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This is a work of erotic fiction. I am well aware that Stephanie McMahon
doesn't really act like this, but I can dream, can't I?

Stephanie McMahon Wrestles
by Steve (

John was getting near the arena, he noticed as he saw the neon flashing
sign advertising WWF RAW live that night. He glanced at the clock, 2:30 in
the afternoon. He really hated his job. He was delivering a bunch of tables,
chairs and other various things to the arena so that sweaty, uneducated
clowns could crash through them for equally uneducated fans. He pulled his
truck around to the truck loading dock, backed to the door, and got out.
I'll make this as fast as possible John thought to himself. He grabbed his
clipboard and got out of the truck. He was greeted by a few stage
technicians, who helped him unload the stuff out to the arena. There was
still a few tables and chairs remaining, which were to go into a certain
room, with the tables having trays of snacks on them. John took a few chairs
and walked around, looking for the room, he couldn't find it anywhere. John
could feel his temper beginning to rise, and he didn't know what was stopping
him from throwing the chairs against the wall, getting in his truck and
leaving. Finally, as he was about to kick a hole in the wall, he found the
room. The sign on the door read, "Stephanie McMahon Helmsley." Another ugly
white trash broad John thought to himself. He politely knocked on the door,
no answer. He knocked a bit louder, no answer. He slowly opened the door, and
peeked inside.

Nobody was in the dressing room. John simply leaned the chairs against the
wall and went back out to the truck to continue to unload the tables. Where'd
those stupid stagehands go? He thought, as he picked the table up on his
shoulder and began walking back to the room. This thing is fucking heavy John
thought as he neared the dressing room. The door was closed again, even
though he had left it open. Somebody must be in there John figured. He put
the table down and knocked on the door. No answer. John opened the door again
and there was nobody in the room. This is really getting annoying John
thought. He picked the table back up and loaded it into the room. As he was
setting the table down, he heard the door slowly close. John kept going about
his business when he heard it open again. He looked up to see the figure
before him.

A man stood before him with a clipboard and a goofy headset on. He looked
at John and said, "What are you doing in here?"

"Nothing," John replied as he set the trays of snacks on the table. "Sure
looks like a whole lot of something," the guy replied back. "Look, I'm just
unloading the truck, is this a problem?" John said. "Well, hurry it up,
Stephanie will be here shortly and she doesn't want anyone in her dressing
room," the guy said and he walked out of the room. John pictured in his mind
punching the asshole in the head, but realized that he's better hurry up
before the white trash bimbo got there and threatened to steal his gun rack.
(it's a white trash joke, geez, lighten up) He came back to his truck and
grabbed the last of the stuff. It was a leather chair that was very heavy.
Again, John could find no stagehands to help him. He lifted the chair and set
out to the dressing room. The door was closed again, but John paid no mind,
he opened the door, brought the chair up over his head, walked into the room,
and heard a woman scream. John dropped the chair on his foot, and could feel
his toes break. He looked up to see a brunette girl that couldn't be more
than 25, standing with only a black skirt on, with her hands and arms
covering her breasts.

"What the fuck are you doing in my dressing room?! The girl screeched.
John assumed that this must be the aforementioned Stephanie. "I'm sorry,"
John managed to get out before he sat down on the chair he had just brought
in, "I'm sorry for not knocking, but the chair is really fucking heavy."

"It's OK," the girl replied, sort of giving John the once over look, "You
just surprised me. Close your eyes, for a second." Yeah like I'm gonna fall
for that John thought. He closed his eyes, but left them open a crack, in
case she went for pepper spray or something. She didn't. She took her hands
away from her breasts, revealing to John the nicest pair of tits that he had
ever seen. They were big, but not huge, her nipples were average size, rock
hard, and her breasts weren't sagging much either. She leaned into her
suitcase and her breasts swayed as she moved. She grabbed a pink v-neck shirt
that looked like it wouldn't fit a 3-year-old and pulled it onto her body,
barely squeezing her breasts into it.

"OK, you can open your eyes now," Stephanie said. John was more than happy
to oblige, he opened his eyes to get a better view of her breasts squeezed
into the shirt. The tightness of the shirt made her tits look even bigger.

"How's your foot?" she asked, snapping him from his trance. "Not so good,"
John replied. As he said this, he took off his workboot, revealing a foot
almost twice the size as it had been earlier. As John began to check out his
foot, somebody burst through the door. It was the same asshole that had given
John attitude before. "Stephanie, are you OK?"

