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Stephanie's First Love Part 2
by Angela (

Stephanie McMahon sat in her office thinking about Bret and just as she
reached for her phone to call him there was a knock on the door.

"Daddy" Stephanie says with a smile when Vince McMahon enters the room.

"Stephanie we need to talk" Vince says as he folds his arms.

"About what daddy?" Stephanie smiles as she turns in her chair to face Vince.

"There have been rumors about you..." Vince says as he looks around her

"Really... like what?" Stephanie asks as she gets an nervous look on her

"Steph...are you dating one of the superstars?"

Stephanie freezes for a moment but quickly gathers up something to say to her
father "Daddy, when would I have time to date anybody much less somebody from
the company?"

"Good point... I just they are just rumors... but you do know I don't want
you involved with any of the superstars... a lot of them are married."

Stephanie nods, "I know daddy, I don't want to cause any problems for them."

"You know you're my little girl Stephy and if I hear of any of them trying to
take advantage of you then I will take care of them."

"Yes, daddy, I I do have work to do and don't you have to meet mom
for something?"

"Yes, I do... I'll see you later..." Vince kisses Stephanie's forehead and
then leaves, closing the door behind him. As soon as he's gone, Stephanie's
phone starts to ring.

She answers it and says, "Hello?"

"Hey Stephy... it's Bret..."

"Hey Bret!" Stephanie gets a smile on her face.

"I'm parked out back..."

"Ok." Stephanie gets her jacket and leaves her office. She goes down the fire
escape stairs and comes out on the backside of Titan Towers where Bret's car

Bret is standing by it and he waves at her, "Hey baby..."

"Hey.... my dad asked if I was dating anybody."

"What did you say?" he asks before pulling her close for a quick kiss.

"When do I have time to date?" she replies with a smile before getting into
the car and buckling her seat belt.

Bret gets in the car on the drivers side, buckles his seat belt and turns the
key to start the engine. When he starts to drive he waits until he's out on
the road before asking, "So... where should we go... there's Ponzioe's..."

Stephanie smiles a little and blushes, "I kinda... don't feel like eating..."

"Well, what do you feel like doing?” he asks smiling at her. Slowly she
reaches over kissing his neck. "Ahh....I see Ms. McMahon."

"I just can't get enough of you" she replies moving to nibble on his ear.

"Okay, the hotel it is" Bret grins.

Bret drives himself and Stephanie to a hotel where he's staying. They go up
to his hotel room and just as they enter, Stephanie throws her arms around
Bret and kisses him deeply. Their tongues intertwine as Bret lifts her up
and carries her over to the bed. Before he lays her down, Stephanie breaks
the kiss, "Bret... I... I want to... try something new..."

"Okay.... what would that be Ms. McMahon, You know I just love laying here
touching you and just how did you find out about this something new?" He
asks giving her a smile.

"Well... at that house show in New York... I... I saw Sunny and Shawn...
and he had his thing in her mouth... and he seem to enjoy it..." Stephanie
smiles. "And then... I saw... them have sex... and... he... was doing her...
in the butt... and she seemed to like it... and I... kinda want to try it..."

"Did Tammy and Shawn know they were being watched?" he asked moving behind
her to cup her breasts.

"No, of course not" she replied closing her eyes and moaning softly.

"So you want to give me a blow job and then let me do you anally right?" he
asks kissing her ear.

Stephanie nods and smiles, "Yeah... would... you like that honey?"

"You know I would Stephanie... the thought of you and your mouth... Mmmm baby
that gets me so hot already."

Stephanie smiles, "Can you teach me... I've never done it before..."

"Of course, I will baby...first though let me undress you real slowly" Bret
starts to unbutton her blouse.

"Ok..." Stephanie moves her hands over Bret's chest before moving to lift up
his shirt a bit to rub his firm stomach. She then moves her hands to his belt
and starts to undo it for him.

"Steph...your so innocent" he says watching her hands move over
him he takes her hand and moves to lead her over to the bed where he reaches
around to undo her bra "Which one first baby?"

Stephanie thinks for a moment and smiles, "I... wanna... give you a blow job
first..." Stephanie undoes his pants and looks at him as she takes down his
pants and boxers.

"Do you know how hard it is to control myself around you?" he asks while
threading his fingers through her hair.

"I want you to loose control baby...I don't want to be treated like some
fragile china doll."

Bret smiles at her before he lays on the bed, resting his head on the
pillows. Bret looks at her, "Are you ready to learn?"

"Yes, I am" she replies while moving next to him on the bed.

"Okay, first of all pretend you went to dairy queen and got your favorite
flavor ice cream cone now lick my cock the way you would that ice cream

"Ok..." Stephanie moves down the bed and sits on her knees, and then she
leans forward and licks the tip of Bret's cock. She then licks up and down
his shaft, rubbing her soft tongue all over his cock. "Is this good?"
Stephanie asks as she looks at his face for a moment before flicking her
tongue against the tip of his dick.

"Yes, sweetheart, it's so good" Bret replies closing his eyes and just
concentrating on the feel of her mouth. "That's it sweetheart you suck it
so good Steph." Stephanie smiles proudly as she opens her mouth a bit and
takes his cock past her lips. She slowly begins to bob her head up and
down on his cock. Stephanie moves her hand up to his chest and rubs it as
she hums on his dick.

Stephanie lifts her head off his cock and smiles, "How was that?"

"I thought you said you never done anything sexual?" he asked moaning softly.

"Well, I do like ice cream" Stephanie replied smiling as she eased her mouth
back down onto his cock.

"Oh, I can tell..." Bret moans softly as Stephanie tries to deep throat his
cock. She coughs and gags a bit on his cock. She closes her eyes and tries
to go down further on his cock.

