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Steph's Most Embarassing Experience
by Adam Haque

FHM Magazine is conducting an interview with Stephanie Mcmahon-Helmsley
in her mansion, this took place before Wrestlemania:


FHM: Would you ever consider posing nude for Playboy?

SMH: Yes, in fact i am in talks right now with playboy magazine and we'll
have to see how things go!

FHM: Who is the most helpful diva in the WWF to you?

SMH: At the moment, it's Trish. Since No Way Out, Trish has been living
with my dad and I and she really has become a good help around the mansion!

FHM: What is the most embarissing thing that has ever happened to you?

SMH: Nothing really embarissing has ever happened!

FHM: Oh come on, everyone has had something embarissing happened to them!
Anyway end of interview!

SMH: Actually something has happened embarrising just last week, but I can
only tell you in private.

FHM: Ok, then. (He switches on the dictaphone again)

SMH: Well, I got back to my appartment with Trish after the Smackdown
tapings, only me, my dad and Trish were in the house, so I quickly got to
sleep. The next morning I woke and went to the kitchen to find Trish looking
sleepy in a bathrobe, sipping coffee. She smiled and said good morning as
I poured myself a cup and sat down at the table opposite her. I asked her
where dad was and she said he had meetings all day. We sat there for a few
minutes quietly before she asked me how I was feeling. That opened the flood
gates and we discussed sex and other things for nearly an hour and we
emptied the pot of coffee. I couldn't believe how turned on I was hearing
her tell me that dad was an animal when he got home and they fucked three
times, something she said dad never did.

It was so odd, hearing this woman I hated a month ago telling me how
good my father was at eating pussy and how even though he didn't have a
long penis, it was quite thick and quite satisfying according to her. I
couldn't believe I was thinking of my dad in sexual terms and it was making
me hot.

I was also getting hot looking at Trish. Her bathrobe would slip open
every so often and I would get a glimpse of her beautiful, firm breasts. I
was feeling very naughty and getting very brave, "Remember when you told me
I should give myself a trim?" I asked referring to her last comments
yesterday before she left me in my room. She said that men loved a shaved
woman and I was a bit extra in the hairy department. I wanted to know how I
should go about trimming or shaving myself since I have never done it.
"Well, do you like the way this looks?" with that she slid her chair out
from under the table and opened her robe.

She lowered her tiny panties and spread her legs for me. I was looking
at her womanhood, completely hairless. The lips looked a bit swollen,
obviously from the fucking dad had given her. She had such a pretty pussy.
I had never been so close to a shaved woman before and I had never truly
appreciated the beauty of a pussy until that moment.

"Would you do that to me?" I asked excitedly and she closed her robe
and said she'd be happy to. She told me to go take a shower and she was
going to do the same and she'd meet me in her bathroom in twenty minutes.

I have to admit I was disappointed that she didn't want to shower
together and I began doubting that Trish was as sexually attracted to me as
I was to her. None the less, I cut my shower short and ran to her bedroom
and into the open bathroom in time to catch her toweling off. I grabbed an
extra towel and helped to dry her back, I just wanted to touch her and I was
excited to be so near to her naked body.

For some reason I had slipped on a teddy but Trish told me to take it
off so we wouldn't ruin it. She prepared the bathroom with scissors and
shaving cream and soon had me sitting on the counter, legs spread as she
began to trim my thick bush. She commented on the size of my clit which was
already swollen and I was already wet as well. She "accidentally" brushed
my clit several times and I nearly came each time. She leaned back and
admired her work so far. With the scissors she had brought my bush down to
crew cut length. The lips seemed twice as large as normal now that they
were exposed.

"You really do have such a pretty pussy" she smiled, "Now for the
delicate part" and with that she grabbed a razor and a can of shaving cream
and went about carefully spreading the thick, fluffy white cream all over
me. This part took the longest and she touched me in my most private place
much more often then when she was using the scissors. I knew she could see
how soaked I was because I could feel it. We spoke very little during this
time until she was finished and had spread a light, scented oil over me.

She took a hand held mirror and showed me just how beautiful my pussy
was underneath all that hair which now lay discarded on the towel beneath
me. I absolutely adored it. I took the mirror from her and examined myself
from all different angles surprised at how sexy it looked. My dark lips were
quite large as was my clit, a contrast to the deep pink of her own sex.
Inside though we were equally pink.

"I have to masturbate." I said excitedly but she stopped me, "Do you
know what my roommate did right after she shaved me for the first time?" I
shook my head no. "She did this" and with that she leaned foreword and I
was feeling another womans tongue on my pussy for the first time.

Trish knew I was close to cumming so she avoided my clit, only letting
her tongue brush over it for very short spurts at a time. Instead she licked
me completely, nibbling on my pussy lips until I was feeling completely
insane with the need to cum. I could hear her slurping up my plentiful
juices and when she finally had mercy on me, I exploded.

I was humping my clit against her face and I was making noises I never
have before, even when Franklin had fucked me yesterday. I've never had an
orgasm as intense or as long lasting as the one Trish was giving me. "Yes,
yes, eat my pussy!" I heard myself saying... and then the most embarrassing
thing in my life happened.

"What the hell is going on here?" I looked to see my dad, Vince,
standing in the open bathroom doorway and I could almost see the steam
rising from his head and the anger on his face is something I would never
forget. Then he shook his head and mumbled that we were both little whores
and stormed off. Trish quickly got to her feet and chased after my dad. I
grabbed my teddy from the floor and ran to my room horrified.

FHM: Wow!

The End

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