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Before RAW began, Torrie, Trish, Lita, and Terri had a well planned lesbian
experience. They didn? believe anybody would catch them, but Stephanie
McMahon caught a glimpse of only 2 of the women involved. They were Torrie
Wilson and Trish Stratus. In the first installment, Stephanie had her PRIVATE
meeting with Torrie, and with Torrie now hiding in the closet inside of
Stephanie's office, Trish is now ready for her close up...

Stephanie's Interrogation Part 2
by The Ultimate Heel (

Sitting in her chair, Stephanie is fixing her hair and re-doing her makeup
attempting to act as if nothing had happened. She straightens her breasts in
her black, sleeveless, shirt that could barely hold the things, and is
working her "Billion Dollar Body" into an appropriate posture. With the time
Stephanie has spent gathering herself, it was time for her to find out if it
would pay dividends, because if Trish noticed something had been going on
right away, it could ruin her plans, but she wouldn't have to wait long as
her office door was now opening, and the diva that delivers "Stratus-faction"
was now making her long awaited entrance.

Stephanie stood up with a grin on her face, she walked around her desk,
and headed towards the door where Trish was now visible. Stephanie's grin
broadened, as she looked Trish in the eyes, then reached out her hand for a
shake and said, "Hey Trish," both women now sharing a handshake, "My
apologies for keeping you waiting."

"Aww, that's alright," Trish replied, as they headed for their respective

"My meeting with Torrie took a little longer than I expected." Stephanie
said as she noticed Trish was sitting in the very seat where herself and
Torrie got it on.

"Yeah, where is Torrie, I didn't see her come out?"

"Oh, she just went through another door," replied Steph, as she looked in
the direction of the closet, where Torrie could see almost the whole room
through the old-fashioned wooden blinds.

"So Trish.. How are things going for you?"

"Everything's fine... Except for my upper back kinda hurts from my last
match, but I think I'll be okay."

"Yeah, I know how that goes.. Hey, I like your outfit. Does your shirt say
Trish on it?"

"Yeah, it's kinda hard to see the cursive on here. But yeah, I just got my
own clothing line, and right now there's 3 of these kinds of shirts, this
one's black with silver writing of course, and I have a red one and a white
one. We only have one skirt though, it's black, and until we make more it's
like a black fits all kind of thing."

The two of them giggled, and then Stephanie said, "So why don't you stand
up and model them for me."

"Are you sure?" Trish asked with a hesitant tone.

"Yeah, I wanna see if it looks any good on you, cause I know if it's good
on you, it'll be 2 times better on me."

"Yeah right," Trish said as she stood up from her chair, "but what the
hell, it's only you and me right."

Steph again looked at the closet and said, "Right."

Trish turned around and walked towards the back, she was purposely shaking
her ass for Steph. This made Steph laugh and she told her to shake that nasty
thang. Trish turned around suddenly... shades of a runway model, and with a
straight face she walked with a purpose towards Stephanie. Her breasts
jumping as she added bounce to her walk. Stephanie took it upon herself to
commentate and began saying, "And there she is folks, the beautiful Trish
Stratus modeling her new clothes," Steph started. Trish tried to keep a
straight face but eventually cracked a smile, "She has on a very sexy black
halter top, with her name and little snowflakes, both in silver," Trish made
a turn, putting her ass in to view once again. "In the bottom, she has on a
short leather black skirt, also lined with silver, and to top it off, knee
high black platform boots. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Trish Stratus."

Stephanie stood up and clapped, as Trish blushed, and then walked to her
seat. Steph sat back down and said, "That was nice, thank you."

Trish sitting down said, "It's not that hard when you look this good."

"Anyways... So did you have fun at the photo shoot?"

"Yeah, it was nice.. I actually wore one of my outfits down there."

"Really, so do you think the shoot brings the divas closer together?"

"Yeah, every time we do a shoot, it's like we become more of a family.
Especially the last one."

