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Stephanie Takes Control Of The WWF
by Wonder Mike (

Stephanie McMahon decided it was time for the women to take over the family
business, she called Marissa Mazzola into the office to discuss her plans.

Stephanie told Marissa that the fans where starting to get bored with the
program, she wanted to make changes before they became stale like WCW.

Stephanie's plan was to use the stock money to buy WCW, she would then buy
all the old AWA, GLOBAL, USWA and Smokey Mountain video tapes establish her own
24 hour wrestling channel.

She could do live shows 5 days a week and have tapings for the other two
days, with multiple replays plus all the old footage, people would watch all
day long.

She would hire Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff to help write the story lines,
she could imagine a Rock, Steiner feud, Goldberg against the Undertaker, Torrie
Wilson against Terri, Kimberly against Trish Stratus, just imagine the Bikini
contest, the feuds where endless.

Vince was so busy with the XFL and lawsuits he has lost his vision,
Stephanie would get what she wanted using girl power.

Marissa agreed, she talked to her husband Shane about it, he thought they
were number one and didn't need to make changes, she decided to side with

Stephanie told her of a simple plan, she already had the ear of Helmsley, if
she could convince The Rock, The Big Show and Rakishi to join her, she could
force her dad to turn over control to her.

Marissa didn't think they could get The Rock and Rikishi to turn on Vince
though, they where complete company men, Stephanie thought it might be a
problem, she had someone else in mind to help, Lilian Garcia entered the

They told Lilian of their plan, they told her that Sunny started out as a
ring announcer and became the biggest female star the wrestling ever produced,
Stephanie promised to make Lilian just as big a star if she joined their girl

They decided to start with The Rock, maybe if they got him to join, the
others would fall into line. Stephanie called The Rock into the meeting.

The Rock arrived and asked what he could do for them, Stephanie told him
they wanted to take the WWF in a different direction, The Rock told her there
was no way he would turn against Vince, he explained that the people would
still be chanting "Die! Rocky, Die!" if it wasn't for her dad.

Stephanie agreed that her dad was good in his day, but you can't stick with
the same catch phrases and matches every week, it was time to bring in fresh

The Rock wanted no part of a take over, Stephanie thought he might feel that
way she unbuttoned her leather vest and told him, he could have the time of
his life if he joined them.

The Rock told her Vince would have him killed him he caught him with his
daughter, Lilian unbuttoned her shirt and told him Vince would have no problem
if he took a shot at her.

Rocky was interested now, Lilian told her the millions and millions of his
fans would approve. The Rock still wasn't sure.

Marissa removed her shirt, exposing a perfect pair of breast, The Rock made
up his mind, this score would make him a bigger stud than Eddie Gilbert, he had
to go for it. She told The Rock it was time for some poon-tang pie.

Marissa pulled down her pants and Lilian removed her skirt, they both stood
in their panties, they twirled around exposing their bodies to The Rock, Lilian
especially had been waiting for a shot at the Rock, if she attached herself to
him, she wouldn't need the McMahon's help to become bigger than wrestling.

Lillian bent over and invited the Rock to feel her ass, Marissa dropped to
her knees and pulled down the Rock's pants, she began to stroke his cock until
it sprang to a full eight inches.

Marissa began to lick up and down the shaft, Lillian removed her panties and
slipped two fingers unto her wet pussy.

The Rock leaned over and added two of his own fingers into Lilian's pussy,
she began rocking back onto his hand, Marissa began to suck on his cock deeper
and deeper until she swallowed the whole thing.

Stephanie yelled, I bet the people would love to see this on Superstars, it
would probably double the ratings over night. Marissa just laughed and sucked
deeper. Stephanie thought Marissa would be a good member of the Ho train.

Lillian decided she needed a piece of the rock and reached behind herself
and grabbed his cock, she began to back up until he entered her from behind.
Finally The Rock had entered Lilian.

The Rock grabbed her by the hair and began to thrust into her. Lilian rocked
back matching his thrust while The Rock reached between her legs and began to
rub her clit.

Stephanie lifted her short leather skirt and laid down in front of Lilian,
she ordered Lilian to eat her. Lilian pulled her head away from The Rock and
shoved her tongue deep inside of Stephanie. Stephanie growled at her.

Lilian rocked back faster and faster on to The Rock, Stephanie grabbed
Lilian by her hair and rubbed he face into her cunt, Lilian rammed her tongue
as deep as she could into Stephanie's cunt.

Marissa walked over and sat on Stephanie's face, Stephanie shoved two
fingers into Marissa's cunt, she pulled her fingers out and licked them, she
said "I can taste Shane."

Lilian rammed four fingers into Stephanie's cunt, she began to twist and
turn her hand inside of her, Stephanie raised her hips off the ground and began
to fuck Lilian's hand, she ordered Lilian to fuck her harder.

Lilian rammed her whole hand inside of Stephanie, she was amazed that there
was still room inside, Stephanie grabbed her by the wrist and started to ram
Lilian's arm deeper and deeper inside of her.

The Rock pulled his cock out of Lilian, he wanted to hear her scream, in
Spanish, then Chinese, then French, then once again in English, he shoved his
cock into her ass.

