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Stephanie's New Indulgence Part 1
by Angela (, AIM IM: Storyweaver4life)

Stephanie McMahon was not in a happy mood. The three teams she had picked to
have wonderful performances were vetoed by her father right before he left
the arena. She slammed her office door heading down the hall.

"How could he do this... those teams could be the future of the WWE... god
he's so old fashioned!" Stephanie mumbles to herself as she gets on the
elevator. She pressed the button for the lobby and waits impatiently for
the elevator to hit the floor. Once it does, and the doors open, Stephanie
steps out and heads for the exit but she is stopped.

"Ummm excuse me... Ms. McMahon..."

Stephanie turns around and raises an eyebrow when she sees a rather
attraction blond hair woman, "Yes?"

"I'm... I'm Tylene Buck... you and I... talked the other day on the phone..."
Tylene smiles nervously.

"Yeah... yes we did... look you can either come with me or go upstairs and
wait in my office the choice is up to you" Stephanie snaps. Tylene decided
she better follow Stephanie and does so closely so she wouldn't be able to
loose her.

Stephanie storms out of the building, "So what is that you wanted again?"

Tylene bites her lip as she has to run a bit in order to keep up with
the angry Stephanie, "Ummm... well you see.... I want to be in sports
entertainment again... and... I was hoping that... the WWE would be
interested in having another diva."

Stephanie stops and turns to look at Tylene square in the eyes, "You were
in WCW and XPW weren't you?"

Tylene nods, "Yes... and a few other..."

Stephanie folds her arms, "What makes you think you got what it takes to cut
it in the WWE?"

"I will do what it takes to get myself back into sports entertainment..."

"Let me think about it and get back with you okay I have to find my father
right now" Stephanie answers; giving Tylene the impression she's saying no.
Suddenly Tylene pushes Stephanie face first up against the building sliding
her hand up under her shirt squeezing her breast through her bra.

"Remember Stephanie.... anything" with that, Tylene calmly walks away leaving
a stunned speechless Stephanie standing there.

Stephanie shakes her head and calls after Tylene, "Come up to my office...
now... your going to have your tryout now." Tylene stops and slowly turns
around to look at Stephanie who is already walking back into the building.
Tylene gets a huge smile on her face and quickly follow after her. The two
women get on the elevator together and as the elevator goes up to the floor
where Stephanie's office is, Stephanie folds her arms and looks at Tylene.
"Remove your shirt and your bra... now!"

Tylene moves to undo her shirt slipping it off before moving in front of
Stephanie cupping her own breasts and pulling it out of her bra. Tylene lick
it her own breasts and slowly flicks her tongue against the nipple while
making sure Stephanie is watching.

Stephanie smirks, "Well I see you have the look and attitude of a WWE
diva..." The elevator doors open and Stephanie walks out and down the hall
to her office with a topless Tylene following behind her. Stephanie opens
the door, enters and sits on her desk. "Close the door... and remove the
rest of your clothes... I want to see your whole body."

Tylene closes the door and then takes her hand leading her over to the small
couch pushing her gently down on it as she slides a hand inside her mini
skirt pushing it down rubbing her pussy through her panties and then before
Stephanie can blink the panties have joined her skirt and she's rubbing her
wet slit moaning softly.

Stephanie smirks and slides off her suit jacket top. "Very nice..." Stephanie
smirks as she places a hand on Tylene's press and squeezes it gently. Tylene
gasps and moans at the same time.

"Ohhh offer still stands... I'll do anything..."

Stephanie smirks, "Oh I know..." Stephanie replies as she stands up for a
moment to remove her silk blouse and suit bottom pants followed by her black
bra and panties. Stephanie sits back down on the couch and spreads her legs.
She looks at Tylene and smirks, "What are you waiting for... get between my
legs and begin earning yourself a contract..."

"Not so fast boss...I want to watch you pleasure yourself first and then
I'll lick you all day if you want baby..." Tylene says as she licks her lips.
Stephanie smiles and lays back on the couch spreading her legs wide open and
rubbing her slit before easing two fingers inside of her pussy. Stephanie
moans softly as her head falling back.

