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Stephanie's First Time
by Kurt/Steph

The McMahon mansion was tucked away in the very propionate town of Greenwich
Connecticut. It was the summer of 1997 and a twenty-one year old, Stephanie
Marie McMahon was moving back home after just graduating from college. Her
father wanted her to spend the summer at home before getting an apartment.
She spent most of her summer days laying poolside in her cute little bikini
while her mother and father were off at World Wrestling Federation

"Stephanie, I want you to meet somebody." Vince McMahon's voice said with his
booming voice as he walked outside and over to the pool where Stephanie was
relaxing in the sun.

Steph opened her eyes, kind of squinting in the sun as she looked at her
father and the man who was standing next to him.

"Stephanie, this is Kurt Angle. You know, the guy who won the gold medal last
year in the Olympics." Vince continued.

Kurt looked down at the young McMahon who looked right back at him. She was
beautiful. His eyes were drawn to her nice perky breasts that were barely
covered by her bikini top. The hard nipples evident through the swimsuit

"Hi Mr. Angle." Stephanie said with a smile, standing up to shake his hand.
Angle smiled back accepting her handshake.

Steph had seen Kurt Angle on TV during the Olympic Games last year. Her
father followed the freestyle wrestling competition closely. She had thought
he was cute on TV, but seeing him in person, Stephanie thought he was
amazingly cute. She had a crush on him ever since she saw him on TV. She
noticed his muscular physic as she shook his hand. His muscle shirt nicely
displayed his many muscular curves. Thankfully for Kurt, he still had a full
head of hair in '97.

"Call me Kurt." Angle replied, flashing his signature smirk at Steph as she
smiled back.

"Well Kurt, I hope you will think about my offer. I think you would make a
fine addition to the WWF." Vince said as his wife, Linda, called from the

"Vince, Pat Paterson's on the phone…He says it's important." Linda yelled out
to Vince.

"Just a second, Kurt. I have to take this call. I will show you out when I

Vince went inside the house, leaving the young twenty-eight year old Kurt
Angle with his little girl, Stephanie.

Steph flashed Angle a cute smile before sitting back down on her lounging
pool chair. Angle felt his dick begin to get hard as Steph leaned over to
grab the suntan lotion that was on the ground next to the chair, giving him
a nice view at her cleavage.

"Kurt, would you mind helping me put the lotion on my back? I don't want to
burn." Stephanie said holding out the lotion bottle to Kurt.

Angle thought for a minute, would it be appropriate for him to be rubbing
down his soon to be boss's twenty-one year old daughter? He had to at admit,
she really turned him on. If she wasn't McMahon's little girl, he would fuck
her in a New York minute. Steph's beautiful smile was what made Angle give
in, taking the bottle of lotion from her. Steph moved forward on the chair,
giving Angle room to sit behind her. He made his way over on the right side
of the chair and sat down, leaving his legs on that side. He turned his torso
towards Steph's back.

"Make sure you don't miss any spots. I burn really easily." Steph said as she
reached behind her and untied the strings that held her top up at the back of
her neck. She then grabbed hold of her tits, keeping them covered with her
arms crossed. Angle quickly squirted the lotion into his hand and rubbed it
around both of his hands.

Steph sighed as he began to massage the lotion into her soft young skin. He
rubbed his thumbs up and down her spine as Stephanie let out a moan letting
Angle know it felt great.

"You're really good with your hands." Steph said, in a somewhat sexy voice,
she turned her head, looking back at Angle. Angle smiled back at her and
massaged up the sides of her hips till his fingertips were touching the sides
of her breasts. Steph smirked, feeling Angle's hands almost cupping her tits.

"You like that?" Angle whispered, his hands advanced forward, cupping her
breasts with his hands, giving them a squeeze as Steph let out a playful

"Sorry I took so long." Vince said from the patio as he closed the sliding
glass door from the house.

Kurt quickly removed his hands from Steph as she tied up her top. Angle stood
up before Vince was even off the patio. Vince made his way over.

