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Stratusfaction And Masseduction - A Powerful Pair
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the diva's locker room backstage at a joint RAW and SmackDown Supershow,
Ashley Massaro is talking with her best friend Trish Stratus. "Gee
Trishers... is something going on with you and Carlito?" Ashley asks as she
teases Trish about her current storyline involving herself and Carlito. "You
two are really looking real close...." Ashley laughs.

Trish laughs a bit and shakes her head "No and Carlito?" Trish
rolls her eyes "Trust me Ash, it's just a storyline..." Trish says as she
glances at Ashley with a soft smile "Besides...anything big happening on
SmackDown with your studdly Matty-boy..." Trish asks as she raises her
eyebrow and looks at Ashley. Trish is dressed in a pair of tight-fitting
jeans and a black tank top.

Ashley, wearing black fitting jeans and a white t-shirt, flips her hair back
as she smiles, "Ohhh you know.... me and Matty are always doing something
big...." Ashley says, "But come on... there's something going on with you and

Trish folds her arms and shakes her head "Ashley, I guarantee nothing is
going, other then the storyline on TV, with Carlito..." Trish pauses and
blushes a bit "Besides...I already have my eye on someone else..."

"Really? Hmmm I wonder who that could be...." Ashley replies with a bit of a
laugh, "Could it be... the ultra hot... really sexy... John Cena?" Ashley
says as she teases Trish a bit.

Trish sighs as she turns to face Ashley completely "What is it with you
thinking I have this major crush on John Cena...he and I are just friends..."
Trish says as she shakes her head "Trust me...I don't go around seeking the
eligible bachelors in the WWE, like you did..." Trish says with a smile and
a slight nudge as she teases her best friend, Ashley Massaro.

"Oh come on...." Ashley laughs a bit, "Last time I was on RAW, I had to tap
your shoulder to talk to you because you were starring at a monitor when
John was in the ring..." Ashley says with smile,, "And... I didn't seek Matt
out... he and I... just... ran into each other."

Trish nods her head "Uh were scouting Matt out while you
were in the Diva Search, and I know it!" Trish says as she slightly points at
Ashley. Trish turns away and looks into the make-up mirror as the Canadian
beauty begins to fix her hair " are you and Matt, really?" Trish asks
as she purposely diverts the conversation away from the topic of John Cena.

"Yeah we're really... involved..." Ashley blushes as she folds her arms.
"He's such a great guy... kinda and caring... and hot..." Ashley smiles,
"How many times are you going to fix your hair? Do you have a hot date
with someone?"

Trish smiles a bit and blushes "No...." Trish pauses and turns away from
Ashley more "I'm...just making sure...I...ummm look good.."

Ashley smiles, "Ohhh mmmmhmmm.... who's the hot stud you're going to see?"
Ashley asks as she nudges Trish a bit, "Come on Trishers... I told you about
Matt when he and I started going out..."

Trish sighs as she turns around to face Ashley "Seriously...its...none..."
Trish says with a cute smile.

Ashley laughs a bit, "Let me guess....I bet it's John..."

Trish sighs again "Alright...Alright...It's John..." Trish pauses and points
at Ashley as she smiles at Trish "'s not a date! We're just hanging
out...he actually asked if you wanted to come with since Matt is at an
autograph signing."

"Oh I'd love to come along... just to see just how close you and John really
are..." Ashley replies, "And I knew I was right... cause you've been going
gaga for him since he's started doing that hot pissed off look."

Trish smiles a bit "What...he is like totally hot. Do you blame me?" Trish
asks with a laugh.

Ashley smiles, "I don't blame you at all... John's like one of the hottest
guys on the planet..." Ashley replies, "So... when are you supposed to meet
up with him?"

"Well...actually he's coming by here in a few minutes.." Trish says as she
blushes slightly. Trish then turns completely towards Ashley " do I

Ashley takes a look at Trish and smiles, "You look great... and ready to give
him some Stratusfaction..." Ashley nudges Trish a bit.

