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Stephanie Mcmahon's Airplane Ride!
by Steph's Panties

Triple H has been going to alot WWF shows and was backstage.

Today triple H was going to be at Raw is War. He wasn't going to be on
TV, just backstage.

Stephanie McMahon decided to go with Triple H in the airplane to the

Stephanie looked so hot with a tight black skirt and a black tanktop.
Stephanie and Triple H boarded the airplane after getting away from signing

Steph sat next to the window and Hunter on the outside. Stephanie asked
if Triple H could make the trip.

Triple H said, "Yeah, I will be ok, because I'm sitting to the hottest
person on the plane."

Steph smiled and kissed Triple H.

The plane took off and they relaxed all the way.

It was about half way in the plane trip when Triple H said, "Man Steph,
I'm getting hard looking at your sexy legs. I mean your skirt is so small."

Steph said, "I'm the billon dollar princess, my legs are my treausure."

Triple H said, "Can I find the billion dollars?"

Steph smiled and said, "Only if I can see the game?"

Triple H grabbed her hand and led her to the back of the plane. They went
into a bathroom stall.

The bathroom stall was so small, Triple H could barely fit. Steph would
have to sit on Triple H.

Steph got in just before an airplane worker walked by and saw the two.

Steph unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them. She slid out his 7" dick and
when she rubbed it, it grew to 14".

Triple H hiked her short skirt up and her sexy legs were so hot to him. He
pulled down her white panties and Steph sat down on his dick.

Triple H moaned as Steph's whole weight went on his dick. She began to
move at her speed. She moaned a few times as Triple H watched his wife's
pussy go up and down.

He yelled in amazement at Steph's speed. His dick jamming her tight and
wet pussy. She moaned as pussy juice flew on to Triple H's pants.

Triple H rubbed her sweet pussy and then unbuttoned her tanktop. Her HUGE
breast flew out and before he could unfasten her bra, the Game came because
Steph was bouncing up and down so fast.

Steph yelled as the blast of cum shot up her tight pink pussy.

Triple H rested a few to regain strength. Then he got her bra off and her
huge boobs flew out. He sucked on them before grabbing them each in one hand.
They were huge and tan.

Triple H played with them while Steph just sat on his dick. All of his
dick jammed up her pussy. Everytime Hunter moved a bit, she sqirmed as it
poked her pussy.

Steph got up and sqeezed down on her knees. She got his dick and started
to suck on it. He yelled as it felt so damn good. Her mouth was so perfect.

She sucked it dry and rubbed it making it hard. She sucked the tip like it
was a lollipop.

He yelled and tried to hold the cum. Steph used her tongue and rubbed her
tongue on it making Triple H moan.

She sucked for five minutes and he pushed her head away. He shot cum all
over the wall instead of her face. She turned the other way and she shoved
her huge ass up.

Triple H jammed his dick up her ass and started to fuck her hard. She
moaned as the now 12" dick fucked her pink asshole up. She moaned as it made
her ass feel good.

She moaned hard as the Game's dick had veins poping out. Her butt was so
round and hot. He rubbed her cheeks and sqeezed them.

He continued to fuck her up her sexy ass.

She grabbed her breasts to keep them from bouncing.

A man went to the bathroom hall and heard steph yell, "Ohhhhh my ass!" the
man wandered what it was.

He went to the stall and looked down. He saw nothing but a pussy. He was
shocked he ran and grabbed his camcorder.

The pussy he saw was Steph since she was on the floor.

Triple H went slower as his dick was sore. Her ass was so tight it made
him almost cry as he had to jam it hard. He fingered her pussy and made juice
squirt out.

The man grabbed hs camcorder and recorded Steph's pussy. Every now and
then, nipples would be seen. The wet stuff was shown and he got some of
Hunter's huge dick.

Steph yelled as he fingered her pussy fast. He jammed his finger up her
ass and felt it.

They both heard the man laugh. They stopped and Triple H zipped his pants.
Steph put her bra back on and skirt. She hid her panties and fixed her hair.

Hunter pushed his sore dick down. He opened the door just as steph stuffed
her right breast in her shirt.

Triple H saw the man's camcorder. Triple H said, "You better give me that,
man, your messing with the wrong man!"

The guy said, "If you don't listen, this will be on the internet by an

Triple H was angry. He said, "What do you want, man?"

The man thought and said, ", I want the
billon dollar pussy!!"

Triple H got mad. This was no time to fight. Steph stopped him and said,
"Hunter, your knee....lets just give the man what he wants."

Triple H settled down. He said, "Steph, I don't want you showing your
private to him."

Steph said, "Its better to show him than the whole world."

Steph had a point. Triple H said, "You have 5 minutes, if you hurt her,
I'm going to kick your ass!"

He grabbed the camcorder and he went to his and Steph's seat mad.

