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Stephanie's Visit
by Jason (

I had done it. Some how. Some way. I got Stephanie to come to my place.
Well, actually, she was here to scout my older brother. A star of a big
independent promotion. Stephanie and a few WWF suits took my brother on a
little recruiting session. First to dinner, then to the Headquarters, and
finally back to my place. Stephanie was giddy and giggling her entire time
here. Putting on a fake bit of charm to try to win over my brother for his
wrestling services. Steph had obviously had a few drinks at dinner and was
sipping on a strong glass of SOMETHING alcohol-based as she sat next to me
on the small leather sofa. My brother along, with our roommate and the suits,
sat on the far couch. I could smell Stephanie because she was sitting so
close to me. Her body literally 2 inches away from me. She smelled so good.
I could feel my cock twitching as I tried to play it cool, glancing at her
exposed tone legs in her pink skirt and matching shirt. I would look over,
pretending to be checking the clock, and I would get a side view of
Stephanie's large tits pushing through her tight top. Her hip kept bumping
into me as she became animated while telling us all a story about a resent
bump she had taken in the ring, laughing in a sexy manner. She was the
highlight of the conversation, but it was getting late.

"We really should be getting going." Stephanie said, speaking in a slurred
voice from her heavy buzz caused by the alcohol. "I have to stop by the bank
before we head to the airport." she said with heavy eyes. "Why dont you let
us take care of it Miss Mcmahon" said one of the suits. "Okay thank you. I
need to relax a bit more anywyays" Stephanie said, leaning back as I saw her
skirt raise up a few inches. My roommate had long since went to bed and my
brother went with the suits to the bank. That left myself and Stephanie. As
the door closed Stephanie's eyes were fluttering and she was looking up at
the ceiling. I was alone with her.

Stephanie looked at me with a grin. She saw me take a peak at her legs as
she spoke. "So.... what do you think?" She said in a sexy voice. I couldn't
speak because she had to have been talking about her legs. "Your brother...
do you think we are gonna sign him?" she said with a big grin. "Well I hope
so. He has worked really hard to get where he is."

"Hard huh?" she said, licking her lips and taking long stares into my
eyes. "How hard?" I swallowed. "Very hard."

She leaned in closer to me. Almost face to face. Her voice dropped down a
bit, into that sexy voice. She began to talk very articulate and sexy, really
pronouncing her words slowly and fully. "So.... you mean he doesn't SUCK."
The word 'suck' rolled off her tongue in the sexiest way ever. That along
with the way she was talking close to me made my cock jump and shift in my
pants. "N-n-no he doesn't suck." I said nervously. "Well you know
something.... fans always yell that I SUCK." she said. Again, that word gave
me goose bumps. "They say Stephanie SUCKS....SUCKS...SUCKSSSSSSSssssss." Each
time she said it she leaned in closer to my face, not shy at all. I couldn't
speak, so she did. "Do you think that I SUCK?"

"W-w-well nnnnoooo I..."

"Well let me tell you something. I don't SUCK.... but I could if someone
wanted me to." She licked her lips and her face was only a few inches from

"I saw you looking at my legs." she said with a big smile. "Would you like
to touch them?" she said, holding my hand and putting it on her thick smooth
thigh. I ran my hand up and down, feeling the silkiness of her flesh as she
moaned. I moved my hand to her stomach and up to her large breasts. I held
her left titty and squeezed it through her tight top. She gasped and closed
her eyes. I then felt her warm hand touching my half-hard cock through my
jeans. She leaned in and kissed me aggressively on the lips. I slipped her
the tongue and we continued this fondling game. I could feel my cock rise
immediately as I held her tight against me and we kissed for what seemed like

I could feel her tight body through her shirt. She took the lead as she
undid my belt and shirt. She didn't have to touch me. The words coming from
her mouth made me so hard. As she stripped herself and me, she kept saying
"I want you so bad..... I want to suck your cock.... I want you to fuck me so
hard...... Oh your cock is so big..... I need it." We stroked and groped and
kissed and hugged until somehow we were both completely naked. I looked down
and saw her erect nipples and I was overwhelmed by the desire to taste them.
I licked her nipples, nice and gently. Her breasts were so large I had to get
a good hold of them as I licked and sucked them. She was really moaning loud
and I could see her hips gyrating from being so horny. I reached down and
rubbed her soak and wet pussy as she squeeked and jumped. Steph's little
pussy was clean shaven. No hair at all. She was a sex kitten, moaning and
groaning as I teased her pussy and mauled her big titties.