Trish smiles a bit "Super..." Trish laughs a bit and takes a glance at Ashley
"Are you trying to impress him too?"

"What do you mean?" Ashley says as she looks in the make-up mirror and
casually fixes her hair. "I just like my hair looking good..." Ashley smiles
as she looks at Trish and gives a wink.

"I think Matt would be a little upset if you gave John some...Masseduction"
Trish says with a cute laugh.

Ashley laughs a bit, "Oh... I'll make it up to Matt... I have plenty of
Masseduction for him..."

Trish smiles a bit "Oh my god...John is so hot..." Trish says before there's
a knock on the door of the women's locker room.

"Yeah he is..." Ashley says as she walks over to the women's locker room door
and asks, "Who is it?" Ashley asks.

"It's John..." John Cena says from the other side of the door.

Before Ashley opens it, she looks back at Trish and smiles, "He's heeeere..."
Ashley laughs as she opens the door.

Trish laughs a little and steps in front of the doorway as John stands
outside the door in the hallway. Trish lowers her head and blushes a bit "Hey
John...what's up?" Trish asks as she gradually looks back up at John.

John Cena steps into the women's locker room, wearing his jean shorts and
brand new "Regret Nothing, Fear Less" t-shirt, "Hey Trish, nothing's up... at
the moment," John says with a smile.

Ashley closes the locker room door and laughs, "Hmmm... sounds like there's
someone is planning something..."

Trish laughs a little and blushes "So...are we going to a movie?" Trish asks
as she slides her left hand through her soft, blond hair. " don't
mind if Ashley still comes along, do you?"

"No I don't mind at all..." John says with a smile.

Ashley laughs a little and puts her hands on her hips, "Hey... of course John
isn't going to mind... he gets to be with two hot divas..." Ashley smiles
before adding, "Instead of just one..."

Trish folds her arms and looks at Ashley for a moment with her eyebrow raised
"So...are we ready to go...or did you want to chill out here for a bit?

"We can chill for a bit..." John says as he shrugs his shoulders, "It's cool
with me either way."

Ashley smiles a bit and looks at Trish, "I think we should chill out here..."

Trish nods "Ok...ok..." She motions over to the couch "You can have a seat,
John." Trish says with a soft smile, before she folds her arms over her
nicely sized chest "Do you want anything to drink, we got a few water bottles

John walks over to the couch and sites down in the middle of it, "No I'm
fine..." John says in reply to Trish offering him a drink.

"Yes you are..." Ashley says cutely as he checks John out and sees how the
sleeves of his t-shirt fit tightly around his arms.

Trish gently elbows Ashley a bit "So how long is Matt's autograph signing...
you know Matt, your boyfriend?" Trish says as a way to get Ashley to quit
looking at John.

Ashley looks at Trish, "Oh a couple of hours... Matt loves doing stuff for
the fans..." Ashley replies with a smile, "Why do you ask Trishers?"

Trish shrugs her shoulders "Oh...just wondering..." Trish says as she walks
away from Ashley and casually walks over to the couch and sits down next to
John "'d your match go tonight?"

"It went quick..." John laughs a little as he looks at Trish, "Took out
Striker in under two minuets...." John says with a smile.

"Good job! Kicking ass and taking name?" Trish asks as she smiles at John,
while sitting next to him on the couch.

John nods his head, "Yeah, basically... just had to ground and pound him...
show everyone I mean business...." Ashley smiles as she folds her arms as
she looks at John, but doesn't say anything.

Trish laughs "You always mean business."

Ashley smirks a little, "I don't think he always means business...."

John laughs, "Oh I don't, there are times I just chill out and have some
fun..." John says as he casually puts an arm around Trish before looking at
the six-time Women's Champion.

Trish blushes a bit and lowers her head "What...kind of fun?" Trish asks

"I think I could guess..." Ashley laughs a little.