Lilian squealed as the ass was penetrated, she rocked back until the cock
disappeared, The Rock began to ram her ass as hard as he could, he used all
275 pound to ream Lilian's ass whole, Lilian screamed louder with each thrust.

Lilian Garcia rammed her arm as far as it would go inside of Stephanie, it
was almost up to the elbow, Stephanie was up on her feet and elbow riding
Lilian's arm.

Lilian's tight ass and the sight of the arm disappearing inside of the
boss's daughter was too much for The Rock, he was going to cum.

Marissa yanked the cock out of Lillian's ass and shoved it down her throat,
she deep throated his cock until he deposited his load directly into her
stomach, Marissa didn't spill a drop.

The Rock said if we can do this every night I will join your little
rebellion, and The Rock will make it successful. Phase one of Stephanie's plan
was complete.

They targeted Rikishi Phatu next, there was no doubt in Stephanie's mind
that Rikishi was the immediate future of her organization, he could be the
biggest star wrestling ever produced. She could see him dancing with Regis
and with Letterman, she called him to the office.

Stephanie told Rikishi of her grand plans, Rikishi wanted to know what Vince
thought. Stephanie told him it was her plan. Rikishi refused to turn his back
on the man who signed his paycheck. Stephanie promised him a long title reign,
but Rikishi still wasn't sure. Stephanie decided to make her move.

Stephanie turned around, bent over and raised her skirt, Rikishi knew just
what she needed, he had always known what she needed but she was the boss's

Stephanie looked through her legs and motioned for the 400 pounder to come
over, Rikishi looked at Lilian and asked "What about her?" Lillian sat on the
desk, raised her dress and spread her legs. Stephanie told her she wanted to
have the big man all to herself, Rikishi decided that he wouldn't touch the
boss's daughter, he looked at Marissa and said he wanted the boss's daughter-
in-law. Stephanie ordered Marissa to strip.

Marissa started to slowly twirl as she removed her dress, she cupped both
breast in her hands and bragged that she had the best set in wrestling. Nobody
in the room could disagree. Stephanie thought to herself that once she took
over the company she would have Marissa do the show in a bikini, it was stupid
that the three best looking women in the organization haven't stripped on
television. Stephanie was sure she could double the ratings.

Lilian sat on the desk with three fingers buried into her hairy bush,
Rikishi egged her on, Marissa dropped to her knees and pulled out Rikishi's
already erect cock, it was ten inches long and thicker than a wine cooler
bottle, her mouth started to water.

Marissa started to lick up and down his thick cock, Stephanie laid down
underneath her and started to lick her cunt, Marissa moaned as she wrapped her
lips around the cock. Lilian now had four fingers buried into her cunt.

Lilian's hand was a blur working in and out, Rikishi was shaking and
clapping cheering her on, he wanted her to go for it. Lilian reached into the
desk and pulled out a microphone, she began licking up and down the mike then
she rammed it into her pussy.

Lilian planted her feet on the desk and rammed the mike in and out with both
hands, she was shaking her head wildly as her long hair fell down completely
covering her face, Rikishi reached over and brushed the hair out of her face so
he could see the scowl.

Marissa couldn't get her lips all the way around Rikishi's fat cock, Rikishi
knew another place he wanted to put it, he ordered Marissa on all fours and
spun her around. He rammed his rock hard cock into her from behind.

Lilian reached into the desk again and pulled out a second mike, she
rammed that one into her ass. She pumped both mikes as hard and fast as she
could. She screamed back and forth from Spanish to English, it was the hottest
thing Rikishi had ever seen, he thought these girls might actually be able to
it off, he would back a winning team.

Rikishi grabbed Marissa by the hair and yanked backwards, he rammed his
cock all the way into her, it was a tight squeeze but she took it. Rikishi
yelled that Shane couldn't satisfy her the way he could, and he was right.
She started to rock back against the big man, she ordered him to fuck her

Stephanie was still underneath Marissa, she jammed a finger into her ass
hole, Marissa squealed, Lillian ordered her to finger fuck Marissa's ass.
Lilian rammed both mikes into her cunt, her eyes rolled back into her head,
she almost blacked out from the sensation, it was the best feeling she had
ever had.

Stephanie worked two fingers into Marissa's ass, Marissa Mazzola rocked
back and forth, she had never had anything in her ass before, she was a multi-
millionaire before she met Shane. She never had to. She had never sucked cock
before either, but she was a natural.

Rikishi pulled his cock out of Marissa, she tried to hold it in but it came
out with a loud "Pop!" he laid on his back and ordered her to ride him. Marissa
straddled one of his huge legs and lowered herself on the fat cock, she moaned
in ecstasy as entered her box.

Lilian had a mike in each hand he alternately worked them in and out of
her cunt, she was cumming and she wasn't going to slow down, she rammed the
mikes in and out faster and deeper with each stroke.

The juices where dripping out of Lillian's cunt, she managed to work the
head of one of the mikes into her cunt, she then jammed the head of the second
mike inside also, she screamed and then passed out.

