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Sugar Pussy Fairies
by Purpleblue

Torrie sat on the bed of the hotel room, waiting patiently. She had lined
up all the toys they'd need on both bedside tables, as well as attaching
shackles to the headboard of the bed. She looked down at herself, she wore
a pair of jeans and tight tank top; "This won't do," she said to herself.
She pulled off her tank top, releasing her breasts. "Hey you," she said
giving them a quick rub. She loved her breasts, especially since she had
implants. She rubbed the 38D cups, causing her erect nipples to stand up.

"Didn't wanna wait for us?" Stacy said at the door. She stood there wearing
a short black skirt and white shirt.

"I was going to change into something more comfortable," Torrie proclaimed,
still rubbing her tits.

"Good idea," Stacy said as she closed the door. She slowly started to
unbutton her shirt, revealing her breasts encased in white lace.

Torrie got up from the bed and helped Stacy take her shirt off, slipping
the material off her shoulders.

Stacy put her hands onto Torrie's face and started to kiss her, inserting
her tongue into the blonde's mouth.

Torrie put her arms around Stacy, grabbing her ass cheeks.

Stacy moaned into Torrie's mouth, she placed her hands over Torrie's and
guided them to lift her skirt.

Torrie felt the soft warm naked globes of Stacy's ass, a thong stuffed
between them. However much she loved Stacy's ass, she loved her breasts
more. She raised her hands up to her back, finding her bra clip. She
undid the fastening and slid the strapless bra off her breasts. Torrie
pulled away from the kiss to stare at her breasts before leading over
to take one into her mouth.

Stacy moaned as Torrie sucked onto her breast, using her hands to steady
her head onto them.

Torrie continued to swirl her tongue around the hard nipple, occasionally
tugging at it. She pulled her hands down to the top of Stacy's skirt and
opened the zipper. She slid it down, exposing Stacy's black thong. Just
as Torrie was about to pull the thong off, getting it to her knees, she
was interrupted by the door opening.

"I thought we were going to watch my video?" Trish said walking in, holding
up a videotape and wearing a long black coat. "Although, this image is pretty
erotic," she finished, staring at the two women.

"We were just changing clothes," Stacy said wearing only a thong around her
knees, her shaven pussy exposed. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband
and pulled it up.

Torrie opened her jean's button and undid the zipper, allowing the jeans to
slid down her legs. "What video did you get?" she asked stepping out of her
jeans. She was now only wearing a blue fishnet thong, her pussy hair
sprouting out of the net.

"Sugar Pussy Fairies," Trish replied, placing the video down on the table.
"Its all girl-on-girl action."

"Is there any other kind?" Torrie laughed, slapping her hand across
Stacy's ass. "Are you gonna wear that?" Torrie asked Trish, implying the
inappropriate coat.

Trish smiled. She lowered her hand to the bottom button and up did it,
pushing her leg out the slit, wearing white panty hose. She moved her hands
up the coat, rubbing against her body. She opened the top button, then the
2nd. "What could I be wearing under here?" she asked as she reached button
number 3.

Stacy stared at Trish, rubbing her nipple between her fingers.

Trish opened the last button but kept the coat closed. She turned around and
started to dance, wiggling her hips. She opened the coat, and turned her head
around to see the two women looking at her with suspense.

Unknown to Trish, the door opened and in walked Lita who was met with Trish
gyrating in front of her. "What a great welcome," Lita said staring at Trish.

Trish pulled Lita to her and started dancing against her, rubbing herself
into Lita.

"Would you let us see already," Stacy whined.

"Ok," Trish said. She turned around and pulled off the coat. She was wearing
white high-heeled knee-length boots, from her knees to her thighs were white
panty hose, held up with a suspender belt. Her pussy was completely bare. Her
hair had been cut into a tidy V, pointing towards her slit. Further up she
wore a bra over her breasts, but the nipples were cut out.

"Wow," Torrie said as she looked Trish's body down. She had always liked
Trish's underwear, how it was always revealing but still neat.

