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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Suck That!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area, hours before the start of the October 16, 2006 edition
of RAW, Rated RKO members Randy Orton and Edge are standing in front of a
mirror, checking themselves out. Randy is wearing his usual black wrestling
trunks and boots, but is also wearing black chaps, a D-Generation X t-shirt
and he's adjusting a brown wig on his head, "Hmmm I think I should be called
the Heart Break Kid... I'm way better looking in this stuff than Shawn
Michaels.." Randy laughs.

Edge, wearing black jeans, a D-Generation X t-shirt and fake mutton chops,
smirks, "In that case, call me The Game, because Triple H ain't got shit on
me. Hell... we're the age those two losers were when they started this damn
gimmick in 1998..." Edge says.

"You know, the crowd is gonna break when they see us like this," Randy says,
"But I think we should give these outfits a test run."

Edge smirks, "Not a bad idea... we should find some ditz and see if they fall
for it."

Randy laughs as he turns away from the mirror and he sees RAW's backstage
interviewer Maria heading to the dressing room area. "Hey there's a ditz..."

Edge looks in the direction Randy is pointing and smirks, "Oh this is going
to be easy..." Edge laughs as he and Randy follow Maria down the hallway
towards the dressing room area. When Maria stops to adjust her skirt, Edge
and Randy catch up to her, "Hey Maria... it's me the Game... Triple H..."
Edge says.

Maria pauses and cutely glances back at Edge and Randy Orton with a sweet
smile "Oh hey Triple H, hi Shawn..." Maria says as she looks at the two phony
degenerates of Rated RKO. Maria presses her lips together as she stands in
the hallway dressed in short light blue skirt and a tight fitting light blue

Randy smirks, "I gotta say Maria... you look like you're gonna stop the show
tonight with that outfit..." Randy says as he starts to move around in the
same way Shane Michaels does.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip and blushes " really think so
Shawn?" Maria asks as she glances down at her perfectly curved body.

"Oh yeah... totally..." Randy licks his lips as he checks out Maria.

"Say Maria... would you say that DX is the greatest thing ever?" Edge asks.

Maria smiles and excitedly nods her head "Oh yes! Absolutely, DX is like so
awesome!" Maria says with a cute laugh as she looks at the phony Triple H and
phony Shawn Michaels.

Edge glances at Randy "Watch this..." Edge says as before he takes Maria's
hand and starts to guide her to a slightly concealed area of the hallway, "So
Maria... since DX is awesome... would you do anything for us?" Edge asks as
he licks his teeth.

Maria scrunches her nose up and cutely raises her shoulders "Umm...I don't
know...maybe..." Maria replies with a laugh.

Randy follows them and watches with an amused look on his face. "Maybe?" Edge
smirks, "I'm sure you'd like to do two little words for me, The Game... The
King of Kings..." Edge says.

Maria innocently laughs and smiles "What two words?" Maria asks as she
lightly licks her soft, pouty lips.

Edge crosses his arms over his crotch, "You know... Suck That!" Edge says.
Randy cringes a bit and Edge sees that Randy thinks Maria is not going to
fall for it.

Maria scrunches her nose and pauses for a bit "Suck That?" Maria laughs and
shrugs her shoulders "I could do that...but won't I get in trouble doing that
back here?"

"Oh no... of course not..." Randy says, "Besides we do a whole lot of
screwing around and we never get in trouble so you got nothing to worry
about..." Randy says as he does his best impression of Shawn Michaels.

"Umm...ok!" Maria says with a smile as the adorable and ditzy backstage
interviewer proceeds to kneel down in front of Edge and starts to unbuckle
then belt around his jeans, eagerly licking her lips.

Edge licks his teeth, "Boy you're an eager DX fan..." Edge says as Maria
unbuttons his jeans and pulls them down from his waist, freeing his semi
hardened cock.

Maria presses her lips together and cutely nods her head "
bet I am Triple H!" Maria says as she places her soft hands around Edge's
cock and starts to smoothly move her hands along his hardening shaft.

