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Stephanie Tries To Keep Her Job
by Skivelowitz (

On the Sep. 9 2003 edition of WWE Smackdown!, Vince McMahon made a match
putting his daughter Stephanie McMahon against Brock Lesnar. And if Stephanie
didn't fight him, she would be forced to quit. Anyone who saw that knows that
Kurt Angle came down and beat Brock Lesnar. But since the match never really
happened, Vince was not pleased and said that Stephanie would be fired now.
Stephanie went to plead for her job back.

Vince: What the Hell do you want?! I said you were fired! Get out of my

Stephanie walked in wearing a very tight black t-shirt which showed off more
cleavage than her holloween outfit, and a very nice short skirt.

Steph: Please Daddy I'm sure we can come to sime kind of agreement.

Vince: Your really want your job back, huh?

Steph: Yes Daddy, I will do anything for it back. Please I love this show.

When Vince heard this, his eyes lit up, and he got that sadistic smile on
his face.

Vince: Anything huh?

He walked over to her, and brushed her hair away from her face.

Steph: Now Dad, wait a minute.

Vince: you said anything. You want your job back right?

Vince then began to kiss her neck, as Steph stood there akwardly. She didn't
know what to do. She didn't want to do this, especially since it was her
father, but she really wanted her job back, so she figured how hard could it

Vince then pulled her in close and put his hands to her beautiful bubble butt
as he started kissing her. She just stood there taking it feeling very dirty.
He then slowly pulled his daughter's shirt off and stared at her beautiful
large breasts in her black bra. He started cupping and kissing them through
the fabric. Since she was close, she could feel his dick getting real hard.
He then moved his right hand down from her right breast to her pussy, rubbing
it under her skirt.

While it was obvious she still didn't want to do it, she couldn't help but
start to enjoy it. Vince saw his daughter's eyes close, and he knew that she
was beginning to like it.

Vince: That's right Steph. You like that don't you.

Steph: Daddy, please stop, oooooooo

Vince started rubbing her clit under her thong more strongly now. He then
pushed Stephanie against the wall, and started kissing her neck while holding
her hands up against the wall. He then started kissing her down to her
breasts as he unsnapped her bra revealing her incredible breasts.

He started kissing and sucking on them with a passion. SHe then realized that
there was no escaping it, but she figured that the sooner she could make her
father cum, the sooner it would all be over.

She guided his head up to her face and started kissing him. Still making out
she walked him over to his desk and started unbottoning his shirt. She then
started kissing his chest, moving downward as she did it. She then got on her
knees and unzipped Vince's pants and pulled them and his boxer shorts down
revealing his fully erect 7 inch cock. She grabbed it and began bobbing her
head back and forth on it as he closed his eyes in enjoyment.

Vince: That's it Steph. Just accept it, take Big Daddy's big cock in your

Vince put his right hand on Stephanie's head and guided it back and forth on
his cock. She kept sucking on his fully erect cock, while jerking it off at
the same time. With vince's left hand he started playing with Stephanie's
breasts. After all, he did pay for them. Stephanie then picked her head up
and began kissing her father again. As his tongue swirled around her mouth,
she directed him to lay down on his back on his desk. She then turned around.

Vince: Wait a minute where the hell do you think your going. I thought you
wanted your job back!!

Steph then turned around and gave Vince a sexy look with those alluring eyes
of hers letting Vince know that she wasn't goin anywhere. She then pulled
down her skirt revealing her gorgeous ass. He then sat up on his desk, and
reached out for a handful of that beautiful booty. She then realized that she
was gettting side-tracked, and she was supposed to be getting her father to
cum, not to cum herself. She quickly turned around and made him lay on his
back again, before climbing on the desk herself. She was in nothing but a
thong, and she was on top of her father's naked body.

She then layed on top of him with her huge titties pressed against his
chest. They began making out again and at the same time, he layed his hands
on Stephanie's round ass. She started kissing and licking his neck and all
around his face. She licked his ears making his dick get fully erect, even
more than it already was. She then started moving her body downstairs once

Steph (in her head): Time to finish this once and for all!

She then gave Vince the most incredible blowjob ever. As she sucked his erect
penis he played with her beautiful breasts until he blew he load all over her
tits. She gave a very sexy smile, thinking that it was all finally over. She
then started getting up getting ready to leave, when Vince slapped her on the
ass and grabbed her wrist.

Vince: Excuse me. Where do youthink you are going?

Steph: What more do you want for me Daddy? I have already let you take me and
do what you wanted with me. What me and my big breasts aren't enough for you.

Vince: You think just because you made me cum once, this is over. I'm not
finished just yet.

Steph then realized that her theory was wrong. She couldn't just spead
through it.

Vince: You want this to be over. You have to feel me inside of you.

They both stood up again and he started playing with her jugs again. He then
picked her up by her ass, getting a good grab, and with her legs wrapped
around him, he stuck his dick in her pussy and started bouncing her up and
down. Her huge titties were right in his face and he began suck and licking
them, while his hands were firmly on Stephanie's great ass and he was fucking
her standing up. He kept on bouncing her on her huge rod, and she couldn't
help but start yelling out screams of pleasure. She then got on top of him on
the desk just like before with his hands on her ass, and her tits on his
chest. After kissing him all over, she was trying to find a way to make Vince
finish it. Then it hit her. The one thing she hadn't given him yet. She then
got on all fours with her ass in the air, and gave Vince an inviting smile.
He licked his lips and got ready.

He stuck it in her fantastic ass with eaze and began thrusting in and out of
his daughter's dairy air. Vince was loving it. He had been with almost all
the divas on the roster. Stacy, Trish, Sable, even Torrie and Jackie Gayda.
But his daughter was the best. As he continue to thrust in and out of her
ass, she brought her back to his chest and reached her arms around the back
of his head. He then used his hands to play with her breasts. He kept
thrusting in and out until he finally blew his load right into her ass. He
then collapsed onto the desk, as she then got up and cleaned herself up in
the bathroom. As she came out, Vince saw her standing there beautiful and
still perfectly nude.

Steph: So, did I get my job back or what?

Vince: Yeah you got it back. But next week on Smackdown, you have to face the
Big Show. And if you lose you will be fired again!

Steph: But Daddy why? I let you have your way with me. I couldn't have been

Vince: No, but you were so good that I have to have that ass again. I'll see
you next week. Now get the hell out of my office.


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