Marissa bounced up and down on Rikishi's cock, she had an ear to ear grin
on her face, Rikishi held her by the waist and lifted her up and down, she
looked like a raggedy Ann doll being flung around, Rikishi slammed her up
and down as hard as he could, Marissa's squealed with every thrust. She
thought Stephanie was a genius.

Marissa began to shake uncontrollably, she was cumming and she was about
to pass out, she then went completely limp, Rikishi just slammed her up and
down harder.

Marissa was out cold, Rikishi began to thrust into her wildly, he was going
to cum, Stephanie ran over and pulled Marissa off of the Samoan, she couldn't
have any of her females pregnant.

She shoved his cock into her mouth and began to suck, Rikishi shot his load
into her mouth, Stephanie caught it all in her wide mouth, she walked over to
the unconscious Lilian Garcia and spit the load into her mouth, Lilian opened
her eyes and said "Thank you."

Rikishi made his decision, he would join the girls, they told him that they
already had Helmsley and The Rock, Rikishi smiled, he knew then that he had
made the right choice. Stephanie set up a meeting with The Big Show.

The Big Show entered Stephanie's office the next day, he had never been
alone with her before, he thought she could be hot if she lost a few pounds,
but he liked his women with a real figure, not a stick figure.

Stephanie told him she was taking over the company, she was going to
eliminate all the competition and form her own wrestling television channel,
Show just laughed. Stephanie told him he had the support of Helmsley, The Rock
and Rikishi. Show had to think about it now, he was scared to cross Vince.
Stephanie was sure she could persuade him to join her team.

Stephanie sat on the desk and crossed and uncrossed her legs, her Catholic
school girl skirt rode up. Show couldn't help but notice she wasn't wearing
any panties, he tried not to look but it was impossible.

Stephanie spread her legs and gave The Show the Full Monty. He turned away,
after all this was the boss's little girl. Stephanie ordered him to look and
jammed two fingers into her cunt. The Big Show started to sweat, he didn't
know if he could control himself.

Stephanie started to work her fingers in and out, she ordered Show to come
get a closer look, she pulled his huge face closer until it was inches away
from her box. She took one on his fat fingers and jammed it into her cunt. She
ordered him to finger her.

Show couldn't help himself anymore, he shoved two fingers into her cunt and
started working them in and out, Stephanie told him he could have all of her
and any woman in wrestling if he joined her, it was an offer he couldn't

Stephanie hopped off the desk and dropped straight to her knees, she
unzipped the giants pants, she asked the seven footer if he was proportionate,
He assured her he was, she pulled at a fully erect 18 inch cock. Stephanie
started to drool. The giant would be all hers anytime she wanted him.

Stephanie opened her mouth as wide as she could, she started to work the
giant cock down her throat, she managed to get almost half off it into her
mouth before she started to gag. The giant grabbed her by the back of the neck
and started to fuck her face. Stephanie reached between her legs and jammed
three fingers into her cunt.

The Big Show laid Stephanie on her back and lowered his five hundred pound
frame onto hers, his weight forced his huge cock to split Stephanie open, she
screamed as he penetrated her.

It took her only seconds before she opened up to accept the huge cock. The
Show started to slowly pump up and down into her, Stephanie wrapped her legs
around him and started to hump up, she ordered him to fuck her silly.

The Show was still scared to ram it to her, he had hurt groupies with his
cock before, he wouldn't let all his weight on top of her, Stephanie ordered
him off of her, he was hurting her and he wasn't fucking her hard enough. She
rolled over to all fours and ordered him to do it right, he mounted her from

The giant cock slid into her with ease, he started to pump into her.
Stephanie began to rock back onto his cock, she ordered him to pull her hair.
He did as he was told, he leaned back and yanked on her hair as he pumped his
hips into her.

Stephanie planted her hands in front of her and shoved back as hard as she
could, she ordered The Show to fuck her harder. He pumped as hard as he could,
but nobody could satisfy Stephanie now. She pulled away from The Show and
ordered him to lay on his back, he bowed his head and did as he was told.

Stephanie mounted The Show and slammed her dripping cunt down on his cock.
She held on to the edge of her desk and slammed her cunt up and down. The show
growled and Stephanie bounced up and down faster.

Stephanie grabbed a piece of bubble gum and started blowing bubbles as she
rode the show. She looked like she was on a pogo stick with a happy smile on
her face.

The Show grabbed her around the waist and started to thrust up into the
boss's daughter. This was what Stephanie needed. She started to scream, this
caused The Show to ram it to her harder.

He began to lift her up and down lifting her all the way off his cock and
then slamming her back down Stephanie was shaking uncontrollably. She was
cumming every minute.

The Big Show couldn't hold out any longer, he yanked Stephanie off his
eighteen inch cock and laid her on her back. He propped her mouth open and
shoved his cock into her mouth. They both wrapped their hands around his cock
and started to stroke until The Show emptied his load down her throat.
Stephanie swallowed it all.

The Show fell over exhausted. Stephanie stood up and called in the troops.
Her new corporation stood up and welcomed The Show. He got dressed and they
called Vince for a meeting. The Stephanie era was about to begin.


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