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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Stratusfied On The Shore
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the taping of their bar brawl with LayCool on March 23, 2011 at
Miami Mike's Sports Zone in East Hanover, New Jersey, Trish Stratus, wearing
a Stratusphere Yoga t-shirt and black pants, and Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi,
wearing a short sleeved dark colored top over a white tank top and a dark
colored skirt, are having a few drinks as Snooki's cast mate from the Jersey
Shore, Paul 'Pauly D' DelVecchio, wearing a red t-shirt and jeans, walks in.
"Hey yo... where's my little guidette Snooki at... Pauly D heard she just
blew up some grenades and landmines!" Pauly D says loudly as several of the
bar patrons point to where Snooki and Trish are as Snooki looks in his

Snooki, overhearing Pauly D's loud voice, works her way through the crowd in
order to find her friend and Jersey Shore co-star. "Pauly! Where the fuck
have you been!?" Snooki yells loudly as she approaches Pauly D. "I fuckin'
call ya like three hours ago!"

"Hey... you know the routine... gotta G.T.L. before I go out," Pauly D says
with a smirk as he heads over to his Jersey Shore co-star. "And I got my
blow-out right... so my hair ain't moving a fuckin' inch..." Pauly D adds as
he points to his hair.

Snooki throws her hands up "Well shit Pauly...I still called ya ass like a
long time ago! Ya aren't still bangin' that fat bitch, are ya!?" Snooki says
as she raises hands up once again as she talks. "She better not be the reason
ya are late!"

"Hey... I don't bang any grenades... this body is GFZ... a Grenade Free
Zone..." Pauly D replies with a grin.

"Yeah...well that girl ya were bangin' was a bitch!" Snooki replies, slightly
slurring her words. "Pauly! Ya fuckin' missed the fight I was in with ya
bein' late and all!"

"Hey I'm here all right... and damn Snook... someone got a shot at your pouf
cause's it all messed up," Pauly D says as he points at Snooki's hair.

"Yeah! That fuckin' bitch I'm fightin' at that WrestleMania thing...thought
she could take me on here! That bitch should know this is my place..." Snooki
says before she takes hold of Pauly D's hand. "Yo! Pauly! I got our favorite
spot here reserved for us...and I want to meet someone...she is like the most
fuckin' coolest chick ever!"

"Yo she ain't a double bagger like the last the last friend you had me meet
is she... man that one was a fuckin' zoo creature..." Pauly D says as Snooki
walks him to the bar area of the bar.

"No way! She's fuckin' cool and hot too!" Snooki says back to Pauly D. Snooki
leads him over to the section of the bar that she was at previously with
former WWE Diva and seven time Women's Champion, whom she will be teaming
with at WrestleMania, Trish Stratus. "Hey Trish, girl!" Snooki says.

Trish Stratus turns around to face Snooki and the approaching Pauly D. Trish
smiles "You wandered off of me!" Trish says with a laugh, yelling over the
commotion of the over patrons of the bar.

Pauly D blinks his eyes as he looks at Trish, "Fuck Snook, you're gonna have
to give me a mind condom cause I think you're fucking with my mind... this
chick looks like a total party in a body..." Pauly D says as he instantly
starts to check out the legendary WWE Diva.

Snooki glances back at Pauly D and presses her lips together. "Yo! Pauly...ya
better behave yourself!" Snooki says before she turns to Trish Stratus.
"Trish...this here is my buddy Pauly...." Snooki says. Trish Stratus smiles
and politely waves her hand in Pauly D's direction. Snooki then turns back to
Pauly D. "And Pauly....this here is my girl, Trish Stratus!"

"Fuck nice to meet you... you got some serious vibes...." Pauly says as he
continues to check out Trish.

Trish laughs and presses her lips together before nodding her head. "Ummm...
thanks...I think." Trish replies and bites down on her bottom lip. "Is that a
good thing?"

"Damn right it is babe.." Pauly D grins as he licks his lips, "Hey Snook...
is she a GTS... Gym Tan Smush?" Pauly asks as he looks at Snooki before he
looks at Trish again.

Snooki presses her lips together and firmly looks at Pauly D. "Pauly! I told
your ass to fuckin' behave!" Snooki replies.

Trish Stratus laughs a bit and looks at Snooki. "Ummm...what's a smush?"
Trish asks. Snooki is about to reply to her new friend, however, is
interrupted by the loud Pauly D.

"Well babe... I can see you go to the gym... I can see that you tan... and
smush... well that means you like to fuck!" Pauly D answers loudly.