"So you mind sharing why this particular one brought you closer," Steph
asked, as Trish grew hesitant to answer. Torrie, hearing everything that's
going on from inside that closet knows exactly why the shoot brought them
closer, because herself Trish, Stacy, and Lita were transformed into deep
lovers on the exotic islands of the Bahamas.

Trish took a couple of seconds to think and said, "Um.. I don't know, I
think we got to know each other a little more personally."

"I see.. So is there anybody here that you really have a close
relationship with?"

"There's a couple of people I like more than others, but I pretty much
like everybody."

"Yeah, well another thing I wanted to ask you about was where you were on
Monday before the show began, I wanted to speak with you, but I couldn't find
you anywhere."

"Oh, I was getting my makeup on."

"For 45 minutes. Because I looked everywhere, and I even talked to the
makeup crew, and you weren't there."

"Um, I was," Trish didn't know what to say. She knew she wasn't gonna say
what she was really doing, but she was relieved when Stephanie said, "Aw,
forget it, that's not important," Steph said as she sensed fear on Trish's
face, "So when did you hurt your back?"

"On Tuesday at the taping."

Steph nodded her head, then she stood up and walked around the desk to
find herself behind Trish's chair. This was the exact same way Steph started
with Torrie. Steph looked at Trish and said, "Do you want a massage? I
promise I won't bite unless you ask."

Torrie, looking on from the closet whispered to herself, "Here we go!"

Trish was a little surprised by this, but her back was feeling tense so
she said, "It's fine by me."

"Alright," Steph said, "Do you mind taking off your shirt. You do have a
bra on right?"

"Sure." Trish said as she stood up and lifted her shirt over her head
unveiling a Victoria's Secret white bra.

"Ya planning on seeing somebody tonight?" Asked Stephanie.

"No, I just didn't have anything else to wear," Trish said, tossing the
shirt aside.

"Well, I guess we can go to the table and get started."

Trish looked at the table and said, "That's what that is? You have your
own masseuse table."

"Yep, and I also have my own personal masseuse."

The table was over by the window in her office, and the two women were now
in perfect view for Torrie in the closet. Trish proceeded to take off her
boots and lay flat on her stomach. Stephanie slipped out of her shoes, and
her beige leather pants, she now had on black panties where as before when
she didn't have any on. Trish didn't know why Stephanie has now stripped
down, but she figured Steph was just getting comfortable.

Steph barefoot told Trish she had to get the oil out of the closet.
Torrie's eyes widened, and she moved back a little. Stephanie opened the door
and said softly, "Hey Torrie, you wanna pass me that," Steph said pointing
her finger to a small case.

"What are you doing," Torrie whispered, as she picked up the case to hand
it to Steph.

Stephanie took the case from Torrie and said softly,"Now you behave young
lady," and then closed the door behind her.

Trish raised her head off of the table and said,

"Were you talking to somebody?"

"No, I was talking to myself, because I forgot where I put this case...
Well, Trish, are you ready?"

"More than ever."

Like that Stephanie opened the case and grabbed her lubricants and set
them on the table beside Trish. Then Steph climbed onto the table resting
her knees on it and her ass on Trish's lower back. Trish again wasn't
complaining, although nobody has ever sat on her back while massaging her.
Stephanie opened the bottle, and poured some oil onto her hand. She then
rubbed her hands together, getting both of them ready. She laid her hands
on Trish's shoulders and began to massage her.

"Your hands are really soft," said Trish.

"So I've been told," Stephanie replied as she continued to caress Trish's
shoulders moving down to her back. Trish let out slight moans, but not to
sexual yet.

"Yeah that really feels good," said Trish.

Stephanie continued to move further down reaching her bra strap. She
rubbed Trish around that spot for a while, and then started to chop Trish's

"I learned this in martial arts." Stephanie said, continuing to chop her
back. Steph began to use only one hand, and found her other hand around
Trish's bra straps. Trish was feeling very loose, as Stephanie's fingers
unclasped Trish's bra. Steph now took both hands and pulled the bra to the
sides since there was no shoulder strap, but she still managed to massage
Trish without her knowing.

