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Stephanie Really Is A Very Naughty Girl Part 1
by The Serge (

There is new talent entering the WWE every month, with young wrestlers
looking to become the next "Rock" or "Stone Cold" but...there was this one
young wrestler which WWE Diva Stephanie took a fancy too. Stephanie didn't
know anything about this new wrestler, not even his name, the real thing
the notice was his body. Because he was built like a bull, he had massive
muscles, he was about 6'7" and he quite a big bulge in his pants, which
Stephanie noticed the most making her ver horny. Stephanie wanted to make
the first move on the wrestler because she new he wouldn't because he knew
she was married to Triple H, so one night after RAW she made the first

It was late after RAW and most of the wrestlers including Triple H had gone
home, but Stephanie had made up an excuse so that she was able to stay behind
late to "finish some work" but really she wanted to talk to the wrestler she
liked. At about 10pm Stephanie made her way to the men's locker room, the
door was open a little so she had look to see if there was anyone in there...
all she could see was someone's bag with clothes in it so she opened the door
and went in. When she was in the locker room she noticed that there was
someone in the shower and she thought "I better leave, that could be Ric
Flair in the shower!" So she went to leave when the person in the shower
came out and saw Stephanie...

Wrestler: Hey! What the hell are doing in here?!

Stephanie turned around and saw that it was the new wrestler she liked...

Stephanie: came to find you!

Wreslter: Me? Why?


Stephanie had to think of something quick...

Stephanie: I need to see you to talk about your storyline on Heat...

Wrestler: Oh...ok...when?

Stephanie: Now, well in 5 mins, meet me in the woman's locker room ok?

Wrestler: ok cool see in 5...

Stephanie: Yeah, what's your name by the way...I forgot sorry...

Wrestler: Its Dave.

Stephanie: Ok, see you in 5 Dave...

Stephanie then opens the door, goes out, and shuts it again and thinks to

Stephanie: Oh my God! What a hunk!

She then goes to the woman's locker room and plans what see is going to do
with him...

About 5 minutes later Stephanie is waiting in the woman's locker room, and
now she is wearing a very low cut top, which showed most of her breasts and
a very short skirt with black leather heels. Then there is a knock on the

Stephanie: Come in Dave.

Dave opens the door and see's Stephanie standing there with one leg up on a
bench, and his jaw drops...

Stephanie: Like what you see Big Boy?

Dave: um...yes! I mean no, I mean YES! I mean no! Your married! Triple H
would kill me if he saw me here with you now.

Stephanie: Listen, Triple H is a bastard, he treats me like shit! He's never
there for me, EVER! And that's because he either out with Evolution drinking
or he's fucking some BITCH in some hotel!

Then Stephanie sits down on the bench and starts crying...

Dave: Oh no, Stephanie don't cry...

Dave sits down next to Stephanie and puts his arm around her...

Dave: That is fucking shocking! How can anyone treat someone as hot and as
sexy as you like shit! Its just wrong!

Stephanie: You think I am hot and sexy?

Dave: Hell yeah! I've also thought ever since I first saw you on RAW all
those years ago.

Stephanie: Really?

Dave: Yea, and when you got those lovely breasts made even better, WOW! I
was in love!

Stephanie: Yeah, I wanted people to notice me more so I had them done, but I
think there too big.

Dave: What?! No No No, they are perfect! Nice, Big and Juicy!

Stephanie had stopped crying now.

Stephanie: You wouldn't treat me like Shit would you Dave?

Dave: Hell no! Its wrong to treat any woman like shit!

Stephanie: Good!

Then Stephanie grabbed Dave's head and french kissed him...Dave was shocked.

Stephanie: You like that?

Dave: Oh god yes! Come here Sexy!

Dave then grabbed Stephanie and they both started to kiss each and they
started to take off there clothes.

Dave: Oh Stephanie you are so hot!

Stephanie: I know! Now take me! Take me!

Dave: With Pleasure!

They both then get completely naked and Dave starts to lick Stephanie's

Stephanie: MMMmmmmm....yes Dave suck my tits hard!

Dave continues to suck and play with Stephanie's tits then he makes his way
down to her pussy.

Dave: Spread your legs Steph.

Stephanie: Mmm...ok.

They both get on the locker room floor and Steph spreads her legs, Dave then
starts to lick out her wet pussy. He pushes his tongue inside her pussy and
starts to rub her clit with his fingers...

Stephanie: Oh god! Fucking yes! Lick me! Lick me Dave!

Dave then stopped...

Stephanie: Why you stop Dave? That was amazing!

Dave: I know I want to lick that Big juicy ass of yours!

Before Stephanie can say anything, Dave and turned her on her stomach and
started to lick her asshole!

Stephanie: Oh Fuck! Oh my god! That feels so nice! Fuck!

Dave continues to lick Stephanies asshole and begins squeezing her chunky
ass cheeks...then he stops and starts to rub his 8 inch cock on Stephanie's

Stephanie: Dave, I've never been fucked in the ass before...

Dave: Oh...well trust me Steph, you'll love it...

Dave then grabs Stephanie by the hips and lifts her ass and her up, so she
is in a doggystyle posistion, before pushing the head of his cock in her

Dave: How does that feel Steph?

Stephanie: Mmmm...more! I want more!

Dave: You want all of it?

Stephanie: Fucking YES! Give it all to me! Stick that Big cock all the way
in my ass!

Dave: You got it Steph!

Dave then pushes the whole 8 inches of his cock into her ass and starts to
pump it...

Dave: Oh fuck Steph! You have a great ass!


Dave starts pounding Stephanie's asshole, his balls slap against Stephanie's
pussy as he pounds her harder and harder!

Stephanie: FUCK! FUCKING YES! HARDER! HARDER! I'm goingt o cum Dave!

Dave doesn't answer and just keeps pounding her ass!

Stephanie: Oh Dave! I'm Cumming!

Stephanie gives out a loud "OH FUCK YES!" and cum flows out of her wet pussy,
but Dave hasn't finished and he is still fucking her ass!

Stephanie: Oh Fuck Dave! Your amazing! I'm going to cum again!

Dave: Cum all you want baby!

Stephanie cums again and agian! While Dave just keeps pounding her asshole!

Stephanie: FUCK ME! I didn't know sex could be this good! HARDER!

Dave: Yes baby!

Dave fucks even harder and now he is in complete control of Stephanie, he is
moving her while he fucks her because Stephanie is worn out from all the
orgasms she has had...




Dave ansd Stephanie both come at the same time and Stephanie's cum goes all
over Dave's balls and legs, while Dave cums inside Stephanie.

Stephanie: MMMmmmm...that feels warm inside my ass...

Dave: Fuck me, that was amazing Steph

Stephanie: Yes it was and I want more! BIG BOY!

Dave: Sure! Where and when?

Stephanie: My house, next monday during RAW.

Dave: During RAW?

Stephanie: Yeah because Triple H will be doing RAW so the house will be FREE
and we can play...

Dave: Brilliant!

Stephanie: Let's take a shower and get out of here...

Dave: Yeah..

They both take a shower together, then they both kiss each goodbye and go


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