"Ohhh yeah....why don't you show me how you suck that..." Edge moans as he
performs another crotch chop as Maria stroke his cock. Randy Orton stands
behind Maria and works on removing the chaps he's wearing so that he can
lower his wrestling trunks, freeing his own cock. Maria removes her left hand
from Edge's shaft and reaches over her shoulder with her left hand to wrap it
around Randy Orton's shaft and begins to stroke his cock while she leans her
head towards Edge's cock. Maria parts her soft mouth and gently takes his
cock into her sweet, wet and warm mouth as she gently wraps her pouty lips
around his shaft and begins to suck on his cock. Maria starts to rock on her
knees as she strokes Randy Orton's cock, behind her, with her left hand as
she sucks Edge's cock.

"Mmmmm yeah... suck that cock..." Edge moans as Maria bobs her head smoothly
up and down on his thirteen inch cock. Randy licks his lips as Maria smoothly
slowly strokes his cock with her left hand.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Maria innocently moans as she smoothly bobs her head on
Edge's thirteen inch cock, lapping her wet tongue around his shaft as she
rocks back on her knees, guiding her left hand around Randy's rock hard,
thick cock.

"Ohhhh yeah... stroke it..." Randy Orton licks his lips as Maria moves her
left hand back and forth on his foot long shaft. Edge smirks as he puts his
hand on Maria's head as she takes his cock deep into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Maria sweetly moans as she turns her head on Edge's cock, grinding
her soft and pouty lips on his shaft as she eagerly move her head on his cock
while her wet saliva drips down his shaft. Maria gently twists her left hand
on Randy Orton's cock as she rapidly moves her hand back and forth on his

"Mmmm how about sucking on my Heartbreaker Maria..." Randy says as Maria
strokes his cock.

"Mmmmm shit she's a real DX fan..." Edge laughs as he watches Maria eagerly
suck his thirteen inch cock.

Maria slowly lifts her head off of Edge's cock and smiles up at him "Mmmm...I
loving sucking it!" Maria says with a cute laugh as she turns on her knees to
face Randy Orton's cock which she gently smacks with her wet tongue before
she takes the head of his cock into her sweet mouth.

"Aww yeah... well just suck that..." Randy says as Maria wraps her lips
around his cock before she starts to bob her head on his cock. Edge smirks as
he kneels behind Maria and slides down her short light blue skirt, revealing
her cute round and juicy ass. Edge puts his hands on Maria's hips as he
guides his cock into her tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm!" Maria moans as she presses her soft, pouty lips tightly around
Randy Orton's cock while Edge pushes his cock into her pussy from behind.
Maria closes her eyes as she starts to rock forward on her knees to suck
Randy's cock as Edge thrusts his cock into her pussy from behind.

"Uhhh ahhh like how I play the game Maria..." Edge licks his teeth as he
pumps his entire cock into Maria's tight wet pussy as she rocks between him
and Randy. Randy puts his hands on Maria's head as she takes his shaft fairly
deep into her mouth as she sucks it.

"Mmmmmm! Hmmmm!" Maria moans and nods her head on Randy Orton's cock to
reply to Edge as she smoothly rocks back to presses her adorably rounded,
juicy ass against his muscular waist. Maria turns her head on Randy's cock
as she takes him deeper into her mouth as her saliva drips on his cock.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmmm fucking suck that cock..." Randy groans as he starts to
thrust his cock in and out of Maria's mouth as she blows him. Edge smacks
Maria's cute round ass with his right hand as he deeply drives his cock into
her tight pussy from behind.

"Mmmmm! Gah! Gah! Gah!" Maria moans and gags around Randy Orton's cock as he
deeply thrusts his cock into her wet, warm mouth while the head of his shaft
smacks against the back of her mouth. "Mmmmmmm" Maria groans as she steadily
moves against Edge's cock as he deeply spears her tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm make her gag... I love it when DX fans make that sound..." Edge
laughs as he sharply pumps his cock into Maria's pussy. Randy keeps thrusting
his cock into Maria's mouth before he pulls out, "You like my show stopper
Maria?" Randy says as he adjusts the brown wig he's wearing.

