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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Straightedge Potential
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads 'ECW on SCI-FI, June 26, 2007' as the scene fades in showing the Straightedge Superstar CM Punk, dressed in his wrestling trunks, walking down a corridor of San Antonio's AT&T Center before arriving at his destination, a backstage office labeled 'Stephanie McMahon', "This better be worth it..." Punk grumbles before forcing himself to smile and knocks on the door.

"Come in..." Stephanie says from inside, leading Punk to open the door and enter the office, closing the door behind himself. Stephanie, dressed in a red button blouse and black pants, leans against the front of her desk and looks up and down at Punk, "Hmmm..." She presses her lips together as if making a decision based on what she sees.

"Heard you wanted to see me about something..." Punk says with as pleasant a tone as possible.

Stephanie nods her head, "I did, and I'm not going to waste time, considering the revelations of the past several days, there is a dark cloud hanging over the WWE, and we need Superstars to step up to do what is best for business... to show that the WWE is thinking about the future...."

CM Punk raises an eyebrow, "Alright..."

Stephanie smirks, "And I believe that you could be a big part of that future... someone who is clean cut, but a little bit of a bad boy with tattoos... who doesn't drink... smoke... or take any types of drugs to get ahead in this business.... We need Superstars with that mindset now more than ever..."

CM Punk nods his head slightly, "So just because I'm Straightedge and this whole thing with..."

"I admit... it is an unfortunate circumstance... and all we can do is try to move on in the best way possible," Stephanie replies, "However, since you have ties to that idiot Paul Heyman, that means you're not above doing what it takes to get ahead, to reach up and grab the brass ring when its offered to you..."

Punk again nods head, "If the opportunity is there..."

"It is... all you have to do is... earn it," Stephanie says, and smirks slyly upon seeing Punk frown.

"Earn it?"

"Yes... earn it... opportunities are indeed earned in the WWE and not just handed out like candy on Halloween... all you have to do, is impress me by showing me that you have the potential to be everything the WWE needs you to be..." Stephanie says before she steps towards Punk and presses her left hand against the crotch of his wrestling trunks, causing him to tense up out of surprise, "And we need you to be a Straightedge Champion... but seeing as how you did come up short the other night at Johnny Nitro for the ECW Championship, I want to be sure you have what it takes."

Punk nods his head as Stephanie gives his crotch a bit of a squeeze as if to make her point, "I get it... show you what I got... and I get the opportunities..."

"As long as I'm impressed..." Stephanie says with a smirk, "Lower your trunks..." She orders as she takes a slight step back. She licks her lips as she watches the Chicago native does what he's told, pushing down his wrestling trunks from his waist, freeing his impressive manhood which is already semi-harden. "Hmmm... you're no Triple H... but more than adequate..." Stephanie says as she moves to kneel in front of Punk where she wraps her right hand around his cock and begins to stroke it, drawing an instant moan from him as his cock hardens in her grasp. "And if things don't work out... you at least will have a long career here in the WWE..." Stephanie says as she looks up at Punk before leaning her head with her mouth open to take his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm..." Stephanie moans as she wraps her lips around Punk's shaft after taking several inches of his dick into her mouth before she starts to bob her head. The former Women's Champion places her left hand on Punk's waist as she rocks her head back and forth, sucking firmly on his dick while he places a hand on top of her head. Closing her eyes, Stephanie increases the rate at which she is bobbing her head, nosily slurping on his shaft as he begins to move his hips a bit, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. "Ohhhh... mmmm..." The former SmackDown General Manager moans on Punk's straightedge cock and moves her right hand from it to place it on his waist before opening her mouth wide to allow him to freely fuck her face. "Gah... gah... mmmm gahhh..." Stephanie groans and gags whenever the head of Punk's cock hits the back of her throat while she slides her tongue against the underside of his manhood as it pumps it back and forth between her lips, which occasionally results in his balls smacking against her chin.

Following a gradual blur, the scene cuts to show Stephanie seated on her desk, wearing only her blouse that is still fully button while CM Punk is crouched between her legs, darting his tongue around inside of her moist twat, "Ohhhh yeah... ahhh... mmmm fuck... ohhh..." Stephanie moans as she places her hands behind herself on the desk's smooth surface as she feels Punk's tongue thrusting around inside of her cunt as he places his hands on her thighs to push her legs further apart. The Billion Dollar Princess licks her teeth as she looks down that the Straightedge Superstar as he eat her pussy, making her buck and squirm lustfully on top of her desk as she pushes herself against his face.