John smiles, "Oh you know Trish.... the type of fun... that involves at least
two people..." John says in a very smooth voice.

Trish laughs a little "Are you talking know sex?" Trish asks as
she raises her slyly at John.

"Yeah... I am..." John says with a smile and he lightly licks his lips.

Ashley smirks a little, "I knew it... I was going to be right..." Ashley
says, "John wants some Stratusfaction...."

Trish blushes a bit "It won't be the first time he's had some..." Trish says
as she reveals to Ashley that the six-time Women's Champion has been intimate
with the former WWE Champion John Cena.

Ashley smirks, "Ohhh you bitch... I knew I was right about that too..."
Ashley laughs slightly before getting a mischievous smile on his face,
"But... he's never had any Masseduction...."

John Cena, the former two-time WWE Champion, raises an eyebrow,
"Masseduction? What's that?"

Trish smirks a bit as she flips her blonde hair back and turns on the
couch to face John with a smile " just know
Stratusfaction." Trish bites down on her bottom lip and pauses "But
together, Stratusfaction and Masseduction is one powerful pair...What do
say John, interested?"

John licks his lips a bit after hearing Trish's explanation, "That sounds
like something I'd be very interested in...."

Ashley scrunches her nose and puts her hands on her slender hips, "Looks
like he wants to try and take us on... 2 on 1...." Ashley says to Trish, "We
should show him what he's going up against...."

Trish smiles and nods her head "I think you're right Ash..." Trish says as
she gently places her hand against the crotch of John's black jean shorts.

John moans as Trish presses the crotch of his jeans with her soft hand,
"Mmm... you're both right...." John says as he looks back and forth between
the 2005 WWE Diva Search Winner Ashley Massaro and the Six-Time Women's
Champion Trish Stratus.

Ashley smirks a bit, "I'll go first..." Ashley says as she slowly lifts her
white t-shirt up and pulls it over her head to take it off, revealing her
fairly large, round and firm braless tits to the Doctor of Thuganomics as he
takes off his own t-shirt.

Trish smiles a bit "Oh...that's nothing..." Trish says as she scouts away
from John on the couch and lowers her hands as she starts lift her black tank
top off of her tanned, gorgeous body to reveal a black laced bra covering her
large, rounded chest. Trish tosses her blonde hair back before she places her
right hand back on the crotch of John's black jean shorts and begins to
unbuckle the belt around his waist with her left hand.

"Both of you look hot...." John says as he tries to remain neutral as Trish
finishes unbuckling is belt and casually pulls it through the loops of his
jean shorts.

Ashley smiles, "John you're not playing judge...." Ashley says as she
unbuttons her jeans and turns around. The hot blond-haired diva slowly and
teasingly lowers her jeans down, and as she does so, her ass cheeks and the
black thong that she's wearing becomes exposed.

"Whew... damn..." John says as he looks as Ashley's firm butt as she steps
out of her jeans.

Ashley looks over her shoulder at Trish and smirks, "He likes what he sees

"Back off...he's mine..." Trish says with a laugh as she sets John's belt to
the side. Trish pushes her right hand down against John's cock a bit harder
as she feels is cock gradually becoming stiffer. Trish lifts her eyes up and
smiles at John before she unbuttons and then unzips John's black jean shorts
as he reaches behind Trish's back and unclips her black-laced bra.

John peels Trish's black-laced bra from her body and flips it down to the
floor, freeing Trish's large perfect tits. "Hey... you can share me if you
want..." John says as he lifts himself off the couch a bit so that Trish and
pull down his black jean shorts.

"Yeah Trishers... be nice and share..." Ashley laughs cutely as she turns
around and removes her black thong by lowering it down to her feet and
stepping out of them. Ashley licks her lips spreads her legs apart slightly
so that John can look at her smooth slightly wet pussy. Trish stands up after
she removes John's black jean shorts and the hot Canadian stands in front of
John, slightly blocking his view of Ashley. Trish smiles at John as she
unbuttons her tight-fitting jeans and begins to push her jeans off of her
hips and down her smooth, tanned legs.

