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Stratusfaction Guaranteed...For A Price That Is Part 1
By Sara Bunn

I had just won the biggest match of my career, I had just won the woman's
title at Wrestlemania eighteen. I walk around the back Showing off my newly
won title, and decide to go outside and have a victory smoke. I walk outside
wearing my tight leather pants and tight tiny white shirt barely covering her
over sized chest. I stand there, and reach into my jacket pocket and grab a
cigarette. I light it as I hold it between my fingers and start to smoke it.

I look around and see Shane walk out towards his car, but he stops and
turns around looking at me with an I am up to no good, and just need you for
you mouth look. He sees me smoking the thin cigarette between my thick pouty
pink lips and walks over like its a turn on for him. "Hey Trish, God your
beautiful tonight", says Shane.

"Shane I take it you need my lip services tonight again since Marissa
won't give you head, since your cock is too big for her?" I say.

Shane looks at me with that but I'm desperate and need you look that I
can't reject. "Trish, I'm going to divorce Marissa soon, I wouldn't ask you
if I didn't love you...Besides, I'll make it worth your while" Shane says.

I look at Shane still smoking the half done cigarette between my lips
teasing Shane more and more. "I'm listening...," I say.

"How about 14 million dollars, a higher salary and lifetime job security."
says Shane.

I finish my cigarette and think a moment about the offer that has been
expressed to myself. "I'll do it, but I want a hand written contract in my
hands before we leave the confines of the arena." I say to Shane, in my I
double dare you to cross me, serious tone.

Shane looks at me as if I where crazy, but quickly gives in after what
seems the daily exercise he gets from actually using his head. "Well, when
I get my note, we can leave so you can get what you paid for, not a minute
before...," I said. I stand there about to light up again when Shane jogs
off to his office to grab some paper and a pen.

I light up my new cigarette and stand there enjoying every little puff I
took from it, between my beautiful pouty lips and when he emerges out of the
arena 5 minutes later I just finish it and read over the contract. I sign
both copies and hold them both in my hand. "I want 30% up front, or else I'M
ripping these up and leaving," I say sounding tough and seriously.

Shane looks at me like I'm crazy and out of my beautiful mind. I look at
Shane, standing there his rock hardon, throbbing inside his already tight
pants, as they look like there going to rip right down the middle. I smile
and put the contracts in my pocket. "Shane would you like it done in the car
or at your hotel room?" I ask.

Knowing how perverse and the way his mind worked he probably would say
both in the car and in my hotel room. Shane pulls out his cell phone and I
wait for him to answer. "How about for five mill more we do both?" Shane
said wearing that oh please Trish I'm desperate, and haven't had head in 8
months look.

"Only if I get it with the 30% now," I say looking at him.

Shane calls his banker and tells them to transfer the money he has to
give Trish to her Swiss bank account. Shane smiles and gestures to his brand
new Sapphire Blue 2002 Jaguar x-series. We walk over there and he opens my
door for me to get in. I get in and Shane walks over and hops in the car.

As Shane starts the car, I think about how am I going to do this? Shane
looks over at me and looks down at his lap. I reach over and unbutton
and zip his pants. When I finish his nine and a half inch, swelling, already
dripping with pre-cum cock slaps me in the face like its teasing me, or
really tempting me to just start now. I lean down and start licking up the
pre-cum and begin to use my beautiful pouty lips for a different task

He starts the car and starts to drive as I begin to place his enormous
man tool in my moist, warm, mouth. I try my best to suck Shane's cock, that's
snugly fit in my mouth. As I hear Shane moan with pleasure and using one free
hand to run his fingers threw my hair, as if he was saying more please. I
keep sucking to my hearts content, and let his hard cock slip down my throat.

Shane moans louder and blows his extremely large load down my throat as we
arrive at his hotel room. I let his cock out of my mouth and sit up to find
the car windows really foggy and him smiling. I smile back as he gets out to
open my door. I get out and we walk up to his room holding hands. We start
walking towards the elevator, through the lobby of Shane's beautiful 5 star
hotel; but knowing Shane, and how impatient he can get decides to pick me up
and carry me to the elevator. As Shane smiles at me, he presses the up button
and the doors open. Shane walks in holding me in his arms like I'M his little
baby girl.

