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Stephanie's Present For Hunter
by Angela (

After the 2004 edition of Unforgiven goes off the air, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley
and his wife Stephanie McMahon make their way back to their hotel room.
Hunter looks at the title belt in his hands that he just won by beating Randy
Orton. Hunter is extremely pleased with himself for becoming a World Champion
for the 10th time in his career. When they arrive in their hotel room, Hunter
looks at the title and smirks to himself.

"This is back where it belongs..."

Stephanie moves close to him to take the belt. She lays it on the table and
wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Let me congratulate the champion" Stephanie kisses him deeply pressing her
body against his as she slides her hands to his chest.

Hunter kisses his wife back, wrapping his powerful arms around her to deepen
the embrace. He moves with Stephanie towards the bed as he moves his hands to
take off Stephanie's suit-jacket.

"I am definitely going back to my old clothes... I hate looking like my

"Baby I don't want to talk about your mother right now, okay?" Hunter replies
as he helps her pull off her top. Hunter moves his hand to rub both of her
nipples thorough her bra.

Hunter thinks about reaching behind her to unhook her bra, but a thought
crosses his mind and a grin forms on his face. He takes hold of Stephanie's
bra by grabbing the material covering her chest and he rips it off Stephanie
easily. Hunter licks his lips as he sees her large beautiful breasts.

"I love your tits Stephy..." Hunter says as he lowers his head to take one of
her breasts into his mouth. Stephanie moans while watching him. The sight of
what he is doing to her makes her so damn hot and horny, but she thinks to
herself that all Hunter has to do was wink at her, glance toward the bedroom
and she would be naked legs spread and eagerly waiting for him.

Hunter cups Stephanie's other breast with his powerful hand, as he closes his
mouth a bit to focus on Stephanie's nipple. He roughly licks it, rolling his
tongue over it before he bites it a bit. Hunter pulls Stephanie's nipple with
his teeth while twisting the other one between his thumb and forefinger. He
hears his wife whimper a little in pleasure from his actions. Hunter looks up
into his wife's eyes smiling.

"If you think this is intense... wait till I get to your pussy baby..."
Stephanie has to grab onto his shoulders as the images his words provoke in
her almost make her tremble. Hunter picks her up, carries her to the bed, and
then lays her down on it. Hunter then goes back to torturing her breasts.
Hunter moves his head down to her left breasts and fills his mouth with her
tit. He reaches down to her pants and unbuttons them. Stephanie moves her
hands to push her pants and panties down a bit, giving Hunter an opportunity
to slide his fingers around her pussy.

"Ohhh Hunter..." Stephanie moans as she feels Hunter's fingers dance across
the area above her pussy. Hunter slides a finger down the middle of her slit
smiling when her hips arch upward and she gasps softly. "Hunter please" she
cries bucking her hips as he slips two fingers barely inside her pussy.
Hunter slurps on her tit as he moves his fingers in and out of her pussy
slowly at first, be he starts to move them faster when Stephanie whimpers,
"More... please...." Hunter slips a third finger into her pussy, which makes
her arch her back completely.

"Hunter...I can't...ohh fuck me baby now..." Hunter eases his fingers out
of her dripping pussy, and then moves between her legs. Hunter spread them
wide open as he gets down to slip his tongue in-between her pussy lips,
while getting harder when he hears Stephanie cry out softly. Hunter rubs
Stephanie's thighs as he taps his tongue against her clit. Hunter starts
licking her sweet shaved pussy in and up-ward and downward motion. Stephanie
reaches down and pulls on his hair while squirming to get her pussy pressed
further against his face.

"Feel good Stephy?" Hunter asks as she tries to hold his head between her
legs. She is so wet already that Hunter almost moaned out loud when his
tongue moved inside of her. Hunter loves how sweet she tastes and knows he
would never get enough of her.

"Ohhhh ahhh Hunter.... baby... you... you know... what that... does to me..."
Stephanie moans as she bites her lower lip. Hunter's tongue darts in and out
of her pussy, making Stephanie move her hands to her own hair and she starts
to pull on it as she screams a bit. Hunter abruptly yanks his tongue out and
gets up to spread her legs open wider apart again to slip his cock inside of
her sweet pussy.

