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This is an original piece written by The Ultimate Heel and I have no
knowledge of anyone doing anything similar.

It took me a long time to even get started with this story. I apologize
for the wait (that's if anybody was waiting), and I hope you enjoy. Feedback,
it's not a bad thing... It's a good thing!!!


Before RAW began, Torrie, Trish, Lita, and Terri had a well planned lesbian
experience. They didn't believe anybody would catch them, but Stephanie
McMahon caught a glimpse of only 2 of the women involved. They were Torrie
Wilson and Trish Stratus. Stephanie used her power to individually get both
Torrie and Trish to submit to her wishes. But now that Torrie (who was hiding
in the closet watching her boss and fellow diva in intimacy), has made an
entrance, maybe Stephanie's plan will get 2x more interesting. Despite
popular beliefs, Three is not a crowd.

Stephanie's Interrogation Part 3
by The Ultimate Heel (

Trish stood up in amazement, as she heard a loud thump and then saw a
shape of a woman lying on the ground. Stephanie was still on the ground, as
she took the double headed dildo out of her vagina that Trish was previously
bouncing up and down on before Torrie made her unexpected entrance.

"Torrie! Is that you?" Trish asked, covering her breasts and sweet pussy
with her hands. Trish surprised to find out it was Torrie said, "What the
hell is going on here?" Trish said as Torrie was making her way to her feet.

Before Torrie could answer, Stephanie, as naked as she was when she was
born, made her way to her feet and walked over towards Torrie who was without
clothes as well. Steph wasted no time talking, she just put her hands around
Torrie's neck and planted her tongue down Torrie's throat. Trish was kinda
shocked by this, but was also massaging her hard nipples while she was
covering herself.

Stephanie the kiss and began to rub Torrie's breasts, as she looked at
Trish and answered her question, "That's what was going on."

Trish unveiled herself, letting her arms drop from her private parts and
said, "So that's why you wanted to meet with us."

Stephanie nodded her head saying, "That's exactly the reason."

"So when you said you were going to fire us unless we did what you wanted,
that was just blackmail?"

"Wait, I don't get it. Weren't you the one I caught at the arena with
three other girls including Torrie, and weren't you the one a second ago
dildo fucking with me?" It seemed to dawn on Trish that she had done some
things. Then Stephanie said shrugging her shoulders, "And as far as that
blackmail thing, I'd like to think of it as an experiment."

"An experiment eh," Trish said as her eyes widened and brightened, "Well
how about I propose an experiment of my own."

"And what might that be?" Asked Stephanie.

Trish started to walk backwards towards Stephanie's desk and said, "Well,
I was thinking you and Torrie could taste my pussy at the same time while I
lay down on your desk."

Stephanie got a smile on her face, as she said she had no problems with it
as long as Torrie's okay with it. Torrie was more than okay with it as Trish
cleared off enough room to lay her nude sexy body down. Stephanie and Torrie
headed towards Trish who was seductively beckoning the two nude bombshells,
directing them to her hot spot.

Trish laid back and spread her legs as Stephanie and Torrie proceeded to
take a kneel right beside each other, getting ready to follow orders.
Stephanie dove in Trish's clit first, tasting her sweet vagina for a second
time that day. Torrie sat back observing Steph up close as she hogged all the
space. After examining for a while Torrie decided to get a taste of her own,
so she placed her cheek against Stephanie's kinda pushing her aside, and then
stuck out her tongue and it met with the lips of Trish's pussy, as well as
Stephanie's tongue.

Trish's legs automatically widened as she felt two women fighting for room
in her pussy, and as Trish's moans and screams rose to higher levels, mainly
because she had never had two people eat her out before, Torrie and Steph
just worked faster, thus working harder, causing Trish to obtain more
pleasure, which wasn't a bad thing at all.

Trish's screaming almost came to a stop as her mouth remained open, ready
to yell, but the juices that were preparing to burst out of her pussy put a
choke hold, if you will, on Trish's vocal chords. Trish's head and shoulders
were off the desk as her vagina was doing it's natural thing when it gets hot
and excited. Trish could not even warn the two that she was cumming, her eyes
were in the back of her head, and her whole body vibrated as she began to cum
all over the faces of both women.