Stephanie again using one hand to rub Trish, took her other hand and
unbuttoned her top revealing her great big breasts. She stopped rubbing and
laid flat on Trish with her breasts on Trish's upper back. Trish opened her
eyes and said, "Stephanie are those your tits on me? And how's my bra come

Steph rolled off of her back, standing to the side of her and said, "Now
you can't tell me you didn't like that. I know you want me Trish, it's
written all over your face," Steph said, standing there with only underwear
on. Steph walked up to Trish's ear and said, "I know what you were up to on
Monday night. I saw you, Torrie and 2 other girls getting it on, so don't
play dumb with me Trish, because the games are over... Now you can take me
right now, or we can just forget this whole thing ever happened. So what's
it gonna be Trish? It's now, or never."

Trish sat up, and let her feet dangle over the table. She didn't say
anything, she just reached out her hand and touched Steph's right tit. Steph
leaned her head back as Trish softly rubbed her breast. Stephanie walked
closer with her tongue out and kissed Trish who was still sitting on the
table. As they French-kissed each other their heads moved from side to side
trying to find the right spot. Stephanie took her right hand and began to run
it up Trish's side, only stopping when she reached her left tit. She then
squeezed Trish's breast, while they continued to kiss.

Torrie was getting really hot, watching the action between Trish and
Steph. She started to pull her pink dress up, and pulled it over her head.
She didn't have a bra on, so she rubbed her tits with both of her hands,
while watching in lust at these beautiful women.

Stephanie laid Trish on the table so she was on her back. She then went
to the end of the table by Trish's feet, and hopped on. She slid Trish's
skirt off, to see her matching white thong. So Stephanie laid on her stomach
while Trish helped her out by lifting her body, and Steph grabbed on to the
part of the thong that touches her pussy, and began to pull them down with
her TEETH. Trish and Steph had eye contact as they both smiled at Stephanie's
tactics. Steph rolled back off the table to her knees in order to bring the
thong to her feet. When the thong was off, Stephanie began to lick Trish's
toes. She sucked on every single toe, each time making Trish squeal with

Torrie, still played with her breasts with her left hand, but is using her
right one to push her black thong down just enough to finger herself. She
moaned softly so not to be heard, even though Trish would've drowned her out
anyway. She leaned against the wall to hold herself up so she wouldn't fall.

Back in the room, Stephanie, started moving further up Trish's feet but
not missing a spot on Ms. Stratus' body. She reached her ankles and legs, and
then stood up a little. Steph was almost laying on the table again, while she
kissed Trish's sexy smooth legs. Trish's moans got louder as Steph got closer
to her pussy. Steph is licking and kissing Trish's thighs while Trish puts
her legs over Steph's shoulders. She's moving closer and closer to Trish's
partly shaven clit. Steph could hardly take it herself, she wanted to taste
Trish's vagina almost as much as Trish wanted her to. So Steph went right for
the target, managing to split her pussy lips with her mouth. Stephanie found
her tongue deep in Trish's pussy and this was the best pussy she had ever
tasted. The taste of it made her moan while she ate Trish out. Again, the
moan wasn't nearly as loud as Trish, as Trish clamped her legs together and
forced Stephanie deeper in her pussy. Stephanie's hands were in front of her
head, so Trish grabbed them, and rubbed them on her big and soft breasts.
Trish was definitely feeling ready to cum, and whether it was a warning to
Stephanie, or just a cry of pleasure, Trish yelled as loud as her voice could
take her, "I'm? cuuummmmiinnngggg," but this didn't stop Stephanie, she
continued at the same speed, and just let the cum fall where it will.

