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Steph's Abduction
by ASp1

The men circled the arena in a van. As Stephanie came out to the parking
lot all alone men made their move. The billionaire princess, wearing a small
top and a little dress, was as vulnurable as ever. She was quickly tossed in
the van. The normally snobby rich bitch attitude changed to that of ass

"Look what we have here boys!" One man said. "It's the bitch herself,
Stephanie. Tell me Steph. Do you think you are over? People don't boo your
'character', they boo YOU because YOU are annoying and YOU suck at everything
besides showing your tits in a tight top and legs in a skirt! Do you think
you actually CONTRIBUTE to shows, besides being T & A? You fuck up all the
angles and stories and you don't know what the fuck you are doing!! You ain't
important! You ain't a booker! You ain't SHIT!!!"

"L..l..look guys, my daddy is rich, he will pay whatever you want... just
let me go huh?

The men continued to look at Stephanie. Her dress had ridden up a little
as she had been forced into the van exposing her tanned thighs. Ray looked at
his two stoned friends. Phil was just staring at the woman, as was Mike, the
youngest of them. Ray could also see from the bulge in Mike's jeans that he
was getting a little horny. Ray smiled and spoke softly to Stephanie.

"We know who you are and that you have money" he said "Your daddy will
pay, I know, but we have to show him that we are serious, you know?" Steph
looked at all three passengers. In all their eyes she could see a look of
pure animal lust. Ray continued "You seem to have Mike here all excited over
you. Maybe you should show him a little more"

Steph followed Ray's eyes down to her legs and realised how much of
herself was on display. Her initial reaction was to pull her dress down to
cover herself but the large hand that Ray had placed on her thigh made her
think again.

Mike by this time was getting more excited at the prospect of seeing more
of this woman's beautiful body, and was openly rubbing the crotch of his
jeans, feeling his cock grow harder by the moment. Steph looked at Mike and,
fearing what would happen if she disobeyed, slowly let the thin straps of her
halter dress slip from her shoulders.

Ray spoke again, this time to Mike. "Why don't you help the lady" he said
cheerfully "if you keep rubbing your pecker you'll cum before you see

Mike leapt forward and, taking his hand reluctantly from the crotch of his
jeans, helped Steph shimmy the thin material of the dress top down revealing
her white LARGE bulging lace bra. Steph held her hands in front of her
breasts as she tried to hide her modesty, but it was to no avail. Mike
reached behind her, and unclasping her bra pulled it from her chest.
Stephanie's huge breasts popped free with a jiggle, full of milk.

"NO!!!" she cried. "I am a virgin. No one has ever seen this much of me

Phil now joined in the action as Steph's panties were removed and she felt
two pairs of hands roaming her body.

Mike was again now staring at her avidly and rubbing his crotch. Her long
brown hair had fallen forwards partially masking her pert smooth breasts, the
nipples standing out proud. He glanced down and realised that her pussy was
completely shaved.

Phil pushed the frightened woman to her knees facing the back window.
Removing two lengths of rope, he swiftly tied her wrists to a metal bar at
the top of the back door of the van having the effect of stretching her arms
upwards and squashing her HUGE pale perky breasts against the window.

When Steph was secured, Phil lost no time in releasing his throbbing prick
from the confines of his underwear. Bending his knees and leaning against the
back door he pulled Steph round by the hair until her face was in a direct
line with his erection. Phil jacked his cock a few times with his hand
causing a blob of pre-cum to develop at the head. Pulling STeph's face closer
to his groin he proceeded to trace the tip of his prick across her red lips.
Steph's eyes were fixed on the large cock before her. She had decided that it
would be better for her if she complied with the men. That way, maybe she
would escape from this ordeal unhurt.

"Steph your face is cute, in that WHORE kinda why. No man could love you,
he would just fuck you like a whore and SAY he LOVES you. Plus your chin is
just too fucking big!" Then men laughed at the bitch being insulted.

Tentatively she flicked her tongue lightly over Phil's throbbing member.
Phil gasped as he felt her warm, wet tongue on his erection and pushed
forward slightly with his hips. He felt STeph open her mouth and then the
intense pleasure as his cock slid over her lips and tongue and into her

Mike had been watching the action open mouthed. "Christ this woman really
was going to let them fuck her" her thought. Pulling his cock from his jeans,
Mike crawled over towards STeph's's back. He looked at her ass in wonder. He
had never seen anything so perfect; two deeply pale globes, larger then
Jennifer Lopez's, accentuated by a thick virginal lazy chubby waist.

As Phil continued to push his erection in and out of Steph's now willing
mouth, Mike let one hand slide down her back and down between her ass cheeks.
He felt the woman shiver slightly as his fingers traced over her tight
puckered anus and down to her pussy. Spreading her legs apart, Mike began to
stroke Steph's pussy from behind. While he watched Phil's cock disappear into
her throat, Mike could not resist the temptation to stroke his own cock with
his free hand. He had never felt so hard before. As his fingers gripped his
cock head he felt his whole prick throb in his hand. He decided to try and
concentrate more on the pussy in his other hand and reluctantly let go of his
cock as it swung wildly in front of him. Mike had now located the woman's
clitoris with his thumb and was circling it as he pushed two fingers in and
out of her rapidly dampening pussy, his other arm was wrapped around her and
was squeezing her breast and nipple.

Steph's base instincts had taken over and she could feel herself becoming
wetter and wetter. The cock in her mouth felt good as she swirled her tongue
over it's head. She knew she was on the right track as Phil was moaning and
trying to thrust his prick deeper into her throat. She almost cried as she
felt Mike's fingers leave her pussy from behind but the emptiness was soon
replaced as she felt the unmistakable sensation of a hard cock sliding into
her wet pussy.