The prick inquired, "I heard you scream, and I came as soon as I could..."
His voice trailed off as he looked at John, "What are you doing here?" He
asked John, "I told you to get out of the locker room." John didn't say
anything, but Stephanie did. "Leave him alone," she screeched, "I think he
may have broken his foot." The man mumbled something under his breath, and
left. "Thanks," John said, rubbing his foot, "I don't think I broke my foot,
but that did really hurt."

"No problem," Stephanie said, "besides, I think you can help me." She
walked over to the door and locked it. John looked at her, puzzled.

"You can help me because I've always wondered something," Stephanie said,
moving closer to John. "I've always wondered if the man's shoe size theory
is true or false." John's head was racing. What shoe size theory? What drivel
is this girl talking about? Then it hit him. No fucking way! He thought.
Stephanie stopped directly in front of him, allowing John to be head on with
her breasts. Since John was so tall, his face was staring directly at
Stephanie McMahon's breasts. Stephanie crouched down and continued talking,
"Now, since your foot is throbbing and swollen, I wonder if anything else
is." John couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Nevertheless, Stephanie leaned forward, placing her head above John's lap,
and kissed his cock through his pants. She brought her hand up and unbuttoned
John's work pants, grabbing the zipper with her mouth and pulling it down,
revealing John's rock hard 8-inch cock concealed in his boxer-briefs. John
heard her make a low moaning noise and she began licking his boxer-briefs, as
John got harder and harder. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and felt her
stop. He opened his eyes, and saw her looking at him.

"Why'd you stop?" John said. "I wanted to know if I could take your pants
off," Stephanie replied. "Take off whatever you want," John replied. He
raised his ass in the air, so that he could slide his boxer-briefs down and
off, along with his pants, being careful near his foot, as it did still hurt.
As Stephanie slid his pants and underwear down, he unbuttoned his work shirt,
and pulled that off as well, so he was now naked. "Your turn," John said,
eyeing her breasts. "Not yet," Stephanie replied. "There are other things to
take care of." Stephanie again lowered her head to his cock, still rock hard,
but now bare. She licked John's head with her tongue, as John eyed her
alluring ass, swaying from side to side, looking firm and curved. He hoped to
get his hands all over it, but decided to concentrate on what was happening
at that time. John again closed his eyes and rolled his head back, the back
of his head resting against the chair, while this stunning girl sucked his
cock. Stephanie took his cock into her mouth, gently licking the underside of
his cock, and finally, sucking it into her throat.

John moaned as he felt his prick slide into her throat. Stephanie then
started to bob her head on his erection, sliding John's cock in and out
of her throat. John moaned a little louder, and ran his hands through
Stephanie's hair. Stephanie didn't even notice, she continued to slide his
8-inch prick in and out of her throat, finally removing it from her mouth and
gently licking the head of John's cock, finally, tenderly lowering her face
to his balls. Stephanie took one of John's nuts in her mouth and ran her
tongue around it, building up a great deal of saliva in her mouth. Much to
John's dismay, Stephanie took his ballsack out of her mouth, but shoved his
cock back in her mouth. To John, it felt like he was fucking a wet pussy,
because her mouth was almost full of saliva. Stephanie removed the cock from
her mouth, and looked directly into John's eyes.

Some of her spit stayed on his cock, and she used it as a lubricant, as
Stephanie slowly began jerking him off. She kneaded her hand almost
rhythmically, as Stephanie jacked him harder and harder, then she lowered her
head back to his cock, licking his cockhead. John again moaned aloud, and
rested his head on the back of the chair. This girl has some fucking talent
John thought, as Stephanie continued to take him back in her mouth. Stephanie
then slid him back down her throat, most of her saliva sliding down her
throat again. John was getting close, and he told Stephanie this by grabbing
the back of her head and lowering her down to the base of his cock. Stephanie
overrode her gag-reflex and allowed John to fuck her face. Stephanie took
over for him as she again began sliding his dick down her throat and back up,
deep-throating John, as he started thrashing his hips, Stephanie knew what
was about to happen. She pulled him from her mouth, his cock under a sheath
of saliva, and started jacking him off again. Slowly, Stephanie took his
cockhead back in her mouth, and that's when it happened. John closed his
eyes, groaned, and let loose a stream of cum, some going in her mouth, but
most landing on her cheeks, nose and chin. Stephanie swallowed what was in
her mouth, and started to collect the cum on her face with her fingers. The
cum that was on her chin dribbled down and landed in her cleavage and on her

John opened his eyes to see Stephanie lowering her fingers to her
cleavage, scooping up the cum, and sucking it off of her finger, making a
low moan and finally stopped and looked John in the eye. "Well, I really
wanted to wear this shirt on TV tonight, but, oh well." Stephanie said,
lifting the shirt above her head. The shirt was so tight that it pulled her
breasts rose almost to her chin, and as she removed the shirt from her body,
her breasts returned to where they had been. John looked at Stephanie's
gigantic breasts, as they were almost right in his face, and brought his head
forward to her left breast. Stephanie sighed as John took her nipple in his
mouth, gently suckling her nipple, while his tongue swirled around her
areola. Stephanie's knees weakened, as John brought his left hand up, cupped
her right breast, and gently pinched her nipple. After getting a reaction
with that, Stephanie guided his hand down to the bottom of her skirt.

