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Of course, this is completely and totally a work of fiction.

Stroke Of Luck
by Saturnalia

It had been a boring Sunday evening and I was losing my mind. There was no
wrestling Pay Per View, there was no one to call, there was nothing to do,
and I had just been sitting back with my radio on. Almost out of nowhere, the
DJ came on with a giveaway, tickets to Monday Night Raw coming to my town the
next day! I grabbed my phone about as fast as I possibly could and called in,
scoring the lucky #10 spot!

"Hello, who is this?"

"My name's Donny, am I caller number ten?"

"Yes you are! You've won front row seats to tomorrow's Monday Night Raw!"

Needless to say, I was thrilled at a chance to go and break my boredom with a
wrestling show.

The next day came around, and there I was, right next to some of my biggest
heroes! Some of my highlights included having Triple H snarl at me, watching
Charlie Haas crash in front of me, and then by far the biggest treat of the
night... Torrie Wilson. During her entrance, she flaunted her chest on the
ring apron, standing only a few feet in front of me.

The entire experience was enjoyable, and when the show had ended, I really
didn't want to leave. Well, I at least had to get a t-shirt to remember it
all by, right? However, the crowd had jammed up trying to get, and poor old
me was stuck in the front row! By the time I had gotten to the merchandise
stand, it had closed up. However, a worker told me there was another on the
other side of the arena. I tried to sprint my way over there, hurrying as to
not miss this stand too!

Well, somewhere between the north exit and the east wing, I had gotten lost.
Every door was unmarked, every hallway looked the same, and I wasn't sure
where I was going. Bad break! I tried looking for people, but it's as if ever
worker disappeared in the entire building! So, I went against my better
instincts and started opening doors, hoping to find someone, maybe just a
janitor or ring worker, who could direct me out. Of course, every room was
coming up as a supplies closet!

Then, I opened one door and heard the faint sound of showering. My first
thought was 'Finally! Someone else!' Right at that moment, the water had
stopped running and out from behind a corner stepped a nude, unexpecting
Torrie Wilson. I froze, partially in fear, and the other part came from,
fuck, a naked Torrie Wilson was in front of me!

"Can I... help you?" Torrie said, with a slight sound of both fear and
attitude in her voice, but her eyes had a look of want in them. She had
scurried and grabbed a towel to cover herself up.

"I... I... wrong turn, lost, and I..." Needless to say, I was stumbling over
my words, just in awe.

"Do you... do you like what you see?" Torrie said, slowly removing her towel.

"Of course!" I stammered.

"I haven't been fucked in so long."

"Really?!" I asked, shocked.

"Yes, mmhm, you look pretty hard there." Torrie said, now exposing a breast.

I hadn't even noticed that I'd become rock hard. Torrie started tweaking at
one of her nipples, looking at me deeply with her eyes, before asking "Do you
think you're up to the challenge of pleasing me?"

"Oh god yes." I said, maybe too quickly. But it didn't matter, this was the
biggest stroke of luck I'd ever gotten.

Torrie dropped her towel, letting her naked beauty sweep over me all at once.
She stepped forward and kissed me, slipping the tongue. She was being pretty
forceful, wrestling with my tongue, so I wrestled back. We were making out
like a horny high school couple, and I fucking loved it. She broke the kiss,
licking her lips, before dropping down to her knees, unbuckling my pants. I
threw my shirt off in a second and stood there, kicking off my shoes and
pants, now just in my boxers. In a swift motion, she slipped my dick out of
my boxers and took a giant lick, right off of the bat. I groaned loudly, and
Torrie licked at my cock again. Before I knew it, she started to work some of
my length into her mouth. She removed it, only to dive right back in and take
more, swallowing most of my member. Torrie started to bob, increasing the
pleasure and causing me to moan even louder, trying not to get too excited
too quickly.