Trish laughs a bit and shrugs her shoulders. "Well...I guess so...yeah..."
Trish replies.

Snooki waves her hand at Pauly D before she turns to Trish. "Don't fuckin'
listen to him, Trish....but listen...ya wanted to party Jersey Shore style,
right?" Snooki asks.

Trish nods her brunette head and places her hands onto her hips. "
saw my world of wrestling and now it's my turn to see your world of partying"
Trish replies.

"Awesome! Cause I got the hook up and I got the private VIP room for us to
really party!" Snooki replies.

Pauly D smirks, "So wait Snooki... you called me down here, then all heated
at me cause your friend with killer vibes is someone I would want to pound it
out with... and you have the VIP room set up for us?"

Snooki looks at Pauly D. "Pauly! She wants the Jersey Shore experience....I
gotta show her how to take some shots!"

Pauly grins, "I got a shot she can take..."

* * *

A short time later in the VIP room of Miami Mike's Sports Zone, Trish Stratus
is watching with wide eyes as Snooki pours a shot of Tequila on her own
cleavage before Pauly D leans his head down to lap up the alcohol with his

Snooki happily laughs and smiles as Pauly D uses his tongue to lap against
her cleavage as he collects the Tequila that she poured down. "Ya better
watch your tongue this time Pauly! No goin' deep like ya did the last time!"

Pauly D lifts his head up from Snooki's cleavage and grins, "Why not Snooki?
You can't table flip... the table's bolted to the floor..." Pauly grins
before he lowers his head back down to finish lapping up the tequila from
Snooki's cleavage.

Snooki turns her head and smiles at Trish Stratus as Pauly D expertly cleans
up the Tequila from her cleavage. "Ya are up next Trish!" Snooki says.

Trish Stratus innocently raises her hands up and laughs. "I don't know about

"Chill out babe, you'll do great..." Pauly D says before he takes off his t-
shirt revealing his tanned, muscular upper body. Pauly picks up a shot glass
filled with tequila and grins, "Let me know when you're ready babe..."

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and shrugs her shoulders " I guess I'm
ready..." Trish says with a laugh. Pauly D grins as leans back on his seat
before he pours the tequila down his very impressive abs. Because of how
perfectly defined his abs are, the alcohol almost perfectly sets against his

Trish takes a step over toward Pauly D as he sits in the chair. "So...I'm
just suppose to lick it off?" Trish asks with a nervous laugh, while clearly
being out of her element.

"Here! me...I'll show ya what to do!" Snooki says as she walks

"Yeah Snook show her how's it done..." Pauly grins as Snooki steps over to
him. Snooki raises her left hand and slides it through her slightly messed
up, dark hair before she straddles Pauly D's lap, placing her hands onto the
sides of his waist before she leans her head down and slides her wet tongue
against his nicely muscular, tanned chest, collecting the spilled Tequila.

"Mmmm yeah Snooki... work that tongue..." Pauly grins as Snooki laps up the
tequila from his muscular chest as Trish watches. Snooki lowers her head and
slides slightly down Pauly D's body as she sits in the chair, moving her
tongue down to his well-defined abs were small pools of Tequila are.

"See babe... it's easy..." Pauly says as he looks at Trish as she watches
Snooki skillfully slurping up the Tequila from Pauly's abs.

Snooki lifts her head from licking the Tequila of Pauly's abs and presses her
lips together. "Alright,'s your turn now!" Snooki says with a laugh
as she lifts herself off of Pauly's lap.

"Yeah babe... you want to lap it up or pour it on?" Pauly D asks as he picks
up another shot of Tequila.

Trish smiles as she steps closer to Pauly D "I'll let you decide..." Trish
begins to say.

Pauly D looks at Trish Stratus's t-shirt covered upper body, "Hmmmm I think
you should pour it on... but that shirt has got to go..." Pauly grins.

Trish laughs a bit and shakes her head. "You know...this really isn't my
thing..." Trish begins to say.

"Oh come on Trish! It'll be fun!" Snooki says before she steps behind Trish
and starts to lift up Trish's shirt from behind. "Here...I got ya back girl!"

Before Trish can stop Snooki, the Jersey Shore cast member has raised Trish's
t-shirt up over Trish's large, juicy and braless tits, "Holy fuck!" Pauly D
shouts and grins as he sees Trish's bare tits.

"Wow Trish! Those are some fuckin' nice tits!" Snooki says with a laugh.