"Take it Steph! Take my cock!" he commands as he looks to down to watch how
easily his cock slides into her pussy.

"Ohhhh Ahhhh fuck me!" Stephanie moans while wrapping her sexy legs around
his waist. Stephanie thrashes about on the bed in pleasure as Hunter gives
her slow, hard thrust that make her arch her hips. Hunter leans on top of
her and cups her breasts as he slams his very damn good cock in and out of
her pussy. Steph moans as her orgasm is beginning to build inside of her
and she can feel this is gonna be one of the biggest ones Hunter has ever
given her.

"Yes... come on Game make me cum....I love having that big thick cock in my

"I know you love to play the game!" Hunter grunts as he steadily fucks
her fast in harder. His large balls slap against Stephanie repeatedly and
frequently. Stephanie puts her hands on his large powerful arms just to hold
on when she thinks the bed is going to break from the force he's using to
drill her cunt.

Stephanie screams as her orgasm rips through her body, forcing her to tighten
her hold on him as wave after wave of pleasure moves through her until she
feels like is totally spent and collapses on the bed.

"Are you ok?" Hunter asks with a smirk as he slows down his thrusts to allow
Stephanie to recover from her climax.

"I think so..." She replies softly, and then smiles. "Why don't you let me
take care of you now?"

"All right..." Hunter smirks and he pulls out of Stephanie. Stephanie gets
to her knees and pushes him to lay down on the bed. She moves down a bit and
takes his cock into her mouth. Stephanie surprises him off the bat by deep
throating his cock instantly.

"What's a matter... didn't get any meat earlier today?" Hunter chuckles a
little as Stephanie bobs her head on his cock. She looks at his face and
narrows her eyes, and gets a very sultry look on her face as she presses
her lips around his shaft.

"Now why would I want meat earlier today when I knew I would have steak
tonight?" she asked while smiling at him as she moves her hand up and down
on his cock to pump it.

"Well you look really hungry..." Hunter grins, "Why don't you have a snack
on that steak you got in your hand..." Stephanie takes his cock back in her
mouth and eases every inch of his dick all the way down her throat. Stephanie
starts sucking hard on almost every inch as she moves her hand up and down on
his cock as well. Stephanie lifts her head off his cock and grins at him.

"It's time for you to cum so hard..." She says as she rubs her tongue around
the tip.

"Damn you know me so well..." Hunter grunts as he tries to hold himself back
from cumming. Stephanie tightens her hold on his cock and squeezes it as hard
as she can, which sends Hunter over the edge. "Ohh yeah eat my cum Steph..."
Hunter moans as stream after stream of hot cum shoots out of his cock.

Stephanie takes it all in her mouth and swallows it happily. She moves her
hands to rub his stomach "That's it Hunter.... I love it when you cum in my
mouth... you definitely deserve your present now baby."

"My present?" Hunter raises an eyebrow, "What present?"

Stephanie smirks and looks towards the bathroom, "You can come out now...

Michelle McCool walks out of the bathroom, in a flowered bra and panty set.
She smiles at Hunter as she walks half way to the bed, then gets down to her
hands and knees. She begins crawling toward Hunter and smiles seductively at
him. Once she gets to the bed, she climbs onto it like a cat and begins
licking his cock.

"Ohhh fuck..." Hunter moans Michelle licks up and down the sides of his cock.

"Congratulations baby..." Stephanie kisses his lips and moves down to join
Michelle. The two women begin licking his cock together. Hunter closes his
eyes just letting the feelings take over his body as the two women tease him
sweetly. Suddenly he reaches down and grabs Michelle's head. He pulls her up
to his face and brings her mouth to his for a hot exploring kiss. Stephanie
smiles up at her husband as she watches Michelle almost melt from the kiss
she's sharing with Hunter. Stephanie moves from Hunter's cock to between
Michelle's legs and slowly pulls down her panties. Michelle glances down when
she feels a finger rubbing her slit.

"Ahhh yes didn't tell me you were joining in this little...
equation," she says smiling.

"Now Michelle, Hunter and I do like to do something's together like fucking
beautiful women senseless..." Stephanie replies as she traces her finger over
her slit.

"That's right Michelle... and if Stephanie brought you here for me..." Hunter
removes her bra, "Then she can use you too..." Hunter leans over and sucks on
Michelle's tit.

