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Steph's Booty - Part 1: Truth or Dare
by Jason

Stephanie had come over to my hotel room to go over some of her lines for
an upcoming show. She was great at improvising, yet not so great on the
microphone. She said that she used to use her squeaky voice to get booed on
purpose, but it backfired on her when she tried to become a 'face' and get
cheers. So once a week we get together and go over her microphone work.
Similar to singers who do voice lessons. Tonight was the night.

Steph knocked on my door and she entered. I was surprised to see her in
her night clothes which consisted of a long t-shirt that came down to her
knees and who'knows'what underneath.

"Hey punk," she said with a playful glance, punching me in the arm.

"Ready to make me go deaf," I asked as I covered up and guarded her next
few punches.

"That's not funny! You know I hate my voice."

"I'm just kiddin' ya.... your voice is actually really sexy when you talk
normally, instead of raising your voice."

She stared in my eyes, smiling really big, but couldn't talk right away. I
secretly wanted to fuck her so hard, but I would never admit it to her. I
would probably be fired or get stomped by the boys. She looked really good
though, especially this night. After a few moments, she hit me again lightly.

"Come on. Let's practice my lines," she said.

Stephanie plopped down on the bed next to me and we proceeded to practice
her lines. She was doing rather well, not making my ears bleed or anything,
so we decided to take a break.

"Wanna play a game?" Stephanie said with enthusiasm.

"Uh, sure. What kind of game?"

"Hmmm, let me think..." she looked down then her eyes got big as she
looked me in my eyes and said, "Truth...or DARE!!!"

My cock got really warm just then and began to move a little, just
thinking of the possibililties. I agreed, and she get really excited like it
was her birthday or something.

"Oh! Me first!" she demanded.

"Okay Stephanie."

We began with the simple 'truths' of "who do you have a crush on, who has
the best body, etc," then she started to get a little turned on it seemed.

"How big is your... dick?" she blurted out.

"Wow. Ummm," I was panicking, "let me show you..." I said, jokingly
undoing my pants. I thought she would stop me and I paused as I unbuttoned my
pants and pretended to move the zipper. Her eyes were focused right on my

"Well... show me," she said, using her normal sexy voice.


"Well... yeah... I asked you a 'truth'... you HAVE to go through with it."

I still didn't do it and asked "What do you mean HAVE to go through with

"Well... let's say if you don't do a dare or answer a truth, then you have

Seeing as my hair was a few inches long and I spent good money on styling
and dying, I didn't want to shave it all off.

"Okay fine Stephanie. Same goes for you..."

"What do you mean?"

"If you back out on a dare or a truth, then you have to shave your ENTIRE
HEAD BALD!" I said, laughing at her uneasiness. She suddenly switched into
her "attitude mode".

"Fine! I am not a chicken. I'll do anything," she said, turning her nose
up like a brat.

"Okay then Steph." I continued to pull down my pants and then I stood up
next to the bed. Stephanie looked directly at my boxers, not even blinking.
She had a huge horny smile on her face.

"Do it...." she said.

I put my fingers in the elastic of my boxers and pulled them to my knees
for a 2 second count, then pulled them back up. Stephanie was still staring
at my boxers, her eyes big and her mouth wide open with a slight smile.

"Oh my gosh!" her voice was lower and more breathy, panting even.


"That... that... was BIG!" she said, still looking at my boxers.

"Well... you know..." I said, mocking an ego, as I jumped back on the bed.

She was still staring.

"Um... hello... Earth to Stephanie...."

She was blushing and then snapped out of her trance.

"Oh! Okay... sorry," she giggled, "your turn. By the way, no more
'truths'... lets do all DARES."

"Fine then... remember the rules... I dare you to... flash me Stephanie."
I felt bold now, seeing as she was fine with seeing my cock and liked it.

She got that usual sexy smile, evil even, on her face and stood up. She
held the bottom of her top with both hands and teased about pulling it up,
showing me that she was wearing only black panties under her long shirt, no
shorts! Then she did a sexy little dance as she reached behind her back and
undid her bra, keeping her long nightie shirt on. She wiggled a bit, then
pulled out her bra and hit me in the face with it. I caught a wiff of her
perfume from the black lacey bra, but kept my eyes focused on the tall
beauty. She grinned one more time, then went "wooooooo" and pulled her shirt
up for a full second and shook her bare breasts in the air. I caught a good
view of both pale breasts. A D-cup atleast, with large erect brown nipples.
Bigger than any I have seen before. She let her shirt go back down over them,
laughing the whole time. I just sat there in shock, with a similar look on
my face as Steph's when she saw my cock.