"Fuck yeah... shit... I think those are bigger than yours Snooki..." Pauly D

Snooki narrows her eyes and playfully glares at Pauly. "Shut the fuck up,

"What? What I say?" Pauly D looks at Snooki before Trish Stratus carefully
takes the Tequila filled shot glass from him.

Trish smiles and looks at Pauly D. "So...I do this?" Trish asks before she
spills the shot glass of Tequila onto her nicely rounded, perky, tanned and
juicy, bare tits.

"Yeah... yeah... you do that!" Pauly nods his head and licks his lips as he
watches the Tequila flow over Trish's tanned skin. Pauly then leans forward
and places his hands on Trish's tits and lifts them up slightly so he can
then begin to slide his tongue over them to lap up the Tequila.

"Mmmmmmm..." Trish moans softly and bites down on her bottom lip as she feels
Pauly's tongue traveling against her gorgeous tits to lap up the Tequila

"Mmmm..." Pauly moans as he works his tongue over Trish's tits. He tilts his
head slightly and takes Trish's right nipple that has some Tequila on it into
his mouth and begins to suck on it. Trish closes her eyes and licks her lips
as she feels Pauly's tongue working against her right nipple as he holds it
inside of her mouth. Pauly soon begins to hear Trish's breathing become

Pauly D glances up as he works his tongue against Trish's right nipple within
his mouth. After a few moments he lifts his head up, "You ok babe?" Pauly

Trish nods her head and opens her eyes to look at Pauly "Yeah...yeah...
mmmm...yeah..." Trish says as she tries to catch her breath.

Pauly grins and then looks at Snooki, "All right Snooki it's your turn..."
Pauly says.

Snooki nods her head and steps closer. "Damn right it is!"

"But wait... T-Pow here hasn't tried lappin' it up yet..." Pauly D grins

Trish raises an eyebrow and looks at Pauly D. "T-Pow?"

"Yeah that's your nickname... You're name begins with a T... and you're a
wrestler so I'm sure you gave some Grenade or Landmine a pow in the chops..."
Pauly D replies.

Snooki nods her head. "Trish...Pauly's right its your turn to lap it up!"

"And since it's Snooki's turn... you got to lap it up from Snooki..." Pauly D
says as he picks up a shot glass and hands it to Snooki.

Snooki smiles and looks at Trish. "Ya ready, girl!?" Snooki asks as she holds
the shot glass of Tequila above her cleavage. Trish nods her head and
approaches Snooki.

"Yeah...but let me...." Trish begins to say before she takes the shot glass
from Snooki's hand and sets the glass aside before she raises Snooki's top
up, causing the feisty star of Jersey Shore to raise her arms up in the
process as her rounded and perky, juicy tits become exposed.

"Damn... T-Pow you got this figured out..." Pauly D grins after watching the
legendary WWE Diva remove Snooki's top.

Trish glances over her shoulder and nods her head at Pauly D with a smirk.
"Oh...I got this!" Trish replies with a laugh before she picks up the shot
glass of Tequila and turns back to Snooki. Trish does not hesitate as she
tips the shot glass, spilling the Tequila onto Snooki's bare chest.

"I can see..." Pauly D grins as he moves to where he can get a better view of
Snooki's Tequila covered chest.

"Damn, Trish! Girl...ya are really gettin' into this!" Snooki says with a
laugh before the legendary WWE Diva lowers her brunette head down to the
Tequila soaked chest of America's Favorite Party Girl and uses her tongue to
start lapping up the liquid.

"Aw yeah... that's fist pump worthy!" Pauly D says as he starts to do the
Jersey Fist Pump as he watches Trish lap up the Tequila from Snooki's chest.

"Mmmmm...damn Trish! Ya are a pro at this!" Snooki laughs with a slight moan
as she feels Trish's tongue traveling between her cleavage to collect the
drops of Tequila.

"Are you sure you never did this before T-Pow?" Pauly D asks with a grin as
Trish almost expertly finds every drop of Tequila on Snooki's tits.

Snooki glances over at Pauly D and smiles. "She sure is good at this, Pauly
boy!" Snooki replies and licks her lips as she watches Trish's brunette head
bob slightly, while feeling Trish's tongue travel to her left nipple.

"Mmmm fuck..." Pauly D adjusts his crotch as he watches Trish circle her
tongue over Snooki's left nipple.

Snooki's eyes widen briefly as she feels Trish take her left nipple into her
mouth, with the soft and pouty lips of the legendary WWE Diva pressing around
her nipple. "Mmmmmm.... damn girl!" Snooki says with a moan.

