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Steph's Fun Workout
by Josh (

Stephanie McMahon was looking for another way to get back into the WWF
after being shot down by her father and Ric Flair. She called up Flair and
told him that she would do anything to get back in. Flair said the only
way she'd have a chance at getting back into the WWF was as an active

Stephanie had worked herself into good shape but not nearly what was
needed to be compete in the ring. Stephanie decided to hire a personal
trainer to help her maximize her workouts. She rented out a local gym for
the afternoon because she detested working out infront of other people.
Darren, the personal trainer, waited around the gym until Stephanie finally
showed up in some sweats and a baggy T-shirt.

"You're late..." Darren said.

"I'm Stephanie McMahon, I can be late, now lets get to my workout," she

Darren had Stephanie start with a bit of jogging on the treadmill. Steph
got bored quickly with it so they moved onto some light weights and started
doing some exercises until Stephanie stopped...

"This is sooo boring, don't you know any fun exercises?" Stephanie asked.

"Well, what do you usually do for a workout?" Darren asked.

"Usually, I like to watch myself when I workout."

"Why's that?"

Stephanie pulled off her baggy T-shirt then slid off her sweat pants
revealing a tight black spandex tube top that barely contained her huge
breasts and some little black spandex workout shorts.

"Well, wouldn't you want to look at this while I work out?" Stephanie said
with a sexy grin.

"Hell yeah ... I mean, yes."

"I like to start out with some jumping jacks..." Stephanie started doing
a few jumping jacks, her big jugs bouncing up and down in her little spandex
top. "Then I do some squats." Stephanie turned showing Darren her thick
butt as she did a few squats. "What'd you think?" Stephanie asked.

"That's a very nice start. What's next?"

Stephanie walked up close to Darren, ran one of her hands through his hair
then rubbed his crotch with the other. "I need to work up a nice ... hot ...
dripping sweat," she whispered into his ear. "You can help me with my
favorite excercise that makes me sweat ... fucking!" Stephanie said.

"I can do that, Stephanie, I'd love to help you with that exercise,"

"So you like me?"

"Oh you're so fucking hot, Stephanie!"

"How are you going to make me sweat?"

"I'm gonna milk those jugs ... nail that billion dollar pussy and pound
that luscious booty of yours."

Stephanie pulled Darren's shirt off, he was well-built but not huge like
a wrestler. She then reached down and yanked off his gym shorts and boxers
in one motion.

"That's it, Stephanie, you're making me so horny."

"I can see," Steph said staring a Darren's raging hard-on. Stephanie
knelt down infront of Darren and placed her soft hand on his hard cock. She
gave it two strokes and Darren just exploded with cum all over Stephanie's
spandex top.

"I'm sorry, Stephanie," Darren apoligized embarrassed at his quick burst,
"Its just that you look so hot I couldn't hold it in."

"That's ok, big boy, lets get to our workout," Stephanie said and she
pulled off her cum stained top letting those voluptuous breasts free.
Stephanie sucked on his cock, up and down bringing it back to attention.

"Come on' Stephanie, work it, yeeah that's right." Darren encouraged her.

Steph pulled his hard cock out of her mouth and placed it between her two
big breasts. Stephanie pushed her boobs together against his cock and slid
them up and down. "Mmmhhhh, you like that? You like my big tits rubbing
against your cock?" Steph asked.

"Ohh yeah, Stephanie!" he moaned in approval.

Steph continued the tit fuck for a minute or so before releasing Darren's
cock from the grasp of her breasts.

"Now that you're warmed up, its time for you to work me out," Stephanie
said. Stephanie laid back on a workout bench.

"No, no, Stephanie, you wanna sweat? You gotta do the work!" Darren said
pulling Stephanie up. Darren sat down on the bench. "Do some jumping
jacks!" Darren said.

Stephanie began doing some jumping jacks, her free breasts thrashing
around as she did them.

"Now let me see those squats," he said.

Stephanie turned around and started squatting. Darren played with himself
while looking at Steph's hot ass. Stephanie turned her head around and saw
Darren enjoying himself and as she squatted she slowly pulled down her
spandex shorts.

"Like that?" Steph asked.

"Yeeah ... baby got back!" Darren said and Steph giggled a bit then fully
took off her bottoms.

"Now you can have some fun," Darren said.

Stephanie laid Darren down on his back then stood over his crotch.
Stephanie lowered her wet pussy down onto Darren's rod. She sat all the way
down, her butt squishing against his thighs. Stephanie began moving up and
down, riding his cock.

"That's it Steph, come on, ride my fucking cock!"

"Mmmhhh! Ahhhh yeeeahh that feels soo good!" Stephanie moaned. She
started bouncing faster and faster, her butt smacking against Darren's thighs
as she went wild on his cock.

"Ohhh Stephanie ... Ohh yeah ... faster! Work it, Stephanie!"

"Unnnhhhh yeeeah! Ahhh ... Ahhh fuuuck! Hhuunnnhhh ... huuunnnhhh!"
Stephanie moaned and panted as her body began to sweat. Stephanie began to
slow down a bit, panting heavily.