"Hey... stop blocking his view of me..." Ashley laughs as she nudges Trish a
bit with her elbow.

"I'm not going to complain..." John says as he takes a moment to remove the
white boxer shorts he's wearing and to kick off his sneakers, so that he's
completely naked. John leans back on the couch and spreads his legs slightly
so that his long, thick thirteen inch cock can rise up easily as it becomes

Ashley takes a look at John's shaft and grins, "Mmmmm... reminds me of
Matt's...." Ashley says as she licks her lips.

Trish steps out of her jeans before she starts to lower her black thong to
reveal her smooth, hot pussy. Trish steps out of her thong and smiles at
Ashley "You want to blow him first Ash?" Trish asks as she licks her lips
when she locks her soft eyes at the sight of John's fully hard cock.

Ashley nods her head, "Mmm you bet I do..." Ashley says with a smile as
she steps towards the couch and sinks down to her knees in between John's
muscular legs. Ashley wraps her left hand around the base of John Cena's
thick shaft and lightly begins to pump it as she lowers her head and presses
her tongue against the tip of his cock.

"Ohhh shit...." John moans as Ashley circles her tongue slowly around the
head of his dick, followed by flicking the tip of her tongue right against
the piss-slit of his cock. Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she watches
her best friend Ashley Massaro flick her tongue against the head of her
close, personal friend's cock. Trish licks her lips as she walks back over
to the couch and sits back down next to John. Trish smiles at John as she
reaches over and takes hold of John's hand. Trish then moves his hand and
places his hands on top of her smooth, hot pussy.

John looks at Trish and grins, "Mmmm... I know what you want..." John says
with a moan. He begins to slowly rub the bottom of his fingers against
Trish's hot wet pussy and within a few moments, the former two-time WWE
Champion slides two fingers past her soft pussy lips. Meanwhile Ashley is
now opening her mouth and is slowly taking John's meaty cock past her lips.
Once half of his dick is in her warm wet mouth, Ashley closes her mouth,
pressing her lips against the skin of John's dick and starts to slowly bob
her head on the top half of his cock.

Trish gently grits her teeth and licks her lips as she starts to rotate her
hips as she grinds her pussy against John's skilled fingers "Mmmm John..."
Trish moans as she closes her eyes.

John places his free hand on top of Ashley's head as she strokes the bottom
half of his cock with her left hand. Ashley gradually begins bobbing her head
quicker on his cock, while slapping her tongue against the bottom side of
his dick. "Ahhh mmmm...." John moans as he leans over to flick his tongue
against' Trish's lips. The Doctor of Thuganomics steadily slides his fingers
in and out of Trish's warm pussy, smoothly finger fucking the beautiful
former women's champion. Trish turns her head and opens her eyes slightly as
she kisses John on the lips before she slips her tongue into his mouth as she
kisses him. Trish moans into John's mouth as she starts to push herself
against John's fingers making the former WWE Champion finger-fuck the
Canadian beauty.

Ashley lifts her head up from John Cena's saliva covered cock and grins, "Mmm
Trish... I could suck on John's cock all day..." Ashley laughs as she leans
down and flicks her tongue against John's ball sack as John circles his
tongue around Trish's tongue as he pumps his fingers in and out of her tight
wet pussy. Ashley lets go of John's cock and stands up, "Hey Trishers... you
should give Johnny here a little... special Stratusfaction...." Ashley says
with a smile.

Trish casually pulls her head back as she breaks the kiss and smiles "I think
I will Ash..." Trish says as she stands up from the couch, forcing John's
fingers out of her warm, moist pussy. Trish licks her lips as she kneels down
on the floor between John's muscular legs and gently grips his cock that is
slightly moist with Ashley's saliva. Trish opens her warm mouth and lowers
her head on his cock. Trish wraps her soft, pouty lips around his shaft and
starts to bob her head mixing her own saliva with Ashley's saliva as she
sucks happily on John's hard cock.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh damn... from Masseduction to Stratusfaction...." John moans
as he leans his head back and closes his eyes.

