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Stephanie's Confessions Part 1
by Rick

Stephanie McMahon. I've always loved the way my name sounded. My name is
so full of power and control. Some even call me the Billion Dollar Princess,
which really turns me on. Slut is nice too, if I'm in the right mood. What
also turns me on is telling my naughty thoughts and secrets to others. I
really shouldn't be saying this.... but who cares.

Well, first of all, I should start with the first time Hunter and I got
together. He was still dating Joanie at the time, but I could tell he liked
me. The way he flirted and complemented me all of the time, he wanted me. I
knew it. I finally desided to act on it.

Hunter was on the Howard Stern show on that morning, answering all of the
'dirty' questions about his love life and everything. Howard asked him if he
did anal sex with Joanie, or 'Chyna" as they kept calling her, and he said
he liked it a lot. A whole LOT!

That's when I got an idea, so I called his personal cell phone number as
he was leaving the radio show... "Hunter, I mean Paul," I said awkwardly.

"Stephanie? Hey! How are you?" he said sounding very happy to hear my

"I'm....." I was quiet.

"Steph? What is it? You know if you need anything I'll be there for you.
Anything!" Hunter sounded so sincere.

"Hunter.... Paul.... I'm so horny. Please come over. Don't say anything,
just... I need you...." I said in a breathy voice.

He was silent for what seemed like forever... "I'm on my way," Hunter
said, hanging up immediately.

My pussy quivered and I prepared.

* * *

When Hunter came over that evening, I told him I had a surprise for him.

"What is it Steph?"

"Oh, I think you'll like this one," I said, smiling at him.

I locked the door and jumped into his arms. Before long, Hunter had his
hand inside my blouse. Not long after that, he had my blouse and bra off, my
skirt up around my waist, and my panties on the floor. He also had his tongue
down my throat and his finger up my pussy. I didn't mind, not at all. In
fact, it made me feel a lot more favorably toward him. I decided to give him
his surprise tonight, after all.

"Let's go into the bedroom," I suggested.

It was okay with Hunter. He stood up and helped me to my feet. I
unfastened my skirt and let it drop to the floor, then took his hand and led
him into my bedroom. At the side of the bed, I stopped and helped Hunter
undress. Then we lay down together, wrapping arms and legs around each other.

Before long, both of us were steaming. My pussy was dripping wet with
sex juices and some extra lubrication from Hunter's tongue. His prick was
standing up and leaning over backward, hard as a rock and slick from where
I had been licking and sucking on it.

"You deserve it Hunter," I whispered in his ear, "your surprise is in the
drawer in my nightstand."

Reaching across me, pulled the drawer open. There, standing next to my
vibrator, was a bottle of lubricant labeled "Bottom Oil."

"Is this it?" Hunter asked.

"Yes," I said, playing his game now and saying nothing more.

"Okay, I'll bite," he said. "What's it for?"

"It's for my Billion Dollar Ass," I told him.

"You want me to massage your bottom?"

"Not exactly," I said. "I want you to oil my asshole, and then I want you
to fuck me there."

"Umm," Hunter said. "Are you sure?"

"I've been thinking about it all day, ever since you said on the radio
that you love anal sex with girls," I told him.

"Have you ever done it Stephanie?"

"No... never," I said watching his cock grow again. I took the jar of oil
and the vibrator out of the drawer and handed them to Hunter. "But first, why
don't you get me started with this."

Hunter took them from me. He put the oil to one side and lowered the
vibrator to my pussy. Using just the tip, he rolled it around on my clit. I
just had to moan. Then he slid it up and down, coating it with the juices
that coated my pussy, letting the end slide across my clit and dip ever so
slightly into me. I rolled my hips, pressing back against the vibrator.

"Ooooh, Hunter, that feels nice," I whispered in his ear. "Go ahead, put
it in me. Like this..." I poked my tongue into his ear and pushed the tip as
far into it as I could.

Hunter shuddered with the slick hot feel of my tongue in his ear. Gripping
the vibrator, he pushed it into my pussy. It slid in part way. He drew it
back, pushed in again. The vibrator slipped further into me. I spread my legs
wide, giving him more room. Pulling back on it again, Hunter rolled it around
in my cunt, then pushed it forward and deeper. I hunched my pussy up, meeting
it and pushing back, making the vibrator slide all the way into me. I pulled
back a little and rolled my hips around on the hard plastic, then fucked back
and forth on it, rubbing my clit against it.

Hunter turned the end switch slightly, and the vibrator gave a low growl,
sending throbbing pulses out into my pussy. I thrust my hips forward, opening
myself as wide as possible and taking it deep inside me. I held myself that
way, hips pushed up, and let Hunter shove the vibrator in and out of my cunt.

