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if you despise it. ENJOY!!! Peace!!!

Background: Terri's Fantasies Become Reality? (Cont)

Right before RAW, Torrie and Lita decided to teach Terri a lesson about
snooping around in other people's business. The two asked Trish if she could
keep everybody away from the locker room which she accomplished. But Trish
wanted to know what was going on, and walked in to see Torrie, Lita, and
Terri in deep intimacy, and soon Trish was involved herself. Stephanie, who
had just returned from the hotel, didn? know not to go back there, and when
she saw what was going on, she walked away with a wicked grin, and only God
knows what? on her mind..

(This is the longest Story I've written. I hope everybody takes the time to
read, and give feedback.)

Stephanie's Interrogation Part 1
by The Ultimate Heel (

Smackdown Taping (Tuesday)

"The show went well Dad. I know you wish you were here. I'll tell you
everything that happened when I get home alright.. Okay Daddy, I love you..
Bye. What would he do without me?" Stephanie said as she put her cell phone
on the table in her dressing room. Knock Knock.

"Finally." Steph said, heading towards the door and opening it.

She saw the two women, Torrie and Trish, who she had called to her room.
"Sorry to bother you guys after the show, but I checked your schedules, and
neither of you have to make any appearances tomorrow, and I need to have a
meeting with both of you in my office at WWF headquarters." Torrie and Trish
nodded their heads and said Okay.

"Good," said Steph, "But I wanna talk to each of you privately, so Torrie
would you mind meeting me at say.. 3:00 o'clock."

"That's fine." Answered Torrie.

Steph turned her head to Trish and said, "And you can be there around 3:30
or 3:45 alright, I guess I'll see you both tomorrow then."

They said their goodbyes, Stephanie closed the door to gathered her
things, while Torrie and Trish walked down the hall.

"Why the hell does she want to have a meeting?" Asked Trish.

"I don't know.. Maybe the photo shoot or something," replied Torrie.

They exited the arena wondering what Stephanie could want to say, that
she couldn't say right then and right there. Neither of them had a clue, and
would just have to find out in Stephanie's luxurious office tomorrow.

Wednesday: Torrie? Arrival

Sitting in her cushioned chair, with her leather beige pants unzipped,
Stephanie has a large pen and is using it as a dildo, driving it in herself
so far, that she actually grazes her pussy with her hand. Stephanie lets out
slight moans each time she goes in and out of her wet vagina. She takes her
other hand and fondles with her breasts, taking a handful and squeezing them
through her tight black sleeveless top that exposed part of her cleavage.
Steph looked at the clock and it was 2:54, she wasn't expecting Torrie for
another 6 minutes, so she continued almost letting her left breast fall out
into the open, and pushing the writing utensil harder into her clit. She'd
letting out louder moans, her body? twitching in pleasure, her eyes closed,
and her mouth widened.

Suddenly, Stephanie's door opens. She hears it open and looks at the clock
all in one motion. Steph quickly dropped the pen to the ground behind her oak
wood desk, she zipped up her pants, but continued to sit in her chair as
Torrie now came into view.

"Oh hey Torrie," said Steph, with a fake tone. "I wasn't expecting you for
a couple more minutes."

"Yeah, I got here kinda early so your secretary.. Susan, told me to come
on in."

Stephanie stood up and asked Torrie to have a seat. Torrie obliged, and
walked over taking a seat right in front of Stephanie's desk. Steph sat back
down thinking to herself, "Thank God my desk isn't facing the door anymore."

Then Stephanie said, "Before I get started, I wanna say again how sorry I
am to bring you here on such short notice," said Steph with a serious look on
her face, "but I wanted to ask you a few questions."

Torrie shrugged and said, "Alright.. shoot."

Steph grinned and asked, "How are things going with the women here?
There's not any fights or something to that nature is there?"

"No, everybody gets along pretty well from what I see," replied Torrie.

"So there's no bitching or anything else going on either, right? You can
tell me the truth."

"I'm.. No, not that I'm aware of."