Trish placed her coat onto the floor and sat onto the bed, crossing her legs
and leaning back on her hands.

"I feel over dressed," Lita said as she stood there in a denim jacket, black
tight t-shirt and baggy cargo pants.

"Me too," Sara joked as she walked into the room, wearing a bright red
leather bikini. The top barely covered her nipples, with thin strings keeping
it in place. Her bikini bottom consisted of a very thing piece of material
over her slit, with yet more strings keeping it in place.

"Your brave wearing that in public," Lita said undressing.

"Most people would have just thought I was going to the pool or something,"
she said, moving towards Lita.

Lita laughed, "this hotel doesn't have a pool." She ripped off her black
t-shirt exposing a green sports bra.

"My bad," Sara laughed as she stood behind Lita. She leant forward and
wrapped her arms around her body, her hands settling on Lita's jeans waist
band. She used her fingers to open them and slid them off Lita's hips.

Lita was now only wearing a green sports bra and matching thong. She moved
away from Sara and sat on the bed with Trish.

Sara picked up the video on the table, "This it?" she asked.

"You bet," Trish said as looked at Sara's bikini.

"Do me a favour," Trish asked.

"Sure," Sara said.

"Plug the VCR in," Trish said.

Sara walked over towards the TV and bent over to plug it in. As she bent
over her ass stuck in the air, the bikini bottoms tightening as the string
between her butt cheeks pushed them apart.

"Woah, look at that," Trish smiled as she stared at her ass. "You can just
about see her hole."

Sara realised that the VCR was already plugged in and that Trish and the
others were staring at her behind. She wiggled her butt. She stood up
straight and placed the videotape in the VCR.

Torrie and Stacy sat on the bed, and soon Sara joined them. Torrie was on
the end, next to Lita, who was also next to Trish. On Trish's right was
Stacy, and Sara was next to her.

The video started to play. A Woman was fully naked, sitting on a large
flower. She had wings and pink hair. Her legs were crossed, blocking the
view to her pussy.

"Look at how great her tits are," Sara said, staring at the smooth curves
and erect nipples.

"Mine are bigger," Torrie joked, "but still, what I wouldn't give to suck

The camera moved away from the woman, and another woman came into sight. She
was also naked and had wings. The first woman opened her legs, exposing her

"What I wouldn't give to suck that," Lita said, her own pussy wanting

The 2nd woman on the video came into view more and a dildo was visible
noticeable in her vagina.

"Look at the size of that thing," Stacy said as she started to rub her tits.
Using her hands to slid over her breasts, her thumbs circling her nipples.

Lita and Sara both took off their bras and started to play with their own
breasts. Their nipples were hard and rubbed them with their fingers.

The second woman on the video then jerked the dildo inside her, pumping it
in and out of her. The first woman started to rub her clit.

Trish looked at the woman's hand, feeling her own pussy get wet she trailed
her hand down. She sneaked her fingers over the shaven V and made contact
with her clit. She flinched as her sensitive clit was touched, causing the
bed to alert the other's to Trish's actions.

Stacy watched Trish's fingers circle her clit, her breast massaging became
stronger as she watched her friend masturbate.

Sara also watched then leant forward and clamped her mouth onto Stacy's
breast. She pushed her tongue over the nipple, and used to hands to massage
around the breast.

Stacy played with left other breast as Sara sucked on her right. Her pussy
was defiantly starting to feel the heat. She looked from Trish to the video.

The 2nd woman was now fucking the 1st with the dildo.

Lita was transfixed with Trish's rubbing. She moved her body so she had
better access to Trish's pussy. Lita grabbed Trish's hands and took them away
from her pussy. Lita then sunk her head and started to lick Trish's clit.

Trish relaxed on the bed, bringing her hand up to hold Lita's face in place.

Torrie watched as Trish was pleasured in this way and saw a line of moisture
down Stacy's thong. She got off the bed and sat on the floor in front of

Stacey, who was still playing with her breast, the other one being sucked on
by Sara, saw Torrie and raised her hips off the bed slightly.

