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"Like my mama use to say 'Just cause a ho don't charge still don't mean she
ain't a ho.'" - Gary Newton (Gary & Mike)

Stephanie Swallows!!! Part 1
by Dr. Blasphemy

Stephanie still couldn't believe it as she ran backstage crying her eyes
out. Her father, Vince McMahon, had completely humilated her, her mother
Linda, and to somewhat lesser extent her brother Shane again. Didn't he have
any compassion for his family or was it true what people said about him, that
all her father was was just an old cold hearted, power hungry bastard? She
just didn't know anymore.

She ran fast as she could weaving her way through the bowels of the arena
to her limo. The trama was so devistating for her she had to constantly wipe
away the waterfall of tears from her face. All she wanted right now was be
anywhere but here.

As Stephanie blindly turned a corner she colided full force into something
large, which knocked her right off her feet to the cold cement floor. Mildly
dazed she started to get back to her feet when her heard something that sent
a chill down her spine.

"Well, look who we have here!" the hard, menacing voice said.

Stephanie slowly looked up to see the monsterous Tazz towering over her,
who immediately reached down grabbing her by the hair and brought her head
face to face with his.

"If it isn't Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, the girl who slapped me hard in
the face when she appeared on my show Sunday Night Heat." Tazz continued,
"You where so lucky I couldn't do anything to you then, but now it's time for
you to become -- Just another victim! HA-HA-HA!!!"

Stephanie eyes went wide with the realization of what Tazz had in mind and
started to scream for help at the top of her lungs as she scrambled to get
away from her would be tormentor.

"Just who do you expect to help you?" the stalking Tazz interjected,
"Triple H is in the hospital, your father has pretty much disowned you and
the wrestlers, who for work him, don't give a rat's ass about you!"

With that said Tazz yanked the helpless Stephanie to her feet to take her
someplace private when from out of the corner of her eye she noticed a large
figure off in the distance.

"Andrew, help me!" she wailed down the corridor. She knew that the odds
were against her he would, but it was better than doing nothing.

Test seeing his former love in distress rushed toward her. "What the hell
do you think your doing?" he questioned.

"Little Steph here is about to learn the meaning of the word 'respect'.
What do you care?" Tazz replied.

"Actually, I don't." Test said with an evil grin. "That little bitch
deserves exactly what she's getting if not more so, especially with the way
she left me hanging."

"Do you want to get a piece of the action?" Tazz offered knowing exactly
what Test was getting at.

"Yeaahhh, and I think I know somebody else who also wouldn't mind getting

* * *

"Trish, I got a little present for you!" Test called out as the trio
of Tazz, Test and Stephanie entered T&A's dressing room.

After a few seconds Trish appeared from the adjoining room looking a hot
as ever wearing her trademark black mini-skirt, straining top and trenchcoat
followed by Albert. Her eyes lit up from the sight before her. In all her
wildess dreams did she ever think she'd ever get an opportunity like this
and get her hands on that spoiled brat Stephanie McMahon-Helsmley.

"Why thank you, Test!" Trish said with an evil grin eyeing Steph, "You
are such a considerate darling. I always wanted a filthy, dirty, disgusting,
skanky, brutal, bottom-feeding, trash-bag ho Barbie doll for Christmas ever
since I was a little girl and just my luck this one is life-sized."

In ire Stephanie did the only thing she could, since both of her abductors
restrained her by her upper arms leaving out the option for her to slap the
taste out of the silicon titted bimbo's mouth, and spit a big loogie, which
landed partially on Trish's left cheek with the leftover resting on the left
breast, which slowly began to trail into the crevace of her firm mounds.

Trish had the look of 'Oh, no! You didn't just do what I just saw you
do, bitch!' on her face and grabbed Stephanie by her mane of hair and said,
"Lick that nasty shit off me, bitch! NOW!"

Stephanie tried to pull herself away from Trish as her face moved in
closer to the blonde's cleavage, but the short femme was way more muscular
and easily positioned the much weaker brunette's face inbetween them.

"I said lick it up!!!" Trish commanded more adamantly with twisting the
helpless woman's head to and fro by her locks to make a point.

Steph yelped out in pain from the abuse of being whipped around and
quickly poked her tongue. Seeing that she started to comply Trish brought
she victim's head back infront of her bosoms and Stephanie began to lap back
up the spiddle her spat there. Her tongue moved arcoss Trish's prefectly tan
globe licking all across it's surface.