"And you're going to be our little slut for the night Michelle so be prepared
for anything and everything right baby?" Stephanie says as she uses one hand
to spread Michelle's legs apart. She puts two fingers into the Michelle's
pussy and quickly moves them in and out.

"Ohhh fuck... ohhh god..." Michelle moans as she feels Stephanie's skilled
fingers work magic on her pussy. Hunter reaches over and grabs Michelle's
other breast and squeezes it fairly hard. Stephanie grabs her other leg
moving her to where her legs are on either side of her body. Stephanie then
moves up a bit to get her tongue at Michelle's pussy and starts to lick
around her it before sliding it inside of her in one quick movement.

Michelle arches her body a bit, making Stephanie and Hunter have to push
her back down on to the bed. Michelle licks her lips as Stephanie's tongue
snakes in and out past her pussy lips. Hunter tires of sucking and feeling
Michelle's tits and he moves so he's kneeling on the bed. He lifts Michelle's
head and forces his cock into her mouth, muffling her moans instantly.

"Suck him Michelle.... show us that hot sexy mouth in action you little
slut..." Stephanie sneers playfully as she moves to pinch Michelle's tits,
before dropping her head down onto the left one to suck on it.

Michelle slowly begins to slurp on Hunter's cock as the new World Heavyweight
Champion moves his hips to fuck her face. The beautiful gift from Stephanie
moans around his cock as he forces his entire dick into her mouth. Michelle
starts to gag but Hunter holds her head there for a bit before pulling out to
give her a bit of air.

Hunter looks down at Stephanie, "This is one hell of a gift Steph..."

"I knew you would like it baby...and just so you know... she is very well
paid so she will do exactly what we want when and how we want it.... right
Michelle?" Stephanie asks as she tightly twists Michelle's nipples between
her fingers.

"Mmm hmmm..." Michelle nods a bit as she resumes sucking on Hunter's massive
prick. Hunter reaches down for Stephanie and pulls her up to him and kisses
his wife before he takes Michelle's head off his cock and presses it against
Stephanie's pussy. Stephanie moans in surprises as Hunter rubs Michelle's
face in Stephanie's pussy,

"Eat her snatch slut..." Hunter orders. Michelle's tongue slips out of her
mouth to lightly wet Stephanie's pussy before slipping inside and feeling her
buck against her mouth almost makes Michelle tremble. She had been with other
women before but this was Stephanie McMahon Helmsley and here she was getting
ready to totally eat her pussy out.

Stephanie pulls on her hair and grinds her face against her own pussy," He
said eat me bitch..." Stephanie moans a bit as Michelle's tongue slides in
and out of her pussy. Hunter looks down at Michelle as she licks his
beautiful wife's pussy.

"Hunter baby... why don't you come here and give me something nice and hard
to suck on," Stephanie says as she moves to rub her own breast with her hand
while moving her body moving against Michelle's mouth.

Hunter stands up on the bed and holds onto Stephanie's shoulder for balance.
He grips his cock with his free hand and aims it for Stephanie's open mouth.
Stephanie gobbles up his cock and begins sucking on it, while Michelle
wiggles her tongue deep inside of Stephanie's cunt. Stephanie moans around
her husband's dick, not believing the feeling of how long Michelle's tongue
is. Stephanie wraps a hand around Hunter's cock and pulls it out of her

"Come on slut do my pussy," Stephanie cries as she pumps Hunter's dick with
her hand while watching Michelle for a minute. "You love sucking my pussy
don't you, Michelle?"

Michelle stops licking her pussy for a moment and looks up at Stephanie.
Michelle's face has a bit to a shine to it for it's covered in Stephanie's
sweet twat honey. "Oh I love sucking your pussy.... it tastes so fucking
good..." Michelle sticks her long tongue out and Stephanie can see first
hand the oral probe that has been driving her wild. Hunter looks down and
grins, "Now that's a fucking tongue..."

"Hmmm maybe I'll keep you for myself," Stephanie thinks looking at her

"I'll gladly please you anytime anywhere Mrs. Helmsley."

"Hey I thought she was my present?" Hunter asks pouting playfully

Stephanie smirks at her husband, "She was yours... now she's mine..."

Husband grins, "Well you're my wife, that man she's mine too."