"Shit... I know it's my turn but I don't want this show to stop..." Pauly D
licks his lips as he watches Trish lightly suck on Snooki's left nipple.

Trish Stratus slowly lifts her brunette head up from Snooki's chest and looks
up to see the surprised look on Snooki's face before turning to see the
equally surprised look on Pauly D's face. Trish bites down on her bottom lip
and laughs. "What?"

Pauly smirks, "T-Pow... you're totally got to be mind fucking us without a
mind condom cause you totally know what to do...." Pauly says as he adjusts
his bulging crotch again.

Trish raises an eyebrow and glances down at Pauly D's crotch after he adjusts
it. "Ummm...are you like packing something there or what?" Trish asks with a

Pauly D licks his lips, "You wanna find out?"

Trish Stratus takes a step closer to Pauly D and places her right hand onto
one of the tables, before lightly tapping her hand on the surface. "Why don't
you hop on up...and we'll see..."

"T-Pow... you're alright..." Pauly D says as he stands up in order to climb
up on the table Trish tapped. With Snooki and Trish both watching, Pauly D
starts to grind his hips as he unbuttons his jeans.

"Oh yeah! Pauly! Show Trish whatcha got!" Snooki says with a laugh as she
cheers on her friend and Jersey Shore castmate. Pauly smirks as he dances on
the table while he unzips his jeans. Gradually the disc jockey from Rhode
Island lowers his jeans and the boxers he has underneath them to reveal his
tanned legs and his large, meaty cock.

Trish Stratus's beautiful eyes widen for a brief moment at the sight of
Pauly's impressive cock and she licks her lips. "Wow!" Trish says and then
laughs. "Really wasn't expecting that!"

Pauly D steps out of his jeans and boxers and kicks them off the table, "Like
what ya see T-Pow?" Pauly asks

Trish nods her head and presses her lips together. "Not bad...not bad at
all...." Trish replies.

Snooki laughs and nods her head in agreement with Trish's response. "Good
answer girl! Ya don't watch Pauly's ego to get too big on him!"

"Fuck off Snooki.... you know I'll get big whenever..." Pauly D says with a
smirk as he hops off the table.

"No! Fuck you Pauly!" Snooki affectionately yells back before Trish surprises
both her and Pauly D, by lowering herself down onto her knees.

"Hey whatcha doing T-Pow?" Pauly asks with total surprise in his voice as he
looks down at Trish.

"I'm going to suck some dick..." Trish replies with a laugh as she places her
left hand around the base of Pauly D's cock and begins to smoothly guide her
hand up his shaft, feeling the firmness and thickness of his shaft. "What
does it look like?"

"Fuck.... that's what it looks like to me..." Pauly D grins as Trish Stratus
guides her left hand along the length of his firm, thick and long tool.

Trish laughs and nods her brunette head. "You sure are a smart one, Pauly..."
Trish says playfully with a hint of sarcasm before she lowers her left hand
down to the base of his cock and then uses her tongue to slide against the
nicely thick head of Pauly's cock.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Pauly moans as Trish flicks her tongue against the thick head
of his large cock while Snooki picks up a shot glass and steps closer to

Snooki moves to stand next to Pauly D and holds the shot glass up into the
air. "Hey...Trish girl! Move ya head!" Snooki says and Trish moves her head
away from Pauly's cock for a moment as Snooki proceeds to tip the shot glass,
spilling the Tequila down onto the head of his cock, which starts to drip
down his shaft.

"Mmmmm I like where this is going..." Pauly smirks as the Tequila drips along
the length of his dick.

Trish smirks up at Snooki and nods her head at her new friend. "Nice touch!"
Trish says before she lowers her head back down and starts to gently slide
her wet tongue around the head of Pauly D's cock to lap of the Tequila.

"Ahhhhh..." Pauly moans as Trish Stratus uses her skilled tongue to lick his
cock while she laps up the liquid that's dripping from it. Trish closes her
eyes as she talentedly works her tongue from lapping around the head of his
cock, to guiding her tongue down the bottom side of his shaft where the
Tequila is dripping down.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Pauly D moans as Trish's tongue slides against the bottom
side of his cock until she reaches his ballsack. Trish smoothly slaps her
soft, wet tongue against Pauly D's large ballsack, which like the rest of his
cock is dripping with the Tequila that Snooki poured down. Trish parts her
lips and happily takes his ballsack into her mouth to lightly suck on his

"Mmmm fuck... totally fist pump worthy..." Pauly moans as he does the Jersey
Fist Pump as Trish Stratus sucks on his large balls. Trish gradually releases
his ballsack from her mouth and sits up straight on her knees before she
parts her lips and takes the head of Pauly's cock into her mouth.