"No personally, do you have a close relationship with any of the divas?
Possibly more than one?"

"Maybe," said a puzzled Torrie, "Look, I'm sorry but I'm not sure where
you're going with this."

"Okay then, I'll just get to the point. On Monday, about an hour before
the show began, I went back to my hotel room to get my bags if you recall.
Later on that night when I came back, I was walking through the halls, and
I started to walk where I thought everybody's locker rooms would be, but
later on I find out that some of them were moved. Do you know what I'm
talking about now Torrie?"

Torrie refused to believe she could be talking about her and the other
divas getting intimate. So she nervously replied, "No.. I still don't know
what you're talking about."

Stephanie smiled and said, "I thought you might say that, so I'll take it
a step further. While I was walking down the hall, I couldn't help but hear
noises coming from one particular room." (Torrie is getting hot, and is
beginning to sweat a little) "Again, when I heard these noises, I just
couldn't help myself, I had to see what was going on," and now Stephanie's
tone changed from somewhat polite to just plain evil, "So I opened the door.
Do you wanna take a guess at what I saw?"

Torrie's sweat was now visible as she sat there frozen in her seat, not
able to say a word, just looking down and anywhere else in the room except at

"I'll take your silence as a clue that you know what I'm referring to and
believe it or not, I don't care how you choose to live your life away from
the business, you can do whatever you want and have sex with whomever you
want.. but when you've at work, I expect you to follow the rules."

Torrie could sense the two words (you're fired), something that her father
has said a lot over the years.

"And I know there's no rule that says you can't have sex at the show, but
say for instance it wasn't me that walked in on you. Let's say it was a
security guard or a crew member. What do you think would've happened if they
saw you? Let's see.. For one, if they didn't just come in and possibly rape
you, they could've spread the news all over the internet, and maybe they
could've had a camera and showed you in full nude over the net.. Maybe they
could've went to the tabloids with it. Do you know what that could lead to?
That would give the government just what it needs to shut down the WWF. Oh, I
can just see it now, 'Vince orders WWF divas to perform orgies' or how about
this one, 'The WWF proves once again that it's not suitable for regular
television,' or basic cable for that matter. I bet you didn't even think
about the consequences did you? DID YOU?"

Torrie now reduced to tears said, "No I didn't.. I'm sorry.. it won't
happen again."

"Torrie, Torrie, Torrie I didn't mean to make you cry, I just wanted to
let you know that if it had been someone else, or if I took this information
to my father and the rest of the board, there's a good chance that you could
be fired... But before you get too nervous," Stephanie rose out of her seat,
"I'm not gonna do that, cause it's not my style." Steph walked around her
desk and stood behind Torrie? seat.

"I like to handle things my way... and I always get my way. For example,
you might remember Sunny or Sable, they didn't see things my way, so we
showed them their pink slips." Steph began to roll her fingers around
Torrie's long blonde hair, "Now that can all be avoided Torrie, all you have
to do is show me how sorry you really are." Steph said as she walked back
around with her fingers still caught in Torrie's hair.

"Well what do I have to do to prove it, I'll do anything." replied Torrie.

"Anything... I like that answer." Steph scoped out Torrie's beautiful body
and said,"I see you dressed to impress, huh Torrie.. With that pink strapless
dress, it's barely thigh length, just riding up your ass, ha ha. Ya know, I
bet you don't even have a bra on do you?" Torrie's stunned at what she's
hearing, widens her eyes, and has a half smirk on her face, as Stephanie
continued. "You probably don't even have panties on."

Torrie lifted her ass off the seat enough to lift up her dress and said,
"You're wrong Steph," revealing that she had on a red thong.

Stephanie was a little shocked that Torrie just showed her her thong, so
then Steph said, "Maybe we won't run in to problems over this, as long as you
see things my way."

At the same time Steph unzipped her pants and pulled them to her ankles,
exposing her perfect looking pussy, with only a line of hair around it. "It's
now or never Torrie.. What will it be?"