Stephanie ignores his remark and groans as Michelle has gone back to teasing
her pussy "Yes baby...tongue fuck my pussy and I will reward you very well

Hunter moves down and in between Michelle's legs. He lifts them and puts
them on his shoulder while working his cock into Michelle's cunt. Michelle
is caught by surprise and she arches her back in response to his entry.
Michelle buries her tongue back inside of Stephanie's pussy as Hunter starts
to thrust slowly into her own cunt.

"That's it Michelle... I'm gonna cum all over that sexy face" Stephanie says
just before her orgasm explodes through her body. She begins to toss her head
back and forth at the feelings she is experiencing.

Michelle laps her tongue all over Stephanie's pussy, happily trying to get
all of her cum in her mouth. Stephanie pulls on her own hair and falls over
as her climax ends. When Michelle starts to lick her lips, Hunter starts
drilling her as hard as he can. Hunter uses every muscle his physically
perfect body to give Michelle a fucking she's never experienced before.

"Ohhhh ohhh fuck..." Michelle moans, as she feels a little helpless being
under Hunter as he ravages her twat. Stephanie sits there for a moment
watching as she tries to cool down from the intense experience she just had
but the sight of Michelle and her husband is already making her wet again.

Hunter grabs both of Michelle's arms and pins them with his hands above her
head. Michelle wraps both of her long legs around his powerful neck, pulling
his head down as he gives her sharp thrusts. Stephanie licks her lips and
begins rubbing her pussy all the while saying.

"Fuck the slut baby... fuck her good... make her scream you name..."

Hunter leans down biting Michelle's nipple while swirling his tongue around
it. Michelle's pussy is so damn wet it feels wonderful as his big cock movies
through it. Hunter groans a bit when she whimpers his name softly.

"Ohhh, ohhh Hunter... you're so good..." Michelle moans as she pushes her
pussy against him.

"No.... Say he's that damn good!" Stephanie orders as she shoves three
fingers into her own pussy, fucking herself just as hard as Hunter is fucking

"Your so damn good Hunter Fuck me with that big hard cock baby" Michelle says
while turning her head to watch Stephanie play with herself.

"You got it... babe..." Hunter moves his arms and wraps them around
Michelle's body and easily stands up with his cock wedged deep into her
pussy. Hunter carries her over to a wall and slams her against it and
resumes slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. Michelle wraps both
her legs and arms around him, praying he doesn't drive her through the
wall with his powerful thrusts.

Stephanie smiles moving over to Hunter sliding a finger up his ass moving to
whisper in his ear "Fuck her like you fuck me baby" Stephanie says easing two
fingers inside his ass.

Hunter rams his cock harder and faster into Michelle's pussy as Stephanie
fingers his ass. Michelle holds on for dear life, as her head bangs against
the wall, "Ohhh ahhh, ahhh don't stop..."

Stephanie watches Michelle and reaches around to tug on her tit "I'm gonna
love sucking your big tits Michelle," Stephanie says while working her
fingers in and out of her husband's ass.

"Ohhh god... I'm cumming!" Michelle screams as her body goes limp from a
mind-blowing orgasm. Hunter pulls his cock out of her and drops her to the

"Stephanie... hold the slut up... I'm going to paint her face with my cum."
Hunter wraps his fan around his cock and starts beating his meat roughly.

Stephanie moves to gently pick Michelle up smiling as she strokes her hair
"Honey he has that effect on me too sometimes" Michelle smiles as she feels
Stephanie's hands.

"You're hands... they feel so good..."

"Get ready ladies..." Hunter grunts. Stephanie presses her face against
Michelle's as Hunter begins to cum. Spurt after spurt of his hot baby making
juice shoots from his cock and lands on their faces, most it landing on
Michelle's. When he's down, he grabs Stephanie's hair and smirks, "Lick the
slut's face clean..."

Stephanie immediately starts licking Michelle's face clean stopping when she
gets to her lips "Open your mouth baby...your gonna taste it too" Michelle
opens her mouth and Steph slips her tongue inside for a deep and powerful

Michelle moans into Stephanie's mouth and wraps her arms around her as well.
Their tongues intertwine as they share Hunter's cum. Neither one notices
Hunter moving to a chair to recover and watch them. Michelle breaks the kiss
and swallows here share of Hunter's cum.