"So, did you guys have a chance to chat while I was gone?" Vince asked,
making conversation.

"Yeah…Kurt's a real amazing guy." Steph said, her eyes focused on Kurt who
smiled back at her.

"Yes, and he will think about my offer."

"Yes, Mr. McMahon. Thank you for inviting me to your home." Angle said,
shaking Vince's hand. Vince then rubbed his fingers together, feeling the
greasy residue from Angle's hands, he smiled, playing it off. "Well, let me
show you out."

Angle stood in the hotel shower as the water fell across his muscular naked
body. He kept thinking about Vince's daughter, Stephanie. The feeling of her
soft tits in his hands. His hand moved down to his cock as he began to stroke
it, thinking about Vince's little girl.

"Stephanie McMahon…" Angle murmured as he jerked off even harder. He was
holding his dick at the base and was moving his hand the whole length of the
shaft. It wasn't long before the sexual fantasy of fucking Stephy's brains in
was too much for Kurt to contain himself. Cum shot out of his dick and into
the shower stall.

The next day, Angle decided that he was going to go to the McMahon mansion
around lunch time. The purpose of the visit was not to see Vince McMahon. In
fact, Kurt knew that Vince had a meeting with the board of directors around
noon that day. He was coming to see Steph.

When he arrived at the McMahon mansion, he didn't even bother going to the
front door, he went around back and sure enough, Stephanie Marie McMahon laid
out in the sun by the pool.

"Hey beautiful." Angle said with a smile walking up to where Steph was lying
on her back with her eyes closed.

"Kurt, what are you doing here? Dad's at a meeting." Steph said smiling as
she opened her eyes.

"I didn't come here to see your dad." Kurt confessed sitting down on the end
of the lounge chair.

"Oh, well, my mom isn't here either, she had a meeting as well." Steph said
sitting up and right in front of Angle.

"I came to see you." Kurt said, bringing his right hand to her young pretty
face. Steph smiled, and did the same, feeling Angle's freshly shaved face.

Without thinking, Angle leaned forward and pressed his lips against Steph's.
Steph quickly accepted the kiss, throwing her arms around Angle's neck as his
tongue began to probe her mouth.

"Oh shit, wait." Kurt said as he quickly pulled away once the reality of what
he was doing sunk in. "Fuck, I'm sorry, Steph. That was way out of line. I
shouldn't have done that. Please don't tell your father, okay?"

Stephanie giggled and quickly pressed her lips against Angle's. Kurt groaned
as his tongue found its way into her mouth again. Their tongues wrestled in
her mouth for a few moments before Steph broke the kiss.

"Let's go inside, I've had enough sun for today." Steph said with a smile as
she took Kurt by the hand and lead him inside. Angle couldn't believe what
had just happened. He had kissed Vince McMahon's daughter, and not just once,
but twice. He had to admit, she tasted better than he ever thought she would.

Steph lead Angle through the long hall, up the grand staircase, and into a
room, closing the door behind them. Angle looked around. Posters of New Kids
On The Block and Steph with her friends from high school decorated the walls
of what was surely Steph's room. She had obviously left it the way it was
before she left for college. Kurt's face suddenly focused on Stephanie as
she undid her bikini top and let it fall on the floor. Her breasts were
beautiful, Kurt wasted no time in bringing one to his mouth, running his
tongue over the nipple and areola as Steph moaned. Kurt felt the young
woman's hand on his covered dick. He heard and felt her unzip his pants. He
smiled and quickly helped her remove his jeans, and then his briefs. Steph's
hands were immediately all over his huge cock as it sprung free. She started
jerking him off as he went for her bikini bottoms. His thumps dipped into
the sides before sliding them down slowly. There it was, her perfectly shaved
twenty-one year old pussy.

"Uhmm, I-I don't know if we should do this." Steph said, it was clear to
Angle that she was nervous being completely naked in front of him. Steph had
given into her physical attraction to Angle. She had lead him to her room to
make out and jerk him off like she had done with her other boyfriends in the
past; she had not thought that he would want to go all the way.