Keeping his mouth on her nipple, John took the cue and snuck his hand up
her inner thigh, massaging the inside of her leg, making her legs quiver in
anticipation. As soon as John reached up to her pussy, Stephanie's knees
finally gave way, and she fell forward onto his chest. John kept the pressure
on her special place, but Stephanie pulled her nipple from his mouth, much to
John's dismay. He got over it. Stephanie stood in front of him, her nipples
now pointing directly at him, and unzipped her skirt. As she seductively
wiggled her ass to lower the skirt, her breasts swayed from side to side,
making John even hotter. Stephanie lowered the skirt to her feet, and kicked
it off, leaving her standing in only her black thong. John opened his arms to
her and she accepted, allowing her ass to be cupped by his hands, while he
took her right nipple in his mouth. Stephanie threw her head back in pleasure
as John continued his attack on her nipples.

Slowly, he lowered his hands to the straps of her thong, grasping them
and slowly lowering her thong away from her pussy and ass. Stephanie made it
easier for him, again removing her rock hard nipple from his mouth, and
pulling the thong, which was at her knees, off. Now, John got a good look at
her body. Her legs were beautiful, smooth, muscular and very solid. She had
a somewhat shaved pussy, not bald, but trimmed down neatly. Her breasts were
round, quite firm, as they weren't drooping at all, and quite large. Her
stomach was flat, no gut or flab there. As he gave her the once over, he
could see that she was breathing quite heavily. Stephanie made her way back
to John, looking into his eyes, her breasts bouncing without restraint until
she reached John.

Stephanie leaned in and kissed John full on the lips, pressing her tongue
into his mouth, swirling her tongue around his, and on the whole, swapping
spit with him. As she did this, she lowered her hips down, until she felt his
cock close to her entrance. Stephanie slowly slid John's cock inside of her
pussy and marveled at the feeling of being impaled on his 8-inch prick. She
broke the kiss only to shriek with pleasure, as John again focused his
interest on her heaving breasts. Stephanie increased the tempo of raising her
hips and shoving John's cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. John kept up
the pressure on her rigid nipples, and transferred his hands from her waist
to her tight ass, gripping her ass as he began thrusting his cock into her,
increasing his tempo, until he was doing all the work, pumping his prick into
her as hard as he could, causing her tits to bounce even more. Finally, after
about five or ten minutes of this, Stephanie started to thrash around on
John's lap. Knowing what she was doing and what she wanted, John kept fucking
her as hard as he could. He felt his lap get drenched, and Stephanie let out
a groan and squeal, and leaned onto John's chest. She brought her head up to
his shoulder, and whispered in his ear to go slower. John obliged, and
decreased his tempo, until she was hardly bouncing on his prick. John kept
fucking her however and a few minutes later, he felt his balls tighten, and
he let out a grunt. His cum started to ooze into Stephanie's cunt. Stephanie
sighed and laid her head down on John's shoulder.

"What now?" Stephanie faintly said, "What else can we do?" John was at a
loss for words, as he couldn't believe that she still wanted more. Stephanie
answered her own question by getting up from his lap, pulling his cock from
her pussy, and walking towards the bathroom. John watched her ass sway,
figuring that she didn't want any more sex, so he forced himself up,
gradually putting his weight onto his foot, which was still swollen. He
grinned to himself, as that was the starting point behind everything that had
just happened. As he started gathering together his clothes, Stephanie came
out of the bathroom, a towel in hand. "Where are you going?" she asked. She
still wants more! John said to himself.