"Stephanie... I... have something... in the bathroom for you... can you wait
here for one moment..." Michelle asks with a smile on her face.

"For me... okay baby I'll be right here Michelle, just don't take to long
baby I want some of those nice big tits and that hot pussy ...I'll be right
here on the bed."

Michelle smiles as Stephanie gets on the bed. She hurries to the bathroom
and comes back out with a black bag. She sets it on the bed and opens it.
Stephanie watches Michelle as she takes a bottle out and squirts something
onto her hand. Michelle sets the bottle back in the back, rubs her hands
together, then straddles Stephanie's both and places both of her hands on
her large tits. Stephanie moans as she feels the sensation of warm oil
being rubbed on her tits as Michelle gently massages them. Michelle smiles
down at her, "You like that baby?"

"Yes ... that feels so good...just what is in that bag?" Stephanie asks
closing her eyes.

"That's for me to know and you to find out Baby" Michelle replies gently
using two fingers to tug on Stephanie's nipples.

Stephanie licks her lips and moans softly, "I'mmmm... I'm your boss... I...
want to know... mmmm." Michelle lowers head and whispers into her ear as she
squeezes her breasts together.

"It's scented oils... the ones your mother gave me... on my first night... in
the WWE..."

Stephanie's head shoots up "My mother... you were with my mother?"

"Yes baby I was showing her some attention since your father obviously
doesn't know how.... but right now Mrs. Helmsley I believe I want to totally
and completely concentrate on the woman underneath me."

Stephanie licks her lips and smiles, "Show me... what you did... to my

"Well first I slowly unbuttoned her blouse pushing it off her shoulders,"
Michelle says softly as she slides her hands over Stephanie's breasts "Then
I lifted her breast out of her bra and started sucking on it real slow."

Stephanie moans as Michelle's hands dance over her breasts, "What... else did
you do... to her..."

"I took her bra off and slid her skirt down sliding my fingers inside her wet
pussy she was moaning before I could get her skirt off baby... Steph... why
are you so interested in this?"

Stephanie sits up a bit and pulls Michelle's head close to hers, "You better
not tell anyone this... but I love my mother... and I want her.. but can't
have her... if you tell anyone... I'll make your life... a living hell..."

"Okay..." Michelle says softly almost shaking from fear after seeing the look
in Stephanie's eyes "Does Hunter know about this?" Michelle asks pressing her
back down on the bed moving her hands up and down her chest and between her

"No..." Stephanie puts her hands on Michelle's, "And he better not know...
you understand me?"

"Yes of course" she replied moving to lean down and kiss Stephanie's stomach
moving to softly lick her stomach licking up ward to circle her breasts.

Stephanie moans as she reaches down to play with Michelle's head, "You're a
lucky bitch... you've gotten to one of my desires..."

Michelle looks up "I intend to discover everything about you Stephanie," she
says moving to gently spread her legs letting her tongue quickly move over
her pussy opening using two fingers to spread it open before licking inside.

"If... Hunter... wasn't here... you'd... learn everything... you ever...
wanted to know..." Stephanie whimpers as Michelle's tongue probes around
inside her pussy.

Michelle turns to Hunter who seems to either have passed out or fallen asleep
"Baby...I don't think he's going to be listening in anytime tell me
Stephanie...what are your dirty little secrets?"

"I'm... a total... nympho... I... can't go a day with out sex... I don't care
who I have to fuck..." Stephanie licks her lips, "I've... done every body in
the WWE..."

"Well maybe I can help you change that... be your exclusive sex assistant..."
Michelle moves to whisper in her ear "you can tie me up and lick my nipples
mmmm they are waiting for your tongue baby... my pussy is aching for your
fingers and then that talented little tongue of yours....damn Stephanie you
could make me moan every day."

Stephanie smiles at Michelle, "You want to be mine? You think... you can keep
up with a McMahon? Sure you had my mother... but I'm different."

"Is that all your dirty little secrets Steph?

"No..." Stephanie smirks, "But if you want to learn my secrets... you have to
make me cum harder than Hunter does..."

"You know I am always up for a challenge" Michelle kisses her deeply as she
pushes her back on the bed. She then kisses her throat before heading to her
neck and shoulders.