"Steph, you're not a...a virgin are you?" Angle asked.

"....Yeah, yeah I am. My dad kept really close tabs on me all through
college. I couldn't have been sexually active without him knowing. He wants
me to wait till I get married." Steph said, feeling ashamed as she began
covering herself up. "I'm sorry, I know I was like leading you on. I-I really
like you, Kurt."

Kurt smiled as he took of his shirt, exposing his muscular torso to

"I like you too, Steph..."Angle looked down at his cock which was still at a
tension from the previous excitement. "If you want, I can help you through
your first time."

Steph looked nervously at Kurt, she was turned on by the hot naked stud
standing right in front of her in her own room.

"Come here, don't be afraid." Angle said in a low soothing voice as he step
forward and brought his hand to her pussy. He dipped one of his fingers in
between her pussy lips and began to caress her vaginal folds.

"Does that feel good?" Angle asked. Steph nodded as she began to breath
heavy. It was the first time a guy had ever played with her pussy. "Here,
rub my dick."

Kurt guided Steph's hand back to his rod and she did as he instructed. As he
worked his fingers in her vaginal folds he soon was rewarded with her pussy
juice. He quickly took his fingers and brought them to his mouth. Steph
watched as he licked her wetness off his fingers.

"Have you ever given a guy a blow job before, Steph?" Kurt asked pulling away
from her and sitting down on her bed.

"No...My friends talk about giving them to their boyfriends. They say it's
like sucking on a lollipop." Steph said walking over to Kurt. She didn't tell
Kurt about her former boyfriends, they had all asked at one time or another
for a blow job, Steph was never comfortable giving one. She would do it for

"Yeah that's right. Now kneel down in front of me." Kurt said as Steph
quickly did what she was told. "Okay now grab hold of my cock and put it in
your mouth."

Steph hesitated for a second, but did as she was told. Angle moaned as he
took a handful of Steph's brown locks of hair in his fists as he felt his
dick slide into Stephanie McMahon's virgin mouth.

"That's it, Stephy...All the way in..." Kurt started guiding Steph's head
closer to him, helping her slide more of his dick into her mouth. Steph
gagged, not used to having a dick in the back of her throat as Angle began
to pump his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Yeah, that's it baby, just keep sucking...Use your tongue on it." Kurt said
continuing to fuck Steph's face. He felt the tongue of Stephanie begin to rub
his shaft sending chills up his spine.

"Yeah....suck that cock baby." Kurt groaned picking up the pace even more.
His balls began to smack Stephanie's chin as his cock disappeared and
reappeared in Steph's mouth. She was getting more relaxed and used to his
dick, for she was no longer gagging, and was now deep throating his huge
cock with ease. Angle was in heaven as he looked down and saw Stephy McMahon
head bobbing up and down on his manhood.

Angle stopped her and pulled her up and onto the bed with him. He laid her on
her back with her head on her laced pillows as he got on top of her. He could
tell she was scared, her eyes were big and looking down, afraid of feeling
the pain of his huge dick splitting her virgin pussy in two.

"It's okay, Stephy, will take it slow." Angle whispered giving Steph a kiss.
He then leaned over the side of the bed, grabbing his jeans off the floor.
Steph watched him, looking confused. Angle pulled out the condom from the
back pocket of his jeans.

"We don't want any mishaps...You're dad would kill me if I got you pregnant."
He said, taking the condom out of the wrapper and started sliding it on his
cock. Steph had never seen a condom before, she watched intently as Angle
worked it over his huge rod. Once it was completely on, he gave Stephanie
another kiss and got between her legs. He held his dick in his hands at her

"Alright, I'm going to put it in. It's going to hurt a little, but trust me,
it will feel good after I pop your cherry." Angle told Steph as he began to
push his cock head into her vaginal hole. Steph began to wince in pain, as
Angle gave a couple of forceful thrusts pushing his cock head into her pussy.
He then started to give more gentler thrusts, trying to make Stephanie's
first time as painless as possible.

