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Stephanie's Autograph

After an episode of Raw, Stephanie felt tired, as her portrayal of a slut
exhausted her. she left to the locker room. She walked slowly down the white
corridor and opened her door, Steph walked over and literally collapsed in
her couch. She was wearing a low cut tank top and a leather mini skirt, she
felt flustered, and her tank top was more low-cut than usual. She was showing
quite a lot of her heaving cleavage. The sweat glistening off her large
breasts. She gazed at them and examined them with her hands. Steph decided
that she needed to take a shower.

'We don't have to leave for another couple of hours anyway,' she thought
to herself. She glanced around her locker room and no-one was in sight, so
she lifted up her tank top, and pulled it over her head. Her breasts were
free-er and shone from the light as the sweat oiled her body. She tentatively
removed her short skirt, and was left in a black lace thong and bra, that
barely covered her ample chest.

Steph walked over to the bathroom door and gently swung open the door and
turned the shower nozzle on. She prepared some lingerie to change into after
she had washed, and a towel that lay on the bathroom floor. She unbuckled her
bra strap, and pulled it over her shoulders. She had freed her glistening
breasts. Steph then dropped it to the floor, and made sure the bathroom door
was locked. She then slid her hands down to her thighs and slid the black
thong down past her legs, and completely off. She was standing there
completely nude, showing off her nice tight ass, and fantastic physique. She
stepped in through the shower curtain and began to cleanse her self. she
rubbed the soap ever so gently around her figure, and lowered the soap. She
rubbed lower and past her waist.

'Should I be doing this'? she thought to her self, but before long, she
was receiving the pleasures of sex on her own. She continued to try to make
her orgasm, until the water turned as cold as ice.

"Fuck Me!!" she quickly jumped from the shower, and grabbed a towel,
"that's, f-f-freezing." She stammered. She wrapped the towel around her and
went back into the main locker room area. A young man, about 18 was sitting
in her locker room, having just made himself a glass of water.

"Who the hell are you," she managed. He looked at Stephanie, unable to
fixate on anything else, other than her gorgeous body, enwrapped in only a

"I'm er, well an, I am a..." It was quite clear that he was an autograph
pundit and had just let himself in, in the search of Steph's autograph.

"Do you want an autograph," replied Steph. However he was in a trance, he
wasn't about to speak and spoil this whole fantasy. A soaking wet Stephanie
McMahon, just standing right before him in merely a towel was nearly every
fans fantasy, and he was living that fantasy. And it proved more than he
could handle, as he became erect.

Steph leaned over to a desk, where she scanned for a pen and paper. Even
better now, Stephanie was bent over. Her brilliant ass, stuck in the air. He
became more erect as he grabbed a cushion, to place over him. Steph turned
back round to him, and to his delight her towel seemed to come more loose and
ride down a little, she was showing off quite a bit of cleavage. She handed
back his paper.

"Here you are. Now I need to finish off here, I'm leaving, so it's been
nice to see you."

"Michael... Wait!!!..."

Before he knew it, he was seizing and opportunity of a life time. Right
then and there he grabbed her arm. She looked at him in bemusement.

"What are you doing??"

"Make love with me. Stephanie I want to fuck the hell out of you." He
stood up and reached behind her, grabbing to tied ends of her towel and
releasing them, letting her fantastic figure be exposed once more. He was as
erect as he was going to be. Steph didn't know what to say, she objected,
but not enough to stop it. The obsessed fan unbuckled his belt, and barely
managed to slip his jeans from his erect cock. His boner looked like a tent
pole through his boxer shorts, Steph was more than impressed. He then slipped
his shirt off, and proceeded to drop his boxers. Stephanie stood in awe of
this fans utensils. she just stared at his cock.

"That must be at least 11 inches!' she though to herself. She couldn't
believe it. Michael looked up at Stephanie, examining her tight body.

He reached forward his right hand and touched, Stephanies right breast.
He began to make circular movements on each of her ample tits. Steph began
to close her eyes, as she anticipated the fuck session about to take place.
Michael grabbed Stephanie suddenly, and it shocked her. He turned and threw
her to the floor. She looked up at him, then she looked at his throbbing
cock, as he knelt down beside her. He gently lay and inserted his cock in
Stephanie's tight, moist, pussy. She gasped as he began to fuck her. He went
harder and harder, as Stephanie began to feel the pressure build up.

She started to orgasm more and more, harder and better than anyone had
ever given her.

"Oh fuck, ahhh," Steph began to moan as her walls were being violated.
Michael turned Steph over and then knelt up. Unaware Steph knelt along side
him. Michael took it uopn himself to bend her back over. He thrust himself
hard up Stephanies ass.

"Owww, fuck!!" Steph immediately felt pain. The fan persisted in violating
her tight wet ass.

"That fucking, hurts!" Michael insisted that she remain in that position,
as her orgasm would be worth it. A single tear trickled down Stephanie's
soft, innocent face as the fan continued harder to bang her delicate ass.
Another tear trickled down her face, as the pain was increasing. Michael
relentlessly banged her ass, until he was about to come. Finally he pulled
himself out of a sore Stephanie McMahon. She turned on her back, fairly upset
with the challenge, Michael had just given. He helped her up, and he sat on
the couch, Steph knelt before him and wiped away her tears.

She grabbed his 11 inch member, and began to lick the excess of her ass
off it, despite being sore. She began to wrap her lucious lips around his
throbbing cock, and she began to suck it. After pumping her soft pussy, and
banging her ass, it wasn't long before he shot his hot, white cum in Steph's
mouth. It left a warm feeling in the back of her throat. His 11 inch cock
came several times until Stephanie nearly chocked. She swallowed large gulps
of cum and them moved her face away from the erect penis. He continued to
cum, and spread himself over Steph's face. He finally pumped the last drop
of semen over Steph, and lay back in his chair. Steph was a hot, sticky mess!
She finally sat back down exhausted and began to wipe to sperm off her face
with her fingers. Slowly licking her fingers every now and again.

Michael began to get changed as an exhausted Steph walked back over to
the table to collect a piece of paper with her autograph on it, along with
her phone number.

"I'm always grateful for my fans," she began, "so be sure to get in
contact again, so we can have another little autograph session."

"I'm sure that I will." He replied, and began to leave her locker room.

Stephanie had a big smile on her face, still standing there completely
naked. She walked back to her bathroom, but left the door open slightly,
in case another fan wanted an 'autograph.'

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