Stephanie moans, "Mmm baby... kiss me every where... let me feel your

"You ever been dominated Stephanie?" Michelle asks sitting up so she can see
and hear Stephanie's answer.

"Hunter doesn't really want to do that but yes I have wanted to try it."

Michelle smiles leaning down to kiss the top of her breast "Then tonight is
your lucky night, baby."

Stephanie moans and smiles, "You're going to make me your bitch Michelle?"

"You are exactly right Stephanie..." moves to lick her nipple taking it on
her mouth and sucking hard even biting it once in a while as her other hand
travels down over her body.

"Mmmm can't wait to see what you do to me..." Stephanie says as she moves her
hands place them on Michelle's shoulders. Stephanie gently rubs them as she
wraps one leg around her lover's legs.

"So I have to make you cum harder then he does?" she asked sliding a finger
down Stephanie's slit.

"Yes" Stephanie whispers as she begins closing her eyes.

"You forget Mrs. Helmsley... I have the secret weapon..."

"What's that?" Stephanie quietly asks as Michelle traces her finger up and
down her slit.

"I have slept with your mother..." Michelle says right before slamming her
tongue deep inside Stephanie's wet pussy.

"Oooo... that's it... tongue fuck me with that long tongue..."

"Exactly how I did your mother Steph... by letting my tongue get her pussy so

Stephanie tugs on both of her own nipples, "Ohhh, lick my like you did my

Michelle smirks a bit as she hears Stephanie call her mother mommy.

"Beg for it..."

"Please Michelle... tongue fuck me.... lick my wet pussy..."

"I was between her legs Steph...rubbing my tongue against her slit" Michelle
pushes her tongue inside her pussy, driving it so deep that Stephanie arches
her hips and presses her pussy against her face.

"Ahhhh..." Stephanie cries out softly as she bites down on one of her
fingers. Michelle looks up at Stephanie's face as she brushes her tongue
around inside of the McMahon's pussy. Stephanie rotates her hips a bit to
try and get more of Michelle's tongue in her pussy.

Michelle puts her hands under Stephanie's ass lifting her up to her mouth
trying to lick everywhere inside her pussy and around her slit. "Come on
baby... scream for me just like your mommy did."

The mention of her mother sends Stephanie over the edge and she scream, "Oh

Stephanie reveals that she was imagining that her mother was eating her
pussy. Michelle laps her tongue around Steph's pussy, collecting her juices
before looking up at her, "Were you thinking about your mother?" Michelle

"I need to calm down Michelle."

"So did I make you cum harder then you know who?" she asked moving to kiss
Stephanie softly before laying next to her and gently rubbing a circle around
her breast with her finger.

Stephanie smirks, "You cheated... but yeah you did..." Stephanie kisses
Michelle and sucks on her long tongue for a bit.

"Don't tell me a McMahon has never cheated. So tell me Stephy what are your
sordid secrets baby... and do I have to share you with him anymore?" Michelle
asked glancing at Hunter.

"I may share you with him... you seemed to love his cock in your tight
pussy..." Stephanie grins. "And if you want to know a secret... I once went
to a WCW event... and I fucked the entire NWO..."

"Mmm.... you horny little slut" Michelle teases as she tug on her tit with
her fingers "So Stephanie what's your secret most erotic fantasy... that
doesn't involve Linda" Michelle asks.

"Mmmm... It's me... being used like a slut... but all the divas... you...
Trish... Lita... Candice..." Stephanie moans softly as she says Candice's

"Do you like Candice?" Michelle asks moving to stroke Stephanie pussy lips
rubbing them slowly "I want you again Stephanie."

I love Candice... she has so much potential..." Stephanie moans but she
takes Michelle's hand away from her pussy. "Michelle... I have a fantasy...
that I want you to help me with..." Stephanie gets up from the bed and takes
Michelle's hand. She leads her onto the balcony that is over looking the
town they are in. Stephanie breathes in the night air deeply and looks at
Michelle, "Ever fucked on a balcony?"

"No, at least not till right now" Michelle says walking up to Stephanie "So
Stephanie... you want to be used like a slut? Well show me how good you can
suck my tits."

"With pleasure..." Stephanie cups both of Michelle's tits and lowers her head
on to them. She slides her tongue all over each breast, giving a coating of
her saliva. Stephanie then presses Michelle's tits together and spits on time
before closing her mouth around one of Michelle's large nipples.