Torrie gazed at Stephanie's body, surveying every inch of the Billion
Dollar Bombshell, she noticed that she was getting moist in her pussy
thinking about licking up and down Stephanie's physique. Torrie smiled hard,
and Stephanie knew that she would get what she wanted so she sat down on her
desk with her feet dangling off of it, she removed a few things and laid
down, as Torrie stood up, still with that hard grin and said, "How would you
like me to EAT my way through trouble?"

"That was exactly what I had in mind." Steph proclaimed.

Torrie got down to her knees on the soft carpeted floor and said, "It
looks like you've the slut without panties."

Steph chuckled, and Torrie said no more, laying her long pointy tongue
right on the side of Stephanie's clit. Torrie teased Steph licking her around
her pussy but not in, as Steph gave off a small moan. Torrie tightened her
lips and then kissed all around Stephanie? vagina. Stephanie opened her legs
wider and said,

"Quit fooling around, I want your tongue in my pussy right now!"

"Patience.. anything good is worth the wait."

Torrie slipped her tongue out again, and split Stephanie's pussy lips with
her fingers and slid her tongue inside about an inch in. She wiggled her
juicy tongue around her pussy, looking up seeing that she was doing her job,
as Stephanie every few seconds was at a loss of breath.

"Aww.. Go deeper.. PLEASE Go deeper!" Exclaimed Stephanie.

Torrie, who had been feeling Steph's pussy walls with her tongue, now
plunged right in the middle, setting Stephanie off, as she said, "Ooohhhh..
Yeessss.. Right there baby."

Torrie kept sliding her tongue out slowly, and driving it back in with
force, fucking her with it. Stephanie was Torrie's slave, she couldn't do
anything but moan, then she let out a cry, "I'm gonna cuuummmm," she said,
but that didn't stop Torrie as she gathered Steph? cum in her mouth and
swallowed it.

Torrie stopped fucking her with her tongue, and used it instead to jump up
vertically in Stephanie's pussy. Torrie's tongue moved faster than anything
Steph has ever felt, her tongue was lightning quick steadily bouncing up and
down inside of her.

Stephanie held on to the end of her desk for dear life, and with her other
hand she pushed her left breast through the middle opening of her top, then
she put a tight constriction around her nipple, pressing and squeezing until
it was fully erect. She got a grip of her tit and brought it closer to her
mouth so she can kiss and suck on them. Torrie was continually tasting her,
and was doing a damn good job too.

Stephanie sat up, seeing Torrie planted in her pussy, she almost couldn't
believe this was happening, but wasn't about to stop. Steph grabbed Torrie's
face, as she began to stand up by Steph. Steph still sitting on the desk
reached her tongue out, Torrie did the same. Their tongues met for a couple
of seconds, as they finally reached each other's mouth, they shared more than
a passionate kiss, it was like heaven for Stephanie to taste her very own
juices in her mouth, and even more so tasting them off of another woman's
tongue, especially Torrie's.

Stephanie found her hand lifting up Torrie's tight dress. Torrie realized
what she was doing and helped Steph pull her thong down to her knees. Steph
took 2 fingers and shoved them in Torrie's clit. They carried on their kiss,
but Torrie moaned as Stephanie kept on fingering her insides. Torrie then
grabbed on to Stephanie's humongous and revealing breast, massaging it and
feeling the dampness from where Stephanie was sucking on it.

Torrie ended the kiss and went down to suck on Stephanie's tit. Stephanie
brought her hand from Torrie? clit, and transported it in her mouth, sucking
the juices off while closing her eyes attempting to hold on to this moment.
Stephanie leaned her head back as Torrie sucked on her breast, and uncovered
Steph's right one. Torrie then rubbed Stephanie's tit, and Steph helped her
by getting a grip of Torrie's soft hands, and pressing them against her
chest. Stephanie took her free hand and squeezed Torrie's right tit feeling
the softness yet firmness of Ms. Wilson's chest. They both moaned as their
breasts were being woman-handled.

"Torrie, your tongue feels sooooo good... I don't know if you've ever done
this, but I would be at your debt if you slip that thing in my ass."

