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Stephanie's Plea Part 1
by Shane Matthews (

Stephanie was in dismay. The Alliance lost, and she was broke as fuck!
She needed something else. She tried kissing up to Vince, her daddy, to no
avail. "Maybe I should give it another shot."

She went to TitanTowers and went up to Vince's office and on the way up
trying to put on her best angelic smile and puppy dog eyes. She knocked on
the door and Vince opened it "Daddy!" she yelled with an ear to ear smile as
she hugged him "Oh I love you so much, daddy!" she said.

Vince was hardly amused having heard this for 25 years. "Steph, off."
Steph released the hug. "What the hell are you doing?" Vince asked.

"I was just coming here to say I love you and I'm so sorry about the
Alliance thing and I am your little girl. And if I'm a princess you must be
a king daddy!" she replied with an angelic smile and her big baby blue eyes
staring at him.

"Steph, honey" Vince started "Cut the bullshit!" Steph's face instinctivly
went to the puppy dog eyes "All the bullshit! You are the laziest of the two
of you! Shane, that's my boy. He at least has, I'm not gonna say balls but
guts. He takes chances and takes the blame for the ones that don't work! You,
however, are a little snotty brat!"

Steph managed to hold the puppy eyes under all the anger she was feeling.

"Steph, what do you want? All bullshit aside. What?"

Steph looked at her father "I want to be back on TV and with the WWF, the
winning team."

Vince analysed his baby girl. "Steph, are you really as big a whore as the
crowd makes you out to be?"

"No!" she quickly replied.

"That's too bad he said cause that means your not good at anything."

Steph broke character and looked at her father in shock.

Vince started to explain something "Steph, all the McMahons are good at
something. Shane is a wrestler, I am a business man, and your mother is a
people person. Now mix all these together doing business by wrestling men
and making them satisfied I'd figure you must be the piece of ass that gets
around the locker room and keeps our wrestlers happy, but I was wrong."

"No you weren't." she managed to slip out, Vince looked at her "I'm as big
of a slut, but I can't help it. It just feels so good. I lost my virginity to
The Undertaker." she said.

"When was this?" he asked.

"When I was 17." she lied.

"Steph you can't bullshit me."

"Fine, 18."


"15 okay!? Are you happy?" she yelled at him.

"Really." he said "No wonder the locker room moral has increased since you
hit puberty." he said with a grin on his face "Steph, how about you do what
you do best for me."

Stephanie looked at her father in disgust "Daddy, I will not fuck you for
all the money in the world!"

"Not me you ding bat, them. My talent. Since Suvivor Series was a success
I figured they deserve to literally fuck the Alliance. They can literally
say the Alliance sucks their cocks. Stephanie, if you ever want any money,
glamour, or any other cosmetic surgury ever again you have to whore yourself
to these WWF superstars on this list."

Steph looked at her dad and thought maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. She
took the list and went to the SmackDown! tapings.
_ _ _

She was nervous but she felt a little wetness at the same time. She could
get laid by these guys and get what she wants in return, a win win situation.
More than half the list has already fucked her so it wouldn't be anything
new. She wandered around the locker room area looking for some of these guys
then she looked at her list again to see her new guys. She read the list
aloud to herself.

"The Rock - did him, hung like a brahma bull. Jericho - all is forgiven,
with a tongue like that no wonder he talks. Big Show - false advertising.
Kane - love his Big Purple Headed Love Machine. Undertaker - reunion.
Hardyz - thank you dad. Edge - new one."

Steph put the list in her purse and went to the women's locker room to
find out where some of the boys were. She opened the door and all she could
hear was a shower going. She walked in to see who was in and "Oh my!" she
thought as she saw Matt cheating on his girlfriend with none other than Trish
Stratus. Matt had her leaning forward on the wall and was fucking her from
behind. "Well," she thought "maybe she'll do most of the work and I can just
be a face to bust on when she's through." Steph undressed and joined them.

"Hey you two." she said Matt stopped in his tracks and looked over at

"H-hey Steph!" he said nervously as he slid his cock out of Trish's cunt.
Steph eyed every centemeter that came out of the slut, he was pretty well
off. "Steph, please don't tell Lita. I beg you. Please."

Steph eyed the Hardy boy with a fake look of disgust on her face. "Matt,
Lita loves you. She cares about you. She fucks you when you want. She sucks
you when you want. It's time for her to share."

Matt looked at Steph with a very confused look on his face.

"Hey Trish, how was he?"

"I would be lying if I said I didn't like it." Trish replied with a smile
on her pretty face.

"Good." Steph said "Matt, I won't tell Lita if you, right now, fuck my
brains out."

Matt looked at her and smiled. He left the shower and laid Steph down on
the bench.

Steph immediatly spread her legs and Matt started with eating her pussy.
Matt was doing one hell of a job on her. "Shit," she thought out loud "no
wonder she gets all defensive when girls are around Matt." Matt didn't
listen and just kept licking her cunt. Steph let out a soft groan and then
Matt stopped. "What the hell did you sto..."

Matt stuck his cock in her mouth and started working it in and out. Steph
put her legs down and sat and steadied herself. She grabbed his cock from
around the base and started sucking away on her own. Trish finished her
shower and watched the two go at it. "Steph, you call that a blow job? Lemme
show you how it's done."

Trish went to her knees and Matt pulled his dick out of Steph's mouth. He
walked over to his blonde beauty and held his cock steady as Trish blew him
hands free. Matt let go and Trish was throating him, fingering herself, and
rubbing her nipples at the same time "Talented girl." Steph thought.

"Matthew," Steph complained "your supposed to be fucking me not getting
blown by Stratus." Matt looked at Steph sitting with her legs spread wide.
Trish stopped with the head and let Matt fuck Steph.

Matthew walked over to Steph and impaled her. Stephanie let out a sigh in
pleasure. As soon as they adjusted to each other, Matt starts humping her
like mad. Steph was squieling in delight as Matt fucked the shit out of
her. She grabbed him around the neck and held on for dear life as the Hardy
boy banged her like the slut she was. Matt forced all his weight on her,
penetrating her deep. Trish couldn't contain herself any longer and went to
Matt and Steph and started sucking her nipples. Steph was getting it the
best she ever had, she didn't want it to end, Matt had other plans. He
pulled out and Trish began to alternate sucking his dick and licking Steph's
cunt. Her head bobbed a few more times on Matt's rod and he came. Steph
pushed Trish out of the way to get some of it. She grabbed the base and
started to jerk him wildly, getting his cum all over her face, tits, legs,

At that moment Lita walked in and saw her boyfriend and two naked sluts,
one on the floor jilling herself and one covered in his cum. Lita looked at
them, they were silent. "Jeff, wait up. I gotta show you something." Lita
shouted outside. "Matt, we're through. Fuck your sluts all you want. You will
never fuck me ever again, your brother on the other hand, that's different."
she said before she closed the door.

"Shit," Matt said out loud.

"What?" the girls said to him "Now we're always yours."

Matt looked at a semen covered princess and a hot blonde masturbating.
"Shower?" he asked

"Shower." They replied.

The threesome went into the shower and Steph cleaned off and left the two
alone, she had more work to do. "I don't wanna get both Hardys in trouble at
the same time, so how 'bout Edge?"

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