Maria licks her lips and nods her head "Mmm...ohh yeah! I do Shawn!" Maria
moans as she steadily rock forward while Edge deeply pounds Maria's pussy
with his rock hard, spearing shaft.

"Hey Trips..." Randy says as he looks at Edge, "Let me get a shot at her..."

"Sure..." Edge smirks as he pulls his cock out of Maria's pussy.

Randy then makes Maria lay on her back so that he can position himself
between her legs. "This is killer..." Randy smirks as he pushes his cock into
Maria's tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Mmmm!" Maria moans and grits her teeth as she raises her smooth,
tanned legs as she rests them onto his tanned and muscular shoulders as his
cock rams deeply into her tight pussy. "Ohhh...ohhh Shawn...ohhhh!" Maria
moans as Randy Orton drives his cock deeply into her pussy as she lays on
her back.

"Uhhh awww...." Randy Orton grunts as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Maria's tight wet pussy.

Edge kneels next to Maria's head, "Here Maria... suck that..." Edge says as
he turns Maria's head to the right so that he can tap his cock against her

"Mmmm..." Maria sweetly smiles as she opens her adorable, moist mouth and
takes Edge's cock into her mouth. Maria wraps her lips around his shaft and
starts to lightly move her head on his cock, gently sucking the phony Triple
H, while Randy deeply drives his cock into Maria.

"Mmmm yeah... ahhh..." Edge moans as Maria bobs her head along the length of
his cock. Randy slides his hands over Maria's light blue top covered chest
and gropes her tits through the material as he fucks her pussy.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Maria moans and closes her eyes as as she quickly moves her
head on Edge's cock as she playfully smacks her tongue against his cock while
she gently grinds her pussy against Randy Orton's cock as he deeply fucks

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm yeah... fuck!" Randy Orton moans as he drives his cock
harder into Maria's pussy as her legs move against his shoulders. Edge licks
his teeth as Maria smacks her tongue against his cock as she takes it further
into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Maria cutely groans as she presses her soft lips tightly around
Edge's shaft as she perfectly moves her head while pushing against Randy's

"Ohhhh mmmm damn... ahhh yeah..." Edge moans as he starts to cum inside of
Maria's warm wet and soothing mouth.

Randy continues to pump his cock into Maria's cunt, "Uhhhh shit... awww
damn..." Randy groans as he begins to cum inside of Maria's tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" Maria moans and arches her back slightly as she feels Randy's warm
cum flooding her pussy, while her sweet mouth fills with Edge's cum.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Edge licks his lips as he pulls his cock out of
Maria's mouth after he's spent.

Randy pulls his dick out of Maria's pussy after he done cumming, "Shit...
Maria stopped the show..." Randy says as he stands up and pulls up his trunks
so that he can secure the chaps around his waist.

Maria presses her soft lips together as she sits up from the floor as she
wipes her mouth clean with her right thumb and pointer finger. "Mmm...that
was tasty."

Edge licks his teeth as he gets up and pulls up his jeans, "You're a real fan
of DX... cause you really know how to suck that..." Edge says.

"Come on Trips... we're gonna open the show..." Randy says with a grin as he
and Edge walk away from Maria.

As Maria gets up from the floor, the REAL D-Generation X consisting Shawn
Michaels and Triple H come from around the corner. They look at Maria and
Triple H raises an eyebrow, "Hey Maria...are me and Shawn opening the show?"

Maria folds her arms and laughs "No..." Maria shakes her head "Randy and Edge
are playing dress-up...they actually thought that they could fool me..."
Maria presses her lips together "I was onto them from the start"

"I see..." Triple H says with smirk as he looks at Shawn, "You know... we've
done some dressing up... I'd like to see what those two are gonna do before
we kick their asses."

Shawn Michaels nods his head, "Sounds good to me... in fact... I got a few

Maria presses her soft and pouty lips together "You know...I would really
like to...suck it!"

Triple H chuckles, "Shawn... whatever ideas you may have... are no where near
as good as the idea Maria has for right now as he starts to unzip his jeans.

"You never go with my ideas!" Shawn laughs as he also starts to unzip his


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