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Stormy Night
by PreciousJessica

Becky and Trish had just left a party as they decided to have a sleep over since it was late and now storming out and they both needed a hotel room. As they both got there they had a fight over who was paying for the room. After 5 minutes Becky had an idea.

Becky: How about you pay me back.

Trish: How?

Becky: You'll see when we get to the room.

Becky and Trish started to head to their room as Seth was looking out his door he smirked as he started to check out both of their asses as they walked by when soon he left his room and followed them to theirs.

Becky: Seth what are you doing?

Seth: Just making sure you ladies didn't need help.

They opened the doors as they walked in as Becky pushed Seth out of the room.

Becky: We don't need you.

Seth: You will oh you ladies will.

He smirked as they shut the door as Becky turned around and faced Trish she licked her lips as she moved closer to her as she ran her fingers down her arm nice and slow.

Becky: Now back to you paying me back on the room and how. See Trish I know you and Mickie had a thing awhile back and trust me Trish that was hot but you and I well I think would be extremely hotter.

She smirked as she soon leaned in and kissed Trish against the lips as Trish shivered from the kiss alone she had flashbacks about the nights with Mickie as she knew she was getting turned on by the flashbacks alone as they heard a noise at the door as it was Seth trying to listen in to see if he could hear what they was doing as Trish smirked she leaned back from the kiss.

Trish: God I'm so fucking wet Becky.

Becky just smirked as she heard that when she took off Trish's outfit slowly letting her clothes brush against her as she soon laid her down against the bed as Becky got the belts out and tied Trish's hands to the headboard of the bed and separated her legs apart as Becky got between her legs she looked up as she traced her fingers slowly against her clit to tease Trish as whimpered for Becky as people was walking by as Seth listened in from the hallway..

Seth: Oh god why can't I fucking be in there watching.

Becky soon separated her pussy lips sliding her fingers deep inside of Trish as she made Trish clinch the belts as Trish muttered out..

Trish: Fuck me Becky Please Fuck me with those fingers..

Seth fell to the floor hearing that as he leaned against the wall slamming his head against the wall as he felt his cock twitch from being turned on by hearing what was happening..

Seth: Why God Why can't I be in there.

Becky started to move her fingers roughly inside of Trish as Trish closed her eyes whimpering for Becky as Becky smirked as she leaned her head down kissing against pussy before sliding her tongue deep inside of Trish's pussy thrusting her tongue and fingers inside of her as Becky moaned to send a nice vibration into her pussy as Trish screamed for her as she soon cummed letting Becky taste her sweet juices as Trish pussy glistened from the orgasm as Seth slammed his head outside their door as Becky smirked as she went to the door and opened it..

Becky: Poor Seth come in and sit in the chair.

Becky liked being in control as Seth came in and shut and locked the door he went to sit down as Becky went and slide his pants and boxers off and seen how hard his cock was as she would use another set of belts to tie him down to the chair so he couldn't move..

Seth: No let me help.

Becky: Tsk tsk Sethy no joining.

She smirked as she soon undressed herself and got out her dildo as she walked over to Trish she first brushed it against her pussy before putting it on as a strap on and slide the dildo right into Trish making her shiver from how it felt.

Trish: Mmm fuck Becky...

Becky was thrusting the dildo in and out of Trish as Seth watch feeling his cock get thicker and harder then it already was as Becky looked back to see Seth as he begged to be set free as Becky laughed and continued to thrust the strap on inside of Trish as Becky soon took it out seeing it covered in her Juices as she licked her lips as Becky took it off and went over to Seth and set on his lap as she teased him by grinding against his lap as she placed the toy against his lips.

Becky: Taste her Sethy. That's what a legend taste like.

She giggled as she licked her lips watching him lick the toy clean as she got off his lap as she went over to Trish and set her free from the belts as she lifted her up and got behind her as they both looked at Seth just sitting there with his rock hard cock..

Trish: We could...

Becky: We should but I want to tease him.

She giggled as she went and pushed Trish down as Trish was down between Becky's legs as Trish started to suck on her pussy lips her ass out in the air as Becky took the toy and started to use it against her asshole as Trish bit her lip as she felt the toy brush against her asshole as she licked against Becky's pussy soon the toy was inside of Trish's asshole as Becky moaned for her as Seth just watched wanting them both to focus on him now.

Seth: Come on ladies please fuck me already.

Becky looked towards him as she continued to wiggle the toy in and out of Trish's asshole making Trish moan into her pussy as Becky soon came for Trish as Trish continued to work her tongue in and out tasting her as she felt herself twitch as Becky smirked taking the toy out as she soon got up getting Trish on all fours as she separated her asshole and wiggled her tongue inside as she started to tongue fuck Trish's asshole as Trish came for her as Becky smirked as they both soon finished as they walked over to Seth who set there is rock hard cock twitching from being so horny.

Becky: Sethy want us?

Trish: I think he is Becky.

They smirked as Trish set on his lap her pussy hugging his cock as she had her legs spread and her back against his chest as she started to move against him riding his cock as he groaned out as Becky got between their legs and started to suck on his balls seeing how Trish's Pussy went down slamming against his balls as Becky licked her clit as she rode him as Trish moaned she felt his cock twitch as she giggled and got off his cock..

Seth: Fucking Tease.. God Trish you're a fucking tease.

She smirked as She got on the floor with Becky as they both started to suck on his cock taking turns as they looked at him growling for them as they watched the other sucking his thick cock as Becky was soon licking and sucking and gently biting on his ball sack as he growled feeling her teeth gently against his balls as he couldn't help but soon explode letting his cum out as Trish was sucking and drinking his cum as the scene faded out.

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