"Ooooh, yeah, Triple H, that's right," I told him. "Give it to me. Fuck my
pussy. Yesssss. I like that. It feels so good, baby. It makes me want to fuck
you." I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his head down to my mouth. I
nibbled on his ears and bit him on the neck.

"You want me to fuck you now?" Hunter asked.

"Yes," I said, "but not there. I want it in my ass."

Hunter slid the vibrator out of my pussy. I let it go reluctantly. My cunt
felt so empty.

"Get the oil," I told Hunter.

He took the top off the bottle and poured some of the thick oil into his
hand, letting it warm up.

"You want to turn over?" he asked.

"No," I said. "I want to be on my back. If I raise my butt up with a
pillow, you can get in me that way and I can still see your face and hold

We each grabbed one of the pillows and, working together, pushed them
under my ass. With my knees bent, both my pussy and my ass were exposed to
his view.

"Go ahead, baby," I told him. "Oil me up good." I raised my knees higher,
holding them high and wide with my hands.

Hunter worked a hand between my butt cheeks and laid his oil-covered
fingers on my rosebud. He slid his fingers around it, then began pressing
ever so slightly at the very center each time his finger crossed it. Leaving
his finger pressed against the anal ring, he took the bottle of oil and
poured a thin stream onto his palm. It ran down his finger and pooled at the
entrance. Hunter worked his finger around a moment and then pressed inward
more firmly. His finger slipped inside my asshole. He rotated it around and
around and gradually pushed it deeper and deeper into my butt. He slid his
thumb into my pussy and pressed it against his finger in my other hole. Then
he waggled his thumb around inside my pussy. The twin penetration was very
sexy and stirred me strongly. I hunched my hips against his probing fingers.

"Come on, honey," I said. "Put some oil on your cock and put it in me. I'm
dying for it. I want you to fuck me in the ass."

Hunter's hand was already coated with lubrication. He wrapped it around
his velvet and steel prick and spread the oil around it. Jacking back and
forth a time or two, he coated it all over. running his palm over the head of
his dick. He rolled between my legs and raised up on his hands and knees. I
lay back, spreading my thighs. Hunter crawled forward until his cock brushed
against my hot, hungry pussy. I almost grabbed him and stuffed him inside.
But I wanted him to fuck my ass, not my cunt. It was the only way to get him
away from Chyna.

Holding his prick with his hand to guide and stiffen it, Hunter pushed his
hips forward. I felt the fat head, followed by the meaty tube, slip between
the cheeks of my ass and nestle against the tight anal ring. Hunter rotated
the head of his dick, spreading the lubrication around.

"Go ahead, baby," I told him, "do it! Push it in!"

"Are you sure?" Hunter asked. "We don't have to..."

"I want it," I said. "Please, I want you to fuck my ass. I want to feel
your big cock all the way up my butt. Go ahead! Give it to me, hon!" I
reached down with a hand on either side of my raised legs and spread my ass

Hunter pushed forward. The blunt head of his dick pressed into my
butthole, stretching the tight ring as it worked its way into me. I drew a
sharp breath and held it as his cock pushed slowly, slowly through the tight
ring, sending off shocks that shot through my belly and ran up my spine,
zapping my clit like static electricity sparking it again and again with each
push and deeper penetration. At last, the head cleared the ring and pushed
inside me a little.

"Oooooh yeah, Stephanie," Hunter said, "that's just incredible how it
feels! I can see the head of my dick in your ass, and I can feel it at the
same time..." I squeezed him with my ass muscle, gripping the head, and
then relaxed it to let him push his long tube of cock muscle deeper. Hunter
groaned and pressed forward.

"Oh, yes, baby!" I gasped. "Give it to me slow like that, just a little
bit at a time. Let me feel it slide into me. That's it, honey. Oh, yes, I
like it like that."

Hunter's cock was half way in me and beginning to stretch me hard. I put
my hand on Hunter's hip to stop him for a moment. I squeezed his dick with my
ass muscle again, which also made my pussy twitch. I could feel him inside my

"Go ahead," I told him. "It's okay, now. Play the game Triple H! Give me
some more cock."

I reached down between my widespread legs and slid my fingers between the
lips of my pussy. I pushed my middle finger inside and worked it around,
getting it wet. Then I pulled it out and rubbed my fingertip over my clit.
Hunter was watching me, and I smiled up at him.

"Like that?" I asked. "Do you like to see me play with my pussy while you
fuck my ass? I'm such a horny little slut. Ahhh, it feels so good."