Ashley gets a sly grin on her face as she watches her best friend suck and
slurp on John's cock. "Hmmmm I'm not going to be left out...." Ashley says as
she climbs up on the couch and stands over John, with her feet next to John's
legs. Ashley then leans forward and places her hands on the wall to help keep
her balance and she looks down at John, "Ohhh Johnny... do you mind?" She
says cutely as she presses her pussy against John's face playfully.

John licks his lips. "No I don't mind..." John says as he reaches around and
puts his hands on Ashley's ass cheeks before he starts sliding his tongue
against her hot wet pussy. Trish slowly bobs her head on John's cock as her
soft lips rub against the skin of his shaft. Trish laps her tongue around his
cock as she lathers his cock up with her warm saliva. She wraps her left hand
on the lower portion of John's cock and begins to stroke his shaft while she
bobs her head on the upper portion, sucking and slurping his meaty cock.

Ashley bites her bottom lip as she feels John moan against her pussy, "Ohhhh
yes...." Ashley moans as she presses her pussy right against John's handsome
face. John squeezes Ashley's butt cheeks as he slides his tongue in and out
her pussy. John scoots a bit forward on the couch and pushes his cock against
Trish's warm moist mouth as he eats out Ashley. Trish presses her lips
tighter around John's shaft as she starts to lower her head further down his
long, hard shaft. Trish's begins to bob her blonde haired head rapidly on his
cock as she starts to suck quicker and more swiftly then she had been as she
delivers 100% oral Stratusfaction.

"Ahhhh... damn.... shit... Trishers... he's soooo good...." Ashley moans as
she presses her hot wet pussy entirely against John's face. Ashley bites her
lip and moves away from John, and she sits on the couch, gasping a bit, "Ohhh
fuck... that was great..." Ashley moans.

John smirks a bit, "You're... ahhh shit... welcome..." John then turns his
attention Trish who's sucking hard on his cock, "Mmmm fuck Trish.... damn...
you're the best..."

Trish slowly lifts her head up from John's cock and smiles at him cutely
"John...why don't you show Ashley how to take care of business..." Trish says
before she flicks her soft tongue against the head of John's cock, leaving
his cock dripping on her warm saliva.

John licks his lips, "That's a hot idea...." John says as he sits up and then
turns to kneel on the couch.

Ashley, who is breathing hard, looks at John as he pushes her legs apart.
"Ohhh baby... show me how you take care of business...." Ashley says. She
licks her lips as her left leg hangs off of the couch while John pushes his
fat cock into her hot, wet pussy. "Ohhhh fuck..." Ashley moans as John slides
into her. She clenches both her hands into fists as the former two-time WWE
Champion begins to thrust his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

Trish stands up from the floor and licks her lips as she watches John slam
his cock into Ashley tight pussy "Mmmm...John that's really hot" Trish says
as she grits her teeth and places her left hand against her pussy as she
sits down on open space on the couch. Trish tilts her head back and begins
to gently rub her own pussy as she hears John and Ashley both moan.

"Ahhh.... ohhhh fuck.... she's tight Trish...." John grunts as he looks over
his shoulder at Trish. The Doctor of Thuganomics continues to ram his cock in
and out of Ashley's tight wet pussy.

Ashley raises her arms and wraps them both around John's neck and arches her
back following each one of John's thrusts. "Ahhhh yes... yess.... yesss...."
Ashley moans loudly as she grinds her pussy against John's cock.

Trish opens her eyes slowly and turns her head as she watches John slams his
cock deeply into her best friend's pussy "Mmmm...Ash, you are hot.." Trish
moans as she leans her head down and softly kisses Ashley on the lips,
muffling her moans as John fucks the 2005 RAW Diva Search Winner.

