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Stephanie's First Love Part 1
by Angela (

Stephanie McMahon sat in her spacious apartment waiting on her mother to show
up to go for some very late lunch. She was working on some paperwork for the
next month of shows when there was a knock at the door.

"Finally..." Stephanie says as gets up from her desk and hurries to the door.
"I'd thought you'd never get here mom..." Stephanie says as she unlocks and
opens the door, but is surprised to see Bret 'The Hitman' Hart standing there
with a gift in his hands.

"B-Bret... What you doing here..."

Bret smiles, "Oh I was just dropping off a late birthday present for you...
happy belated 18th birthday..."

"You didn't have to do that" she says softly, taking the present from him.

"It's okay Steph... I wanted to...can I come in?" he asks. Stephanie smiles
and moves aside to let him past. Bret walks into her living room and sits
down on the couch looking at his hands.

"Bret? Is something wrong?" she asks as she sits down next to him. Slowly he
turns to her and cups her face with his hands.

"Happy belated birthday Steph..." Bret gently kisses her lips, but slowly
deepens it.

Stephanie's eyes go wide as she feels Bret's tongue enter her mouth slowly.
She places her hands on his arms and slowly breaks the kiss, "W-w-wow..."
Stephanie says, as that was her first kiss. "That... was... intense... w-why
did you kiss me?"

"Your dad said he would kill any of us who even thought about doing that but
Steph... your 18 now your not daddy's little girl anymore... so how did you
like it?" he asks as he looks at her, totally unsure he wanted to know how
she felt.

"Ummm well I don't know..." Stephanie bites her lip. She looks at Bret
nervously, then she takes his hand, "But... I... kinda want to do it

Bret smiles as he moves to cup her face again placing a gentle kiss on her
lips slipping his tongue inside of her mouth. He then pulls away slowly and
places a finger against her lips before standing up and running a hand
through his hair. "I can't do this Steph..."

Stephanie looks at him a bit confused, showing how naive she is, "Can't do

"I want you Stephanie... I want to make love to you so bad but I would be
risking so much... my job... my life if your dad ever found out but Steph...
I want you so much right now I ache."

Stephanie looks down and bites her lip cutely. She remembers all her dreams
of the good-looking Canadian making love to her on a beach somewhere and
realizes her dreams may come true. She slowly looks up at him and goes red
in the face as she says, "You... you... really want... me?"

"I really want you Stephanie...please don't ever tell your dad I came over
here I'll just go and we'll forget this ever happened okay?" he asks as he
tales a step away from her. Before Bret can get more than a step away from
her, Stephanie stands up and takes his hand. She moves in front of him,
places a hand on her rugged cheek, and kisses him on the lips. "Don't
Stephy... don't tempt me please cause I cannot be responsible for what I do"
he says as he breaks the kiss.

"Bret...I... I've... dreamt about you... like this..." Stephanie's cheeks
are red as tomatoes. She puts her hands on his chest and looks into his
eyes. "I've... always wanted... my first time... to be with you..."

Bret fought the urge to moan as Stephanie's hands moved up his chest to
tangle in his hair. "I want you Steph... please tell me this is what you want
too and I'll make sweet love to you but promise me your father never finds

"I promise..." Stephanie smiles as she plays with his hair a bit. She stands
up on her tip toes and kisses his cheek then whispers into his ear, "I've...
never... done... anything sexual before..."

"Steph..." he moans thrusting his hands through her hair and claiming her
lips in a tender yet possessive kiss. Slowly he releases her mouth moving to
kiss her throat then down to her neck. Stephanie slides her hands underneath
Bret's sweater and t-shirt to rub his abs. Stephanie trembles a little, not
believing her hands are on his body. He leans down picking her up carrying
her into the bedroom and laying her down on the bed laying between her legs
he slides up her shirt pushing up her bra he gently licks her nipple looking
up into her eyes to watch her reaction.

Stephanie moans softly as she bites her lower lip, Her eyes are locked onto
Bret's as she moves her hand onto his shoulders. "Ohhh Bret..."

"Yes baby?" he asks moving to lightly suck on her nipple drawing it between
his teeth while using his other hand to push the bra up higher so he can have
more access to her breasts. Bret slides his hands down Stephanie's body and
slowly lowers her skirt a bit, then her panties. Then he places a hand on her
stomach as he continues to flick his tongue over her nipples.

"Sit up Stephanie" he says softly and she slowly sat up not knowing what was
about to happen Bret moved behind her pulling her top off moving his hands
around to cup her breasts rubbing them for a minute before moving to unhook
her bra.

Stephanie smiles as her breasts are freed from their restraints. She places
on hand on top of Bret's as he cups one of her breasts. "You... have really
strong and gentle hands..." Stephanie smiles revealing she loves the feel of
his palms on her body.

"That's how I want to be with you... gentle. You're going to remember this
for the rest of your life" he gently presses her back down on the bed moving
to suck on her nipple once again tenderly biting it while moving to play with
the other one.