"Ha ha ha! You are the first guy to see my breasts... well my new ones I
mean.. ha ha!"

I was in shock. My cock was poking through my pants, just like her perky
nipples were poking through her thin nightie shirt.

"Wow... those are really.... really...."

"BIG?!" she said, laughing.

"Ha.... they are big alright. Wow, they are nice.... anyways... your turn

"Okay... I dare you to ... ha ha ha... rub my FEET!" she said, spinning
around and putting both feet on my lap next to my cock.

She was trying to humiliate me in a way, but little did she know that her
feet are cute and are the next best thing to rubbing her breasts. I rubbed
away as she giggled and let out little moans every now and then. She laid
back after a few minutes and her eyes began to close a bit.

"Mmmm.... wow that feels really good..." as I rubbed and caressed her
soles and toes.

"Wake up," I blurted, tickling the bottom of her right foot.

"EEEEEK! I'm up! I'm up!"

I continued to rub her feet as her shirt rode up and I snuck a peek at her
black panties. I was concentrating on her right foot, as her left one slowly
made it's way to my boxers. I didn't realize it until I felt her warm foot
bottom gently press against my shaft and her toes wiggeld on it. Her eyes
opened a bit.

"You like that.... huh?"

I nodded yes, trying to still massage her other foot.

"You like when Stephy rubs her foot on your dick? Huh? Yeah you do... I
know you do...."

She sat up and pulled my half-hard cock out of my boxers through the front
opoening. She then laid back and sandwiched my dick between her warm feet
bottoms, jerking me off like two hands. I couldn't moan. Two reasons. One, it
felt too good. Two, I wanted to hear her talk dirty some more.

"Oh yeah, just sit back big boy.... let Stephy rub her feet on your
nice... big... dick... you like that... that feel good?"

"...uhh...yes.... yes...."

"Yeah... it's getting bigger too... must feel SO good.... let Stephy kiss
it for you...."

She sat up and kissed the purple head, then licked the bottom of my shaft
all the way up and down.

"That feel good? Huh? It's tastes good. Can I have some more? Can Stephy
have another little taste?"

I pulled my boxers down as she was talking, then gasped "yes!"

"Okay... lemme kiss it again... mmmmmmm", she started to suck my dick,
taking most of it in her mouth in one motion. She bobbed up and down,
swirling her tonuge all around it, taking a few seconds every now and then to
talk dirty again. After a few minutes, she giggled and backed up.

"Your turn!" Steph teased.

I had to have her or else I would cum just looking at her. I didn't
hesitate this time.

"I dare you to give me 3 dares in a row." (Old cheating trick.)

"Ha ha ha... okayyyyy... go ahead."

"First, I dare you to take off your shirt and bra for the entire game....
AND I dare you to let me suck on your tits for 5 minutes."

She stood up on the bed and pulled her shirt right off, then hovered over
me and let her tits land on my face. I pulled her on top of me and began to
lick them and suck them. She gasped and cooed as I nibbled and played with
her large titties. Her soaked panties were rubbing on my bare dick the whole
time. She seemed to be teasing me a bit, because when I went to pull off her
panties, she wouldn't let me. Then, with a minute left, I put her on her back
and tried to fuck her tits, but again she stopped me.

"My turn!!" she announced.

"No, Stephanie, remember, I get one more. Remember I got 3 in a row?"

She looked a bit uneasy, knowing that I was ready to fuck. I had to fuck
her. I just had to.

"Uh... okay... but you cheated. You can't get 3...."

"Yeah, but I got 3 so.... Stephanie... I dare you to let me do what I want
with you for 30 minutes..."

She paused, to think about it. I reminded her of the head shaving thing.

"Okay..." she grinned, "28 minutes now."

She was laying on her back, breasts up in the air, legs out stretched and
a little open. I got on my knees between her legs and grabbed her black
panties by the little loops and slid them down quickly. She seemed shy as her
pussy was exposed, squirming a bit. I took control. I laid down and put her
legs on my back, my head in between them. She was scooting back slowly, like
she had never been eaten out before, not knowing what to expect. I lick up
her inner thighs and then lick around her private area, teasing her. I blow
air on her pussy lips and she gasps, lifting her hips. Her shaved vagina is
so wet that a trickle of fluid runs down to her butt hole. I eat out her
pussy, doing everything I know. She moans and whines the whole time, really
getting off. She is wiggling and squirming. like it almost feels TOO good and
she doesn't know what to do about it. She locks her toned legs around my head
and lifts her butt up, practically yelling in bliss as I flick my tongue all
over her clit. She shakes roughly and cries out "UHHHHH-UH-UH-UH-UH" as I
feel her juice run down my neck and on my arm. After a few more quick jerks
from her body, I pull my head away and move my cock in between her legs.