Trish's juices struck another battle between the two savagely divas that
were trying to collect juicy souvenirs to last forever. They fought like
lions, desperately trying to get every ounce of Trish's cum in their mouth,
and when it seemed that there was no more coming, they attacked each others
mouth, searching for more. This led to them stopping what they were doing to
Trish, because when their tongues and lips met, it made them remember what
they had going earlier.

They renewed their previous kissing experience and faded deep into their
own little world. They rose from their kneeled position and stood right up,
while Trish is still in her own universe as well. Stephanie, with her eyes
closed found her right hand placed on Torrie's left breast, so she caressed
it, and at times firmly squeezed it in her palm. Torrie, also with her eyes
closed used her left hand, and grabbed Stephanie's ass and then her right
hand to do the same thing Steph was doing to her.

Trish sat up and saw clearly now what was going on so she got off of the
desk, and got behind Torrie slapping her ass as she walked by. She made a
full circle, also slapping Steph's ass as she went by. Torrie and Steph both
felt Trish hit them, but they were not phased, they just continued with the
hardcore lip-locking. Trish made a decision to maybe return the favor that
the two women just gave her. She made her way to her knees, on the carpeted
floor, and found enough space in between Stephanie's and Torrie's legs to
reach her finger right in Torrie's pussy. Torrie felt Trish's fingers and
spread her legs further apart for easy access. When Trish succeeded on that
task, she found her face inside of Stephanie's shaven clit. The two kissing
divas weren't tonguing much anymore, because of Trish's intervene, but they
continued kissing a little, and caressing each others bodies. Trish then
switched, putting her fingers up Steph's pussy while eating Torrie out.

After a minute or so on both sides Trish stopped what she was doing, and
couldn't believe the two were still attached to each other, basically
ignoring the fact that she was there. She felt she needed to make them feel
her presence, so she walked over to where Stephanie put down the double-sided
dildo and picked it up. Then she headed to where Stephanie's briefcase was
with all the "Toys" in them. She found a strap-on dildo that satisfied the
user every time it goes in. Trish put it on and went back by the girls.

Trish got behind Torrie, and stuck one end of the double-headed monster
inside Torrie. Steph realized what was happening, and put the other side in
herself. Trish, with strap-on locked and ready for action, drove those 8
inches as far as she could in Torrie's anus. Trish held on to the backside
of Steph along with Torrie, as they awkwardly sandwiched Torrie standing up.
They continued on for minutes, but the pleasure made it feel like hours.

They all stopped at the same time as Trish came around, standing to the
side of them and said, "Ya know.. I can't believe I'm doing this. This
whole.. lesbian type thing only happened cause of some jerk-off in the
Bahamas, so me and Stacey kinda experimented to use your word Steph."

"You and Stacey," said Steph. "Ooh, that's a girl I wanna experiment with.
Was she good?"

"Hell yeah," said Trish, "Those long legs are the best things I've evr

"Was she one of the other girls that you two were with last night?"

"No," answered Torrie entering the conversation, "it was Lita and Terri,
but while we were in the Bahamas myself, Lita, Stacey, and Trish all got

"So the divas are like walking orgies then, huh." They laughed and joked
a little, then Stephanie decided she wanted some more so she said, "I have
another experiment... Trish, Can I have that strap-on?"

"Sure," Trish said as she took it off.

"Okay now, Trish why don't you lye on the floor, and you Torrie, you can
sit right on her face."

They followed orders, as Trish laid on the ground, and Torrie put her
pussy right in Trish's face, but opposite the 69 position. Stephanie put on
the strap, and got in the regular fuck position. She slid the thing right in
Trish's pussy, as Trish already began sucking Torrie's pussy. Stephanie got
into it like the dick was really hers. She leaned her body down and saw
Torrie's anus just spread out, waiting for someone to taste it. She did just
that, kissing her ass, a little and going inside Torrie's anus, and getting
a surprisingly tasteful buffet.