"Ohhhh hell yeah...." Pauly D moans as Trish Stratus starts to bob her head
on his cock. Pauly looks at Snooki who is in the process of lowering her dark
colored skirt as she watches her WrestleMania trainer suck Pauly's dick.

"How she doin' Pauly?" Snooki asks as she kicks her skirt aside.

"Fuckin' great..." Pauly moans as Trish bobs her head smoothly along the
length of his long, firm and stick Italian dick.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm...." Trish moans as her pouty and luscious lips brush back
and forth on Pauly D's cock as she continues to move her brunette head with

Meanwhile, Snooki steps up to Pauly and places her left hand onto his
muscular, tanned chest. "Here fuckhead...." Snooki says before she places a
thin sliced piece of lime between her teeth and leans up to presses her lips
against Pauly's lips. Snooki proceeds to push the lime into Pauly's mouth
with her tongue as she starts to kiss him.

"Mmmmmm..." Pauly moans as he starts to use his tongue to push the lime
that's in his mouth against Snooki's tongue while Trish bobs her head up and
down on his cock as she uses her right hand to undo her pants in order to
push them from her waist.

"Mmmmmmmmm" Snooki moans in response as she pushes the lime with her tongue
back into Pauly D's mouth as she continues to kiss him, while smoothly moving
her hand against his chest.

"Mmmmm..." Pauly pushes the lime with his tongue against Snooki's tongue as
he reaches behind her with his right hand to grab the guidette's juicy ass.

Trish places both of her hands onto Pauly's muscular, tanned waist after
pushing her pants down from her waist and begins to swiftly rock her head
back and forth, with her tongue gently slapping against the bottom side of
his shaft.

"Mmmmmmm.... ahhh..." Pauly moans as he manages to push the lime into
Snooki's mouth before she breaks the kiss with him. "Ohhhh fuck yeah...."
Pauly moans loudly as Trish sucks and slurps on his dick. Trish lowers her
head completely down on his long and meaty, rock hard cock before she slowly
lifts her brunette head, with her lips brushing up on his shaft.

"Damn T-Pow.... you' know how to get crazy and wild..." Pauly grins down at
Trish before Snooki grabs his cock to lead him over to one of the seats in
order to have him sit down.

"Ya better not forget about me, ya fuckin' guido!" Snooki says before she
eagerly hops up onto his lap as he sits in the chair and lowers herself down
onto his rock hard cock.

"Awwww fuck like I could..." Pauly D groans as Snooki takes his cock deep
into her pussy. Pauly D places his hands on Snooki's hips and starts to lift
her up and down on his cock.

Snooki presses her lips together and looks down at Pauly D in a sassy, but
playful manner as she bounces up and down on his shaft. "Oh...shut the fuck
up, Pauly!"

"Mmmmmmm ahhhhh fuck no... I like it loud!" Pauly grins as he begins to
thrust his cock up into Snooki's hot wet pussy while Trish Stratus finish
removing her pants from her legs. Snooki places her hands onto Pauly D's
muscular, tanned chest and licks her lips as she continues to eagerly and
smoothly bounce up and down on his shaft, while guiding her 4'9", curved body
back and forth on Pauly's cock.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh yeah... mmmm..." Pauly moans as Snooki bounces eagerly and
rapidly on his upward thrusting cock.

"Ohhhhhh yeah! Pauly....ya sure know how to smush!"

"Damn right... who do I look like, Vinny?" Pauly replies with a laugh as he
firmly drives his cock upward into Snooki's twat.

Snooki laughs and tilts her head back. "Fuck! That juicehead is so fuckin'
lame!" Snooki says as she rocks forward on his shaft.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh... awww..." Pauly groans as Snooki rocks sharply on his
pistoning cock while Trish Stratus sits on one of the tables and begins to
rub her own pussy as she watches the two Jersey Shore cast members fuck.

Snooki moves her hands up to Pauly's shoulders as she continues to rock back
and forth on his shaft, while happily and eagerly bouncing on his shaft.
"Ohhhhhh yeah! Mmmm....ya know ya love havin' your girl, Snook!"

"Mmmmm awww fuck yeah... mmmmm..." Pauly D groans as Snooki uses his body to
repeatedly push herself upward before dropping back down on his rock hard

Snooki turns her head and smiles over at Trish Stratus. "How are ya doin'
over there, girl!?" Snooki yells over to her.