"That's it slut come on ... do my tits and then maybe I will reward you."
Michelle slips her hand down and starts fingering Stephanie's pussy.

Stephanie moans around Michelle's large breast as she sucks on it. She moves
one hand down Michelle's body and presses her palm against Michelle's pussy
and begins rubbing it softly. Stephanie switches over to Michelle's other tit
and looks up into her eyes with a burning lust in her own.

"Did I tell you to touch me down there?" Michelle asks grabbing Stephanie's
hand and bringing it to her mouth kissing the back before moving on to suck
on each one of Stephanie's fingers. Michelle sits down on the balcony leaning
back on her arms smiling as she opens her legs "Come on slut get down here
and suck my pussy."

Thought you'd never ask..." Stephanie smiles as she lies down on her stomach
in between Michelle's legs. Stephanie puts her hands on Michelle's thighs as
he brings her mouth to her pussy. Stephanie kisses Michelle's slit, then
slides her tongue up and down against it slowly.

"Oh yeah your such a good little slut push that tongue inside of me" Michelle
moves to pinch her own nipples "Come on Stephy..." Michelle whispers as she
spreads her legs wider apart. Stephanie sticks her whole tongue into
Michelle's pussy and wiggles it around. Stephanie then moves one hand and
pushes two fingers into Michelle's pussy as well, and begins pumping them in
and out with her tongue.

"Does talking dirty get you hot slut... when I tell you to fuck my pussy...
mmmm yeah just like that oh yes Stephanie do it baby you are so damn horny
aren't you baby?" Stephanie doesn't verbally reply, instead she moves her
free hand when Michelle arches her hips a bit and sticks two fingers into
Michelle's asshole. Stephanie takes the fingers out Michelle's pussy and
reaches up to shove them in her mouth so Michelle can taste herself as she
rides Stephanie's fingers.

Michelle licks Stephanie's finger clean moaning her name as she climaxes.
Her orgasm moves rapidly through her body and Michelle almost arches upward.
Michelle then slowly she rolls over and pins Stephanie to the ground by
straddling her.

"Now it's my turn," she says before lowering her head to bite Stephanie's

"Ouch..." Stephanie says in a bit of pain from how Michelle bites her nipple.
"Better make me cum good..." Stephanie then says with a smile on her face. "I
want to explode..."

"Sorry baby... it's just that sometimes I get a little rough. Let me take
care of that for you." Michelle begins to tenderly suck on her nipple while
her hand slides down to gently spread her open and to press a finger against
her slit.

"Ahhh Michelle... suck my tit... play with pussy..." Stephanie moans softly
as she cups her other breast with her hand. Stephanie twists her own nipple
and tugs on it when she feels Michelle's finger slide into her pussy.

"You know Stephanie since I know your little secrets I could definitely use
them to my advantage," Michelle says as she runs her finger up and down
Stephanie's pussy while she moves to lick the area between her breasts.

"Mmmm use them baby... use them..." Stephanie whimpers as she licks her lips.
Stephanie starts breathing rather quickly as Michelle's finger starts moving
faster over her sweet spot.

"Oh did I find Mrs. Helmsley's spot the one that makes her scream and thrash
around. The one that when I touch it makes her body arch and respond?"
Michelle asked adding another finger and rubbing the spot quickly before
starting to thrust her fingers in and out.

"Ahhhh ohhh yesss!" Stephanie replies as she arches her hips first, then her
whole body wanting more of Michelle's fingers inside of her. Stephanie's
moves one hand to her mouth and lightly chews on a finger nail. "Ohhh don't
fucking stop..."

"I don't intend to baby...oh yeah that's it show me how hard you cum
Stephanie how hard I make you cum... forget about Hunter think about my
fingers in your soaking wet pussy sliding in and out..."

"Ahhh... ahhh ahhhhhhh Michellllllle!" Stephanie cries out as she arches her
entire body sharply as she cums hard on Michelle's fingers.

"That's it Steph...oh yeah your pussy is so good... I love watching you cum
the way you look gets me so turned on baby," Michelle smiles at her.