Stephanie moans as she slowly works her fingers in and out of her pussy.
"Is this what you want Tylene...." Stephanie moves a hand to one of her own
breasts and tugs on the nipple. "Mmmm god I love being watched..." Stephanie
moans as she pleasures herself in front of Tylene.

"And I love watching..." Tylene smiles as she rubs one of Stephanie's
beautiful legs. "So tell me Steph" Tylene begins tugging on one of
Stephanie's nipples rolling it between her fingers "How is... the game
in bed?" she asks sliding her hand down to move between Stephanie's

"Mmmm... Oh he's the best..." Stephanie moans softly, "Even though I prefer
women... he's good enough to keep me interested in men..." Stephanie replies
as she sits up on her elbows. "So... are you now going to earn yourself a
contract... or just want to chit chat?" Stephanie asks with a seductive

"Oh I think you've earned this" Tylene replies moving between her legs and
leaning down flicking her tongue against her slit before pushing it all the
way deep inside of Stephanie's pussy holding her hips down.

"Ohhhh baby..." Stephanie moans as she reaches down and grabs Tylene's hair
to hold her head down against her pussy. "Move that tongue baby..." Stephanie
whimpers. Tylene uses her arms to hold Stephanie down so her fingers can
spread Stephanie's pussy open and she starts licking faster swirling her
tongue around before pressing repeatedly against Stephanie's spot. "Ohhhh
ohhh that's it, right there baby..." Stephanie moans as she pulls hard on
Tylene's hair as she suddenly orgasms. Stephanie's back arches as her climax
waves through her body. "Keep licking... keep licking..." Stephanie moans.

Tylene does just that licking her future boss harder each time she pushes her
tongue against that spot she can feel herself starting to get wet from what's
going on with Stephanie and she moves to rub her own pussy.

"Ahhhh ahhh yes... baby..." Stephanie thrashes about a bit on the sofa as she
climaxes for a second time. Stephanie slowly pulls Tylene's face up from her
pussy and smiles when she sees her face is covered in her honey. Stephanie
tries to control her rapid breathing before saying, "Bend over my desk..."
Tylene gets a confused look on her face but does what she's told and goes
over to Stephanie's desk and bends over it. Stephanie moves over and kneels
down. She runs her hands over Tylene's round ass before she moves Tylene's
legs apart. Stephanie then moves one hand and slides two fingers into
Tylene's pussy, moves then in and out as she licks up and down Tylene's butt
before sticking her tongue in her asshole.

Tylene gasps loudly grabbing onto the desk as Stephanie teases her
relentlessly "I'm not gonna last Steph...oh yes baby I love it do my ass
baby" she cries out moving her hips with Stephanie's tongue. Stephanie
smirks for a moment as she sticks her tongue deeper inside of Tylene's ass
as she continues to tongue fuck her. She continues to work her fingers
quickly in Tylene's pussy, and Stephanie can feel Tylene's juices flowing
down her arm which makes Stephanie lick Tylene's butt faster. Tylene reaches
behind her grabbing Stephanie's hair as she climaxes hard and long.

"Well that was very good for a first interview" Stephanie says standing up
"Come over to my place tonight for the second part.... you may get dressed."

Tylene smiles, "Ok Ms. McMahon..." Tylene is about to get dressed but then
she looks at Stephanie, "Ummm... what's going to be involved with the second

Stephanie smirks and licks her lips, "That will be a surprise..."

"So should I be prepared for anything?"

"Exactly" Stephanie replies smiling and Tylene moves up to her.

"I should say the same to you then Ms. McMahon"

Stephanie smiles, "Hmmm.... Look in my bottom desk drawer Tylene..."

"Ok..." Tylene circles the desk and goes into Stephanie's desk drawer and
finds a strap-on dildo and a regular vibrator. She brings them to Stephanie
who smirks at her.

"You have your choice... which do you want to use on me..."

"I can have so much more fun with this one" Tylene replies lifting the strap
on "So I'll see you tonight at six?"

"Yes and maybe I'll let Paul stay and watch?"

Tylene smiles before looking at her "I wouldn't suggest it because I'm gonna
do things to you tonight ... well let's just say were going to have fun."

"I wouldn't expect anything less..." Stephanie replies.

-To Be Continued-

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