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Stephanie's The Way To Go Part 1
by Steph's Blue Panties

Stephanie McMahon....Steph..Stephanie....the hottest babe in the wrestlng

Stephanie McMahon yawned as it was late at night. She had went on tour
with her father and watched over the wrestlers. Stephanie was wearing the
tight pink skirt she had ever worn. Steph could tell her sexy tan thighs
were exposed a few inches up. She could also feel a bit of a breeze where
it usually isn't.

She stared out the window to her limo. She was finally going home. Her
mom, Linda was in New York. Vince was countries away. Shane was...well lets
say he went on vacation with his wife.

Steph finally noticed the car stop. The driver walked out and opened the

"Here we are Miss Steph. Let me say what a pleasure it is to transport you

Steph grinned and thanked him. She walked into the house as he unloaded
her bags. Steph walked straight into the kitchen and grabbed a drink. The
driver was carefully retrieving Steph's suit cases when one popped open. The
mans eyes glared when it was full of sexy and next to nothing thongs and
bras. He grabbed them fast and laid her stuff in the doorstep. The driver
was nervous and quickly walked, but notice he missed a blue thong. He grabbed
it and took off in the limo.

Stephanie started to grub out on food. She could finally eat real food,
not some from another country. As she was prepared to make coffee, her
favorite maid walked in... "Oh Steph, your back ill get this."

"Thank you belle! You know you're my fav maid."

The maid smiled.

Steph and Belle began to talk about things they missed. Not realizing the
time 10:00 PM, Steph soon walked out and began to carry her bags... followed
by Belle.

They brought the luggage to stephs gigantic room. Steph ran and jumped on
her bed. Stephanie forgot she had on the skirt and soon, Steph's sexy legs
were completely exposed. Not only that but Steph's red silk panties were

Steph soon froze and said, "Belle, do you know what I need? A shower. Care
to join?" Steph asked Belle.

Belle was shocked and said, "Steph, whaa..I..I mean I gue.."

Steph stopped, "No not in the same one hun, I mean I get in one, and you
get in one."

Steph added, "Please? We have walls, no one will see.... I mean Belle, we
are both girls... we have the same stuff!!" Steph smiled and lead Belle in.

Steph told belle to get the one on the right. Steph got the left and soon
both were undressing. Stephanie pulled down hard and sqeezed out of her
skirt. She lifted her shirt up exposing her huge tan breasts to her self.
Steph removed her panties and bra and was completely naked... to herself.

Belle on the other hand was a sexy blonde babe, young and... big breasted
but not as big as Steph's. Belle removed all her clothes and turned on the
warm water splashing it on her. Belle looked over as saw part of Steph's legs
and everything above her neck. Everything else was blocked by the wall.

Steph rinsed her Billion Dollar body off and rubbed soap on her tits.

Belle took off her ring and dropped it. She was afraid to bend down
because then her whole sexy ass and below would be exposed. She then ducked
and looked, she noticed Steph was on all fours looking for her soap. Steph's
huge round firm ass were exposed giving Belle an akward feeling... like she
needed Steph. "Steph my ring fell."

Steph responded," Hang on I'll help."

Belle froze. Steph grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her boobs. Belle
saw 2 huge mountains carved in it.

Stephanie smiled, "Listen, Belle...I have a confession... tonight, has
been strange for me. I just feel... I need you. I'm sorry Belle but you know
what they say 'being a friend of a billion dollar princess, gives you a
billion reasons why not to.'"

Belle started to be confused. Steph grabbed Belle's whole body. She jerked
and tried to hide her chest. Steph was at the verge of losing her towel as
the 2 attacked each other. Steph knew what to do, Belle was so afraid, she
slapped Steph smack on her sexy cheek. Steph yelped and stuck Belle in the
face. Belle rose up but fell straight back down. She was knocked out.

Steph picked up her body and dragged her on the bed. Steph used her belts
and buckled Belles legs and feet to the bed post. Belle had her towel on.
Steph removed it and noticed her huge tits and sexy body. Belle was not too
fat, not too skinny... she looked like a school girl. Steph laid a hand on
Belles breast. She felt it and sqeezed it feeling its firmness. Belle was
suprisningly shaven. Perfect.

Steph removed her towel and revealed her body. She got on the bed and
began to rub her vagina against belles. The smack of skin told how close and
fast Steph was bouncing. Steph grabbed her own boob and barely contained it.
She stared at her Maid friend and smiled.

Stephanie thought twice and began to eat Belle out. She dipped her hot
tongue in and out of her pussy lips. She sucked her out and rubbed her legs.
She moaned as Steph licked off her wetness. Steph stopped and decided to

Steph thought about it, 'What the hell was she doing?' She is rich and
sexy. Why is she raping her best friend? Steph had so many thoughts...finally
she put on some short shorts and shirt. Steph decided to go on with the
plan... in return, Belle would get to tie Steph up.

Steph walked out and came back with water. She splashed it on Belle.

Belle woke up stunned. "What happened... hey... Ste.. HEY let ME OUT

Steph only nodded.....and said "You'll get your turn soon enough!!

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