The scene then shifts to show Stephanie on her back on top of her desk, her blouse unbuttoned and open with her large tits exposed while CM Punk is holding her legs up around his waist as he pumps his cock in and out of her tight, wet Billion Dollar pussy. "Mmmm fuck... ohhh... ohhh yeah... ahhhh..." Stephanie moans as she moves on top of the desk, grabbing her large tits and tweaking her own nipples as Punk plows his cock deeply into her cunt. When he moves his hands from her legs to her hips, Stephanie makes sure to hook her legs tightly around his waist as he pulls her towards himself to make sure each of his thrusts are as deep as possible. "Ohhh... yeah... ohhhh fuck... mmmm oooo yeah give me that Straightedge cock... show me you got what it takes... to earn many opportunities in the WWE..." Stephanie moans, which encourages Punk to increase the rate and stiffness of his thrusts, ramming every inch of his manhood into her twat while watching her play with her tits at the same time.

The scene then cuts to show CM Punk straddling Stephanie's torso while she is laying on the desk, with his cock laying between her large tits as she holds them against his shaft as he pumps his cock back and forth between them. "Mmmm yeah... fuck my tits..." Stephanie moans as Punk places his hands on top of her own to make sure she is holding her breasts perfectly against his cock as he works his shaft between them. Lifting her head up from her desk, Stephanie flicks her tongue against the tip of Punk's cock each time he pushes it forward, while glancing up at him with her eyes seductively narrowed. "Ohh yeah I love getting my tits fucked... nothing like a big cock pumping between them.." Stephanie says lustfully as Punk continues to rock his hips to keep pumping his large dick up between her clevage.

The scene switch again, this time revealing Punk laying on the desk with Stephanie straddling him as she rocks back and forth, grinding her pussy down on his cock while sliding her hands against his tattooed covered shoulders, "Mmmm... ohhh... ohhh yeah... ahhh..." Stephanie moans and tosses her sweat dampened hair back as she starts to bounce on his cock. Punk places his hands on her thighs and soon joins in, thrusting his cock upward into her pussy, making Stephanie bounce harder and faster on his manhood. "Ohhh yeah... fuck me... fuck me... ahhh ohhh... ohhhh..." Stephanie gasps and breathes heavily as she rises and drops repeatedly on Punk's rock hard cock, her ass cheeks smacking loudly down against his upper thigh while he moves his hands to grab backside, digging his fingers into her nicely thing rump while she rides his cock.

Following the next changeover in the scene, Stephanie is shown to be standing but bent forward with her hands on her desk with CM Punk behind her, pumping his cock firmly into her juicy, thick Billion Dollar ass. "Ahhh... ahhh ohhh yeah... ahhh give me that cock... fuck my ass... ohhh..." Stephanie moans as Punk keeps his hands on her hips as he pounds her backside with firm thrusts, plunging his cock fully into the depths of her anal passage. Stephanie looks back over her shoulder at Punk and smirks, "Ohhh fuck... yeah... fuck that ass... mmm yeah you're gonna be WWE Champion some day... oooo I can tell... ahhh..." Stephanie moans as she pushes back against Punk as repeatedly shoves his cock balls deep into her. Punk grits his teeth as sweat drips down his face as he delivers several intense thrusts that causes Stephanie to lean further forward over own desk. "Ahhhh oooo fuck... yes... ohhh ahhh mmmm..." Stephanie moans and hangs her head as sweat rolls down her gorgeous body as she is on ECW's Straightedge Superstar puts on an impressive effort of drilling her asshole.

The scene cuts one final time, showing Stephanie on her knees once more in front of Punk as he stands in front of her stroking his throbbing cock, "Mmmm show me how big a load someone who is Straightedge can drop... give me that cum.." Stephanie says whorishly as she squeezes her large tits while she looks up at Punk with anticipation. Punk soon lets out a grunt when he does begin to cum, unleashing thick streams of jizz down onto Stephanie's sweat covered face. "Mmmmm fuck..." Stephanie moans with enjoyment as Punk continues to shower her face with cum for several moments. Once he's spent, Stephanie collects some of his cum from her face with fingers of her right hand and sucks them clean of his spunk, "Well you are certainly everything the WWE needs right now... and earned yourself a huge opportunity... to be the next #1 contender for the ECW Championship..."

"Alright... what do I got to do?" Punk asks.

"Easy enough... defeat Elijah Burke in a two-out-of-three falls match tonight..." Stephanie says as she rises to her feet, "And if you fail don't worry, because you're Straightedge and the WWE needs you, you'll earn more opportunities..." Stephanie says with a sly smirk as the scene fades to black.


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