Ray watched Mike's eyes close in extasy as his hard erection slipped
easily into Steph's cunt. Phil's large cock pumping in and out of her pretty
mouth her red lipstick smeared along his shaft. Mike's head above her
shoulder as he fucked her pussy from behind.

Another large erect cock was pressed to her lips. Each man took a handful
of her hair and pull her face towards their cocks in turn, alternately
fucking her mouth.

The man to the left pull his cock from her lips and start to jerk himself.
The man pointed his cock at her face as he pulled his heavy foreskin back and
forth over the swollen head. Steph was bouncing up and down more violently
now as the man jerking his cock finally let a great stream of cum fly onto
her face and onto the window.

A guy behind Steph pulled out of her and stood over her back. The guy's
cock emerged over her naked shoulder as another stream of cum hit the window
and trickled down over her breasts and nipples. The one guy who had not yet
cum was furiously jerking his erection towards Steph's face. The guy took a
handful of Steph's hair and wrapped it around his cock jerking himself faster
and faster. Finally the guy in the van could hold out no longer and let his
cum spray into Steph's hair and mouth. As she swallowed as much of his seed
she sat there in defeat.

The men just laughed at the spoiled little snot. Laying there, exposed to
the men, she thought it was all over. But they weren't done yet. "Hey bitch,
get up!"

"No!" she protested, like that would help.

"I said get UP!" oen man yelled as he jerked her up by her hard dark brown
nipples and bent her over some junk in the van.

Steph began to whimper like a little girl, being spoiled her whole life
made her like that.

"Stephanie you really need to get on a treadmill every now and then. Your
ass is FAT!!" A man yelled as laughter ensued. Steph just laid there, no
where to go. She didn't know if it was worse to be fucked, or to be
humiliated in such a manner.

"And your feet are HUGE! Damn! You look like a fucking cown!"

Steph alwas hated her feet. They were too bing and made her an object of
constant ridicule.That is why she always wore boots to wrestle, because bare
footed would make her body look out of whack which it obviousy is.

"What size shoe do you wear? 11? 12!!? Man those are big!"

The man bent down and grabbed both ankles, pulling her feet towards the
men. They all got really close to inspect Steph's clown feet.

"Look at this guys! Big fat toes, wrinkley soles, they are huge! Hey Steph
watch this!"

Steph just whimpered as she felt a long wet tongue lick her feet. How
humiliating for her! "MMmmm your big feet taste good...NOT!" the man said as
the laughing continued. Then a hot cock slapped onto her feet bottoms. More
laughter ensued.

"Steph I am gonna jerk off on your huge dorky feet !!!" the man said as he
began to rub Stephs warm feet all over his cock, similar to a hand jerking
off a cock.

The men cheered him on and laughed. Steph was humiliated more than ever
before. She felt the man orgasm as her feet were covered wth ot runny cum,
all in between her toes.

"YEAH!! HA HA HA" The men cheered.

It was over now... or so she thought again.

"Stephanie" one man said, "your ass is really fat you know. Let's try to
work on it." Just then, she felt the guy go behind her. He brushed cock to
her virgin butt hole. He whispered in her ear "this is gonna feel sooooo
fucking good... well for me anyway!"

"NOO!" Steph cried as she realised what was about to happen. The other men
quickly ran over and held a squirming Stephaie down, there fat thighs and
large pale ass jiggling..


"Noooo please no" Steph struggled and cried to no avail. "I , no I,

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" The man yelled as he bottomed out, putting his cock
so far up Stephanie's tight rich ass!

"SHIT YEAH! NOW I AM GONNA PUMP YOU BITCH! Oh this feels so fucking good!

The men laughed as the guy fucked Stephanie really hard up her ass hole.
The combinaton of fat and muscle on Stephs butt made for the perfect squeeze
on his dick. IT felt so good being up the butt of Stephanie the bitch! He
pounded her fat ass hard and fast, one stroke every second.

"AHH AHHH NO NO uhn uhnnnn OH OH oh ah ah AH AH NO AHH UH!!!" Steph could
only moan, not strong enough to protest this anal banging.

"I'm cumming! I AM CUMMING!!! AHHHHHHHH!" he moaned as he released a quart
of cum right up Steph's ass hole.


The man held a squirming Steph close to him, his dick twitching up her ass
hole. "Just think of it as burning calories ha ha ha!" he said. Steph whined
and went limp. The man pulled out after a minute and kissed all over
Stephanie's big pale butt cheeks. He studied them, memorized the fat dimples,
saying good bye to them.

"Damn I have wanted that ever since I saw your rich little snobby asa on
tv teasing us. You know, if you showed as much skin as the other WWF girls,
maybe guys wouldn't hate you and want to forced fuck you so much Steph. You
tease too much." She smacked her ass hard and she yelped. He smacked her
again and yelled "go home fat girl.... RUN RUN RUN!!!" he announed as the men
let Stephanie go and laughed. Stephanie looked funny as hell as she ran her
fat ass out of the van and down the road butt naked, semen running out of her
ass like water.

The men laughed more and got dressed. They began to drive away. With music
blasting in the van all the way home, they noticed something on the side of
the road, by the woods. As they drove by and looked, they saw a nude Steph
held down, being forced to take it doggy style, by a few young looking guys.
They could hear the moans as they drove by.

"Sloppy seconds!!!" They all said with a laugh. "It looks like stephanie
is quite popular. or should I say, NOT so popular!" They laughed more as they
drove on.

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