Pauly looks over at Trish and smirks as he sees her working over her pussy
with her fingers, "Mmmmm want some action?" Pauly asks.

Trish licks her lips and nods her head as she works her fingers delicately
over her pussy. "You're damn right I do!" Trish says with a good natured
laugh. After Snooki lifts herself off of his cock, Pauly stands up and walks
over to where Trish is and steps between her legs. As Trish places her hands
behind herself on the table, Pauly D guides his cock right into the former
WWE Diva's hot wet twat.

"Mmmmmmm....ohhhhhh shit...." Trish moans and presses her lips together as
she rocks back slightly when Pauly D first thrusts his cock into her wet

"Ahhhhh mmmm..." Pauly D groans as he starts to build momentum as he fucks
Trish's hot wet pussy. Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she raises her
smooth, tanned and gorgeously toned legs to wrap them around Pauly D's
muscular waist as she starts to push against his cock. Pauly places his hands
on the sides of Trish's thighs as he pumps his cock in and out of Trish's
cunt as Snooki starts to walk over to the table.

Trish places her hands onto to his strong, muscular, tanned arms as she pulls
him closer to her as he continues to thrust his shaft into her wet, tight
pussy. "Mmmmm...ohhhh shit..."

"Ohhhhhh fuck.... mmmm..." Pauly groans as he pistons his cock deeper and
harder into Trish's snatch as she pulls herself against him.

Snooki licks her lips as she climbs up onto the table to sit next to Trish as
she watches Pauly thrusting his cock into her wet pussy. "Damn! Pauly....ya
smush her good!"

"Ahhhh yeah.... mmmmm..." Pauly grins at Snooki as he continues to pound
Trish's snatch with quick and deep thrusts. Trish locks her beautiful and
seductive eyes with Pauly D as she pulls herself closer to the Jersey Shore
co-star as he can immediately feel her warm breath against his skin.

"Mmmmmm..." Pauly leans his head down slightly and flicks his tongue against
Trish's pouty lips as he continues to fuck her pussy with his large, hard and
thick dick. As Trish turns her head slightly to flick her tongue back against
Pauly D's tongue, Snooki leans her head in toward Pauly and Trish, joining
her tongue with their tongues.

"Mmmmmm..." Pauly moans as he flicks his tongue against Trish and Snooki's
tongues while he drives his cock balls deep into Trish's snatch.

"Mmmmmmm..." Trish moans as she rocks against Pauly D's cock, while her
tongue slaps against the tongues of Snooki and Pauly.

"Mmmmm..." Pauly moans as he slaps his tongue against Snooki and Trish's
tongue as he reaches between Snooki's legs to rub her pussy as he continues
to fuck Trish. Trish presses her legs tighter around Pauly D's waist and
starts to grind her pussy back against his thrusting shaft as she turns her
head more and slides her tongue into Snooki's mouth.

"Awww yeah... mmmmm fuck..." Pauly groans as he pushes two fingers into
Snooki's snatch as he continues to fuck Trish's pussy while he watches Trish
and Snooki work their tongues against one another.

"Mmmmmmm....." Snooki moans into Trish's mouth as she moves her lower body
against Pauly's two fingers workin in and out of her wet snatch while she
slides her wet tongue against the tongue of Trish Stratus.

"Ahhhhh mmmmm..." Pauly D licks his lips as Trish lets her legs fall from his
waist, allowing him to pull out. Pauly then steps between Snooki's legs and
removes his fingers from her pussy and replaces them with his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Snooki moans deeply into Trish's mouth and closes her eyes as
she feels Pauly's cock entering her wet, tight pussy. Snooki begins to circle
her tongue around inside of Trish's mouth, while Trish returns the kiss and
moves her tongue against Snooki's tongue as well.

"Ohhhh yeah.... ahhhh fuck..." Pauly grins as he pumps his cock in and out of
Snooki's pussy as Trish and Snooki continue to make out in front of him.
Snooki places her hands behind her onto the table and leans back slightly as
Trish deepens the kiss, pushing her tongue deeper into Snooki's mouth.

"Mmmmm fuck.... ahhhh...." Pauly licks his lips as Trish reaches over Snooki
to grab a shot glass. As Pauly continues to fuck Snooki's hot cunt, Trish
breaks the kiss with Snooki and pours the Tequila on Snooki's chest.

Trish smirks and looks at Pauly D. "You're turn!" Trish says with a laugh
before she reaches forward and pats her left hand against Pauly's tanned,
muscular chest.