"Nowhere," he replied, "nowhere at all." Stephanie again seductively
walked towards him, her magnificent breasts bouncing and swaying until she
reached him, grabbing the back of his head, and pulling him down to her face,
meeting his lips with hers. Again, their tongues met, intertwining with each
other, as John ran his hands down her back to her ass, gently squeezing her
ass, pulling her closer to himself. John decided to take charge, he
delicately pushed her towards the couch in the room. As they reached the
couch, Stephanie sat down, John pulled her back up, turned her around, and
pressed his cock against her ass, giving her the idea of what he wanted.
Stephanie responded by leaning herself onto the couch, and allowing John all
access to her ass. John lovingly slid his cock into Stephanie's tight
asshole, hearing her pant in pain, but mostly pleasure, and he stuffed it in
at full mast. This surprised Stephanie to say the least and she let out a

John slowly slid his dick halfway out, and slid it back in, little by
little he started to fuck her until he was crashing his cock into her ass,
hearing Stephanie gasp in delight as he brought his hands to her chest,
cupping her tits in his hands. Meanwhile, Stephanie reached down to her cunt
and began fingering herself. John kept up his pace, getting close to cumming
as he heard Stephanie moan that she was about to. Stephanie had a huge
orgasm, legs shaking, and cumming on her fingers. John moaned that he was
going to cum. He pulled out of her ass and turned Stephanie around, cumming
on her stomach and some on her breasts. Stephanie sighed and wiped the cum
off of her body, licking it off with her tongue. John sat on the couch,
exhausted. Stephanie went back into the bathroom, and emerged with a bottle
of baby oil. "I got a good idea," Stephanie said, lustily.

John had the idea in the back of his head, but dismissed it, saying that
it was too predictable. But, sure enough, Stephanie squeezed the bottle of
baby oil onto her breasts, getting a rather large quantity on her tits, and
started rubbing her hands over her breasts, lubricating them, and said, "You
want to try?" John stood up and walked over to her, squeezing the bottle
himself, sending the clear liquid all over Stephanie's bountiful breasts,
and running his hands around them, soaking them in the oil. Stephanie laid
down on the couch, on her back , and John eased his cock in between her
mounds. Stephanie pushed her breasts together, surrounding John's piece with
awesome, wet pressure. John began sliding his cock between her breasts,
building up his orgasm, as Stephanie moaned her approval. Stephanie started
making a game of it, trying to kiss or lick John's cockhead as it poked out
from her bulbous bosoms.

Finally, after John had fucked her tits for five wonderful minutes, he
felt his balls tighten and gasped out, "I'm gonna cum!" Stephanie egged him
on, and John shot his load all over Stephanie McMahon's breasts, and all over
her face and neck. Stephanie sighed in contentment, as John coated her with
his cum. John pulled his cock out from between her breasts, collapsing
against the opposite end of the couch, watching Stephanie gather up all the
cum over her breasts and face. Stephanie looked at John with lust in her eyes
as she licked her fingers clean, and seductively leaned into John's face, her
spherical breasts slapping into John's chest, as they were still coated with
baby oil, making them very slippery. Stephanie leaned in and kissed John. Not
with the meaningless passion that she had before, but with an unfeigned
feeling that she had never felt before. Stephanie almost thought that she
might actually like this man.

They stood up, John helping Stephanie to her feet, and walked into the
bathroom. John grabbed a handtowel, and ran it under some cool water. He
brought the towel to Stephanie's heaving breasts, still slick with baby oil,
and began massaging her breasts with the towel. Stephanie allowed John to
clean off her breasts, until they were no longer slippery. Stephanie again
kissed John with passion, broke the kiss and said to him, "As much as I don't
want you to, you really need to go." Stephanie said sexily. John agreed as he
looked at the clock. 5:30 PM, it read. He dressed, as Stephanie watched. John
finished, and looked at her in the doorway to the bathroom, naked. She looked
back at him lustily and said, "We will see each other again, John." She made
her way over to her suitcase, and pulled out a piece of paper. On it, she
wrote down her cell-phone number. "Call me whenever you want, and maybe we
can get together." She said, earnestly. "Oh, and one more thing." Stephanie
walked over to the chair, bent over and picked up her soaked thong. "I'm
probably not going to need this," she said, adding, "but I think that you
might like to have it." John happily agreed, and moved his hand to take it
from her, when she suddenly brought her hand between her legs, and rubbed the
thong in the juices running down her legs, and rubbed it into her sopping
pussy. John grinned as she then handed it to him, with her musky scent on it.
Stephanie then leaned in and kissed John again. She pulled her face away from
his and said, "Call me," and sauntered back into the bathroom, swaying her
ass for him, turning once to blow him a kiss, before she was out of sight.
John grinned again, and looked at his hands. He held her drenched thong in on
hand, and her cell-phone number in the other. Smiling, he unlocked the door,
and said, "Bye, Stephanie."

"Bye sweetheart," she called back. John shoved the thong in his left
pants' pocket and the number in his right, opened the door and walked back to
his truck. Turning the key in the ignition, he drove away. As he drove on the
interstate, he didn't stop smiling until he got home.

* * *

Author's Note:

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