*SMACK* Darren smacked her ass. "Come on Stephanie! Don't stop! Keep
going! Ahh fuuck yeah, Steph, that's the way!"

Stephanie picked the pace back up and began sweating more and more as she
rode Darren's cock as hard as she could. He dug his fingers into the flesh
of her thick butt as she rode him.

"Feels ... unnhhhh ... so ... oohhhh ... gooohhhh ... GOOOD! Mmmmhhh ...
MY ... PUSSY! OHHH FUUUCK YEEEAH!" Stephanie moaned now violently bouncing
up and down, griting her teeth.

Darren could see she was gasping for air, really pushing herself to the
limit. He looked to his right and saw a bottle of water on the ground, he
reached over and picked up. Taking off the top, he handed it to Stephanie...

"Here, drink this.." he said.

Stephanie grabbed the water, still riding his cock and poured it down her
throat. Some of it missed and splashed against her chest. Stephanie threw
the empty bottle away and continued riding Darren. Darren reached up and
caressed Steph's big boobs, that were slick with the water.

"Ohhh fuuuckk ... You love my big tits, don't ya? Ohhh yeeah!" Stephanie
moaned. Stephanie leaned forward, her stomach pressed against Darren and her
tits near his mouth.

"Keep fucking me, Stephanie, don't stop while I suck on your tasty

Stephanie began grinding her butt up and down real fast against Darren's
cock. Darren reached down and grabbed two handfuls of her big thick buns.
Darren gave them a few smacks, his hand bouncing off the flesh.

"Mmmmhhh yeeeah smack that booty!" Stephanie moaned.

Darren played with all of her thick booty flesh as he grinded back and
forth against his cock like mad.

"Oooohhh fuuuck! AHHHH! I ... can't ... OH! OH! ... take it ... I'm
gonna ... OH FUUUCKK YEEEAH .. CUUUUUM!" Stephanie exclaimed.

Darren wrapped his arms around her back, feeling Stephanie shake as she
reached orgasm. Stephanie slowed down and slowly grinded her wet cum filled
pussy against Darren's cock. Her body was dripping with sweat and she was
breathing heavily.

"Ohhh ... mmmmmhhh ... That was a good workout ... I need some protein,"
Stephanie said. She got up off of Darren's cock then turned around with her
butt facing him. Stephanie reached down and began stroking Darren's cock
while sucking the head. Soon Darren burst with cum into Stephanie's mouth.
She sucked it all up off Darren's cock and swallowed it.

"Did you enjoy your workout?" Darren asked.

Stephanie wiggled her big butt in Darren's face, "Aren't you forgetting
something?" she asked.

"Its not nice to tease a guy like that..." Darren said, he didn't believe
Stephanie was offering up her third input.

"Who's teasing? A workout isn't complete without a good ... hard ... ass
fuck ... I mean, exercise," Steph said looking over her shoulder and winking
at Darren.

Darren picked Stephanie up and put her face down on the floor. He looked
down at her butt which stuck out a good two or three inches from her lower
back, "Damn!" he commented. Darren laid down burying his face between
Stephanie's thick buns.

Stephanie moaned as Darren tongued her asshole. "Mmmm ... that's it,
baby, lick that asshole good."

Darren worked over her asshole for quite a long time, not getting enough.

"Aren't you going to fuck me?" Stephanie asked.

"You want me to fuck your ass!" Darren said forcefully as he lifted his
head from between her cheeks.

"YEAH! I want you to FUCK MY ASS!"

Darren got himself hard and smacked his cock against her butt. He then
slowly pushed his cock into Stephanie's asshole. "That's it, Stephanie,
relax.." He said.

Stephanie closed her eyes and began fondling her tits as Darren slowly
worked his way in and out of her asshole. He felt a shiver run down her
spine each time he had his cock fully inside of her. Darren rubbed his hands
against her sweaty back then grabbed a hold of her midsection as he began
pumping faster and faster.

"Mmmmmhh yeeah ... FUCK MY ASS! Come on! Fuck it hard!" Stephanie moaned.

Darren grabbed two handfuls of her big butt as he pumped faster and faster
in her ass. "Ohh Stephanie, I love this booty!" Darren moaned.

"Yeah, FUCK IT! AHHH SHIIIIT! FUUUCK MY ASS! Ohhhhh ... Hhhhooohhh!"

Stephanie's jugs swayed in the air as she began moving back and forth on
Darren's cock, while he pumped into her at the same time increasing the

"Ohhh yeeahhh ... let me feel that big cock! AHHHH YEEAH! THAT'S IT!
POUND MY FUCKING ASS! Nice and hard!"

Stephanie moaned wildly as Darren kept pounding her asshole, as hard as he
could and giving her booty a few smacks now and then.

"You're soo tight! I'm gonna cum!" Darren moaned.

"Lemme feel your hot cum on my butt!" Stephanie moaned and Darren shot his
cum onto her booty. He smacked his cock against her butt a few times,
releasing all his jizz.

Stephanie leaned back and said, "Now that's what I call a total body

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