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Stephanie McMahon Meets Backstage Fans
By: Mathew (

Monday Night RAW was just ending when me and my friend Khris were sitting in
our front row seats waiting for everyone to leave when security came over to us
and said we were allowed to go backstage.

Khris jumped out of his seat and hopped the guard rail, "This is going to be
awesome! We're going backstage."

We went backstage but everything was pretty quiet when we saw a door that
said 'Stephanie McMahon'We both looked at each other and knocked on the door.

"Just a minute" was what we heard from the room.

The door opened and Stephanie poked her head out, her hair was soaked wet,
and she had a towel around her. "Hi, sorry I just got out of the shower, you
must be the two that won the mystery backstage passes."

I said "Ye..Ye...Ye....Yes, we..we...we are the ones."

Stephanie replied back "Oh and you are two cute ones too." She started
rubbing herself under her towel. "Ooohhh you guys are in for an extra added

Stephanie crawled over unzipping my pants and whipping out my dick. "Mmmmm
it's nice, big and thick, and I bet full of that yummy gooey stuff that I like
so much." She began bobbing up and down on my throbbing dick. Khris was sitting
in a chair slowly stroking his hard cock. Stephanie added "I'll be with you in
a second baby."

Her bobs sped up and soon I was shooting my load in her mouth as she swalled
it all, and then moved over to sucking Khris off. He too with a loud long moan
shot his load all over Stephanie.

Stephanie then removed her towel revealing her perky breasts with her tits
hard as our cocks and her suprisingly hairy bush. Khris slid his hand over
cupping Stephanie's breast and started sucking it and licking it. As I got down
and started licking her hairy cunt. Stephanie was soon screaming in orgasm.

Both our cocks were once again standing at full attention. Stephanie mounted
Khris and began riding him. As I got behind her and began licking her asshole
and getting a few licks in on her pussy and Khris's thrusting cock. "Oh Fuck
Me! Harder! Oh! Harder! OHHHHH!!!!" Stephanie was soon having another orgasm as
Khris shot his load inside her, and it was soon dripping onto her asshole which
I licked up, I then slammed Stephanie's ass with my hard cock and was banging
her as Stephanie took us both. She was once again sent into orgasm as me and
Khris held our cocks up and soaked Steph in a cum bath.

By now we were all pretty spent from all the sex and we layed there, I still
licking her pussy and ass and Khris masterbating me and him off onto Stephanie
some more and licking her body from head to toe.

Stephanie then got dressed, and said she had to catch her flight. We then
continued our backstage tour and met some other wresling stars.

The End

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