Stephanie collapses hard on the balcony, almost passing out, but remains
awake. "Oh my god..." Stephanie is breathing hard and fast as she tries to
compose her self. "Between you... and Hunter... oh fuck... I'm... I'm so
fucking satisfied..." Stephanie licks her lips and then smiles, "Hey...
let's go wake up Hunter..." Stephanie takes her hand and crawls back into
the hotel room with Michelle behind her. The pair of them crawl over to
Hunter and Michelle moves quickly lick the tip of Hunter's limp cock.
Michelle then kisses the inside of his legs before smiling at Stephanie
and once again licking the tip this time harder.

Stephanie smiles back at Michelle before she begins licking the sides of
Hunter's cock. Occasionally she would lick Michelle's cute nose. Hunter
starts to stir a bit and when he opens his eyes he smirks a little.

"Oh yeah... now this is a wake up call..."

"Well now that were sure your awake... it's to for the game to play... a
little game," Michelle says as she moves to straddle him, His cock slips
easily inside of her "I want you to finger Stephanie while I ride you...

"No problem..." Hunter smirks as Stephanie stands up. Hunter moves a hand
between her legs and shoves three fingers into her dripping snatch. Stephanie
moans and grabs onto Michelle and the back of the chair Hunter is sitting on
as Hunter quickly moves his finger in her.

Michelle starts to move up and down on Hunter's cock. "Oh yeah that's it
spread those pussy lips open so I can watch" Michelle commands as Stephanie
slides her fingers down to open herself and Michelle moans at the sight.

Hunter constantly looks back and forth from Michelle to Stephanie. He leans
his head forward and sucks on Michelle's tits really hard. Hunter takes
very careful care to keep his fingers moving in and out of Stephanie who is
squirming as she tries to keep her balance.

Michelle slides her fingers through Hunter's hair holding his head right
there at her breast "Ahhh yes Hunter suck my tit baby make Stephanie watch
while your mouth seduces my breast."

Stephanie's eyes lock on her husband's mouth sucking on Michelle's tits.
She gets that familiar sneer she does when she's angry, but this time it's
because she's filled with lust. "Suck that tit Hunter... milk it your
mouth..." Stephanie moves one hand and grabs Hunter's wrist to make him
drive his fingers in and out of her cunt.

Michelle is almost about ready to go over the edge when she feels Hunter
bite her nipple gently and she cries out cumming hard while Hunter moves
his fingers faster in and out of Stephanie until she screams his name and
gets her own release.

Hunter feels Michelle's pussy tighten around his rock hard cock and with his
free hand to push Michelle off his cock. He reaches over and grabs Stephanie
and makes her kneel next to Michelle. "Suck me off bitches..."

Stephanie moves to take his cock in her mouth while Michelle smiles sneakily
and moves to lick his balls, rubbing her tongue against them.

"That's what I'm talking about," Hunter says as he does the old DX crotch
chop, "Suck it!" Michelle gently bits his balls using her tongue to caress
them while her hand sneaks over to pinch Stephanie's nipple and to begin to
tug on it.

Stephanie slobbers all over Hunter's cock and moans as Michelle tugs on her
tit. "Ahhh yeah..." Hunter moans as he grabs her head to pull it from his
cock. Stephanie knows her husband is going cum so she wraps a hand around
his meat and pounds it until he cums on her face. Stephanie moans and smiles
as he warm spunk splatters on her. Hunter looks at Michelle, "Lick it off...
and kiss her... like she did to you earlier."

Michelle slides her tongue out licking all over Stephanie's face paying
special attention to her lips before slipping her tongue inside of her
mouth. She loves the tasting all of Hunter's release and moves her hand
to Stephanie's hair gently tugging her closer so she could deepen the

Stephanie slides her tongue into Michelle's mouth to play with her tongue.
Hunter smirks down at them before he pulls her up to kiss him. Stephanie
kisses him back and strokes his hair. Hunter breaks the kiss and smirks at
her, "Thanks for the present Steph..."

"Baby you don't have to thank me for doing something that I definitely wanted
to do right Michelle?" Michelle smiles looking at them.

"Oh this was something I definitely wouldn't mind doing again whether he
has the title or not" she says moving to kiss Hunter before placing a kiss
against Stephanie's lips.

"The Game won't ever be over baby..." Stephanie smiles and kisses her back.


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