he whispered something into his managers ear.

Paul's mouth formed a devilish smile. "That's a great idea Brock. Steph, my
man just had an idea of what you can give us what Eric couldn't."

"Tell me Paul, I'll give you whatever you want." Steph told them, really
wanting Brock at SmackDown!.

"The one thing that we want from you is..."

"Common Paul, tell me" Steph said.

"...we wanna bang you, Miss McMahon."

"WHAT?" Steph shouted "No way I'm gonna do this, I'm not the slut anymore
I was a year ago, Paul."

"Well, too bad for you, cause we only will jump ship if you will give us the
fuck of a lifetime, Steph. I think we should go then Brock. Driver, could you
please stop here ?" Paul asked the driver. The car stopped and Paul opened
the door.

"Close the door Paul", Steph said. "I'm gonna do it." A tear was running down
Stephanie's beautiful face now. She had tried it so badly, to come away from
her slutty image.

"What did you just say Steph?" Paul asked her teasing her only for fun.

"I said I will do what you want." Steph sobbed.

Paul closed the door. "Well, then I think we should start with you giving us
a good handjob Steph," Paul told her while opening his pants. Brock did the
same, pulling his shorts down, exposing his fully erected 9 inch cock,
showing Steph why he was named the next big thing. Paul's was shorter, about
5 inches, but very thick. Stephanie kneeled infront of the two men, beginning
to stroke their rock hard cocks with her pretty hands, crying while doin

"Ohhh, that's good Steph, now lick my cock." Brock moaned.

Steph began licking his shaft up and down, making it wet with her saliva.
Then she slipped it into her mouth, the whole thing in one swift motion.

"Oh my god, she took the whole damn thing with one motion" Brock groaned.

"Didn't I tell you, Hunter made daddy's lil girl a bitch." Paul moaned.

Steph bobbed her head up and down on Brock's big member, still stroking Paul.
Her tongue began to play with Brock's cock's head, making little circless.

"Oh Yessss, don't stop, I'm gonna blow my load right in your mouth bitch"
Brock moaned. He began to shoot his load down her throat, Steph, the skilled
cock sucka that she is, not missing one drop of his love juices.

"OK Steph, now we wanna see what you've got" Paul told her "get out of those
damn clothes."

Stephanie began to undress, first pulling her black top over her head,
revealing the maybe nicest pair of boobs in WWE. Then she pulled down her
black pants, revealing a hot little, black thong. Playfully she rubbed her
crotch through the thin material, before pulling it down and throwing it
out of the window.

"She's gettin into this Paul" Brock smiled to his manager.

"I think so too Brock", he answered "now, Steph, I want you to gimme a good
BJ while Brock will fuck your ass."

Steph began to lick up and down Paul's prick, like she did earlier to Brock,
while wigglin her perfect rounded butt infront of Brock. He thrusted his
huge tool right up her butthole, thrusting it deep in. Steph's screams were
muffled by Paul's member in her mouth and soon she began to like it, being
penetrated in her ass like she was by Hunter and his DX buddies some years

Brock began to thrust in and out of the business woman's backside while she
slurped on Paul E.'s cock like a madwoman. Soon Steph began to rock back on
the next big thing, driving his cock even deeper down her anus. Her fingers
found their way to her dripping wet snatch and began to finger her wet hole.
Her fingers worked on her clit as Brock blew his load up her ass, bringing
Steph to a huge climax. Paul pulled out his cock and started spraying his
semen all over Steph's face, leaving her face a white mess.

"Oh my...Paul, Brock, that was awesome" Steph moaned to them after licking
her face clean.

"Yes it was, and SmackDown! will be that awesome too Steph." Paul told her
while gettin out of the car with his man Brock.

"See you tomorow at the SmackDown! tapings, boss" Brock said to her, giving
her booty a nice, loud slap.

To be continued

(part 2 : Steph signing : Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero)

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