Torrie used her nimble fingers to remove Stacy's thong, she gently pushed
Stacy's thighs open and put her lips inches away from Stacy's pussy. Torrie
blew air into pussy.

"Ooohhh," Stacy moaned as air hit passed her clit, and up into her vagina.

Torrie leant forward more and stuck her tongue into Stacy's hole, licking up
her awaiting juice. She brought her right hand to the top of Stacy's slit and
used her thumb to rub her clit. She used her other hand to stimulate her own
clit, tearing the fishnet that kept it imprisoned.

Stacy screamed as she was stimulated.

Sara stopped sucking Stacy's breast and kneeled on the bed. She looked down
at her crotch and saw her pussy juices leaking from within the leather bikini
bottoms. She put her hand down her pussy and felt her juices. Sara pulled
her hand out, taking it to Stacy's lips.

Stacy licked Sara's fingers, tasting her juices. Sara was salty and creamy.

Sara saw Stacy liked her taste. She pulled her bottoms off her hips and down
to her knees. She pulled one leg out of the garment and kneeled over Stacy's

Stacy looked up and saw Sara's juicy pussy. She moved her hand up and
grabbed Sara's ass, pulling her down.

Sara sat on Stacy's face, facing Torrie who was working on Stacy's cunt.
"Stacy," Sara cried as Stacy's tongue attacked her clit. Sara looked to
the side, all she could see was Lita's ass in the air, her peach cheeks
smiling at her. Sara leant forward and to the side, hooking her fingers
into Lita's thong.

Lita still licked Trish's little sex organ, rolling her tongue around it,
occasionally brushing her teeth against it. Lita felt as Sara pulled her
thong down, exposing her pussy to the air.

Sara ejected her tongue from her mouth and into Lita's awaiting cunt,
tasting her salty cum.

Lita moved her hips forward and backward, getting tongue fucked by Sara,
synchronising her tongue movements on Trish.

Torrie's own stimulation brought her to cum, she let out a scream into
Stacy's pussy which caused her to come. Stacy's orgasm forced her increased
her action on Sara's clit, which caused Sara to cum. Sara bit down on
Lita's clit as she came, causing Lita to both cum and both scream and stick
her tongue further into Trish. Trish came after the vibrations on her pussy
became too much.

Lita laid down on Trish, looking to her lover. She moved on top of her and
started to make out with her, sharing her juices.

Trish accepted Lita's tongue into her mouth and pulled her green bra off,
leaving Lita completely naked.

Sara moved back from Stacy's head and bent down to kiss her, tasting her
own cum in her mouth.

Torrie leant up and shared in the kiss, flicking their tongues across each
other, sharing Stacy and Sara's juices between them. Sara pulled her bra
off, releasing her large breasts which made contact with Stacy's head as
they kissed.

"You taste fantastic," Torrie said to Sara, tasting her cum in her mouth.
"I can't wait to suck on you later."

"Why wait until later?" Sara said, grabbing Torrie and pinning her to the
bed. Their naked breasts rubbed together as they made out.

Stacy sat back and watched as they kissed. She felt an arm reach round her,
she saw Lita smiling at her, laying on Trish. Stacy leant back against Lita
and Trish, holding Lita's arm that was around her.

Sara used her tongue to massage Torrie's mouth. Bringing her hand to play
with Torrie's hair. She sat up, straddling Torrie's midsection.

Torrie could feel Sara's damp pussy pressing against her stomach. She looked
up at Sara's breasts and pulled her hands up to play with them.

Sara relaxed, letting Torrie play with her boobs. Sara let her own hands
wonder over Torrie's breasts. "Your nipples are so hard," she said as she
pinched them with her fingers, occasionally digging her nails into the fleshy

Torrie deep hailed as Sara manipulated her nipples with her fingers. "Eat
me," she demanded.