She moaned and said "ohhhhh yeah... am I your fantasy girl..... Do you
dream about me? Uhhhhhhh do you get hard when you see me on tv...tell me you
want me.... Ohhhh mmmmmmm."

"Yes Steph I have wanted you since I first saw you...... Mmmmm your
titties taste so good...... You are so fucking hot..... Every guy wants
you...I want you so bad."

She sat up and did not hesitate, pushing me back and lowering her face to
my cock. She moaned "I am gonna suck your dick so good, you deserve it." as
she went into action. She opened her mouth and took me in. It was as
wonderful as I ever imagined it to be. She ran her lips around the head,
sucking softly. Reaching up with her hand, she gripped the base firmly and
began bobbing up and down on the stiff cock. I felt as if I could cum any
second, but I held back with all of my might. I pulled Stephanie on top of me
in the 69 position and I wanted to prove my worth to her. I lapped up her
juicy pussy, doing everything I had learned from girls and from porno
watching. I sucked on her swollen clit, flicking my tongue on it. She gasped
on my cock, took her mouth off of it, and just jerked me off. I had her now.
Her body was shaking and quivering as she moaned noises loud enough to wake
the neighbors, but I didn't let up. I drove 2 fingers into her cunt and
rubbed her g-spot as I licked her clit. She cried out and I saw thick white
cream on her pussy lips. I just made Stephanie cum. A few more licks and I
moved on as she went back to blowing me.

I got to my knees and her mouth never missed a beat, sucking and bobbing
on my dick. My hands found the sides of her head and I helped her by
directing the speed and depth of the cock sucking. After bringing me so close
to an incredible orgasm, she backed off.

She held me by my shaft and bent over the couch. She stroked me saying "I
want you to fuck me... Years of touring and I haven't been fucked in years...
please... ohhh fuck me now." she was being very aggressive. I did the same. I
pushed her face hard into the couch cushion and got up behind her wiggling
butt. "You wanna get fucked? HUH?" I yelled, taking control. "You want some
dick? I'll give you dick you dirty girl." I lined up my cock to her dripping
cunt as I heard her mumble "mmmmhmmmm... yeah mmmmmhhmm do it.... i need it"
with her face in the cushion. I rubbed my cock head up and down her wet cunt
one time then DROVE it forward as she yelled "AHHHHHHHH", my dick filled her
cunt up all the way. "You bad girl..... Take this cock in your pussy....
UHHHH ....Take it." I groaned as I slammed into her harder and harder. Each
time I kept it in for a full second, then pulled out almost all the way
slowly, before jamming it fast and hard in her cunt. "AHHH AHHH yeah.... give
me it hard ....UHHHHHH OHHHHHH AHHHHH..... UHHHHH". I was really driving her
pussy home, doggy style. I kept smacking and spanking her big ass as I talked
to her more, calling her dirty and bad. She loved it. My balls slapped her
clit every time I thrusted as I held her large tits and pinched her nipples.
"UHHHH.... AHHHH I am a bad GAHHHHH... a very bad girl. OOOOOHHHH ...AHHHH
AHHHH". I continued my pussy-slamming of Stephanie as I turned her on her
side for a while and then on her back. I sucked her tits some more as I
switched to short fast thrusts, fucking her like a jack rabbit. I felt her
pussy contract and she got even wetter as I gave her another orgasm. I was
far from done. I pulled out of her pussy with an audible POP sound, she was
so tight and wet. I leaned down and she jumped as my tongue surprised her and
licked her butt hole. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she let out a long low deep
mouth as I ate her ass hole out. Her butt was so tight it was hard to get my
tongue inside. Her pussy was twitching and as I looked up, I could see
Stephanie's eyes rolled back, fingers pulling on her hard brown nipples. "No
one uuhhhhhhhhhh..... has ever done this ohhhhh ahhhhhh..... done this to me
before-ahhhhhhhhhh". I sucked and licked her pink anus for so long. I clamped
my lips on her pucker and hummed while I licked, making her jerk a little and
moan. She twitched as I explored her hole with my tongue. I replaced my
tongue with a finger, then two, as she resumed moaning loudly.