"Mmmm!" Trish moaned, "Don't forget to get down deep."

Stephanie followed orders immediately this time and buried her face
inbetween Trish's mounds. Stretching out her tongue as far as it could reach
she wiggled it around probing every place possible recapturing her own

"And last, but not least my face." reminded Trish.

Steph finished Trish off with one long slow lick moving up her neck to
the cheek, but before she could retract her tongue back into her mouth Trish
openned her's and passionately sucked on it. Stephanie was startled at first,
since she'd never kissed another girl in her life not to mention getting her
tongue sucked on and began to relax letting out a soft moan.

After a few seconds Trish and Stephanie parted lips leaving a long strand
of salvia as the only proof of the event that happened a moment ago, which
soon broke from the tention of them parting.

"You know, Stephanie, I could honestly never stand being mad at you,"
Trish confessed cradling the blue eyed beauty's face in her hands, "but
you've been a bad little girl over the last year.

"First, you go out and crush poor Andrew's heart not showing one bit of
remorse, then you go out and accuse me of making a move on Triple H when all
I wanted was some help learning some basic wrestling holds. You've just been
a major bitch ever since you finally got some dick in you and today is the
day you gotta pay. And you can start by using that talented tongue of your's
on my pussy while Albert goes and retrieves his piercing equipment."

Trish sealed the comment with quick kiss as Stephanie eyes when wide.
It wasn't the fact that Trish kissed her again or the thought of eating
out another woman's box. It was the simple mention of Albert having the
permission to puncture her perfect alabaster flesh with hard, cold steel
that sent a chill up her spine.

As Albert left the room to go get his tools, Trish began to unzip the
back of her mini-skirt and letting it fall to the concrete floor exposing
her bronze shaved mound, which only confirmed that she went for the full
body tan and never wore panties. She then sat back slouching in a chair
with firm ass resting on the edge with her legs spread wide.

"Time to get of your knees and get to work," Trish said as she slowly
stroked the folds of her pussylips with her index finger.

"Ha! I bet that's not the first time Stephanie's heard that before!" Tazz
interjected with a big smile.

The helpless Stephanie was then pushed down onto her knees. The trust
forward was so strong that she had to stop her momentum by placing her hands
on Trish's muscular thighs with her face only inches away from the diva's
cunt. Stephanie could easily feel the sexual heat and smell the musky scent
coming from it as she took a deep breath, which caused Trish to giggle as
the hot air tickled her flesh.

-It's now or never,- Stephanie thought and valiantly pressed her mouth
against Trish's coochie lapping away at it's dark meaty folds tasting another
woman's juices for the first time.

Trish cooed with delight from her touch and quickly grabbed Stephanie
with both hands by the hair guiding the carpetmuncher's face deeper into her
honeypot. The sensation of her boss' daughter's tongue roaming across the
surface of her sex and sucking on her sensitive love button caused Trish to
grab Steph's wavey mane with in a vise-like grip.

"That's it! That's the spot!" Trish cried out. "Fuck my cunt with your

Stephanie continued her administrations through the pain coming from her
scalp, jabbing her long dagger-like apendage into Trish's moist hole lapping
up the nector from within making a loud squishy sound. With each plung the
flow became more torrent, causing the excess to cover her Steph's chin all
the way down to her neck and trickling down into Trish's ass crack leaving a
tiny puddle on the floor.

"Ahhhh!!! I'm cumming!" Trish wailed as the first wave of esctasy hit
making her body become tense and spine rigid.

Trish bucked uncontrolibly, her ass slipping and sliding to and fro in
the chair from her own love lube. All Steph could do was hang as the buxom
blonde rode "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" and gulp down the flowing liquid that
poured into her mouth.

As Trish's orgasm subsided, she looked down at Stephanie with a satisfied
grin and said, "Ohhh, Steph, you are such a messy eater. Your top is just
completely soaked through. Next time I'll have to remember to get you a bib."

Trish then whiped her two fingers across Steph's cum covered lips and
put them in her mouth sucking on them to taste her own succulent juices and
letting out a sexy 'Mmmmm!' sound. Just as she removed her wet digits from
her mouth, Albert returned from his car carrying his large steel briefcase
causing the poor little rich girl's mascara stained eyes to go as wide as
saucers from the sight of it mixed with the realization of the next event
about to come.

to be continued...

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