"It hurts......."Steph moaned as Angle continued with baby humps, working his
cock in, inch by inch. He felt his cock head pressing against her barrier.

"Take a deep breathe." He instructed to Steph as he began to quickly and
forcefully drive his dick in further. Steph cried out in pain as he felt her
barrier give way.

"You are now officially no longer a virgin." Angle whispered in Steph's
hair as he began to pump into her pussy more quickly and with less care. The
thought of popping the boss's daughter's cherry, made Angle want to cum right
then and there.

"It hurts..Kurt.." Stephanie whined, her body tense from the pain.

"Just relax, baby. It will feel good, you just have to relax." Kurt said
before giving her a nice passionate kiss, in an attempt to make her feel
more relaxed. Steph sighed putting her arms around Kurt's neck. Quickly,
Stephanie's relaxation had paid off as she began to feel a rush of pleasure
that started in her pussy and coursed through the rest of her body. The
twenty-one year old began to match Angle's thrusts as they both began to
moan. Stephanie came several times as the Olympic champion continued to
fuck her.

"Wanna try...ugh..a different position?" Angle asked in between grunts as
Steph nodded, out of breath.

Kurt pulled out and had Steph get out of bed. Angle then sat down on the side
of the bed.

"Come sit on my lap." Kurt said with a smile, pulling Steph from behind onto
his rod. Steph helped guide herself onto his manhood. Her pussy accepted the
girth much easier than the first time, as Steph's knees began to buckle
causing her to slide down on his dick. Kurt grunted as he began bouncing her
up and down on his dick. Steph leaned back against him as she brought her
fingers to her own pussy and began to rub her clit adding to the pleasure of
the Olympic Stud fucking her brains out.

"Fuck...ugh...Now I'm going to have to take this job...So I can be on your
daddy's payroll and fuck you every weekend...ugh ugh." Angle grunted out as
he stood up with Steph, his cock still in her pussy. Steph bent over the bed,
taking it hard and fast from behind, her fingers scratching her bed sheets in
ecstasy as Angle continued to pork her.

"Yes...fuck me...Kurt Cute! UGH! UGH!" Steph said, standing upright again,
feeling Kurt kissing her neck while plowing into her twat. Angle's hands
found her tits again as he started kneading them with is hands, feeling the
cum start to build in his rod.

This was the exact moment that Angle had been masturbating about ever since
when he met Steph two days ago. He was indeed fucking the shit out of her and
best of all, she was loving it.

"Fuck yes...." Angle moaned as he felt his load shoot of in the condom. He
thrusted a couple more times, in and out of her pussy, just to savor their
first fuck together, and Steph's first time period. He and Steph both
collapsed on the bed.

"Steph! I'm home, did you have too much sun?" Vince called from down stairs
as Angle quickly shot off the bed.

"Quick, get something on." Angle said fumbling around, trying to get dressed.
He had never been this active right after sex. Maybe it was the fear of Vince
finding him with his limp cock still in his little girl's pussy. He knew an
encounter like that would definitely ruin his chances of ever being in the
World Wrestling Federation.

Steph grabbed her pink towel robe and put it on as she led a barely dressed
Angle to her bedroom window.

"There's roots growing up the side of the house...You can use them to climb
down." Steph said before giving Angle a passionate kiss.

"You're done this before, haven't you." Kurt asked, climbing out the window.

"Once or hurry, he's coming." Steph said with a smile. She blew
him a kiss before closing the window. Angle climbed down the side of the
house. Once safely on the ground, he hightailed it to his rental car that he
had parked a few blocks down from the McMahon mansion main gate.

Kurt zipped his fly before entering his rental car. He sat there a minute,
trying to catch his breath and full realize what just happen in the last two
hours. Steph was amazing, but how could he still have her and be in the WWF?
Vince McMahon was well known for his ball busting business man tactics. He
would have him castrated if he knew he was responsible for his daughter's
deflowering. One thing was for sure, His debut in the WWF was going to be
very interesting.

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