Torrie tried to deepthroat it, but before she could, I removed my member and
laid on my back. Torrie, seeing what was going on, climbed on top in a 69
position. I started lapping at her pussy, making Torrie yelp. While I took my
licks, I deftly slipped a finger into her. I started pumping my finger in and
out, driving Torrie wild, meanwhile still licking at her. Torrie, likewise,
started going back to work on my dick, taking a few licks before slipping it
back into her mouth and bobbing. After a short while, I'd found her clit,
which I nibbled on oh-so-slightly. Torrie was moaning on my dick, really
going at me, filled with as much lust I was. My cock slipped into the back of
her throat, and I moaned loudly, overcome by the wet, hot feeling. Torrie
bobbed, causing me to start bucking upwards. Her nose was rubbing up against
my balls as she picked up the speed, and I was writhing beneath her, really
getting into this blowjob. I finally lost control, overcome by the pleasure
of Torrie working me over.

"Ohhh, shit, I'm gonna cum Torrie!"

She didn't say a word. She only removed my cock from her throat and started
jerking at the base, while sucking on my cockhead. I was aching from the
pleasure, dying just to blow. She was rubbing my cock like crazy, and I
lurched forward, sending my first spurt of cum into her mouth. Three more
shots followed before she raised her and gulped back, swallowing my load of
cum. Torrie looked back at me, a look of heaven on my face and smiled. She
grabbed my hand and helped me up, before playfully pushing me back against
the couch in her room. She hopped on top of me, my cock right by her pussy,
and she started licking at my neck and nipples. Torrie clamped her thighs
tight against my cock, still right next to her pussy, driving me wild. I was
getting hard again, and decided I'd pay Torrie back. I lifted her head from
my chest and licked all the way across her chin and neck. She groaned,
clearly liking it, before I turned my attention to her breasts.

I was licking away madly at her tits, circling the nipples, lapping at them,
nibbling, everything. She grabbed my head from between her tits and kissed me
passionately, moaning into my mouth, while beginning to grind her pelvis
against my cock. Finally, she sat up and positioned my cock with her pussy,
before slowly easing herself down, causing me to penetrate into her. I nearly
yelled, she felt so damn good. Her smooth, wet inner walls guided me into
her. Torrie was grinding again, this time with my cock snugly wrapped in her
velvet pussy. Torrie cocked her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the
feeling, meanwhile I started thrusting up into her. It started off slow, but
I was picking up speed as I went, firmly driving my cock into Torrie.

"Oh god, oh yes Donny, fuck..."

"Uhh, Torrie, damn..."

I reached around and started to grope her ass with my hands. I was pulling at
her ass cheeks as she started to really pick up the pace, bouncing her smooth
pussy up and down on my cock. I was impaling her now, trying to get as deep
into her cunt as I could.

"Oh fuck, OH fuck! Yes! FUCK! God, your cock in my pussy, oh! Fuck, so good!"
Torrie screamed.

"You feel so fuckin' good, Torrie! Fuck yeah!"

"Uh, stay hard babe, uh fuck me! Oh! Oh! OH!"

She was moving so swiftly now, we were going at a really steady pace, with
her body surfing down onto me as I would thrust up into her, creating so much
friction and feeling so good. Every time she'd bounce down her big tits would
giggle, my eyes were focused straight on them. Torrie was bucking madly, her
mouth wide open, moaning, as she moved so fluidly, my cock all the way inside
her pussy. She was getting hotter and wetter by the second, before her orgasm
was finally upon.

"OH MY GOD! Yes! YES! Oh! Fuuuck!" Torrie moaned as she gushed her sweet
juices all around my cock.

Between the hard fucking and her soaking wet pussy sucking at my cock, I
couldn't hold on much longer. I drove my cock straight upward and my orgasm
hit me.

"Fuck Torrie! I'm about to fucking cum! Right now!"

"Oh, god, fucking in me! Shoot it straight in me!"

I groaned loudly as my first streak of cum exploded out of me, shooting
straight into Torrie's pussy. I arched my hips, which caused all of my cum to
barrel out and explode deep inside of Torrie.

"Mmhm, that feels so fucking good babe!" Torrie said, licking her lips.

She fell forward, my dick still semi-hard in her. She looked me straight in
the eyes and kissed me, using her tongue to take over my mouth. She sat back
up, glistening with sweat, before she knelt up, removing my cock. Torrie
turned around, showing me her sweet ass, and reached down. She was playing
with my cock, trying to bring it back to full strength, as she squated
slightly, showing me her tanned ass.