"Steph's okay if you can't take it all...just go with what you can
take..." he says fighting the urge to toss her up on the bed and pound his
cock deep inside of her.

Stephanie lifts her head off his cock and takes a deep breath. "I'm going to
take it all..." Stephanie closes her eyes tightly and spears her mouth with
his cock. She goes down so quickly, she almost swallows Bret's cock whole.

"Oh Steph... mmmm...that's it" Bret whispers watching her go up and down on
his cock "Stephy please baby...I'm gonna cum in your mouth...Stephy your so
good" Stephanie double her efforts and bobs her head as fast as she can on
his cock. She looks up and locks eyes with him to signal him to unleash his
spunk in her mouth.

Bret grabs onto the sheets as he releases inside Stephanie's mouth "Yes, oh
Steph, yes, baby" he cries bucking his hips against her mouth as his release
moves through him quickly and intently.

Stephanie doesn't have a choice but to swallow his cum. She lifts her head
off his cock and licks her lips. "Wow..." Stephanie coughs. "That... tasted
weird... it was good... but weird... kinda salty..."

Bret smiles at her, "I... didn't think you would swallow it..."

"I want to make you happy" she replies and he sits up pulling her into his

"Listen to me Stephanie whether you swallow my cum or not... you still make
me happy baby just by laying here and letting me hold you makes me happy."

"I love you Bret..."Stephanie smiles and kisses him as he moves a hand to
his crotch to stroke his cock a little to make sure it stays hard. "Do...
you... want to... help me... learn the other thing now?"

"I would love to...get on your hands and knees honey" he says helping her up
onto her knees "Okay Steph now this is gonna hurt for just a little bit but
try to block out the pain and I'll give you time to get used to me."

"Ok..." Stephanie looks back at him and smiles cutely, "I'm... I'm ready...
when you are..." Stephanie looks forward and takes a deep breath.

He gently starts to slip inside her ass stopping immediately when he hears
her whimper "Steph?"

"I'm okay please keep going Bret please I know it's gonna feel so good baby
just please don't stop."

"Ok baby..." Bret pushes his cock further into her asshole as slowly and
gently as he can. Stephanie's eyes tear up a bit as she digs her fingers
into a pillow.

"Owww... Bret... don't... don't stop... please..." Stephanie whimpers.

"Steph...if you want to stop..."

"Damnit, Bret, I said don't stop and if you stop I will tell my father

Bret's head snapped up for a minute "Are you black mailing me?" he asked

"No, baby, it's just that...I'm trying to tell you I don't want to stop I
want to feel you all the way inside of me."

"Ok..." Bret places his hand on Stephanie's hips and slowly pulls her back
against him as he gives her a bit of a sharp thrust to shove the rest of his
cock into her.

Stephanie's eyes go wide, "Owwww... Ohhh Bret... it feels..." His hand goes
between her legs almost immediately rubbing her pussy and Stephanie moans,
"It feels good baby... Bret you make me feel so wonderful" After giving her
a moment to adjust to the feel of him in her ass he starts to gently move
inside of her.

"Oh baby... you're ass... feels so good with my cock in it..." Bret says in
between thrusts as he gently slides his fingers around Stephanie's pussy.

"Oh Bret... I love you... take me... I can... handle it..." He speeds up
suddenly almost slamming inside of her "That's it Bret do me baby… I love it
I want it all of it baby i want every part of you..."

Bret grits his teeth and thrusts harder, "Is…. this what you want Steph...
for me... to fuck you?" Bret pulls her back hard against him as she moves
one hand to her pussy and slides two fingers inside of her hot box.

"Yes! Oh Bret fuck me yes baby" Stephanie cries trying to match her thrusting
in her pussy to his thrusts inside her ass "I want to cum baby... give it to
me Bret."

"Here... it is... my love..." Bret wraps his arms around Stephanie's
beautiful body to hold her still in order to give her the hardest thrusts
she's ever experienced from him.

Stephanie cries out feeling her orgasm about to explode through her body "It
so... so... oh here it comes Bret" she whimpers his name as the climax is so
intense it makes her tremble for a few moment s after it has finished moving
through her body.

"Ohhh yea Steph... I'm going... to cum in your ass..." Bret says.

Stephanie looks back at him, "No... Bret... baby... I want... to
experience... one... more thing right now..."

"What's that baby..." Bret asks as he grits his teeth.

"Please... cum... on my face... I... I saw... Sunny get it... like that...
I... want to feel it too..."

"I think you've been watching Sunny too much "Bret replies pulling out of her

" please?" she asks giving him the famous puppy dog look.

"All right Steph... just promise me you'll never look at me like that

"I promise" she replies smiling.

"Ok... sit up on your knees... and face me..." Bret says as he stands up on
the bed. Stephanie smiles and gets to how Bret wants her. He places a hand
on her head and tilts her head back as he strokes his cock near her beautiful

Stephanie licks her lips and whispers, "Come on Bret... cum on my face... do
it Bret..."

Bret groans before he does just that spraying his cum all over Stephanie's
face and she slips her tongue out trying to catch some of it in her mouth.
"That tastes so good baby" Stephanie says licking it from around her mouth
making sure Bret is intently watching.

Bret smiles down at her, "Stephanie... I got an idea... for another first for
you... but you'll have to wait for it..."

"Baby, you know I don't like to wait for things that you have for me."

"Now, Stephanie, it's like that old saying some times you got to wait for the

Stephanie pouts and then smiles, "I bet I'm going to love it..."

Bret smiles back, "You will... I promise..."

To Be Continued...

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