Trish let go of Stephanie's hands, and split her legs apart. Steph then
started to kiss up and around Trish's clit. She continued up to her waist,
and stopped at her naval making circles with her tongue. She maintained her
journey up Trish's body, getting all the way up to her breasts. Steph then
took her hands and followed her movements, rubbing Trish's body smoothly.
When she reached her tits, she put her face in the middle of Trish's tits,
and pressed them on her face. Steph then took her right hand and moved it
back down towards Trish's pussy, and rammed 2 fingers in sending a shock to
Trish as she heavily moaned. Steph began to suck on Trish? left nipple
biting it at times, but not too hard. Steph kissed and munched on Trish's
tits for a while, and then took her fingers out of Trish's clit and made
her way up to Trish's neck. Their tits were like one, as their nipples met,
and each breast planted perfectly on the other. Trish reached her left hand
down and put her fingers in Stephanie's pussy, to return the favor and at
the same time causing her to moan, but Steph continued to suck on Trish's
neck, and nibbling her ears.

Torrie, in total nakedness in that dark closet, is now sitting down with
her knees in the air, and is using both of her hands to go deep in her pussy
while gawking, at Stephanie and Trish having sex. Torrie's also thinking
about the times she spent with Trish in the Bahamas, and what she also shared
with Stephanie not too long ago. Her moans are getting louder as she no
longer cares if they hear her. She finds herself bringing her hand to her
face and tasting her own spilled juices. But her focus goes back towards the
girls as Stephanie yelled, "Ohhh my Goooddddddddd... fuck me Trish... c'mon
Bitch, Fuck Me Harder!"

Trish continued to finger Stephanie, but now with all of her might as
Stephanie's cum landed all over Trish's hand. Stephanie took control and
moved her body further up the bed until she was lying on Trish's face. Trish
with no objection, stuck her tongue out and inside of Stephanie's vagina.
Stephanie leaned back a little, getting all of her private area deep in
Trish's face. Trish took her left hand again and drove her thumb inside
Stephanie's ass. Steph bounced up and down getting everything from Trish that
she could, but she wasn't hurting Trish at all. Trish took her right hand and
fingered herself, feeling the pleasure that she was delivering. They moaned
and groaned for a while until both of them exploded, and Trish was covered in
cum all over her face and her right hand. Stephanie rolled off of Trish's
face saying, "Now I'm gonna stick my 12 inch dildo right up your fucking
pussy," she said walking back to her case.

And then Trish said sarcastically, "Ya think that's gonna be big enough?"

Stephanie grabbed the huge thing and walked to the table and replied,
"We'll just have to find out."

Stephanie again sat on Trish's face, still partially covered in cum, but
this time she in a 69 position. Trish started where she left off and began
to eat Stephanie out. Steph leaned down by Trish's pussy, then took that 12
inch dildo, and stuck part of it in. With all of the moaning Steph was able
to get her composure and stick that thing further inside. She got it in half
way the first time, and slowly took it out, and then she got it in 2 inches
deeper the next time, and again slowly took it out, Steph then drove it in
10 inches deep in her pussy, and continued at that pace, just continually
ramming that dildo in Trish's vagina, while Trish stays persistent in eating
Stephanie's pussy. They both came again at the same time, and Stephanie took
the dildo, and licked the juices off around the sides and then wrapped her
lips on it, deepthroating herself to get the rest of Trish's juices.

Stephanie again rolled off of Trish and headed for her case again, this
time she grabbed a 10 inch double headed dildo. But Trish decided to crawl
off of the table. She told Steph to lay on the carpet so she could be on top.
Stephanie handed Trish the dildo and laid on the ground. Steph invited Trish
over with an encouraging hand gesture, and Trish followed the leader and
stuck half of the dildo in her pussy, and proceeded to stick the other half
in Stephanie. Trish bounced her ass up and down like she's supposed to,
pleasuring Stephanie every time she comes down.

Torrie, who is lost in her own world... which was her pussy, looked
through the wooden blinds to see nothing but a table. She stopped what she
was doing, and tried to stand up to view the whole room. But as she stood up,
she planted her left foot on one of Stephanie's shoes, and when she tried to
catch herself, she fell right through the door. Trish and Steph were still
deep into motion, but Trish heard the loud noise that Torrie caused, and
Trish got up from her position, and looked back to see Torrie Wilson in full
nude and Trish said, "Torrie... What the hell are you doing here?"

But That's Another Story.

Part 3 Coming Soon!!!

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