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Steve Austin And Stephanie McMahon Make-Out Part 1
by Baileyy (

Steve walked Stephanie to his 4x4 truck. He was anxious about the date
and looking at Stephanie right now, he understood the reason why. Dressed in
a tight white micro-miniskirt, her legs exposed several inches above her
knee's, a white satin blouse, the top button open showing her white lacy bra
when she moved just right and her knee high leather boots accenting the curve
of her caves, he had ever right to be anxious.

Stephanie walked with confidence to the truck, Steve by her side. Her
breast bounced slightly with her steps. Her hand moved up and flipped her
hair back, the curls falling back softly to resume there trained position.
Her mind was racing as they neared the truck. She could not forget the
humiliating stripping she suffered, exposed in her black bra for the entire
wrestling world to see and she had hoped that when her shirt had been ripped
off, her breast had not been dislodged momentarily exposing a nipple. That
would have been the worse, but she thinks only her cleavage showed and after
all, would not everyone see that much at the beach in her thong bikini?

Steve moved ahead quickly to open the truck door for Stephanie. His eyes
raked over her curves and his heart leaped slightly. She was cute and sexy,
what a combination and he thinks he was falling for her in a big way. Opening
the truck door, he said "please get in and I will shut the door for you
Stephanie" Stephanie smiled, her eyes, made up as only she can apply eye
makeup, flashed and she smiled saying "Thank you kind sir"

Steve chuckled to himself thinking Stephanie thinks I am so much the
gentleman when hell, what better chance to see more of Stephanie's thighs
then watching her climb into a truck wearing such a tight short skirt! He
smiled and said "My pleasure Miss Stephanie."

Stephanie climbed into the truck, her legs stretching and her tight mini
hiking up as she settled into the seat. Steve felt his cock ask to play as he
watched those sexy legs now exposed almost to her crotch. He loved the shin
of her suntan pantyhose and how it made her legs even sexier although her
tan, she could have left the hose off. Shutting the door, he walked around
and climbed into the drivers seat and started the engine. Glancing over, he
was pleased to see Stephanie did not even bother to tug her skirt down.

They would be eating, having wine, dancing and maybe even, with a little
luck, she would allow some petting. He would have a hard time keeping his
hands off her body and decided that he should set the tone immediately as he
dropped his hand on her knee as the truck drove off.

After a block, he moved his hand just above her knee, feeling the lycra
of her pantyhose and warmth of her leg beneath. Her perfume filled the
usually musky odor of the truck cab.

Stephanie said, "Steve, your hand feels so warm and cozy on my leg and I
feel so safe now. I bet we are going to have such a memorable evening" She
leaned over and kissed his cheek. Leaning back, she glanced down to see just
how much of her legs were showing and how high Steve had placed his hand. Her
review pleased her as she did not mind showing off her legs after all, they
were pretty damn sexy and she knew she knew how to use her body for fighting,
sex, or just display far better then any of the other wrestling bitches,
including Terri, Tori, Debra or any of the others!

>>>> To be continued <<<<

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