Sara stopped playing Torrie's breasts and swung her legs round so she was
facing Torrie's pussy. Sara pushed her body back, raising her ass in the air
to get over Torrie's massive breasts. Once in 69 position Sara lowered her
pussy on Torrie's face, and her own lips onto Torrie's pussy.

Torrie snaked her tongue into Sara's pussy as she felt a tongue attack her
clit. She used her tongue to open Sara's pussy lips and stroke her clit and
occasionally sneaking into her vagina.

Sara groaned into Torrie's vagina as she felt her self touched by Torrie's

"Don't they look erotic," Trish added, stroking Lita's breast.

"Yeah," she replied, "why did we bother renting that video?" she joked.

The harder Sara pushed her tongue into Torrie's hole, the harder Torrie
would play on her clit.

Lita moved her hand down to Stacy's clit, still watching the lesbians 69.
She pinched the little bud between her thumb and index finger, causing Stacy
to jerk.

Sara started to hum into Torrie's cunt, sending vibrations throughout her

The vibrations caused Torrie to cum, sending her juices flooding into Sara's
mouth. Torrie leant her head back to scream, bringing her hand to continue
stimulating Sara.

Sara lapped up the juices as she came herself, stopping the humming on
Torrie's pussy. Sara slid off Stacy and sat between Torrie and Stacy.

Lita continued to rub Stacy's clit, waiting for her to cum.

"Oh god," Stacy said letting Lita know she was close to orgasm, her hips
pushing towards Lita's hand.

Lita's rubbing became harder, using her whole arm to rub the sensitive little

"Oh Fuck," Stacy screamed, her pussy ejected its cum.

Lita still rubbed it, dragging out Stacy's orgasm. Finally Stacy stopped
shaking and Lita removed her hand.

Trish looked around the room, noticing the shackles on the headboard,
"planning on playing Dominatrix?" she asked Torrie.

Torrie laughed, "why? wanna be dominated?" She rolled over onto her front,
facing Trish.

The girls all looked at Trish, waiting for her to reply.

Trish smiled, "dominated by all you 4?" she asked.

The girls didn't reply, but smiled, eyeing up Trish's body.

"Chain me up," she demanded. Trish sat up and removed her bra. All she was
wearing now was a suspender belt, panty hose and boots. She slid up the bed
and laid herself down the bed, her head beneath the headboard. She raised
her hands to the shackles.

Torrie moved to Trish's position, taking one of the handcuffs and attaching
it to Trish's right hand.

Stacy moved to the left, using the left handcuff to attach Trish's left hand
to the bed.

"There are two at the end of the bed," Torrie told Sara and Lita, prompting
them to attach Trish's ankles.

Lita and Sara opened Trish's legs, taking her ankles to the corners where
the shackles were.

Torrie grabbed a blindfold from one of the bedside tables and placed it over
Trish's eyes, tying it behind her blonde head.

Trish laid on the bed, her hands stretched above her head. Around her wrists
were leather loops, backed up by thick metal circles, attached with chains
to the headboard. Her eyes were covered by a black blindfold, making Trish
blind to the events that were happening around her. Further down her body
her breasts were naked, the stiff nipples pointing to the ceiling. Around
her waist was a suspender belt, followed down by her pussy. Her thighs were
encased in nylon panty hose at mid way down, held in place by the suspender
belt. Her knee high boots were tipped with 4 inch high heels.

Torrie looked down at Trish. "What are we going to do now?" she asked the
other women.

Stacy looked at the bedside table and picked up a long orange double ended
dildo. "May I?" she asked.

"Sure," Torrie added.

Stacy held the orange thing in her hand, it was about 14 inches long. It had
penis-shaped heads at either end and even had a groove where the vein was.
She spread her legs and slowly entered the object into her vagina. She kept
pushing, getting resistance at first. Her vaginal muscles clamped and
unclamped as the orange plastic invaded her body.

"What's happening?" Trish asked as she heard the squishing noise of Stacy
putting the dildo into her pussy.