Shane begins to kiss on my neck and presses the floor he is on. I reach my
cold hand inside his shirt and press it against his warm chest, and then
feel around. Shane keeps kissing on my neck, softly biting, and licking as I
mutter a low moan he says, "Oh Trish... God I forgot how wonderful you
tasted..." between kisses, licks and sucks.

I smile as I stroke Shane's new hardon with my shoe, as it gets harder and
harder by the minute. The elevator stops and the doors open as Shane is still
kissing my neck all over, leaving his special mark on me. Shane stops the
wonderful kissing for a moment, long enough to walk over to his room, and
unlock the door.

Amazing to my beliefs he could still hold me and reach in his pocket for
a key and unlock a door without fucking it up. But then I couldn't help it
but smile knowing how much this felt like my dream honeymoon, rather than an
over 19 million dollar job... but that thought quickly disappeared from mind,
when I heard Shane whom is still holding me, cuss the lock and a few minutes
later hear the reassuring sound of a locking door. I look up at Shane who
looks at me like he has been sex deprived for way too long, looks down and
frenches me lovingly, deeply and for what seemed to be a long time as he
walks over to the huge, warm, king sized bed. He breaks the wonderful kiss
and smirking and throws me on the bed.

I gasp in shock and giggle in a sexy tone, as the semi built, cocky young
McMahon proceeds to put on a strip tease for me. When Shane finishes his X
rated club performance for me, he begins to strip me. As I help him take off
my shirt, I think to myself, and I thought his dad said he was a terrible
performer? I look into Shane's handsome brown eyes, as he quickly finishes
stripping me of my clothes and smiles as he plays with the mound of nicely
trimmed blonde curls between my legs. I smile as a chill runs down my spine
as he slides three fingers inside to feel that I'm soaked and very tight
and about to get tighter. Shane smiles and starts to finger me, until I let
out a soft sexy moan.

Shane then stops and begins to open the nightstand drawer. He takes out a
small foil wrapped item out. I watch as he puts on the red colored condom,
which I thought fit very snugly around his nice, juicy, thick, nine and a
half inch cock very well. I keep watching him as he walks over to the kitchen
area, and grabs a bottle and comes over to the bed. He sits next to me, and
quickly drowns my breast, and my sensitive, hard, perky nipples in a cold gel
like, sticky liquid which seems to be clover honey. I moan at the feeling of
the cold honey on my warm chest, as Shane smiles and sides in his still
groaning Mac shagging rod about half way into my tight, moist, warm snatch.

I lean my head back into the pillows and moan loudly as Shane smiles and
starts to suck the honey of my breasts as he goes in and out. As this goes
on, Shane decides to stuff me with 1 big thrust so IM full to the hilt with
his McMahon meat, and he goes harder and faster. I moan louder in a mix of
pain and pleasure, as Shane goes harder and faster as he muffles a moan, too
busy cleaning me off to make it heard. Shane keeps pounding my vice gripping,
tight, aching snatch and still muffles moans and grunts. I moan loudly and
scream after I say "ughh, my God Shane please deeper..." but before he could
do my bidding, I hit my violent noisy orgasm.

I start to scream more, but Shane starts to french me so deeply, and
lovingly he explores my whole mouth with his tongue, and I kiss him back, as
he muffles a moan and grunt mixture sound in my mouth as he makes a rather
large deposit, filling it up to the max. Shane breaks the kiss, and looks
into my hazel eyes as he pulls out, hot sweaty, and exhausted. As Shane
removes the about to bust open red condom and places it in the trash, he
looks at me whom is now laying a sleep on the bed and smiles.

Shane glances at the clock, and sees for over 19 million dollars, that was
the best all nighter he has ever had... Shane finally decides to put some
boxers on and dresses me in a shirt of his and a pair of his boxers. Shane
covers me up and smiles as he lays next to me. Shane holds me tight and
kisses me on my forehead. He whispers, "good night my blonde haired sleeping
beauty..." as I snuggle on him still fast a sleep. Shane smiles and whispers
I love you Trishy... I wrap my arms around him as he smiles and falls a

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