The man made Steph go back in the stall. Steph didn't want to show him her
stuff after it was fucked, but the man pushed her skirt up.

He stared at her pussy and started to lick it. Steph moaned as it felt
good. The man made her sit her big ass on the floor. He sat on the toilet and
made her sexy legs sit on his legs. He then took out his sorry 6" and tried
to jam it up her pussy.

She moaned a bit as he missed and hit her right in her pussy hair.

He finally jammed it in and tried to fuck her but it kept coming out. It
was too small.

Steph was so unpleased. He stuck it out and rubbed it. It grew to 8" and
he stuck it in and gave Steph the most pathetic fucking ever. She never came
or budged. It was already 3 minutes so he said, "Give me a blow job bitch."

He forced Steph to suck his dick. She couldn't even get it to reach the
end of her throat. So she licked and the man yelled like a baby.

It was four minutes. The man stopped her and took a quick picture of her
body. A good shot of her breasts but were hidden and her pussy.

Steph got mad and knew he was going to show the picture.

Triple H walked in and opened the stall. He saw Steph's pussy and the
man's small dick.

He grabbed Steph by the neck and put a gun to her throat. Triple H froze.
He said, "Stop, man!!"

The man said, "She has to do one thing and the picture is yours." Steph
cried as her neck hurt.

He said, "Wwhat do you want?

The man said, "I want Steph to be a waitress at my bar for one whole

Triple H acted fast and said, "You got it."

The man let go of her and she went to Triple h. The man had a pic of her

Triple H helped her put her panties back on and short skirt. They went
slowly back to their seat.

When the plane ride was over, Steph and Triple H stared at each other.
Triple H was needed at Raw by 8:00pm it was 7:45.

Steph was expected to be at the bar by 8:00.

Triple H said, "Steph, go do what the man says. Get the picture and as
soon as raw is over, I'm going to beat the hell out of him.

Steph begged that she didn't want him to fight when he was injured. She
said, "I will do it and get my picture."

* * *

Steph arrived at 8:00. The man grabbed her arm and took her to the back
room. He said, "If you want the picture, you have to do what I say till

Steph understood. The man gave her a pair of short skirt and a black
shirt. He said, "No bra."

Steph got dressed and put on her shirt. Her huge boobs popped out and the
skirt went way past her knees.

Then she got dressed she went out. The bar was full of drunks.

The man said, "Go ask people what they want and if they touch you, let

Steph walked out and went to a man with a white beard. Him and his friends
were joking around.

Steph said, "What do you want?"

The man said, "Is that your boobs or just 2 ballons in your shirt." They
all laughed.

Steph said, "Is that your dick or just your fake dildo?"

The man got mad and spilled his beer on Steph's shirt.

He said, "We're about to find out."

Two drunk men grabbed her hands and dragged her outside. The man with the
picture planned this out. Steph was in trouble now.

The two men dragged her into the back of a trailer. The white bearded man
followed and another man with no clue what happened followed.

The white bearded man got in the front of the trailer and drove away. The
no clue one jumped on back just in time. Steph was scared....she didnt know
what was going to happen.

The man drove to an old parking lot. He got out and went to the back. He
stared at Steph and grabbed her wet shirt. He yanked it off.

Her huge breasts flew out. The men all stared. The white bearded man
(Tim) said, "Well, someone gave you a good boob job." They all laughed.

They grabbed her legs and Tim pulled down her skirt. He pulled down her
panties and her pussy was exposed. She was so scared. Tim said, "Well, look
its the first pussy without a name."

"Let's name it Melissa!!"

Tim said, "Melissa, want my dick named Fred?" He jammed his dick up her
pussy. She yelled in pain as it went in the wrong direction.

They tortured her. They each took a turn fucking her pussy. They slapped
her and sucked the hell out of her tits. The spanked her big ass and rubbed
her legs. The made her give them head. They made her choke on their dick.

They cummed all over her 15 times. The jammed dicks up her ass and they
made her walk like a dog. They kicked her and held her as each got a turn at
eating her pussy. She was sore and crying. They made her danc and shake her
ass on everyone's dick.

They poured beer on her and on her pussy so they could lick it off. They
jammed a baseball bat in her pussy and made her cum. They made her drink beer
and made her kiss every one and finally they all fucked her pussy once more.

They put her skirt on and what was left of the shirt since they ripped it.
They drove by the bar and threw her out.

BUT Triple H and Stone Cold jumped the old drunks and kicked their asses.
He beat the shit out of Tim and the other drunks.

Debra helped the beaten Steph into the car. Stone Cold punched Tim and
Triple H hit him with a sledge hammer. Stone Cold got in the trailer and
drove it and jumped out. It flew into a lake!

Triple H and Stone Cold saw the cops they got in the car and left.

Triple H hugged Steph and said, "Its ok Steph, I got the picture.
Everythings fine."

Steph said, "No more plane rides!"

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