Torrie grabbed Trish's cheeks forcefully, "the little slut will shut up."
Torrie smiled to the other girls.

Stacy had the dildo five inches inside her. She removed her hands from it and
kneeled up. The orange member stuck out of her, making it look like she had
a penis. She moved into the space between Trish's legs and leant over. She
lined up her fake phallus to Trish's hole, the plastic making contact with
Trish's pussy.

Trish gasped as she felt something cold and hard press against her pussy
lips. She felt a finger separate her lips and push something into her vagina.
"Oh god," she called out as the dildo slipped into her passage.

Stacy pushed her body down harder, sinking the dildo deeper into herself and
Trish. As she gave one final push her lips kissed Trish's, the dildo now
fully inside them. Stacy leant her face to Trish's, angling her mouth to
Trish's ear, "hard and fast?" she whispered.

"Hell yes," Trish screamed.

Stacy users her arms and legs to pound violently into Trish with the fake
penis, ramming it in and out of their vaginas, their pussies grinding
together as she did so.

Torrie reached over to the beside table and grabbed another of the dildos, a
white one. She quickly rammed it into her vagina, not caring to get herself
ready. Torrie reached over to the bed again and grabbed a bottle of lube. She
squirted it over the white dildo sticking out of her, coating it in clear
liquid. She moved towards Stacy's fast moving ass. She put her hand onto her
ass and slowed it down.

Stacy felt a cold wet hand on ass, and she slowed her hips.

Torrie used her lube-coated hand to find Stacy's ass hole. She extended a
finger into the hole.

Stacy moaned as she felt her ass being penetrated by Torrie's finger.

Torrie inserted another finger, opening them to the shape of a pair of
scissors, stretching the woman's opening.

"Fuck, more," Stacy cried, fingers massaging her anus. "Fuck me," she
demanded, "now".

Torrie removed her fingers and lined the dildo up. Like taking a shot in
pool, Torrie pulled back and then pushed with force to get the dildo in.

Stacy screamed as she anus was stretched with the toy, her walls tightening
around the object.

"So tight," Torrie added, rubbing her hands down Stacy's hips as she trust
in and out.

Lita grabbed Sara's head and started to make out with her, rubbing her hands
over Sara's naked breasts.

Sara returned the favour by grabbing Lita's tits, fondling the masses in her
hands. She grabbed Lita's nipples and twisted them, causing Lita to moan into
her mouth.

"I'm cumming," Trish screamed as Stacy pounded into her, wriggling against
the bed sheets, her hands shaking the chains.

As Stacy was rammed and ramming she felt herself nearing orgasm. She fucked
harder, hoping to increase her orgasm. "Ohhh fuck," she screamed, "Ohhh
fucking hell," she cried as she came.

Torrie pushed harder on the dildo as the other women came, trying not to be
too far behind. Her muscles clamped as she came, her vagina leaking its salty
cum which ran down the dildo and pooled around Stacy's ass.

Lita and Sara stopped kissing to look at the trio, but continued their
breast rubbing. "Our turn?" Lita asked.

Torrie pulled the dildo out of Stacy's ass, but kept it inside herself. She
sat on the bed, her legs spread and her arms behind propping her up. "Lita,"
she raised her hand and used a finger to beckon Lita to her.

Lita moved over the bed and sat just in front of Torrie. She moved herself
towards the white pole, lining her vagina up to the tip. She moved further
toward, taking the head of the dildo into her hole.

Torrie pulled Lita to her, impaling her onto the dildo.

"Christ," she cried as the object penetrated her, filling her cunt.

Stacy removed herself and the toy from Trish's pussy, but leaving in herself
like Torrie had done. She looked at Sara as if to tell her what to do. She
laid down, the dildo sticking up from her.

Sara moved over to Stacy, but picked up a vibrator along the way. It was a
bright pink 6 inch long object. She set it to high and stuck it into Trish's
red pussy. She then settled herself over Stacy, ready to ride her. She sunk
her body onto the dildo quickly, thrusting it into her vagina. Once she was
accustomed to the feeling she started to push herself forward and back,
riding Stacy. "Yeee haaa!" she screamed.

