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Stephanie's First Love Part 3
by Angela (

Stephanie McMahon was laying in her bed not wanting to get up. Her dad was
planning some family get together thing, but she didn't care. All she could
think of was the man who had shown her the sweet pleasure of love and the,
oh so fun time of sex.

As Stephanie puts her hands behind her head and she as she closes her eyes to
think about her lover Brett, her cell pone rings. Stephanie immediately sits
up and answers it. "Hello?"

"Hey baby..." Stephanie smiles as she hears Bret's voice.

"Hey... what's up..."

"Nothing much... but do you remember you how said you wanted to learn more
about sex?" Bret asks.

"Yes" Stephanie says wondering what on earth he's got going through his mind
now "Well just meet me at my place in half an hour and we will continue your
lessons okay?"

"Ok Bret... I'll be there... love ya..."

"Love you back." Stephanie hangs up and immediately grabs her keys and black
leather jacket. As she heads out the door her phone starts to ring. She goes
to check it out the caller ID and she sees it's her dad calling her.
Stephanie makes a face, but then smiles and leaves her home. She goes to her
car and then drives to Bret's Connecticut home. Once there she sees another
car in his driveway. Stephanie raises an eyebrow when she recognizes it as
being the one Sunny drives. Stephanie walks to the front door and rings the
bell. When the door opens, it's not Bret who answers.

"It took you long enough to get here Stephy," Sunny smiles as she takes
Stephanie's hand and playfully pulls her into Bret's house.

"What's going on?" Stephanie asks glancing at the other woman.

"Well I'm your next lesson that Bret was talking about" Sunny leads her up
into the bedroom where Bret is lounging on the bed.

"Hey baby" he says as Sunny moves behind Steph slipping her jacket off.

"Hey... what's going on here?" Stephanie asks with a curious look on her

Bret smiles, "Well... you always say you want to learn new things... and I
remembered you saying you spied on Sunny... so she's going to teach you some
new things."

Sunny smiles as she wraps her hands around Stephanie's waist and kisses her
neck, "I really look forward to teaching you Stephanie..." Stephanie closes
her eyes as she feels Sunny's hands move up to cup her breasts "Class is now
in session baby" she says squeezing Stephanie's tits before sliding one hand
down and up under her shirt.

Stephanie puts her hands on Sunny's hands to have her cup her breasts the way
she likes. Stephanie opens her eyes and looks at Bret, "What... are you going
to do?"

Bret smiles, "I'm going to watch you learn..."

Sunny turns Stephanie around and starts to take off Stephanie's top. Sunny
smiles at her when she sees that Stephanie is not wearing a bra, "Someone
was expecting something fun..." Sunny smiles as she lowers her head to lick
Stephanie's breasts.

Stephanie arches her body her breasts responding immediately to Sunny's
tongue she gently places Stephanie against the wall moving to kiss the area
between her breasts before moving to suck on the other one drawing it into
her mouth and swirling her tongue around it.

Stephanie moans, "Ohhh my... your tongue feels so soft..." Sunny swirls her
tongue around Stephanie's nipple while moving her hands to unzip her skit,
which falls to Stephanie's ankles.

Sunny moves down to her knees kissing Stephanie's stomach before slipping a
finger inside her panties rubbing the outside of her pussy until Stephanie
almost feels her keens buckle "Do you like this Steph?" Sunny asks easing
the finger inside of her after lowering her underwear.

"Ohhh I think I do..." Stephanie moans as she moves her hips a bit to move
her pussy against fingers. Bret lays on the bed, stroking his hard cock
slowly as he watches Sunny tease Stephanie's pussy.

"Remember Sunny... she's never done anything with a woman before..."

"Oh don't worry Bret... I'll take real good care of her" Sunny adds another
finger rubbing the top part of the inside of her pussy back and forth while
leaning down to slip her tongue inside her pussy.

Stephanie moans as she places both hands on Sunny's head, "Oh my god Sunny...
that's... so hot..." Sunny's hand moves to spread Stephanie's pussy open
wider as her tongue circles around it and her own hand reaches down to slip
between her parted legs rubbing her own pussy.

"Ahhh ahh Sunny.... I'm.... oh my..." Stephanie whimpers and starts to cum on
Sunny's face. Sunny responds by licking her pussy faster to keep Stephanie's
on the brink of a second climax, which she has almost instantly after coming
down from her first orgasm.

Bret smiles and moves over to take over stroking Sunny's pussy for her "Come
on Sunny... she wants you... make her eat you out oh yeah baby I want to
watch her lick your hot pussy."

Sunny smiles, "I love how you think Bret..." Sunny rides Bret's fingers for
a moment before standing up. She takes Stephanie's hand and leads her to
the bed. Sunny lays down and spreads her legs, "Ok Stephanie... it's your

Stephanie looks at her nervously, "I... I've never done it before..."

Sunny smiles, "Now would be a good time for your first try..."

Stephanie crawls onto the bed moving between Sunny's parted legs sliding a
finger down against her pussy hearing her moan and whimper softly "Keep that
up Stephy... it's okay honey were not in a race here just relax."

