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Sunny & Lita
by Nexus

This story take place in Lita's locker room after Raw. She has just had a
match against Trish Stratus and is feeling a bit sore and she decides to take
a shower, so she starts the water and strips off her top. She looks down at
her, now expossed boobs and sees she has a scratch down her left breast.

"Damn bitch, I told her to cut her nails," with that she bends down to
remove her shoes and socks, she checks the water, nice and warm, she quickly
removes her pants and thong and climbs into the shower.

Out in the corridor Sunny, who Vince had asked to come see him was looking
for Vince's locker room, she knocked on the door of one room and got no
answer. She knocked again. Still no reply so she decides to go on and find
out whos room it was. She walks in and sees a pair of trousers thrown on the
floor along with a bright pink thong. She knew whos room it was now. She had
met Lita in ECW and they were quite good friends. "Lita" she yelled "Lita,
are you in here?"

Then she heard someone singing and she turns to look into the shower area
and there she sees Lita in the shower. The door slightly open so Sunny had a
great view of Lita's naked arse. Now everyone new that Sunny was bi and she
decided to make the best of the situation. Sunny grabbed a chair and sat on
it watching Lita.

Sunny's hand started to creep across her thigh and up her skirt. She was
met with a nice surprise the fabric of her panties were already soaked. She
slipped her fingers in at the side of the gusset and pushed it across. She
started to slowly rub her wet pussy lips and then slide her finger up to her

Lita had now turned so Sunny could see her tits and what a glorious sight
that was. Lita's hands moving around her boobs and the water running down her
body. Sunny was so turned on she started to moan and Lita heard her. She
poked her head out of the shower and saw Sunny sitting there with her eyes
closed and her hand rubbing furoiously at her clit.

"Hey, save some for me!" Lita said stepping out of the shower.

"Get over here you bitch and make me come," Sunny said sexily to Lita.

"I hoped you'd say that."

Lita sits on the floor in front of Sunny and pushes her legs open as wide
as possible she leans towards Sunny's pussy. She can smell Sunny and she
loves it she slowely licks right up Sunny's slit and stops at her clit. She
takes it into her mouth and sucks on it.

"Oh god yeah! You've done this before," Sunny says as she grabs Litas
head and forces her face deep into her hole and comes all over Lita's face.

Lita leans back and says "My turn" and she puts her left nipple into
Sunny's mouth as she rubs Sunny's tits through her thin top.

Lita steps back and Sunny stands up and strips off her top. Lita stares
at her pert breasts and the leans in and kisses her on the mouth. Lita drags
her towards the bench as sunny strips off the rest of her clothes.

Lita lays on the bench and Sunny starts french kissing Litas sweet juicy
pussy. Lita is loving every second of it and writhes around on Sunny's face.

"Wait" lita says. She gets up and walks over to her bag on the floor and
takes something out and throws it to Sunny.

"A strap on?"


Sunny smiles and puts it on. Lita bends over and Sunny gets behind her. She
puts the tip of the dildo up against Lita's wet lips and teases her rubbing
it up and down the lips.

"Don't tease me bitch! Just fuck me!"

With that Sunny slams the 10 inch dildo straight up Lita's cunt and Lita
lets out a loan gasp. Sunny starts to slide in and out of Lita fucking her
hard and fast. Lita is screaming "C'mon fuck me fast!"

Finally Lita cums all over the dildo and pushes back towards Sunny.
"Don't think your resting I want that in me!" She unstraps the dildo from
her and straps it onto Lita. "Lay on your back," Sunny orders.

Lita lays down with the dildo pointing straight up in the air. Sunny
straddles Lita and slides the dildo into place at the openning of her
gorgeous ass she slides down it easily as it is lubricated with Lita's cum.
She starts to bounce up and down on it but can't do it very well. Lita pushes
up and knocks Lita down onto her back and starts thrusting into her ass and
rubbing her clit.

"Lita this won't take long you sexy bitch."

Sfter a minuate of this sunny screams...

"I'm fucking cumming you bitch!" and she grabs Lita's head and pulls her
down to kiss her hard on the mouth as her orgasm dies. Lita slides the dildo
out of Sunny and they stand up.

"Qanna take a shower Sunny?"

"No, I gotta find Vince, but I'll join you later."

"Cool, you can join me and Kat tonight at the hotel."

Sunny looks at her and smiles.

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