Torrie was being sandwiched once again, only this time, tongues were doing
the work. Trish felt that 8 inch dildo hit the right spots in her pussy, as
she also rubbed her tits, and pinched her nipples while still managing to
tongue the hell out of Torrie. Stephanie's feeling her new strap-on for the
first time, and the new self-pleasing feature is suiting her well. All three
moaned and groaned, and at times cried for help, even though they didn't
really wanna stop.

The vibration and sensation of their pussies could take it no longer.
Torrie came right on Trish's face, and that made Trish cum directly after
Torrie did because of the excitement. Stephanie didn't cum even though the
strap-on provided pleasure. She saw that Torrie was kinda out of it, and
Trish's body wasn't vibrating as much as she was before, so Steph got up
taking the strap-on off, and put the double-sided dildo inside of Trish.
Steph then got on and started to ride her like a horse. Steph jumped up and
down on the smaller Trish.

Torrie noticed something was a little different, and looked behind to see
what was happening. She saw the strap on lying on the ground, and began to
crawl off of Trish, and over to the strap for her turn. She noticed both
Trish and Stephanie getting sensation from it so she wanted to feel it
herself, so she strapped it on, and almost immediately engaged in another
"Cumming Spree". She softly moaned, and when she got her mind right she
figured she'd do what Trish was doing earlier, only this time on the floor.

Torrie went behind Stephanie who was still bouncing. She leaned Stephanie
forward, poking Stephanie in the back with the dildo. Steph knew what she was
about to do, so Stephanie stopped bouncing, and leaned all the way down, with
her head by Trish's head. Torrie got down to her knees, and fucked Stephanie
"Doggy-Style". Stephanie now felt a sandwich of her own. Trish was almost
crushed by the weight, and probably would've felt it if they were doing
something else. But under these circumstances, Trish was all for it.

It was ten minutes before they stopped. Multiple orgasms from all of the
women took place, and before they knew what hit them they laid down right
beside each other, in all the stickiness and nakedness, and they just dozed
off. The time was 4:45, and Stephanie had an appointment at 5:30. Stephanie's
secretary Susan, would always remind Steph of these things, and she tried
calling her phone 3 times but got no answer, so she decided to go and see if
she was in there.

Susan neared the door and when she reached it and opened it, she saw three
nude women laying on the ground sleep. The janitor was about to walk into
Steph's office to collect the trash, but Susan quickly said, "No I'll get
it!" And then she walked on the inside of the room closing it hard behind
her. She turned around, locked the door and walked slowly towards the divas.

"Ms. McMahon.. Ms. McMahon.. Are you alright?" Susan asked lightly.

All three divas woke up although Susan said it softly, and Stephanie said,
"Oh my god, Susan why didn't you knock?" Susan stuttered a few words out, but
Stephanie stood up and cut her off saying,

"Now Susan, I'm your boss right? And we have a good friendship right? So I
want you to promise me.. Promise me that you won't ever tell anybody about

Susan nodded her head and said, "Okay. I won't tell anybody. But there was
a reason I came in herež But I can't remember."

"That doesn't matter, I'm just happy you won't tell," said Steph, "Not to
be rude, but um.. would you mind leaving." Steph didn't have to tell her
twice. Susan turned around and never looked back until she exited the room.

"Do you think she'll tell?" Asked Torrie.

"Naw, she knows who's boss."

The three just started to get dressed, and when they were all ready to go
in to public, Torrie broke the silence saying, "Steph... Me, Trish and some
other girls are coming to my house tomorrow night to start where we left off
in the Bahamas and last night at the show. But from what happened today, I
would say you're more than welcome to join us."

Stephanie shrugged her shoulder's and said, "Sure, what time?"

"Around 7:00."

"Well, you'll see me there at 7:00 then."

"Great!" Replied Torrie. Trish and Torrie said goodbye to Steph and left
the room. Stephanie finished picking up her office, getting things straight
again, then she took a seat. The thing is, she never went to her 5:30
appointment. Now is that a bad thing or a good thing. I don't know, but I do
know that's another story.

A new series "At Torrie's House" is coming!!!
Hope you enjoyed this one.
Again sorry for the wait.

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