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Stephanie Really Is A Very Naughty Girl Part 3: The Three-some
by The Serge (

Its 2 days since Dave and Stephanie ran away to Dave's house, Stephanie has
now rung her dad Vince and he has sorted out the divorse between her and
Triple H. Stephanie is having a swim naked in Dave's pool, when Dave's
gardener comes round to tend to the garden and notices Stephanie in the pool.
He stares at Stephanie for about 5 minutes when Dave comes up behind him...

Dave: And what do you think your doing John?

John: Oh shit, sorry Dave, but Stephanie is so fucking hot!

Dave: Tell me about it! She is an amazing woman! And when we have sex! WOW!

John: Yeah I bet! Well I'm off! Have fun...

Dave: I will...

Dave then walks to the side of the pool, takes of his clothes and gets
into the water slowly so Stephanie doesn't notice...and he swims under the
water...Stephanie has stopped at the other end of the pool and is just
standing in the water, leaning on the pool side...Dave comes swiming under
the water behind her and jumps out off the water right behind Stephanie!

Stephanie: AAAAH! What the fu...ooooo Dave...mmmmm......

Dave had come up and at the same time shoved his cock staight up her ass...

Dave: You like that Steph?

Stephanie: Mmmm...yeah...go on fuck my ass!

Dave then starts to pound Stephanie's big ass hard and fast! Water is going
everywhere as Dave pound Stephanie's asshole! He fucks her hard and fast he
fucks her hice and hard and Stephanie's cums in the water, just as Dave comes
in her ass...

Dave: that's what I call a quicky!

Stephanie: Mmmmm....yeah...

They both get out of the pool and Dave goes for a shower...

Stephanie: Dave, I'm going out I will be back in a couple of ours...

Dave: Ok, where you going?

Stephanie: Just to see a friend...

Dave: Ok I'll see ya later.

Stephanie: Yeah bye babe!

They both kiss, Dave goes for a shower and Stephanie gets dressed and goes

Later that evening...

Its about 7 pm and Dave is drinking a beer and watching SmackDown, because
its thursday night and he always SmackDown...when Stephanie comes home. She
comes through and sits down next to Dave...

Stephanie: Hey Babe...

Dave: Hey have a nice time out?

Stephanie: Yea...listen Dave, you know Trish Stratus?

Dave: Yeah, who doesn't!

Stephanie: Yeah, well is it ok if she sleeps here tonight?

Dave: Yeah sure no problem.

Stephanie: YAY! Thankyou baby, I'll ring her right away...

Dave: Ok.

Stephanie picks up the phone and tells Trish to come over, Dave and Stephanie
then watch SmackDown together. At about 9.30pm Trish knocks the door and Dave

Dave: Oh hey Trish...

Trish: Hey, so your Dave...

Dave: Yeah, nice to meet you...

Dave shakes her hand and picks up her bag...

Trish: oh thankyou Dave..

Dave: No problem I'll put this in your room...

Trish: ok thanks.

As Dave goes up the stairs Stephanie comes down...

Trish: Hey Steph!

Stephanie: Hey Trish! Glad you could come!

Trish: WOW! What a hunk! I can see why you like him so much...

Stephanie: Yeah he's brilliant and you'll find out how brilliant later on

Trish: mmmm...oh yeah...

Later that night Dave is watching TV and is drinking another beer when
Stephanie calls him.

Stephanie: Dave can you come up stairs for a second...I need your help...

Dave: Sure Steph I'll be right there...

Dave gets up and puts his empty beer can in the bin, then heads up stairs to
his room...he opens the door and his jaw drops!

Stephanie: Hey Babe, WE need your help I meant...

Trish: Yeah please help!

Trish and Stephanie are lying on the kingsize bed naked...

Dave: Well hello ladies...I will gladly help what do you want help

Stephanie & Trish: We need you to fuck the shit out of us!

Dave: Oh I can do that!

Dave then climbs on the bed and Stephanie and Trish undress him. Trish starts
to suck on Dave's dick while Stephanie sits on Dave's face. Dave then sticks
his tougne in Stephanie's pussy and Stephanie' starts to rub his huge tits in
pleasure, Trish continues to work on Dave's now fully erected cock. Stephanie
then tells Trish and her to swap Trish sits on Dave's face and
Stephanie goes to work on Dave's cock. Dave looks up and Trish big tits and
smiles Trish looks down at Dave and winks at him...Dave then starts to lick
Trish's clit with his tongue, while Stephanie deep throats him...Trish starts
to let out moans...


Dave continues to work Trish's pussy and Trish cums all over his mouth, while
Dave cums all over Stephanie's face..

Stephanie: Mmmm...nice cum.

Trish: Stephanie you have found the best man in the world!

Dave: You haven't felt my fucking yet Trish!

Stephanie: Yup he's right! Bend over Trish...

Trish: OOOOO! Ok!

Trish bends over and Dave comes up bed her...

Dave: Like it in the ass Trish?

Trish: Love it!

Dave: Good!

Dave then shoves his 8 inch cock all the way up Trish's ass!

Trish: FUCK! That feels nice!

Stephanie: Here comes the good part!

Dave then starts to pound Trish as hard as he can, he grabs he hips and
pounds and pounds..

Trish (who is being pounded): FUCK...THIS...IS...A...MAZ...ING!

Stephanie then starts to suck on Trish's tits, while Dave fucks the shit
out of Trish. His balls slap against her pussy, which is still all wet from
Dave's lick out. Dave is really pounding Trish hard and she is loving it! And
she wants more and more!


Stephanie: You heard the girl HARDER!

Dave: Fine by me! I'm going to cum in your ass!


Dave then pounds Trish ass so hard she has to hold on to the bed, Stephanie
sits in front of Trish and grabs her shoulders to hold her...

Trish: FUCK ME!


Trish then starts to lick Stephanie's pussy and she starts screaming out..


Then Trish, Stephanie and Dave all cum together and shout out together
"FUCKING YES!" Trish cums, Dave cums in Trish's ass and Stephaniem cums on
Trish's face...

Stephanie: FUCK me That was amazing!

Trish: Your telling me!

Dave: Your ass is very nice Trish!

Trish: Thankyou Dave

Dave: Your I think its time for bed...I'm tired as hell after
that fuck...

Trish: Yeah, night night both..

Stephanie & Dave: Night Trish.

Trish leaves the room and goes to her room...

Dave: She was a nice Fuck..thanks for that..

Stephanie: No problem baby..

They both then go to sleep and the next Day Trish leaves...


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