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Strawberries Are Sweet
by Mistress

"God, I'm tired." Paige's mind complained and her body groaned as she made her way back to her locker room. It had been a great match, they had worked it perfectly, but now she was just sore. It had been a while since she had had an honest to goodness match and AJ had given as good as she had got. Now she just wanted to go back and relax under the hot water of a long slow shower.

Walking through the door to her locker room her feet seemed to turn into lead as she came to a dead stop. She had to catch herself as she almost fell flat on her face.

"Took you long enough, I thought I was gonna have to come look for you." The voice was soft and sultry, like silk and honey.

Her eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room as she took in the scene in front of her. Two candles were set on either side of a small pallet of blankets and pillows on the floor. The room seemed to be blanketed in the soft glow of yellow and gold.

The blankets were thrown out on the floor haphazardly, carelessly. Bunched and folded in places, pillows surrounding it and making the whole picture soft, comfortable.

But, the vision that lay in the middle of those blankets made her breath catch in her throat. Long legs stretched out, bare and smooth, the skin looked like satin in the glow of the candle light. The trip up those legs was long and slow. Taking in every curve and line, every smooth plain and turn. Coming together in a nest of pale blonde curls and flat plains. The belly smooth as silk, leading into the flushed chest and ample breast.

She lay comfortably, stretched out on the pallet of blankets, pillows pooled around her naked flesh. But the thing that captured Paige's attention was the lush, plump fruit between her fingertips. Red and juicy, she could smell the fresh sent of tang and tart.

The blonde goddess in candlelight brought the sweet fruit to her lips, slowly sucking as her teeth punctured the skin. Paige moaned low in her throat as she watched her throat muscles move, taking that sweet taste down.

Lips stained red, eyes heavy with passion, "Are you going to join me?" Echoed words sounding in the silent room.

And she was laying beside her, body naked to the cool chill of the room, the candlelight washing them both in golden hues. She could feel the soft skin against her palm as she traced the cool plains and rounded curves of the body next to hers.

Her eyes closed as her fingers trailed down smooth belly and threaded through soft curls. Her hand brushed over the mound of silky threads, dipping lower and finding the heat at the core of a ravishing beauty. Her eyes closed as she tasted the tang and tart of the fruit pressed to her lips. She could feel the skin break as she bit into the flesh. Her fingers slid through the moist heat, as her tongue exploded in sweet heaven.

She could hear the moans and grunts as her fingers twisted and curled in the beloved body now under hers. Her mouth sought out its mate and dueled with flesh. She could taste the tang of sugar and cream, mixed with the pure flavor of a mouth she knew too well, a mouth she could never know enough of.

"Oh god, Pai.." The moan was cut off by a mute scream as legs clamped down on her hand and she rode out a wave of sweet oblivion.

Bringing her fingers to her lips, she sighed. She could smell the musky sent of her lover, the smell heavy in the room, mixing with the fresh strawberries. "Strawberries are sweet..." Her tongue flicked out to taste the sweet and sour of her lover, and she moaned as the flavors mixed with those already on her pallet. She could taste the strawberries, the taste of her mouth and the heady flavor of just her. "But Emma, you're sweeter."


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