"Mhm, c'mon Donny, one more round. Stare straight at it, yeah, my fucking hot
ass. You want more, and I need more, so give it to me!"

I was approaching full hardness, her ass was doing the trick. Torrie grabbed
my cock and ran my cockhead along her asscrack, turning me on so much. I was
at full length and Torrie looked back with a lust filled smile on her face.
She positioned herself and dropped down, my cock going back in her pussy in a
reverse cowgirl position. Her cunt was still soaked and warm, with the
feeling of my earlier load of jism still inside it. Torrie didn't waste a
second and she was back to bucking at a rapid pace. Torrie was yelling out my
name, really getting me going.

"Oh fuck, Donny! Uh! Yeah! Fuck me Donny! Stay that fucking hard, god, yes!
Donny! Fuck!"

I stared straight at her golden buns, watching them bounce up and down. The
room was being filled with the sound of her ass bouncing off of my hips. I
reached out, jiggling the flesh of her ass in between her crazy bounces. I
moaned out loud, between the feeling of her ass in my hands, the heat of her
pussy and her slick walls wrapping around my cock every bounce, and the loud
moans Torrie was giving off. I was so turned on, I just had to fuck her like
crazy. I grabbed Torrie around the waist and lifted her up before setting her
back down on the couch, my cock still in her the entire time. She understood
and got up on all fours, ready for a pounding.

"Give it to me! C'mon! Fuck me like a real slut, you stud!"

I just started pounding my cock into her, doggystyle. She was screaming
again, spurring me on even more. I reached my hands around her, grabbing at
her tits which were jumping around from the hard fucking. I was deep, deep
inside Torrie, fully removing my cock each thrust and jamming it straight
back inside of her, going all the way to the hilt.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! God yes! Keep fucking me hard!" Torrie cried out.

"Oh Torrie! Oh, damn, you're so fucking good!" I responded back, nearly

I moved my hands to her hips and just let loose on Torrie, ramming into her
at full speed. My cock was a blur, going in and out of her sweet, soppy
pussy. Her asscheeks were giggling at each thrust, my hips slapping against
them. I took the time to give each cheek a nice hard slap. I kept going,
practically spanking Torrie as I punished her pussy.

"Oh GOD! YES!" Torrie screamed as her orgasm overtook her. For the second
time, her pussy tightened around my cock and her juices spilled all over my
cock. I was still thumping into her, but slowly losing velocity, letting
Torrie come down from her body-clenching orgasm.

"Uh, Torrie, let me fuck your giant tits!" I ordered.

I pulled out and Torrie laid down on her back, still moaning. I moved up,
positioning my cock right between her two giant globes. She squashed them
together, sandwiching my dick. Slowly but surely I started thrusting into her
cleavage. She was still moaning for cock as she wrapped her golden tits
around it.

"God yes! Fuck my tits and spray me with your cum!"

At every thrust, Torrie would snake her tongue out and lick at my cock. I was
really rocking her now, driving my cock between those two huge breasts. I
could tell my orgasm was almost on me, so I just thrusted away, really
getting into out. Torrie purred at me the entire time.

"Come on, baby! Fuck those tits! God, you love this, don't you! Yeah, I can
tell. Fuck 'em! Cum, Donny! Cum all over me! Cum on tits!"

I pumped into her tits a few more times before I finally had to blow. Pulling
my cock away, I aimed at Torrie's face. My first stream of cum shot out,
landing on Torrie's chin and lips. The second hits her across the nose. My
third and fourth shots hit her on the cheek. I pulled back down and coated
her giant tits with a few more streaks of jizz before I was drained. Torrie
rubbed my cum into her tits and face, before taking my cock back into her
mouth, making me jump at the sudden pleasure.

"Mhm, thanks hun, that was amazing. I haven't been fucked like that in

I was speechless, just staring at Torrie play with my cum. I picked up my
clothes and got dressed before leaving, all the while just watching her in a
state of bliss. I was gobsmacked at everything that had happened. I started
walking down the hall, slowly coming back to reality when I turned the corner
and saw a big red "EXIT" sign.

Must've been my lucky day.

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