"Mmmm fuck yeah..." Pauly grins at Trish as he proceeds to leans down towards
Snooki's tits and begins to eagerly lap up the Tequila with his tongue as he
slams his dick deeply into her.

Snooki presses her lips together and leans her head back, pushing her chest
up, as Pauly D works his tongue over her Tequila coated chest. "Ohhhhhh shit,
Pauly!" Snooki groans.

"Mmmmm... mmmm!" Justin moans as he flicks his tongue all over Snooki's tits
to slurp up the Tequila as he keeps his cock pistoning in and out of her
pussy. Snooki smoothly rocks back and forth on the table, pushing against
Pauly's thrusting cock as her pussy begins to tighten around his shaft, as he
tongue travels against her juicy tits. Pauly D tilts his head to the right
and takes Snooki's right nipple into his mouth to suck on it lightly as he
pounds her pussy relentlessly.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Mother fuck!" Snooki moans and arches her back as
she begins to cum.

"Mmmmmmm fuck... mmmmm..." Pauly lifts his head up as Snooki's pussy squeezes
his cock as she cums hard on his dick.

Snooki licks her lips and opens her eyes as she looks up at Pauly D and the
smirk appearing on his face. "Oh shut the fuck up, Pauly! Ya weren't that

"I'm good enough to make ya blow up..." Pauly D smirks as he starts to pull
his cock out of Snooki's dripping wet snatch. Pauly looks at Trish and licks
his lips, "Ready for more T-Pow?"

Trish nods her head and cutely smirks. "Uh...of course!"

"Then lets get really loud..." Pauly D licks his lips as Trish slides off the
table and turns around to bend over it. Pauly steps behind the former seven
time Women's Champion and proceeds to push his cock back into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh..." Trish moans and grits her teeth as she feels Pauly
D's cock sliding into her wet pussy from behind.

"Ohhhhh yeah..." Pauly D licks his lips as he places his hands on Trish's
hips as he thrusts his cock in and out of her Stratusfying pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmmm shit..." Trish Stratus moans as she rocks back and forth
on her feet, starting to push back against Pauly D's cock as her toned,
tanned ass perfectly hits against his muscular, tanned waist.

"Mmmmmmm ahhhh.... ahhh..." Pauly grunts as he builds momentum as he pumps
his cock deeply into Trish's pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmm yeah...mmmmm fuck!" Trish moans and closes her eyes as she
continually feels his cock pounding into her from behind.

"Mmmmm ahhhh mmmm..." Pauly groans as he rams every inch of his cock into
Trish's snatch as she pushes back against him.

"Ohhhhhhhh..." Trish moans and licks her lips as her breathing increases as
she pushes herself back against his cock, as her pussy gradually tightens.

"Ahhhhh fuck.... awwww...." Pauly groans as he feels Trish's twat tightening
on his pistoning cock that is starting to throb. Trish glances over her
shoulder and pushes back against his cock with a smirk on her face before she
begins to cum on his cock.

"Ahhhhh yeah... mmmmm..." Pauly D starts to do the Jersey Fist Pump again as
Trish looks back at him even as she cums on his pulsating dick. Trish licks
her lips as she grinds her body back on his shaft as her juices soak his

"Mmmmmm... ahhhh yeah..." Pauly groans as he keeps thrusting his cock in and
out of Trish's wet snatch before he pulls out. As he starts to stroke his
throbbing cock, Pauly smirks at Snooki, "Hey Snooki... you got no problem in
letting T-Pow get a face full of juice right?" Pauly says as he strokes his

Snooki shakes her head and laughs "Not at all!" Snooki says before she
motions to Trish Stratus. "Go get that juice, baby!" Snooki says.

Trish laughs and nods her head. "I intend to..." Trish says before she turns
around and kneels onto the floor.

With Trish Stratus on her knees looking up at him, Pauly D continues to
stroke his throbbing cock. "Ahhhh... mmmmm.." Pauly groans as he starts to
cum, spraying a massive load of his warm thick spunk onto Trish's face as she
opens her mouth as wide as possible to catch some.

"Mmmmmmmm...." Trish moans and closes her eyes as the warm cum splatters onto
her face and into her mouth as well.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah..." Pauly moans as he holds his cum spraying dick with his
left hand while he does the Jersey Fist Pump with his right hand.

Trish opens her beautiful eyes and licks her lips as she looks up at Pauly D
once he finishes cumming. Snooki crosses her arms and looks at Pauly with her
lips pressed together. "Well don't just stand there, Pauly! Get her a fuckin'
towel to clean up with!" Snooki yells

"Yeah hold your fuckin' horses..." Pauly says as he looks at Snooki before he
looks down at Trish to check out her cum covered face for a few moments
before he finally goes to find a towel.