"Ok..." Stephanie nods her head before sticking her tongue out and nervously
licks Sunny's pussy. Stephanie licks her lips to savor her first taste of a
women's pussy. After taking a moment, Stephanie decides that she likes the
taste and she starts licking Sunny's pussy a bit more comfortably.

"Ohhh... mmmm yeah baby" Sunny whispers as Bret pushes her down on the bed
to gently take her breast in his mouth sucking hard on it. Sunny moves her
fingers through his hair while moving a bit to watch Stephanie lick her.

Stephanie rubs both of Sunny's thighs as she moves her tongue all over her
pussy. Stephanie gets a bit bolder and pushes her tongue into cunt. Bret
stops sucking Sunny's breast for a moment to say, "Steph appears to be a

"She sure is" Sunny replied smiling before she moans as Stephanie's tongue
found her spot which caused her hips to arch and she moved to rub her other
breast while Bret resumed sucking on her other one. Stephanie realizes she
touched a special spot in Sunny's pussy, so she focuses on licking that
particular area. "Ohhh yes Steph.... ohhh are you sure this is your first...
timmmmmeee..." Sunny can barely get her question out before she cums hard
from Stephanie's impressive tongue work.

Bret moves to place a hand behind Stephanie's head pulling her to him for a
very hot kiss "You are so beautiful and that was incredible you deserve to be
rewarded" he said smiling at her.

Stephanie smiles cutely and like a child asks, "What do I get?"

Sunny looks at Bret, "Yeah Bret... what does she get... and can I get it

"Well Steph what would you like?" he asks her giving her a moment to think
before moving to kiss her neck then nibbling on her ear.

Stephanie smiles, "I want you dick... can I have it? Pretty please with a
cherry on top."

Sunny smiles, "Oh how cute... Bret you better give it to her..."

He lays down motioning to her "It's right here for you baby all hard and
ready to go" Stephanie moves over taking him down her throat and immediately
bobbing quickly on his cock.

"Hey save some for me..." Sunny says as she moves down and begins licking
Bret's balls and his shaft whenever Stephanie head moves upwards. Bret moans
softly as the two women double team his cock. Stephanie moves her mouth off
of Bret's dick, and she and Sunny both flick their tongues against the tip of
his dick.

"Steph get up here for a minute" Bret says watching Sunny take his cock in
her mouth Stephanie moves up by Bret and he reaches up licking her breast
holding it in his hand before he takes it in his mouth just as Stephanie's
cell phone starts to shrilly ring.

Stephanie moans softly as she reaches for cell phone. Once she has it, she
answers it, "He... Hello?" Stephanie says as she moans from Bret's mouth on
her breast.

"Well I can tell you're not at the office" Vince McMahon says turning to look
at his wife as she walks into the room "Where are you Stephanie Marie?"

"Ohhhh I'mmmm at a friends... house..." Stephanie moans her reply as Sunny
moves a hand between her legs and begins to rub her pussy.

"I expect you home in twenty minutes Stephanie and don't make me come looking
for you because if you're at where I think your at... you and your... friend
will be very sorry twenty minutes Stephanie" he slams the phone down.

Stephanie hangs up her phone and lays it on the bed. She cups Bret's face and
moves his head off her breast. "My... my dad... knows... I think he does..."
Stephanie whispers to him as Sunny sucks his cock and rubs her pussy.

"How?" Bret asked.

"I don't know...I have to get home."

"Don't please tell me this doesn't mean..."

"I don't know Bret I'll have to find out what my dad knows and then well
maybe i will call you later?"

"Maybe?" he asked standing up.

"Bret please don't do this" she said reaching for her clothes.

Sunny looks at Stephanie, "Ummm how about you call me... and then I'll call
Bret... if you're Dad knows... then I'll be in trouble too..."

Stephanie sighs as she puts on her clothes, "Thanks Sunny..."

Bret takes Stephanie's hand after putting on a pair of shorts and a tank top
then hugs her, "Call me... no matter what... I don't want to lose you."

Stephanie places two fingers against his lips "I wont lose you" she replies
softly kissing him deeply he slides his hands up cupping her face thrusting
his tongue in her mouth.

"I love you Steph" he whispers when he pulls away.

"I... I love you too..." Stephanie replies as her eyes tear up. She then
leaves the bedroom and runs down the stairs as fast as she can.

Sunny looks at Bret, "Are you going to be ok Bret?"

"I don't know how he could know... I feel like she's gone... I can't let her
do this..." Bret then races out of the bedroom and down the stairs after her
but by the time he gets outside Stephanie is gone.

Sunny comes down short after so she can see how it would play out, "Did...
you catch her?"

"No... she was already gone. He can't take her away from me... I can't let
that happen."

"What are you going to do? He signs your paychecks... it's... not like you
can go to his wife and get her to allow you to see Stephanie..."

"I don't know but I am not just letting her walk away... I am gonna fight for
her if I have to take on Vince himself" Bret then gets in the car and drives
off, heading to Vince McMahon's mansion.

To Be Continued...

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