I stick my dick RIGHT in her pussy and she moans, squeezing my arms with
her hands tight. I put it in all the when then hold her ankles together as I
push in and out of Steph's pussy.

She goes nuts, moaning "uhhhh.... gawwww.... yes.... mmmm yeah....ahhhh."

I fuck her so hard, making my balls smack her butt hole every time. She
protests after a little while, saying "please... uh.... oh yeah... wait...
please put on a condom.... uhh...."

I remind her of the head shaving thing and she whines a bit, saying
"ohhh..... ahhhh... please don't cum in me.... mmmmm don't stop... but...
don't cum... ahhhh!"

She whines and bites her lips nervously as I fuck her full force now. She
glances at her watch as says "ohhh ohhh yeah.... mmmm.... ahhhh.... ten...
AHHH.... ten minutes left... ooooooh ahhhh.... don't stop.... don't cum in me
though... ahhhh.. hold it... mmmm"

I pull out and touch my cock to her puckered anus. Her knees bend up to
her shoulders.

"Wait! No! What are you.... hold on... not my butt."

"Would you look good with a bald head.... I wonder....?"

She looks pissed for a second, then looks nervous again. She whispers to

"I can take it for eight minutes.... only eight minutes..." then holds her
knees to her chest, legs spread, and says "please.... be gentle..."

I grin and rub my cock in her pussy, then in her ass to lube it good. I
push the big head of my cock right up her butt and her toes flex and wiggle,
moaning a lot.

"Uhhhhhh.... hhhhuuuhhh.... my booty... hhhuuuhhhh....."

I pause, then push forward again, then again, working it up Stephanie's

"UHHHHH..... mmmmmmmm..... ahhhhhhh....."

I bury half my cock up her butt as she squirms and moans a bit. I push her
legs open so they are in a "V" with her legs straight. I hold her ankles and
begin to pump up her butt.

"Ahhhhh..... ohhh..... oooooohh..... AHHHH..... uhhhhhhh....."

I tell her to play witth her pussy with I fuck her. When she touches her
own clit, she JERKS a bit from all the sensations at once, but I keep fucking
her butt. I pin her legs back to her check and stick my cock the rest of the
way in her pink anus. I slide in and out nice and slow, her face contorting
with her mouth open wide, moaning and groaning every time I move. I begin to
pick up the pace, really bottoming out hard and deep in her butt. Her cute
little gasps and moans make my cock expand a bit more. I pin her down,
forcing her big body to jackknife, her knees straightened out and pressing
against are large breasts. I put all my weight on her and pin her like this
on the bed, getting face to face with her. Her warm moist breath panting in
my face with moans of "uhnnnn.... ahhhh... ow.. ohhhh.. ughhhh.... ugh.....
uhhhhh... "

I kiss her right on the mouth, knowing the funny contrast of a little kiss
and rough booty sex. I pump away and make her cry out as her wet pussy rubs
against my lower abs. I glance at the watch and notice only a few minutes

I lean back and flip her over on her knees, my cock still up her butt the
whole time, and proceed to ram her ass doggy style.

"Ahhh.... ohhh.... ahhhh.... ahhhh.... uhhhnnnnn..."

"Oh yeah Stephanie... uhh... how does that feel baby... uh... right up
your ass... uhh... take it up your ass... uhh..."

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Yeah! Mmmmm! Uhhhh! Oooooh!"

I grab her ass and fuck the hell out of her. I pump her a dozen or so more
times before shooting my load right up her ass as she struggled to hold her
balance. Her butt contracted, squeezing and hugging my cock, making it squirt
more as she moaned nice and loud. I held my dick up her booty for a few more
seconds. It was shrinking fast in the warmth of Steph's butt. Her anus ring
was contracting and finally, my dick was squeezed out with a wet sloppy
plopping sound. She sat up and composed herself, breathing heavy still. A few
moments later, she looked at me with a sexy grin.

"My turn..." she said, as she moved off of the bed. She went to her bag
and pulled out some rope. What would she do next...?

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