Torrie stopped sucking Stephanie's tit, and stood up straight. "Now if you
want me to do this, you'll have to turn around."

Steph grinned and turned 180 degrees and stuck her nice fat ass in the
air. Torrie then grabbed the chair behind her, and sat down. Her face was
leveled with Stephanie's ass. Steph's hands were planted on the desk waiting
for incoming, and without further a due, Torrie found herself licking
Stephanie in and around her ass. She was surprised and relieved in how it
tasted. Stephanie definitely took good care of herself. Torrie then went
deeper and deeper, as she began to feel more comfortable, and Steph's moaning
rose louder than before.

Then out of the blue, Stephanie's recorder beeped, and it was her
secretary. "Ms. McMahon... are you there?"

Stephanie pulled all of her strength together and pressed the button so
she could answer. Torrie didn't wanna stop, and neither did Steph, so she
took her chances talking in this position and said, "Yeaahh.. uhhhh.. I'm

"Are you alright Stephanie? Do you need some help?"

"No, Susan... Ooohhh... I'm just fine. So please make it quick, I'm kinda

"Well, your 3:30 just arrived, do you want me to send her in?"

"Uhhhh.. No. I'll call you when I'm ready, BYE!!!"

Stephanie pressed the button with authority, and let out a scream she had
bottled up inside her over the phone, "OOOOOOhhhhhhh.. my Goooddddddddd,"
Steph yelled, but her walls were sound proof because of the many encounters
she had with Triple H.

Torrie started to bang Stephanie from behind, putting her fingers in
Steph's pussy, jamming them in hard, while still licking Steph's ass. She
took her other hand and fucked herself with it. The closer Torrie got to
climax, the harder she banged Steph. Both women screamed passionately and
sometimes in unison, as they were immobilized. Their vaginas gave out and
spilled cum all over Torrie Wilson's hands.

Stephanie, a little winded turned around to see Torrie licking the juices
from her left hand. Steph took Torrie's other hand and she sucked the juices
from that one. After that Stephanie knelt down, and put Torrie's legs over
the armrests. She looked to see how wide her pussy was. It was about average.
So Steph straightened her hand, and crossed her thumb over her palm, she
then drove her whole hand in Torrie's clit. Torrie has never attempted this
on herself, and has never had this many in before. As Steph continued to
literally pound her hand in, Torrie's screams were 3 times louder than
Stephanie's. Steph left her hand inside of Torrie's pussy letting each finger
go their own way, which felt like five different tongues licking her at the
same time.

Torrie's body jumped, almost twisting Stephanie's arm off. She pulled out
and looked at Torrie. Torrie looked back and said, "Sorry." Stephanie paid
that no attention though, and dove inside Torrie's clit, returning the favor.
Steph raised her hand that she banged Torrie with. Torrie then licked her
own juices off of Stephanie's hand, and then used her's and Steph's hand to
caress her breasts. Torrie pushed her breasts over her top, so Steph could
feel her bare tits. Torrie moaned yet again, as Stephanie took her other hand
and placed 2 fingers up her ass, and still managed to eat Torrie out.

Stephanie didn't wanna stop tasting Torrie's juicy vagina, until she felt
her juices run down her tongue. Torrie was very close to landing, as Steph
squeezed her breast tighter, and banged her ass harder. Finally, Torrie
couldn't take anymore and said, "I'm cuuuummmmmiiinnggggg."

And cum she did, in and around Stephanie's mouth.

Steph stopped all she was doing looking at the clock. It was 3:51, so
Stephanie told Torrie to get in the closet by the window. It had 2 sliding
doors so Torrie could watch. Torrie got up, pulled down her dress, and put
her titties back in, while she walked to the closet. Steph got a towel and
wiped her self off, doing the same thing Torrie did, she again pressed the
button, and told Susan to send Trish right in. She hung up, and went to give
Torrie 1 last kiss, then she put her in the closet, and went to sit down
waiting for her next victim...

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