"This... is better than my dreams... ohhhh" Stephanie arches her back at bit
as she feels Bret's teeth graze against her soft skin. She moves her hands to
his head and runs her fingers through his long hair.

He looks up at her studying her for a moment "You've dreamed about this?" he
asked and she nods. Bret kisses her deeply before moving to slide her skirt
and panties all the way down and off her legs. "You are so beautiful Steph."

"T-t-thank you..." Stephanie smiles, "Ummm Bret...."

"Yes Stephanie..."

"Can.... can I see your body... please..."

He stands up smiling pulling off his shirt and moving to undo his slacks.
Stephanie watches as they are carelessly tossed to the floor along with his
boxers. Bret walks over to her and moves back between her legs kissing her

"You're so... handsome..." Stephanie smiles as she puts her hands on his
back to rub his shoulder blades. Stephanie lifts her head a bit and smiles.
"Are... are you... going to make love to me now?"

"Yes Stephanie, I am" he moves kiss her stomach then he moves down to lightly
kiss the outside of her pussy. He slips his tongue to circle her pussy slowly
before he opens the folds letting his tongue venture inside of her.

"Ohhh Bret... you're... ohhh my god... it's... incredible... I've...never...
something... so... good..." Stephanie moans. She arches her hips violently
as an orgasm shoot through her body. Her eyes roll back a bit as she arches
back, "Ohhhh ohhh Bret..."

Bret swirls his tongue around inside her pussy before pulling it out and
slipping two fingers inside her thrusting them in and out "Stephy... I love
your pussy feels's so wet... you feel so good."

"Ohhh Bret... you're making me crazy... love me Bret..." Stephanie closes
her eyes and whimpers as she places her hands on her breasts and gently rubs

"Stephy... I need to be inside of you" he says suddenly as he reaches down to
rub her pussy.

"Okay" Stephanie replies looking up uncertainly at him.

"I will be gentle baby I promise..." Bret moves her legs apart and gently
pushes his cock into her pussy. He looks down at her, "Are you sure you want

Stephanie looks up at him and nods, "Yes... make me a woman Bret..." She
wraps her hands around his neck.

He gently slips inside of her watching her to see when to continue and when
to stop for a few minutes Stephanie's legs move to encircle his waist and she
moans softly "Oh damn, it hurts."

" I know" Bret replies stroking her hair kissing her neck softly.

Stephanie's eyes tear up a little as Bret continues to push in to her slowly,
"Bret... it... hurts... a lot..."

"I know..." Bret makes a decision and then pushes in a bit hard.

Stephanie's eyes fly wide opens, and she cries out in a bit of pain mixed
with please, "Ahhh owww Brett..."

"I know sweet heart just try and relax it's gonna be over really soon I
promise just breathe deeply baby" he replies moving to stroke her breast
while kissing her trying to lessen the pain for her.

"Mmmm..." Stephanie moans a little as the pain she's feeling slowly turns to
pleasure. She does what she's told to and breathes deeply as she starts to
move against him. "Ohh Bret... right... oh so right..."

He leans down licking and sucking on her nipples to try and add to her
pleasure so her pain vanishes from her mind "You're driving me so damn wild
Stephanie McMahon...I can't control myself around you this is better then
what I thought it would be...oh damn Steph your so tight."

Stephanie tightens her legs around Bret's waists, "Oh Bret... you're....
oh... you're.... making me.... ohhhh damn..." Stephanie arches her his then
her back as Bret's thrusts get a little harder, but the Hitman does control

"I could stay like this forever" he says moaning when he realizes he's about
to give her the first orgasm she has ever had in her life. "I want to hear
you cum Steph.... come on baby give it to me..."

"Ohhhh Bret... I'm going to cum.... I'm going to do... for you..." Stephanie
closes her eyes and moans loudly as she hugs Bret's neck as she climaxes for
the first time. She doesn't let go and holds him as tightly as she can as
wave after wave of pleasure moves through her body.

Bret whispers in her ear feeling himself about to cum "Baby I'm gonna cum..."
he cums hard and she whimpers his name.

"Mmm Bret.... I... I can feel... your... your stuff... in me... it's... so
warm..." Stephanie moves her head to kiss his lips.

He retuned the kiss moving to kiss her temple and then once again claim her
lips "Are you okay baby?" he asked softly pushing some hair off her face.

Stephanie nods, "Yeah... I'm... I'm ok... I'm just... overwhelmed... it
was... everything... I've ever dreamt of..."

Bret pulls out, lays down, then pulls her gently on top of him "Steph... to
me this was more then just... I think I'm falling in love with you Steph..."

Stephanie rests her head on his chest, "I'm not falling in love... I am in
love with you..." Stephanie looks at him and smiles.

"You know we're going to have to keep this a secret from daddy dearest" he
said running his fingers through her hair.

"I know... and... we have to keep this... from your wife too..."

"We'll find a way... I'm not giving you up Stephanie McMahon... not after
what just happened... that's never gonna happen."

To Be Continued...

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