Ashley moans into Trish's mouth as John continues to drive his cock hard and
deep into her pussy. John licks his lips as he watches Trish softly kiss
Ashley, "Shit... that's hot..." John says, gritting his teeth as he gives
Ashley a sharp thrust that makes her arch her back.

When Trish lifts her head to break the kiss, Ashley is gasping for air and
moaning lustfully, "Ohhhh ahhhh Trish... he's.... sooooo... good...." Ashley
cries out.

Trish licks her lips and smiles "I know he is...but now, it's my turn.."
Trish says with a playful laugh.

"Ohhhhhhh-kaaaaay...." Ashley moans as John slowly pulls out of her pussy.

John stands up from the couch and smirks at Trish, "Trish... I know how you
want it... you love it doggy style..." John says as he wipes some sweat from
his forehead.

Trish smiles cutely " know me all to well..." Trish says as she
turns around on her knees and bends over onto her hands as she now on all
fours and eagerly waiting for John to assume position.

John gets behind Trish and places his hands on her ass, "You bet I know you
Trish...." John says as he pushes his thick cock into Trish's tight waiting
pussy. As soon as his dick is inside of her the Doctor of Thuganomics begins
to pump his cock in and out of her pussy with good momentum.

Trish grits her teeth as she places her hands firmly on the floor to keep
herself balanced as John begins to powerfully thrust his hard cock deeply
into her moist, tight pussy "Ohhhh...ahhhh....John" Trish moans as she
closes her eyes as her body moves with John's thrusts.

Ashley sits up on the couch and licks her lips as she watches John fuck Trish
from behind. "Mmmmm damn... he's fun to watch...." Ashley says before she
lightly bites ones of her own fingernails.

John slides his hands from Trish's ass to her hips, and begins to steadily
pull her back towards him. "Ahhhh.... ohhhh fuck Trish.... shit... yeah...."
John moans as he pumps his cock as deep as possible into her pussy. John's
ballsack swings back and forth and smacks against Trish's skin constantly as
he drills her.

Trish tilts her head back and groans "Ohhhhh mmmm...John you're so damn
good!" Trish then begins to gently push herself back against John's cock as
he thrusts his cock deeper into her tight cunt.

Ashley scoots to the edge of the couch and casually places her hand against
her pussy and rubs it as she watches John and Trish. "Mmmmm damn watching you
guys... is awesome... but when is it... my turn again?" Ashley asks with a
slight moan.

John grits his teeth, "That's... up... to Trish...." John moans as he
rams his cock in and out of Trish's pussy, making the beautiful Canadian
blond-bombshell jolt forward with every thrust.

Trish smirks slightly as she looks over her shoulder at John "You want her
again, buddy?" Trish asks as she starts to breath heavily and push her
stunning body back against John's cock a bit rougher.

John nods his head, 'Yeah... I do.... I want a little more...
Masseduction...." John replies to Trish as he slows down his thrusts and
pulls his huge throbbing cock out of Trish's pussy.

Ashley smirks a bit, "Johnny... lay down... I want to be on top..." Ashley
says with a smile. John nods his head and he lays down on the floor of the
women's locker room. Ashley gets off of the couch and moves to straddle
John's body. She reaches down and grabs his cock and lowers her pussy onto
his thick shaft. "Ohhhh... mmmmm...." Ashley moans as she eases herself on
John's cock.

Trish turns around while sitting on her knees and licks her lips as she
watches Ashley ease herself on top of John's cock "Mmmm...Ash, show him how
extreme your Masseduction gets."

Ashley nods her head and flips her sweat dampened hair back, "Ohhh I'm
going too Trishers...." Ashley says as she places her hands firmly on John's
slightly sweaty muscular chest. After taking a moment to take a deep breath,
Ashley starts rocking back and forth on John's cock, grinding her pussy
against him. "Mmmmm...." Ashley moans, pressing her lips together as she
starts to slowly bounce on John's thick pole.