I stood up and ordered her to get on her knees. She gave me that horny big
smile as she jumped to her feet, squated down before me, and lowered her face
to the floor.

Her pink anus was opening and closing ever so slightly in anticipation. I
could see that it was nice and wet, so I scooted in behind her. She really is
a bad, bad girl. I pushed the head of my tool against her butt hole and told
her to relax.

She let out a deep breath and attempted to relax as much as possible.
Soon, I felt him my dick ease in to her, pushing in centimeters at a time,
before retracting. She panted and groaned with each inch that went up her
butt. Each time I went deeper until she could feel my head impale her. She
let out a small groan and she asked me for more. I began easing more and more
of the shaft into Stephanie's thick booty until it was all the way in.

I began to pull out and push in nice and slow. She was now fingering her
own pussy and crying out in pleasure. The pace quickened and I pulled more
and more out of her before plunging back in. I started moving in rhythm and
soon we were both sweating. She grunted like a slut who loved it.

AHHHHHHHH" As I pumped into her, I talked about what a great ass she had and
how much I loved fucking her. That turned her on even more. I then started
slapping her big ass as I talked dirty to her. She cried out "UHHHHHNNNNNN"
as I began to pump her butt hole. "Yeah you take it.... mmmmmm ohhh you take
it up the butt.... ahhhhh you bad girl.... right up your thick juicy ass....
mmmmmmm." "AHHHH .....YESSSS... OHHH Yeah... I AM BAD....AHHHH AHHHHHHH a bad

"Mmmmm yeah Steph.... very ahhhhh AHHH very bad."

I pumped her ass so fucking hard. Over and over I just had to get a good
feel of her hole engulfing my cock. I took two hand fulls of her pale butt as
I poked her booty. I was about to cum. She knew it too. My cock was throbing
and she reached back and tickled my balls. At the same time, she clamped her
butt on my cock and really squeezed nice and tight. Her fingers gently
scratched my nut sac as I slammed her ass a few more times and squirted my
load. We both cried out as I came. She backed all the way up and let me cum
deep in her ass hole. Seven or eight shots of cum and I held my dick in her
ass. I hugged her from behind and she turned her head to the side and we
tongued each other. I played with her tits some more before my cock popped
out of her butt. I just sat there and rubbed her body all over, mainly her
big tits and her legs and pussy, just savoring the moment. I didn't know what
to say. Perfect timing because just then, we heard a car screech into the
drive way. We laughed out loud at the situation and ran to get dressed. Just
as Stephanie was adjusting her shirt and putting on her other shoe, the door
opened and in came the suits. Steph was laughing out loud and I was grinning.
My brother and the suits just looked at us, and then looked directly at me.
One of the suits said "Uhhhh ready Stephanie?" She grinned and got to her
feet. She shook my brothers hand then shook mine and held it for an extra
second. "It was really nice to meet you." she said with a sexy smile, then
they left my brother and me, telling my bro they would be in touch. Steph
slid put a piece of paper in my hand during out hand shake that said "Cell
Phone....any time you want" along with her number. I grinned and looked at
my brother, not letting him see the note. "WHAT?" I said, as he was still
looking at me funny. He grabbed the front of my shirt. I thought he was gonna
punch me or something, but he just motioned to my shirt that was on the wrong
way. "Do you always wear your shirts backwards... or was you just trying to
get dressed before we caught you two in the act?" he said in a joking manner.

I just laughed. He looked at me again, puzzled. "Yeah right... did you?...
no way! Like you and Stephanie really fucked. Don't even try and say that...
you liar.... your shirt was probably like that all day long."

"I didn't say anything!" I said with a grin.

I could have showed him the number and told him all about it, but it was
probably better that I just keep it between myself and Stephanie. He just
gave me that strange look as I went to my room and closed the door, still

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