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Stephanie Mcmahon Wants To Fight For Her Job Back
by Steph's White Panties

Vince mcmahon was on his cell phone in his locker room talking to Booker
T and Bossman. As he was joking with them about Austin... Stephanie McMahon
walked in his room. Vince grew serious and said, "I'll call you back."

As he stood in angriness, the cute Steph was standing there with a
determined look.

She said, "Dad, I have no other choice. I have come here tonight to fight
for my job back!" Steph was already in wrestling gear wearing tight black
pants and a tight tanktop. She had on elbow pads and was ready. steph said,
"Dad, I want to fight someone tonight where if I win I will be back in the

Vince yelled, "Steph, I can't let you do that because..."

Vince froze. He examined Steph's nice little round ass in those tight
pants. He thought, 'too easy.' He was feeling a little horny tonight and
Steph's ass just made it more wild. He walked around Steph examining her
whole body and smiled. He walked behind her and went so close to her cute

He laughed and said, "Ok, Steph... tonight I'll give you a match, but its
going to be against me!"

Steph was confused but accepted the offer. "Ok, dad, but don't go easy on
me, because I'm going to show you what I can do!"

Vince said, "No rules except pin?"

Steph glared him and said, "Fine."

Vince walked around her again and said, "Steph, since it's no rules, the
match is NOW!"

Vince got his fingers and pulled down Steph's tight pants. She stood there
in black panties exposing her sexy tan legs. She grew shocked and tried to
cover her panties. Vince pushed her down.

Vince said, "Come on Steph, are you that wimpy?"

Steph crawled for the door. Vince took off his belt and began to whip her
huge exposed ass. Steph yelled and sqealed in pain after each strike. Vince
jumped on her and had her pinned to the floor. His dick rubbing on her shaky
ass. He grew so hard. He let out his dick and pulled down her panties just in
the back. Her pussy fully unexposed only her sexy tan round firm ass. Vince
stuck his dick up it and began thrusting like a bull. Steph yelled and begged
that he was breaking the rules.

Vince added, "There are no rules."

Vince began to fuck his daughter's tight ass. He moaned as his dick
enlarged and grew tighter in her ass. He sqeezed her sore ass and moaned as
he cummed all up her ass. He began to slowly spank her and fondle her ass.

After fucking the shit out of her he let loose. Steph laid on the floor
exausted. He flipped her over and laid on her chest feeling up on her
breasts. He pinned 1... 2... Steph punched vince in his face.

Vince fell off of her. Steph got up and picked up her panties all the way.
She yelled and began to handcuff her dad to the wall. He was trapped.

Steph got up and yelled, "Did you like my ass daddy? Do you like how round
it is? Do you? Do you like it more than mom's? Here daddy have some more!"

Steph pulled down her panties and did the stinkface on vince! Vince
groaned as he began to lick and smell Steph's tight big ass. He moaned as it
slapped his face and his nose went right in the middle. He took deep breaths
and licked Steph's ass before she bent back up.

"You liked that daddy?" Steph took off her elbow pad and slapped him. Spit
flew out and steph smirked.

Vince said, "Steph, I want your ass."

Steph yelled, "Hey dad, do you like to show me your... your.. your penis?
Does it make you feel tough showing me? Do you think... its tough, huh dad?"

Vince just watched in cunfusion. Steph yelled, "Well, lets see dad!"

Steph got on her knees and slowly began sucking on his dick. She licked in
and out licking it all up and sucking like a bitch.

She yelled, "Do you like the billon dollar blowjob? Do you dad?"

Steph continued to suck making Vince moaned. Steph sucked and licked and
bit and then she laughed and began rubbing it. Vince groaned as Steph's cold
fingers stroked his cock. Finally Vince began to yell and came a little. It
dripped on the floor.

Steph yelled, "That's it dad?"

Vince pretended to be knocked out. She uncuffed him and threw him on the
bed. Vince was about to grab her sexy smooth legs when Steph jumped on him
and ripped off his shirt.

Steph said, "This is your chest dad? Do you think it looks muscular?"

She began to lick his chest and suck on his nipples. Vince opened his eyes
and grabbed stephs legs. Steph screamed in shock. Vince picked her up and
powerbombed her on the bed. Steph got up and was about to slap but Vince hit
her with the most strongest punch he could deliver. Steph fell on the bed
fainting by the shot.

Vince twisted his head and examined her body. He jumped on her and slowly
put his thumbs on the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. He froze
in amazement at Steph's mid bush tan wet pussy. He rubbed it with his hands
and smelled his fingers... pussy.

He bent down and began to lick her hair making it poofier. He licked down
to the "TREASURE" and slowly dipped his tongue in and out of this pussy. He
licked the wet part and moaned at its sweet flavor. He licked and dipped for
20 minutes filling his moth with pussy juice and swallowing.

He then began to lick down and up her sexy tan legs. He licked them and
gave him a funny feeling. He felt like fucking her but finished licking her

He went back to her sweet pussy and licked and smelled the billion dollar
pussy. He then reached on back of her sweaty back and unfasened her bra and
slowly removed it. He stared at these breasts in amazement and thought, 'I
bought these?'

He began to jiggle them and watch them bounce. He licked her hard nipples
and sucked all over her boobs. He began to lick and lick. After playing with
her titties, he bent over and gave her a stinkface! He stuck his ass in her
pretty little face and wiggled making sure she felt the hard ass up her
mouth. Vince backed up and Steph had black stains on her nose.

Now Vince got his prize. He got his dick hard and inserted it in her red
pussy. He began to fuck her like a goat. Her whole body bouncing up and down
as Vince came up this pussy and fucked it fast. He then fucked her tits and
ass before getting a camera and recording his pin. 1... 2... 3!!!

Vince put a shirt over her tits. He put that skimy panties on and he put
her on a couch. He got a glass of water.

He jumped on Steph and pinched her ass hard. He poured water on her face
and she awoke. Vince laughed as she looked on the screen and saw Vince got
the pin. She cried and yelled as Vince pinched her ass hard.

Steph had one last chance... Triple H.

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