"Ahhh... ooooo yeah...." John moans as he places his hands on Ashley's waist
as she begins to pick up momentum.

Trish smiles as she starts to playfully crawl towards John and Ashley "You
like him Ashley?" Trish asks as she approaches them and sits up on her knees
and begins to stroke Ashley's hair as she rides John's cock.

Ashley nods her head, "Ohhhh yes.... mmmmm he's just like Matt... big... and
thick...." Ashley moans as she bounces harder and faster on John's cock.

John grits his teeth a bit as he starts thrusting his cock up into Ashley's
tight soaking wet pussy, "Ohhhh... fuck Trish.... she's... hot...." John says
as he locks eyes with on Trish.

Trish licks her lips "Of course she's hot..." Trish says as she leans her
head in and softy kisses the side of Ashley's neck.

"Mmmmm Trishers...." Ashley moans as she feels Trish's lips on the side of
her neck. Ashley tilts her head back and moans loudly as she grinds her pussy
against John's cock. "Ohhhh... ohhhh... god... yess...." Ashley moans as she
starts to cum on John's thick cock.

Trish smiles a bit "Did you have fun?" Trish asks before she leans and closes
her eyes as she kisses Ashley's soft lips.

Ashley moans into Trish's mouth as her climax passes and she breaks the kiss,
"Ohhh yes... but.... I think... John needs... some more... Stratusfaction..."
Ashley moans and smiles as she eases herself off of John's cock.

Trish smiles at John "And he's gonna get it!" Trish says as she flips her
soft blond hair back and mounts herself on top of John's cock. Trish grits
her teeth as she lowers herself down on his hard, throbbing cock. "Mmmmm...
John...." Trish moans as she places her hands on top of John's sweaty
muscular chest and begins to rock back and forth on his cock.

"Ohhhh shit... damn... you two... are a powerful pair...." John moans as he
lays his hands on Trish's thighs. John groans as he thrust his throbbing
large cock up into Trish's tight pussy. Ashley sits on her knees next to
Trish and John and licks her lips as she watches the former women's champion
ride the former WWE champion.

Trish grits her teeth as she starts to bounce quicker on John's cock, causing
her slam down sharply on his cock each time she drops down "Ohhhhh shit
John!" Trish moans as she begins to sweat.

John lifts his hands from Trish's thighs and place them on Trish's large
sweat dampened tits, "Ahhhh ohhh fuck... Trish... shit... damn...." John
moans as he can't hold out from Trish's Stratusfying assault as she bounces
as hard as she can on his cock. John arches his back and bit and groans as
he begins to cum inside of Trish's pussy.

Trish tilts her head back and licks her lips "Ohhhhh John...." Trish moans
before she too cums.

Ashley sits up as high as she can on her knees, "You guys are so hot..."
Ashley says as she lowers her head and softly kisses Trish as the Canadian
beauty climaxes on John's cock.

John grits his teeth as the last blast of his warm cum flows into Trish's
pussy, "God Damn...." John says as he closes his eyes a bit as he rests
underneath Trish. Trish closes her eyes as she gently slips her tongue into
Ashley's mouth. Trish gently places her hands on Ashley's waist as she
kisses her best friend.

Ashley places a hand on top of John's rock hard stomach and puts the other
on Trish's butt. She taps her tongue against Trish's before she breaks the
kiss with her best friend, "Mmmm... that was great...." Ashley smiles.

Trish smiles at Ashley "Yes it was..." Trish laughs cutely as she lifts
herself off of John cock and then smiles at him as he sits up "What do you
think, John?"

John wipes some sweat off of his forehead, "Fuck.... damn....
Stratusfaction.... and Masseduction is a great combination...."

Ashley smiles and laughs a little, "Damn skippy it is..."


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