Trish's pussy went crazy as the vibrator sent waves of stimulation down her
walls. She breathed in deeply, feeling herself on the verge of cumming again
although it had been only moments since it was inserted into her.

Lita and Torrie continued to fuck in harmony, pushing and receiving the dildo
in turns.

Stacy and Sara did the same, Sara continued to ride her like a cowgirl.
Sara's tits bounced as she rode.

"Oh God," Trish cried as the vibrator made her cum, coating it in her juices.
It still continued to vibrate inside her, stimulating her sore vagina more.
"Stop," she whispered silently, knowing she didn't really mean it.

Sara felt herself about to cum and pushed the dildo harder into herself. She
leant over and grabbed one of Stacy's breasts with her mouth, sucking on the
breast. As her vagina clamped onto the dildo she came, panting hard and
biting on the breast.

Stacy screamed as teeth sank into her breast, causing her to cum. She let out
a final scream as she came, lubricating the dildo with her cum.

Sara raised herself off the dildo and leant her face over it. She started
to lick up her cum from it, occasionally brushing her tongue against Stacy's
pussy. Sara deep throated the dildo and gripped her teeth around the end,
gently brushing past Stacy's lips. Stacy bucked as Sara's teeth grazed her
pussy. Sara pulled the dildo out of Stacy with her mouth, using her hands
to steady herself on Stacy's legs.

Lita and Torrie came hearing the scream. They both kept the dildo inside
motionless, allowing their pussies to recuperate. They started to kiss

Torrie let her hand trail down to Lita's ass and grabbed hold of the fleshy

Still with the dildo in her mouth, Sara climbed up Stacy's body on all
fours. She stopped as their faces came level.

Stacy opened her mouth and allowed Sara to insert the dildo into it. They
both started to suck their cum off the plastic dildo, tasting their own salty
taste. Their breasts rubbed together as they sucked.

Sara pushed her pussy into Stacy's, their clits making contact. They pushed
against each other, grinding their pussies together.

They came quickly as of the sex they had just had, and still continued to
suck the dildo.

Lita got off of Torrie, removing the dildo from herself. She looked over to
Trish who's vibrator was still inside her pussy. "Trish?" she asked crawling
over to her.

"Yes," she breathed, preparing for her next orgasm. Her feet and hands
struggled against the chains, wanting to touch herself and deepening her

Lita didn't want to disturb her, she could tell she was close. She looked
down Trish's body, but something caught her eye;

Trish's feet were moving her fast, kicking against the chains. The 4 inch
heel of the boots wiggling along the bed.

"Hold you feet still," Lita demanded as she moved down towards them. She
laid herself down, Trish's leg sticking in between her own legs. She pushed
herself onto Trish's heel, feeling the sharp thin pole enter her.

Trish held her feet as still as she could as the vibrator worked itself
inside her. She felt someone push against her heel and she guessed what she
had done. When she assumed Lita was fully impaled on the heel she pushed her
heel deeper into her, occasionally pulling her foot back then ramming it back

Lita came soon with the heel inside her, as did Trish again with the dildo
inside her.

Torrie removed the vibrator from Trish and licked it clean.

"Thanks," Trish said as her pussy gave a sigh of relief.

Torrie started to removed the shackles and blind fold, freeing Trish from
her bondage.

Lita moved herself off the heel and relax on the bed beside Trish. She found
her bra on the floor and brought it to her breasts

Stacy and Sara stopped playing together and sat up on the bed, looking
around for their clothes.

Torrie, who was still wearing the shreds of a fishnet thong, finished untying
Trish. "What happened in the end of that porn movie?" Torrie asked realising
they had forgotten about it.

Trish sat up, her wrists and ankles sore. "I think they had a giant orgy,"
she laughed.

"Woah, that really is true to life," Stacy laughed.

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