His eyes locked on mine, Hunter pushed his hips forward, digging his
cock deeper into my asshole. I felt it slide into my butt, spreading and
penetrating my anal tube further and further. The sensation was incredible
and, combined with my finger on my clit, almost made me cum right then.

Hunter pushed his cock all the way in. I felt the kinky hair at the base
of it brush along the sensitive inner ass cheeks and tickle against my anal
ring. He grabbed my hips with a hand on either side and pulled me toward him,
stuffing every last bit of his hard rod up my butt.

The feeling was part pain, part incredible fullness, part warm waves of
pleasure coursing through me. I felt stretched to the limit.

"Oh, yes, yes, Triple H!" I whimpered. "Hold it just a second. You know
how to play the game! Wait. Let me get used to it, baby. I'm so full!" He
started to pull back a little. "No!" I told him, "don't move! Leave it all
the way in!"

I was already starting to get used to it, even as Hunter pushed forward
again to make sure that I had every bit of his cock up my ass. I pushed out
with my bowel, relaxing as best I could and letting him dig his prick all
the way up my back channel. He held me firmly against his crotch, making
little rooting movements with his hips. I squeezed his cock with my ass.

"Go ahead, baby," I whispered, "fuck me now. I like it. It feels good! I
like your big cock up there in my ass. Give it to me,Hunter! Fuck me like the
snobby slut I am! Fuck me in the ass!"

Hunter seemed to enjoy getting into character and he pulled back slowly,
dragging his cock out of my butt gradually until only the head remained
inside me. Then he pushed forward again, forcing his dick back up my ass
channel, deeper and deeper, until his pubic mound bumped against my
widespread ass cheeks again.

Now that my butt had accommodated to his throbbing, stone-hard prick,
Hunter was pushing me toward cumming by sliding his cock forcefully in and
out of my asshole. He was slamming it home, now, jerking his prick back and
then shooting it all the way up my butt in a single shove forward, using his
hands to jam my hips down on him and force his dick as deep as possible.

I grabbed the vibrator from the bed where we had tossed it aside. Gripping
it in both hands, I pointed the tip at the opening of my pussy and began to
pull it towards me and into my cunt. I looked up and saw Hunter watching me.

"Can you feel it, baby?" I asked him. "It makes it even tighter, doesn't
it? I've got your cock in my asshole, and now I'm going to push this vibrator
into my pussy." I pulled it further and further into my pussy, still holding
it with both hands, forcing it up into the tighter than usual confines of my
hot, slippery cunt. If not for those juices, I could never have gotten it in.

"Oh, yes, Stephanie!" Hunter said. "I can feel it! It's sliding up inside
your pussy right next to my cock. It is tighter!" I pushed the vibrator into
me as deeply as I could, then began to work it in and out of my pussy. Hunter
watched me fuck myself in front of him, timing our movements so that the
vibrator in my cunt and his cock in my asshole plunged in and out together.

"Hunter, fuck me, baby!" I cried. "Shove that cock into my ass! Harder
Hunter! Fuck me harder! Prove you are that damn good!"

I plunged the vibrator all the way up my pussy and twisted the cap,
turning it on full. Vibrations shot out from my cunt through my entire body,
spreading outward from my pussy, wrapping around my clenching ass and
Hunter's cock buried in it and jolting through my guts. Hunter and I started
to cum at the same instant.

"Oh, Steph!" Hunter grunted, jamming his cock all the way up my butt. I
felt his prick convulse and shoot a jet of cum deep into my ass.

"Yes, honey, cum in my ass!" I cried. "Fuck me, baby! Give it to me!"

My own cum was rolling through me in waves, electric shocks jolting me,
making me jerk and twitch on Hunter's cock. He was hunching back and forth
like a madman, shoving his dick in and out of my asshole while it spit cum
out of the end.

As the sensation began to die down, I turned off the vibrator, but kept
it pushed all the way into my pussy. I squeezed my thighs together, clutching
it deep inside me. We held each other for a long time after that. "Hunter, I
mean, Paul, I want this again... and again, and again," I said whispering, "I
want this all of the time."

He knew what I meant. "Chyna, I mean Joanie and I are having problems.
That was the best sex I've ever had. I'm falling in love with you Stephanie.
I've wanted you for so long. You are all I've ever wanted Steph."

I nearly screamed in joy when he said those words. I kissed him and laid
on top of him, completely naked, kissing and then having sex for hours. I
knew it was wrong at that moment, but that's what turned me on so much. I
knew I was 'the other woman', but that didn't last long. The next day, he
told Joanie about me and him.

Later that week, she was fired by my daddy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....
Stephanie McMahon. My name is the symbol of power and control. I always get
what I want.

Part 2? You'll have to wait.

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