Snooki smiles at Trish Stratus and approaches her trainer for WrestleMania
and new friend. "So did ya have fun, Trish?" Snooki asks.

"Oh yeah... I had a lot of fun..." Trish smirks as she stands up from the

Snooki places her hands onto her hips and smiles up at the slightly taller
Trish Stratus. "Do ya think ya are all partied out for tonight?"

Trish places her hands on her hips and smirks, "Oh I think I can keep
partying... I'm not a light weight like those two btiches whose asses we're
gonna kick at WrestleMania..."

Snooki nods her head. "Oh yeah! Those bitches won't know what hit them when I
kick their fuckin' asses!" Snooki says before she and Trish Stratus hear a
cell phone ringing. "Is that you? That ain't my phone" Snooki says.

"Doesn't sound like mine..." Trish says before pausing for a moment before
pointing over at where Pauly's jeans are laying, "I think it's your friend's

Snooki turns her head back. "Pauly!" Snooki yells loudly. "Pauly! Ya fuckin'
phone is ringin'...and where the fuck are ya with Trish's towel! She's a
fuckin' mess!"

"Yeah hold on!" Pauly says as he returns with a towel to hand to Trish.
"Ain't my fault they kept these things in a hard to find place..." Pauly says
before he goes over to where his jeans are to pick them up. Pauly takes his
cell phone from the left pocket and answers it as he drops his jeans, "Yeah,
what's up?"

"Yo! Pauly...where the fuck are ya!? I thought we were gonna hit the gym and
go out clubbin' grenades though! Did I tell ya about that grenade that
was all up on me, man!? Talk about a fuckin' butter-face...everything good
but her face!" The voice on the other end of the line says with a laugh.

"Yo Mike... I called ya and left a fuckin' message... Snooki call me to meet
her and this fine as hell party in a body..." Pauly says back into his phone.

Snooki!? What the fuck are ya hangin' out with that grenade for?" Mike "The
Situation" Sorrentino says over the phone with a laugh. "Don't tell Snooki
that though...she'll want to fuckin' kick my ass!"

"Man if I did they'd call me the Instigation for causing her to beat your
ass... but yo, this chick Snooki's with... maybe she's fuckin' killer... a
total smush machine..." Pauly says boastfully.

"Fuck! No way....can't be...ya know all of Snook's friends are total
grenades...and ya know the Situation ain't lookin' for any grenades.

"Yo shut up for a sec..." Pauly D says before he looks over at Snooki and
Trish, "Hey you two up for gettin' out of here and continuing this party

Snooki looks at Pauly D and raises an eyebrow. "Where at?"

"Hold on..." Pauly D says to Snooki before he speaks into phone, "Yo Mike
where the hell are you at?"

"Seashore Heights, where the else fuck would I be!?" The Situation replies.

"I don't know.. .a gym maybe to try to get your abs as good as mine!" Pauly
laughs before he looks at Snooki and Trish, "The Sitch is up at Seashore
Heights..." Pauly D says.

"Bullshit! We all fuckin' know I got the best abs!" The Situation replies.

Snooki shakes her head. " way...Trish ain't meetin' Mike..." Snooki
begins to say.

"Why not?" Pauly D asks as he cuts Snooki off.

"Cause I don't want my fuckin' friend meetin' him!" Snooki yells back to
Pauly D.

"Yo, that Snooki? Tell the bitch to shut the fuck up!" The
Situation says into the phone.

"Hold the fuck up..." Pauly says into the phone.

Trish laughs a bit, "Whoa... hold on... who the fuck is Mike? And why
shouldn't I meet him?" Trish asks.

Snooki crosses her arms and looks at Trish "Mike...ya heard of the Situation,
right? That's him..."

"Oh that's him.... well he looks hot but seems incredibly stupid..." Trish
says with a laugh.

Pauly D covers the mouthpiece of his phone so The Situation can't here, "T-
Pow you hammered that nail... but he's alright..." Pauly says.

Snooki shrugs her shoulders and looks at Trish "It's up to ya....if ya want
to meet that fuckin' dumbass..."

Trish pauses for a moment before she raises her left hand, "Might as well...
I'm up for partying Jersey style..." Trish says as she does the Jersey Fist

"Fuck yeah! Mike... we're in East Hanover... we'll be there in like two
hours..." Pauly D says into his cell phone.


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